Yanga-Mbiwa eyes summer move to England

Montpellier captain Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa
Newcastle United transfer target Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa has admitted that he would prefer to move to England ahead of anywhere else should he be destined to leave Montpellier in the summer.

The Magpies were linked with the Montpellier captain last month as they looked to boost the depth of their defence – a task which they ultimately failed to complete.

Yanga-Mbiwa has been a virtual ever present since breaking onto the scene as a 17-year-old and is now helping his side go toe to toe with oil rich PSG in pursuit of the Ligue 1 title. In total he has made 175 appearances for Montpellier, which is no mean feat for a player that doesn’t turn 23 until later on in the year.

His admission that he would prefer to move to England comes in the midst of interest in the player from Bayern Munich who have been keeping tabs on him for a while. However it would appear that Yanga-Mbiwa has set his eyes on a move to England ahead of anything else.

“Bayern is a very big club. I’m really flattered, but my ambition is to one day play my football in England,” he told Sky Sports.

It is believed that it would take a fee in the region of £5m to persuade Montpellier to do business, and for that price I hope we are at least keeping an eye on the situation. By signing one player it could go a long way to adding some much needed depth to our defence as he can play right across the back four although he is primarily a centre-back.

That would give us cover in both full-back positions and added depth in the middle meaning that we’d probably only need another dedicated right-back (should Danny Simpson leave in the summer – a likely scenario given the reluctance to agree a new deal) and we’d be a lot more prepared than what we are now.

It’s a no brainer in my opinion.

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250 thoughts on “Yanga-Mbiwa eyes summer move to England

  1. SHARRY17 – I do believe we can finish 4th mate. I’m just saying this conversation is claiming we are punching above our weight now, therefore it is our current league position that is being discussed (6th).

    JJ @224 – No mate. I shouldn’t have branded the person a thug. It was wrong of me and I apologize. Although Mandela shouldn’t really be compared to a man with a spray can in Newcastle.

    As for your question @211 – “Did you believe or consider our squad strong enough to to be fighting for fourth, or do you think we have performed beyond the abilities most people and ourselves thought we had???”

    No, I did not think we were strong enough to challenge for fourth. At the start of the season if Alan Pardew had of came out and said that was our ambition then I’d of told him we were ‘punching above our own weight.’ However, as we have now played 25 games and are still in the race he’d of proved me wrong. Therefore I could no longer use that phrase and would then class us as overachieving in comparison to what I expected at the start of the season.

    Which has been my point all a long. Overachieving and punching above weight are two different things all together.


  2. I apologize to anyone I offended with the ‘thug’ comment. However, it is my belief that the actions of the two men with the spray cans has only reflected badly on our City as a whole, and will make no difference whatsoever in whether or not MA decides to change the name back to SJP. Therefore I render it pointless. Especially when the same point could have been made by protesting in front of the wall with a St James’ Park sign, rather than committing an act of criminal damage.


  3. Gary do you really think that protesting in front of the wall would have made the news, and shone the light on the renaming fiasco.
    So I strongly disagree that a single person protesting would have had the same impact.


  4. JJ – are you really comparing a vandalous act of spray painting SJP with Nelson Mandela and all that was going on in South Africa at that time – coz if you are that is as ridiculous as Garys house burning earlier… if not more so!!

    The way I view it is like this. 2 people live next door to each and there gardens are separated by a small picket fence. The neighbour have lived there for yrs and get on great, but one decides it’s time for pastures new and moves out. You buy the house and move in, and the first thing you do is replace the picket fence with a 6ft fence which pisses your neighbour off no end. Your neighbour is down the pub at the weekend and his mate can see he’s pissed off so asks him what’s wrong and your neighbour tells him. His friend thinks your out of order and on his way home that night rips the fence down.

    In his friends eyes he’s a hero, but to you he has just caused hundreds of pounds of damage to your brand new fence.
    But the fact is he’s a vandal and would be charged with criminal damage.


  5. Sharpy
    Gary’s house vs St James comparison is exactly why I made that comparison mate…
    Incase you havnt noticed, Ive been messing with him the whole day…


  6. JJ – thank F for that, I’ve missed alot today but certainly didn’t miss that 😉
    But to be fair mate, you can’t argue with the Oxford!! 😆


  7. BIG DAVE – I do believe a protest would have grabbed media attention, yes. Especially when it could go on for as long as the protestors wanted. Whereas spray paint will be removed easily time and time again.


  8. The other thing to consider is “all publicity is good publicity” and all the spray painting and protesting not only brings SJP to the headlines but also SDA to the headlines, so Ashley will be sat in his boardroom laughing into his slimfast shake!!!


  9. JJ @224 – There’s no way in hell that was you ‘playing’ with me. It was just a ridiculous comparison, as was mine earlier. Don’t try to back pedal mate, it’s embarrassing. 😯


  10. Gary @ 236 I beg to differ, there is not a hope in the world that a lone protester would have made the news.
    Yeah spray paint can be removed but it can be redone in 5 mins and the more they do it the more pissed of the club will get, do you think a lone protester would annoy the club ❓


  11. So he spray painted a wall. I think we should forgive him. It’s not like he commited an armed robbery, an assault or went drink driving!!


  12. I think I could almost get quite excited about a team like this.




    —-Ben Arfa————————Cisse——


  13. Or maybe.




    —Ben Arfa—————————–Cisse—-



  14. In both those formations with the front three able to fluently swap positions and switch sides etc I would hope we could scare the **** out a few teams (if Ben Arfa finds form at least)


  15. BIG DAVE – Why does the protestor need to be alone? By protesting no laws would be broken, therefore I’m pretty certain more than just one person would happily take a stance. Whereas not so many people are as keen to commit crimes.

    Imagine on derby day when ESPN come to town id there are a group of people protesting against the rebranding. I’m almost certain they’d want to film that. Just as the sports channels have been keen to film both Leeds and Blackburn fans protesting numerous times already this season.


  16. POOTLE – I agree, they should both be forgiven. That doesn’t mean they haven’t commited a crime, though.

    Oh, and nice formations by the way! Although in the first I’d prefer Guthrie in CM over Jonas. I suppose those formations would rely hugely on the ability of our front three being able to deity fluently throughout games.

    It’s probably a good point to make that Ba has previously played as an attacking left sided forward.


  17. this lad looks class much better option than some ive seen mentioned, if its 5 mill we are mugging them i think he has loads 2 offer. cool under pressure, GET HIM IN


  18. Gary I think the spray painter should be more forgiven- he is just protesting about a crime against humanity! :mrgreen:
    I actually meant Guthrie in the first formation. It’s my predictive text, its going fact. It turned NUFC into MUDCRABS the other day.


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