Does Yohan Cabaye flatter to deceive?

Is the dreamboat more of a tug boat?
Yohan Cabaye has established himself as key player for Newcastle United this season, but how ‘key’ is he in reality?

Rarely, if ever, do I read a critical analysis of his contribution to the team.

There’s no doubt that he’s our best player for that position. A creative midfielder whose main responsibility is to play in front of the defensive midfielder and be the main link from defence to attack. But how does he compare to other midfielders from the top teams in the Premier League?

Here are some comparative stats;

Played Goals Assists Shots
Yohan Cabaye 22 2 5 31
David Silva 25 5 13 62
Frank Lampard 22 10 5 43
Luka Modric 20 3 6 57
Mikel Arteta 23 5 1 34
Charlie Adam 20 2 6 47
Kieran Richardson 24 2 4 30

The above includes the top midfielders from the top teams but I’ve included Kieran Richardson from the Mackems, who surprisingly is on par with our so called magical maestro.

I appreciate statistics don’t tell the full story, but they should be taken into account when they cover the most important aspects of a players role.

In my opinion, attacking midfielders should be largely judged on the above criteria. Strikers careers live or die on goal stats and quite rightly so.

We can all see the effort and commitment shown by Cabaye, the constant demand for the ball to his feet, his tidy passing and the eye for a long precise pass, but does this deceive us into believing he’s more effective than he actually is?

Your thoughts?

Written by Troy Stavers.

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230 thoughts on “Does Yohan Cabaye flatter to deceive?

  1. Hy u r telling the truth but rememba this is his first season inda premeir league so he is doin quite well for sum1 who was in the French league..let’s c him now


  2. just a 5p worth comment, we are in a position that we will score goals, see last few games…. or complete seasons…. how many games did we not score…. but the problem is our defence…. and our midfield is doing that by covering our defence… so for me we need defence cover than attack and statics… i see a team that can play football after a very long time 93/94/95/96…. 99/00/01/ etc


  3. Well I predicted a 0-0 draw based on both sides having no strike force.

    It’s 84 mins gone I still dfell the same. We have nothing up front. I’ve said it for months. It’s blatant to see.

    How can’t the Cueless Cub see it. ?



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