Newcastle sign Krul until 2017 and Colo until 2016

New deals for Krul and Colo
Newcastle United have announced that both Tim Krul and Fabricio Coloccini have signed new contracts at the club.

Tim Krul has signed a five year extension at the club meaning that he is now signed up until 2017 while Fabricio Coloccini has signed a new deal that will keep him at the club until 2016.

The news will come as a boost ahead of the Tyne-Wear derby and will move to allay fears that we were about to lose our club captain over the summer. The most heartwarming thing for me is that Colo is a big earner at the club and I had thought that we might struggle to retain his services as Mike Ashley looks to make us run in a self-sufficient manner, so being able to hold on to him has shown to me that we will pay money if it is required.

Personally I’m buzzing about this news and I can’t honestly think of anything better to lift the spirits heading into the 146th Tyne-Wear derby. It shows progression, a willingness to retain our top players and ambition for the future.

Alan Pardew had this to say on the matter:

“These are two fantastic deals for the Club and we are all absolutely delighted,” he old the Club website.

“To secure new contracts for Fabricio and Tim, two pivotal players at the Club, is terrific news for all concerned, not just ahead of the derby but for the long-term future of the Club.”

“It underlines the importance that we as a Club place on building and retaining top class talent, and it demonstrates the intent of Newcastle United to be major players in the Premier League.”

“I would also like to place on record my thanks to Mike and Derek for their hard work and continued financial backing in ensuring these deals were completed.”

“We now turn our attentions to tomorrow’s big game, boosted by this news – which I hope gives our incredible fans a huge lift too – and with the confidence to really make this a season to remember.”

Interviews and reaction from Tim Krul and Fabricio Coloccini to follow.

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63 thoughts on “Newcastle sign Krul until 2017 and Colo until 2016

  1. Great deal for us, chuffed to bits 😀

    How long before old saggy chops reveals any “get out clause” in their contract I wonder…


  2. “The most heartwarming thing for me is that Colo is a big earner at the club and I had thought that we might struggle to retain his services as Mike Ashley looks to make us run in a self-sufficient manner, so being able to hold on to him has shown to me that we will pay money if it is required”

    100% lad, great sign and signing 😀 liked Pardews response to being asked could it have waited until Monday 🙂 also loved what Krul said about owing the club a lot etc.. should end speculation on both now long term.. super news ahead of tomorrow.. should be some atmosphere ahead of the game!


  3. Great news.

    Did you get the bit about Troy being appointed chalk monitor for the tactics room. 😀 😀 😀


  4. This is brilliant news.
    This sends out a message I think to us as fans and to potential incoming players that this club is on the right track for moving forward.
    Obviously Krul and Colo see it that way , otherwise they wouldn’t have commit to those deals.
    Colo could play his football basically anywhere with the class he has but it goes to show that he is focused on achieving something here, the same as Krul who is arguably the hottest property in young keepers in the world.

    I’m over the moon. 😀


  5. Great news …… Another bit of fantastic business by Ashley …. Fantastic ambition ….. Nail the coffin for the neggars


  6. Toonsy, quite a fitting picture you’ve put up there fella 😉

    KeithR, what did Pardew say when asked if it couldn’t have waited til Monday ❓


  7. @ Toonsy

    Great Post !

    This is what we want to read about.. Postive momemtum and a fantastic display of Management by Pardew. Manager and Players United.
    Cetainly puts a smile on my face !
    Let’s see how long it is before the social handgrenade that is Troy Stavers comes on to spout his negative self obsessed nonsense !!


  8. @7 journo tried to be cheeky, asked why couldn’t it wait. Pardew just said why would we wait, it’s great news for the fans and announcing it now means they can celebrate together tomorrow in the stadium.. just thought it was a perfect off the cuff answer, nothing premeditated about it


  9. Obviously Pardew has given the team a full boost as well as the fans for the Mackem match.

    I think a lot of our fans have been worried about past performances and were thinking we were on a down turn and this wouldn’t have been lost on Pardew, so I think he’s given everyone a timely boost by giving out the news.


  10. cheers Keith, sittin here at graft (supposed to be workin 🙄 🙄 ), cannot concentrate on **** all, roll on tomorrow! not even 24hrs to g 😯 😯 …………HOWAY THE FECKIN LADS!!!!!!!!!! …SMB SMB!!! 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈


  11. Yeah well done Jabba, he must be seeing the light.
    I know Krul is a cracking keeper but to me Colo was more important as he’s not just a CB .
    Althoughit concerns me sometimes the different messages we get told, one minute its to be sorted at the end of the Jan window then it’s being left till the summer 😕 but atleast it’s done now.


  12. @Geordie Lander

    You may call it self obsessed nonsense I prefer to call it analytical constructive criticism.

    The social hand grenade explodes to prevent the happy clapping circus seals from taking over and offering nothing but pats on the back.

    I’m like Fergie, at the UEFA cup when his team Aberdeen win it and he was furious with the players cos they were celebrating.

    There’s a time and a place for celebrations but not in my company. 😉


  13. me m8 just posted this on book de face:
    😉 😉 😉 😆 😆 😎 😎

    Twas the night before the Derby, when all through the house
    Waiting til 12pm Sunday, with hearts in our mouth.
    The Mackems will hang by the Geordies without care,
    In hopes that St Jame’s will always be there.

    When out on the town there arose such a chatter,
    Beating the Mackems, does anything else matter.
    Away to the stadium we’ll fly like a flash,
    Take our seats and enjoy the match.

    Bored now but where up for the fight,
    so lets make sure we destroy that SMB ****e!!!!!


  14. Troy,

    You seem to mention Fergie more than the toon nowadays…does our little Stavers have a bit of a man crush? 😛


  15. Get the **** in! Great news to wake up to. Hope wa still smiling by 2 bells the morra.
    3-1 toon! HWTL


  16. This just goes to show how well the club is now run , signing up 2 of our top players on new contracts ,then breaking the news a day before we play the unwashed . 😀 What a start to a brilliant weekend .


  17. Tiote on tomorrow…. “We have to win every tackle. We have to die on the pitch. That’s what we have to do to win the game. If you get a yellow card, you get one. It can’t stop me from playing the game in my style.” 😆 Legend!


  18. This is better news for the owners than the supporters. How long was it before Carrol was sold did he sign a new long term contract. It just means if they go they go for more, and they will get offered even bigger wages.


  19. I see Colo being influential now to all the younger players.

    Simmo must be mad if he’s stalling over a contract.

    Krul is outstanding now so as keepers improve with age he should be a toon legend in 5 yrs.


  20. @B1G5TEVE

    It’s a win win for the supporters fella no matter which way you look at it.

    If the big contract means extortionate amounts to prize them away from the club then it’s a win.

    If they stay and see out their contract it’s a win.

    Try and explain what you mean in more depth so we can see where you are coming from.


  21. Aye – it’s great news and will certainly help morale – if it needed it.

    But when was a long term contract and more money ever a guarantee that a player was going to stay?

    It just means that if Colo or Tim go, then they go for good money. And there’s nowt wrong with that.

    There were a lot of fans seriously pissed off when Carroll left for 35 million. They got over it. It would have been a different matter if he hadnt just signed a long term contract and had gone for 7 or 8 million.

    Now, all we need is for “Mick and Dekker” to stick by their guns and hold out for a similarly outrageous price if somebody comes in for Colo or Tim

    Next up? How about a decent contract for Ba


  22. @Richie

    That’s why Fergie was fizzin chips!

    He thought he had won the UEFA and the interviewer broke the news that it was only the cup winners cup.

    Don’t blame him now! 🙂


  23. i think most of us said yesterday that colo would sign on again, he is 30 now and its a great place for him to see his career out. i have to admit though, i never saw the krul thing coming, that one was a nice suprise.. wonder what simmo is thinking right about now?


  24. witters & steve.. not wrong in saying they could be sold, definitely something wrong if you can’t enjoy two of our key players signing new deals for even a day though!


  25. na i think its a bit of both, colo will stay now i think as into his 30’s.. krul may also stay but it ensures that we woudl get top dollar for him if he went. In krul signing though does show he wants to stay as if hie didnt he would not have weakened his bargining power.


  26. This is just fantastic news and even better timing…

    The key players in our team are:
    Krul, Coloccini, S Taylor, Tiote, Cabaye, Ba and Cisse.

    That’s one hello of a core… And they are all except for Ba, signed up long term.

    Just brilliant… Well done Mike and Pardew.


  27. Of course they could be sold. I see nothing but positivity coming out of this.

    It was great PR by the club actually. They could have just announced it in the press and it would not have had the same impact .

    Not many clubs have an emergency press conference over something like this.

    Right before the Derby and the Toon go 1 – 0 up!

    🙂 🙂


  28. Kind of shows Simpson up a little bit don’t ya think?

    I mean Colo will be on more money that Simpson easily, so it’s not a club issue of paying it.

    Maybe someone thinks he is worth more than the club thinks he is?


  29. sdl;kjf’hasdlkfjas AHHHHH!

    Unbelievable news! Get in! Fantastic timing, not lets smash some mackems!

    Is there any of the other big guns with contracts nearing ends? Tiote/HBA/Ba etc will all be on fairly long ones given how recently they signed for us surely.



  30. @toonsy

    We never know what goes on behind the scenes and he may be making all the right noises but require a few final tweaks to the contract, which is understandable.

    If not though, he is ****ting in his own nest I would have thought.


  31. @toonsy

    Yeah regarding your article, it’s good news on both sides of the fence, either Ashley was willing to pay extra for someone who is worth a great deal to the club,
    or Colo was willing to take a wage cut for the team he cares about/ Pard’s convinced him on the clubs ambition.

    Either way it is amazing news, as good as the signing of Papiss in my eyes, it just makes Enrique and Barton look worse as well.


  32. Anyone watching SSN?

    Glen Johnson was just on and kept rambling about how there are 6 teams fighting for champions league 👿


  33. Solanostrumpet…Ba deal is paper thin and is the last one to be sorted out other than simmo.. who kinda will feel a bit uneasy right about now i think.


  34. @Trumpet

    There is Man City
    Man Utd

    Who do you think he meant? 😉


  35. Yup, gotta agree it’s great news – they’ve shown committment to the club by weakening thier bargaining position – think it was important we got this sorted and great move to announce it prior to the big match


  36. Buzzing.

    @solanostrumpet. Glen Johnson is a *******. We’ve been discounted and disrespected all season though and it suits us. I would LOVE to finish above the bin dippers, for Carroll, for Enrique, for King Kenny, and for every single one of their fans to eat some humble pie. A humble MAGpie even!

    Bring on the scum! HWTL!


  37. Gerrard was on SSN earlier sayin there is not a top 4 in prem now there is a top 6, then he paused and added or 7 as he realised his lot were in 7th


  38. @ArchieMag Haha humble magpie, poor! 😆
    Completely agree, would love to hear their traitorous views after they finish below us.

    @4411 is it on the official site?

    What result does everyone want in the game?
    Do we consider ourselves fighting for top 4 and want a draw?
    Or do we just focus on top 6 and be gunning for an Arsenal win?

    Head says i want Ars win, heart says draw


  39. fantastic news to arise to, wonder what the odds are on colo getting the winner tomorrow :grin:, as for simpson well I’m not too fussed if he doesn’t sign as he can be replaced, Demba next please!


  40. PR masterstroke before, just look at the comments on here, everyone is buzzing.
    Didn’t expect Collo’s to be honest, thought the club would go after a new, younger defender.
    Well done everyone involved, great business.


  41. Got to be honest, feared the worst this morning.
    Well it’s not often good news when Newcastle call an unscheduled press confrence is it. Even when Colo and Krul came out with Pardew it still didn’t dawn on me til he announced it.

    I was starting to have my doubts about Colo like but I honest dont think there could be better news before such a big game. Asides from Ba, Krul and Colo have been our best 2 players this season. This is huge business and a real statement of intent by the board in my view.

    Some reporter said, could it not have waited til Monday?! … No it F’ing couldn’t dip****!!!

    Go and get 3 points tomorrow boys … 😉


  42. Fantastic news..I heard from a reliable source that Krul was off for 15m. Really glad the source was wrong.
    Great business for the club and fans..


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