Pardew’s touchline antics – Passion or petulance?

O'Neill plans for the derby
Alan Pardew has come in for some criticism from some quarters after his ‘energetic’ reactions whilst on the touchline against Sunderland.

There was certainly some bite to the affair, and the duelling between Alan Pardew and Martin O’Neill on the sidelines added to the whole spectacle for me. Both benches were well immersed into the game and reacted accordingly.

Martin O’Neill had to be “restrained” (hid behind) by the fourth official when having a pop at Pardew who responded by goading his opposite number. Frazier Campbell was another who got involved in the touchline antics, as he gestured towards the home fans sat behind the dugout after his side took the lead. Andy Woodman is another who got involved although he paid the price and was sent to the stands for the second half.

Some fans are saying that Pardew was wrong to react in the way he did, but I disagree. I quite enjoyed seeing the manager of the team getting animated on the touchline as it showed how much it meant to him. Passion. He was there kicking every ball and was right behind his players, sticking up for them if he felt they were on the end of rough treatment and supporting them all the way.

What do you think of it though? Is Pardew right to get a bit of a blast from fans for doing what he did on Sunday? Was it nice to see a manager get carried away with the spectacle and show that he is committed to the cause?

Your thought son this please.

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25 thoughts on “Pardew’s touchline antics – Passion or petulance?

  1. He was wrong as you wouldn’t condone a player doing the same thing on the pitch but its understandable. He’s human and it was a natural reaction in the heat of the moment.

    The good thing was that he acknowledged that in the post press conference and played the whole thing down.

    On a separate note Toonsy, reports in one of the papers suggests we will be showing a profit when the figures are released shortly.


  2. great to see the passion, didn’t cover himself in glory with his reaction to the pen but at least had enough class to admit he was wrong… O’Neill has just come across as bitter and pathetic since.

    andy woodman just defended cabaye after one of their coaches started having a go at him in the tunnel, but andy obviously had a right go back if he got sent to the stands

    frazier campbell shouldn’t have done what he did, falls into the same category as adebayor against arsenal when he played for city, deliberately riling fans, especially in a game like that, can cause serious problems, lucky it didn’t


  3. ime with pardew all the way it shows what the fans feel,mon has always made little snide remarks where-ever hes been to me hes always had a under handed way about him imo 😡


  4. I don’t like those kind of reaction as purely because it has a chance of distracting the efforts out on the park. I think BA missed that penalty because he was worried about O’neil attacking his Gaffer. It has to be the only reason he missed. 🙂


  5. Love the passion but he still has an example to set. Was great to watch though.
    Troy is that right? Great stuff if so along with the 9 year season ticket scheme. Shame cant get one 😥


  6. Call me old fashioned (old will do 🙂 ) but Pardew didn’t cover himself with glory with his reactions. I believe managers should somehow, and I understand how difficult it can be, rise above that type of thing. I would also agree about MoN. He has shown over many years just how clever he can be in manipulating situations in his favour. A good manager no doubt but with a side to him that is not to be trusted. I believe his team invited ours to war and we duly obliged. They then stepped back while we almost destroyed our game plan with our “defensive” aggression in the first half. Full marks to Pardew for his HT changes, both to the formation and for the change in style.


  7. He was silly but naturally martina decided to ignore campbells wind up after their goal 🙄

    Yes mr O’spiel your team was ugly you set the tone in the first minute with the pre meditated assault from clattermole which got us to respond in kind and made the first half a negative kicking match of few chances which suited your talentless ****e, Reminded me of the leicester side of the late 90s of savage, Lennon and Matt Elliott when they came to SJP to bore and hack us into submission, In the second half even before the red we had them pinned and the equaliser was inevitable against 11 or 10 just arrived later than i thought.

    Pardew shouldnt have offered him a glass of wine and offered the olive branch giving him the chance to leave and take the moral high ground, I wouldnt have offered him a bottle of week old piss the odious little creep… 👿


  8. yeah Pards got carried away a bit, and should know better, but he is only human after all and the passion got to him.
    How many of our fans could have sat still on the touchline. He is not the only manager to let passion cloud his judgment.
    But as has been said he came out ant admitted he was wrong, where as MoN hasn’t and even spent 5 mins trying to make excuses for Clatterhole 😯


  9. ‘Tigger’ still needs to back up his claim that our staff entered the referees room at half time. And the stats are all we need to refute his claims about who dominated the game and who was the better team. Didnt take Tigger long to become a fully fledged delusional makkumm did it? Already as paranoid and ridiculous as his illustrious predecessor.
    Needs to be said though – he wasnt singling Pards out for a snub when he didnt show up for a post match drink. I believe he rarely socialises with any other manager, and this may explain why he is disliked so widely in the game (Fergie for one) – for some reason he thinks he’s too clever and too good for the rest of his profession, and likes to think of himself as some kind of footballing intellectual and original thinker.
    ‘Sorry Tigger (to paraphrase a famous American vice-presidential candidate) – but we remember Brian Clough, Brian Clough was a genius and a one-off; Tigger – you are no Brian Clough’


  10. Just a couple of thoughts…
    If I was MoN, knowing what Cattermole is like (especially in this fixture), my last words to him before sending him out would have been “Keep it calm, don’t get yourself sent off”. Everything I saw in the first few minutes convinced me they had been told to “Get into them. Don’t let them play football.”
    Secondly, yes Tiote played up Sessignon’s elbow but, contrary to what I keep reading, there was contact with his face as you could see from the slow motion shots of his whole mouth area moving at the moment of impact. And I suspect that the over reaction might have had something to do with Simpson getting a half time bollocking along the lines of “if you hadn’t jumped straight up and started pushing and shoving, that would have been a red”.
    Just speculating….


  11. I was hoping that this matter would be one for the blog, but it seems Mr O’Niell wants to bring it up again and challenge Pardews comments they came with an ugly gameplan.

    O’Niell points out that it’s was in fact Newcastle who had committed more fouls by half time, and he’s right… as is Tony Toon. They offered us out and we stupidly bought into it.
    Catermole was stood in the tunnel pre kick off telling Toite that he was coming for him – less than a minute after kick off he chops him down!!
    Had that tackle been 20-30mins into the game it would have been a straight red.
    What Mr O’Niell has failed to acknowledge though is that Pardews comments did not stop there. Pardew went on to say that Sunderland had the better of the first half and we could have went in more than 1-0 behind. He also acknowledged that things are done and said in the heat of the moment but as far as he was concerned there was no hard feelings.

    I honestly think the officials helped make it a really passionate derby day without allowing it to boil over too far that disciplinary action would have been needed. That level of passion shows that each team have a manager who care about the club and the fans – they want the bragging rights for their supporters.
    Unfortunately I’m surrounded by mackems, dad, father in law and lad I work with are all stinkin scumbags, and we have obviously discussed the game since and they agree (not that I really give a **** if they didn’t) that the game was heated, sendings off were fair, officials made the right decisions and the draw was a fair result over 90mins.

    If Pardew was doing that every week I’d be worried, but it was a derby game, it was one that we looked like we were going to loose until slayer scored in the dying minutes and I think Pardews reaction was relief. Pardew more than redeemed himself after the game by holding his hands up.

    I also agree, and needs credit for the changes he made at half time. He’s been questioned recently regarding his tactics – and rightly so. But to switch Santon for Benny and dropping Raylor LB and Benny to get at Richardson really proved to be a smart move.


  12. Behind the Blarney, MON is a proper sly bugger, Pardew let his emotions run free in an un professional manner but it was the same on both sides in every respect, Tiote made a meal of the challenge but so did Bardsley on a few occassions and its not so long ago that Stoke were screaming ” Cheat” at Meyler.
    The whole occassion, whilst passionate, was also nasty and spiteful with no one coming out of it a Saint, they need to set an example from management down over or the next Derby match will be a war zone.
    Lee Ryder in the Chron is highly critical of MON’s media briefings to selected Journos in order to get his digs in, he is bang out of order and should have just let it be and its a disgrace for him to have a go at Tiote for an isolated incident when his own players are not exactly strangers to the darker arts of the game.


  13. All passion during the action and a perfect gentleman afterwards… I like it 😉

    Never realised MON was such a whinger 🙄


  14. The last few days I’ve been reading a lot of different forums and blogs to see the discussions after the game both from sunderland fans and our own. What annoys me the most is the foul and abusive language that is used by the fans. Especially from Sunderland fans.

    Im myself from Sweden and we don’t normally use foul language and swearing in our normal talk/writing but I know it’s a bit diffirent in the uk and its more accepted. Sometimes I find the language and the attitude from many fans of both sides a bit shocking and disturbing. But not being a ‘local’ I guess I will never really understand it.

    But with this I want to give everyone here that contributes with articles and comments a round of applause and a clap on your backs for keeping this blog clean and sensible even in the heat if the moment. I thouroghly enjoy reading and spending my time here even if I don’t usually comment.



  15. Whilst it was wrong I think that AP has endeared himself to the fans with his passion and his grace after the event.


  16. @Freddie

    I think it looks terrible when foul and abusive language is used.

    We have Big Dave to thank for the good behaviour of our bloggers on here.

    He does let the odd swear word creep into his posts but only when referring to Ashley and Lambias. 😆

    He pounces though when the swearing starts up and it works.


  17. Freddie- this blog keeps it together but the rules are sort of suspended on match threads. Everone gets a pass during the match in other words.


  18. Pards was an absolute disgrace, MoN left St James’ without a black eye, broken nose and still had his teeth intact…hang your heads in shame AP and JC 🙄 😉


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