Colo – “Of course, I want to stay.”

Colo cool on contract situation
Captain Coloccini has reiterated his desire to stay at Newcastle and sign a new deal, although he admits that there is no rush to put pen to paper as he concentrates on finishing the season in style.

Contract talks have lingered on between the club and Captain for sometime now, but the Argentine is keen to point out that a certain amount of posturing and negotiation is normal when it comes to securing a new deal.

“Of course, I want to stay. We’re speaking and everything’s OK. It’s just normal process,” said the 30-year-old when asked about how things were going with his contract and if he wanted to stay at Newcastle United.

He added: “We have to think about each game, not the Champions League or Europa League.”

“It’s all about giving 100 per cent every game. Only when there are four or five games left can we start weighing up which competition we are going for.”

Colo is clearly trying to stay focussed on football in what could be a very interesting run in for Newcastle, which is good. Perhaps he can have a word with some of his colleagues who just seemed to switch off at the weekend?

To be honest I’m kind of past the point of worrying about Colo’s contract. What will be will be and the club have proven over the last couple of seasons that they can spot a replacement should the worst happen although in an ideal world we’ll be buying someone in the summer to compete with Colo rather than to replace him.

The Daily Star seems to think that the Newcastle hierarchy are a bit miffed with Colo as they’ve offered him improved terms on a four year contract although I personally can’t see either that happening or the Daily Star knowing anything about what is going in the negotiations. Journalistic guessing is my assumption on that one.

The most important thing is that everyone seems to be singing from the same hymn sheet with regard to contract talks. Both Colo and Pardew have said that it may have to wait until the end of the season before things get sorted so hopefully it will get sorted then.


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25 thoughts on “Colo – “Of course, I want to stay.”

  1. More worried about Tiote having been called up to play in a friendly in Africa on Wednesday after their friendly in Paris was called off, he looked jaded last week and will be absolutely cream crackered when he comes back.


  2. maybe the nufc heirarchy are waiting to see whether or not we can get this Vertorghen guy. if we get him (which wont be cheap) we may not need Colo as much as people think as we may have the perfect replacement.


  3. Wonder if Tiote will pick up one of those “niggles” and pull out as a “precaution” like Cisse did?


  4. Cant see anything to say Tiote has left for international duty or not, friendly 2 weeks after a major tournament, ridiculous.


  5. Robert – To be fair neither can I. Only place is, who are usually spot on in fairness, but I’d have though the locals would be all over it also?


  6. I’ve heard those murmurings before with regards to players wanting to stay and then they ate off within a shot when someone shows interest.

    I’m not saying this will happen with Colo but you can read into it eitherway.

    He’s doing the right thing in my opinion.

    Why not wait to find out where we finish, who’s showing interest and what ambition we are showing in the summer.

    Hope he stays though.


  7. It got me thinking yesterday that by not buying a CB in January not only affects the defence but also the whole team.

    If you believe the opinions of many people on here, the midfield is frightened to push forward because of the lack of pace in the defence. This has a knock on effect with our strikers who get little service because the wingers and midfielders have to cover.

    It just makes the claims by me and like minded people that to fail to buy a CB as professional neglect by the club. 🙁


  8. sunderlnd echo says Tiote was one of 4 players who were injured on Saturday who are being assessed so hopefully he wont travel.


  9. Triy spot on by not getting the CB in that we needed it has affected us all over the place not just the back 4, it means our 2 wingers can’t do their job because they have to comeback and help the weak defence out, Cabaye can’t attack and feed the front men because he has to sit deep to help the back 4 out, which means that the strikers suffer because they arn’t being feed.
    But when you mention about the club gambling on our season we’re told to stop being negative because there will be better options available in the summer.
    But we can worry about next season after this season, because I really believe we will never get another chance like we have this season.


  10. @Big Dave

    They’ve made it clear they wanted the French CB (name escapes me)

    I’m sure they will go back in the summer and pay an extra £1m and get him.

    They had 3 months of preparation to strike a deal and failed. I find it incredible.


  11. Troy we might get him for next year, but we mightn’t get the same chance of a Euro spot as we have had this yr because I can’t remember the Prem ever being so open. But im sure we’ll get told that it’s because of the FFP rules and it will be the same next yr 😕


  12. Aye course you do, Colo.

    Sign the contract then…

    Heard he’s waiting to see what the summer brings in terms of transfers. Don’t hold your breath Colo.


  13. Well if he’s waiting for that Stu then more fool him. Isn’t that what Barton,Nolan and Enrique were waiting for also? 😆


  14. Dave – If it’s not FFP then what is it? Something stopped ALL of the usual big spenders throwing cash about in January. I can understand if it was maybe one or two, but none of either Man Utd, City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham spent any real cash. Why?


  15. @BD

    Totally agree. I don’t believe we will get a better chance to close the gap between ourselves and the top 4.

    Other clubs are slipping in standards and the signing of a quality CB could be the difference to breaking into Europe or not.

    Yet if we suggest it, the same rhetoric is churned out. You don’t get quality in January.

    Why the hell did Lambias state in the summer that they were keeping money back for January to strengthen the squad should we get an injury.

    Saylor was a major player and we end up making paltry bids for a second rate Watford player,


  16. Toonsy but if they were worried about the FFP, now would be the time to spend before they come in.
    I just don’t see where most of the big guns needed to strenghten.
    Reet back to do a bit but will be back ina bit.


  17. Ref: Mike Dean – third outing of the season following his handling of the 3-1 win at Stoke and 0-3 home defeat by Chelsea. The latter saw him elect to only book David Ruiz for hauling down Demba Ba in front of goal early on, when a red card looked nailed on.

    I hope he don’t make such mistake during the derby match. 👿


  18. Dave – They are already in. The accounting started after the summer. Lo and behold, first accounting transfer window and it becomes one of the lowest spending on record 😯


  19. I Think it is very important to keep Colo!
    Anybody saying that he Can be replaced must be out of their freakin mind!
    Tie him down for three years and bring in a top class defender who Will be eased in like Santon:-)
    Buy a right back and sell crappy Simmo!


  20. i think colo will sign for sure… where else will he go at nearly 31 by time summer comes?


  21. So important, our immense defence (including Simpson/out of position Raylor and Saylor who’d had a season injured), was basically because of him at the start of the season.

    It is insane, i think Williamson will be an able fourth choice CB, but the difference with Steven Taylor in the team was huge, not signing a centre back could definitely be the difference for europe. A quality CB may even have seen us stay fighting for the champ league to the end of the season.

    Still harping on that Stu @ 13 😆 hindsight is a wonderful thing, maybe you, Carroll, Enrique, Barton and Nolan should all use it.


  22. i hope Colo does stay, as i see his lass most mornings dropping him off, and she’s a fine fit lass 😉 😉 😉 , i;d miss her loads if he was to leave 😥 😥


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