Newcastle fans bring shame on NUFC

Caution! Children at play...
Newcastle and Sunderland faced off at St James’ Park again last night, although this time tempers were a little less frayed and the reserve derby ended 3-3.

The main talking point of the night wasn’t Gabriel Obertan giving the Toon reserves the lead. Nor was it Dan Gosling heading in the equaliser to make it 2-2 before getting sent off. Would you believe the thing that everything is talking about isn’t even Ryan Donaldson’s 86th minute equaliser to rescue a point and make it 3-3 on the night?

Nope the main talking point is the actions of a few NUFC fans, a minority of charvers who probably never get the chance to go to grown up fixtures so have to settle with reserve and friendly fixtures ripping down Sports Direct signs from the back of the East Stand, with part of one ending up on the playing surface at SJP.

Below is a video uploaded to YouTube of the events in question, or criminal damage as it’s usually called. I suggest people read the comments on said video. They will see that it’s just being used to take the mick out of us and that people are laughing at them and not with them.

Whilst it’s hardly on the scale of the pitch invasion at Darlington earlier in the season, it is still not exactly something to be proud of. There is most definitely an element of ar*eholes creeping into our support, the likes of which would never even be given the time of day not so long ago.

It needs to stop and it needs to stop now. The idiots responsible are causing us nothing but negative press and embarrassment and I sincerely hope that they are dealt with by both the club and the law. I’d like to hope they face criminal proceedings and also get banned from attending any games at St James’ Park, whether they be first-team, reserve or youth games.

This is an element of our support that needs stamping on. The club have already shown that they will take a hard line with numbskulls like these, even if it is to the detriment to the vast majority of fans who can handle a bit of fizzy pop without acting like Johnny Concrete. I hope it is those responsible that pay, and not the majority as we seen after the Darlington fiasco.

Best fans in the land? Not these ones for sure…

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56 thoughts on “Newcastle fans bring shame on NUFC

  1. I was there and it was so embarrassing. I’m embarrassed to be in the same age category as them. But you could tell these were kids who don’t go to home/away games. Think our best player is Jonas. They see people disagreeing with the name change, have no opinion on it so think they’ll get praise for doing it… On the day where Ashleys reputation with that fans was probably at it’s strongest as well. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest!


  2. Quoted from the Jarrow&Hebburn Gazette:……

    And Llambias has pledged to press forward with seeking a new naming-rights sponsor for the stadium, despite admitting owner Ashley still calls it St James’s.

    Llambias said: “Do you think me and Mike call it the Sports Direct Arena? We call it St James’s Park, because it is St James’s Park.

    “The naming rights is such a passionate thing. It’s not about being disrespectful or taking away the tradition or the history of the club – it’s about trying to get another Yohan Cabaye out there on the pitch. That’s how we see it.

    “To optimise our commercial side, we needed to get that in there – other clubs do it.

    “We’ve had to take the criticism on the nose. We’re not riding roughshod over people’s love. People come to see our players on the pitch. It’s about us, the fans, the manager, the players and the region – it’s an emotional thing.

    “If we wanted to ride roughshod, we’d just put the ticket prices up. That’s not happening.

    “We know we’ve got a huge responsibility, and we know there’s a lot of emotion involved and we are emotional people, too.

    “We are not being disrespectful. Mike and I understand and feel for it.

    “The only area of income we can really build is the commercial revenue. We don’t want to put ticket prices up. We have a 10-year ticket deal and now we’ve announced a nine-year deal.

    “There are only a few ways to increase our income. We know the naming rights is contentious, but that income is something we need.


  3. Unbelievable moronic behaviour just as the club is getting good press. Hope they catch the blokes that did this and they get prosecuted and banned.

    More positively this is an interesting article – interview with Llambias including admission that he and Ashley still call the ground St James’ Park 😀


  4. A few people were saying this last year when this whole thing kicked off….If they don’t get the money from these kind of deals, they’ll put the ticket prices up etc etc…Just look at Spurs & Arsenal £1000 a season!


  5. Those ‘ fans ‘ are idiots and deserve anything that comes their way. Hope they are punished accordingly by club and police. Aholes the lot of them.

    In terms of the club financial year , it shows club is on the right track , I would imagine anything we paid towards 3rd party debts in that financial year will go towards repaying the £140mil or player recuritment. Im not sure what was paid back but hopefully enough to make a contribution to either of those.


  6. Joe Soap @7. We had some friends staying with us this week who are both Arsenal fans. Not only are their ticket prices double ours (for worse seats) they have to pay their whole season ticket price for next season up front in April 😯


  7. I remember posting a comment when the first moron spray painted our stadium and was told to relax, it was an isolated incident that wouldn’t escalate. A second spray paint incident and now this proves theres more that one idiot out there who thinks he’s a rebel with a cause!

    I’m not entirely happy with these fools being called “fans” or “supporters”. I think the vast majority of true fans yesterday would have been well pleased with the way Ashley has steered our club to safety and stability. Dont get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting his name to be chanted from the terraces (not in a positive way anyway 😆 )
    But this is just spitting in the eye of a bloke who has basically fixed our broken club … and is still £140m out of pocket for it.
    Putting a replica shirt on and going to a reserve match doesn’t make you a toon fan in my view, and I also agree that the law and the club should the toughest action possible.

    I don’t agree with the name change. It will always be SJP to me and my 3yr old son growing up. I understand the frustration of true fans. But I don’t believe these are true fans. I may be wrong but I suspect that this has been drunken moronic behaviour by afew halfwits.


  8. Did anyone watch the QPR documentary?
    There was a bit when they are in a finance meeting and are talking about cost cutting, literally trying to save 30,000 a year from some tweaks in the canteen food.

    To me this shows that boards really can be tight fisted when in comes to money saving, and that the advertising SD really is a way to bring in another revenue stream.
    If it goes to a good summer signing i know i’ll be delighted


  9. Just pleased to see the response on this blog. Whilst few people are outright ashley supporters, i think that cautious respect is now there with the majority.


  10. Spot on Sharpy @17. It’s interesting that Llambias and Ashley still refer to the ground as ST James’ Park


  11. JoeSoap – it was kind of touched on yesterday but don’t you think it MA or DL came out and said this in the first place it would have eased things a little bit.
    It’s the same old communication problem IMO. I don’t think what he’s said makes anyone happy about the name change but people could understand it better and see that what they have done with the season tickets shows they are trying to keep the cost from the supporters.


  12. @Premandup…..I suspect I would probably be regarded by my previous comments on this blog as an outright Ashley supporter. But my view really has always been that I would support whatever & whoever was doing right by the club. In my opinion Shepherd & Co were always in it to just milk it, previous owners the same from Hall back to McKeag & Westwood. I mistrusted Ashley and was dismayed at the stupid mistakes he made when first taking over, but in my view nothing worse than the likes of Shepherd & his cronies. Since the watershed day of downing his pint on national TV I think Ashley’s had a wake up call and realised that this was a business that needed all his astute business acumen, or it would go down the pan, and since then he’s not put a foot wrong.


  13. @Sharpy….I agree and I’m really surprised that such a smart pair of operators didn’t get the PR right from the start, but as I said previously…I think he woke up and realised his mistakes and set about doing it right!


  14. I’m a bit ambivalent on this one. (Welcome to ‘Big Word Friday, folks!)

    Those supporters last night I’m not ambivalent about. Tossers.

    The latest quotes from Llamearse, though, are smokescreen and annoying to me. Either they’re massively naive or just fibbing. For a start, they must know that renaming the stadium has a net cost to the club, not a benefit. SJP is as much a part of the brand they own as black and white stripes. Renaming costs revenues, especially when they’re trying to break into foreign markets, where the element of the ‘temple’ of the club they’re selling is so important. Do they think there would be so many Manure shirts abroad if Old Trafford was the B&Q Arena?

    I don’t think they’re that stupid.

    As I said yesterday, I’d live with it if they were just honest, and said “Mike’s put shedloads of cash in, turned the club around and still waives about a million A MONTH in interest. All he wants in return is some free advertising for his other company while he’s the owner.”

    Anyone else feel that way?

    In the mean time, I can’t help but have a bit of sympathy for those writing ‘SJP’ on the outside wall. Disrupting a match and throwing signs at your own fans, though…. ****s.


  15. Interestingly, George Caulkin (Times) says Llambias also stated that our blue print is still to buy, sell, buy sell. Whilst it’s hard to refuse big sums of money, you can’t strive to be a big/top club whilst implementing a policy where you HAVE to sell a good player every now and then. I feel like there’s bits we haven’t read from this interview.

    On a positive, Arsene Wenger has been very complimentary in our ‘efficency’ in the transfer market (Ba, Cisse, Ben Arfa and Cabaye)

    Cheers Arse


  16. All he wants in return is some free advertising for his other company while he’s the owner.”…………………..I think this is quite likely the real truth, but I don’t really blame him, if he’s lent the club £140m and not taking any interest……. I think I would expect to at least be able to advertise my other businesses on what is effectively my own property!


  17. JoeSoap – completely agree mate. Ashley got it all wrong at the beginning but since that pint he has hung his Smith 17 shirt up and got on with fixing our club. We’re all human and we all make mistakes but he seems to have learned from his.


  18. I always think it looks a little bit tacky when you have a contractor in doing your roof or something, and they stick one of their company signs in your front garden whilst they’re doing the work, but you can’t really blame them, and it kind of amounts to the same thing Ashley’s doing with his SDA crap!


  19. Actually when Shepherd owned the club, he had Shepherd offshore plastered al over the place, although he stopped shopped short of calling it ‘The Shepherd offshore area@ …just as well or travelling to the ground may have been a tad hazardous. Also didn’t Cameron-Hall have a big presence during SJH’s tenure…I wonder if they paid for advertising?….They’ve all been at it, but I think the previous lot had their trotters a lot further into the trough than our current capitalist! 🙁


  20. Joesoap @21 – yes, exactly. I can just about stomach it as long as:

    1. It’s temporary and we all know it’s just some labels, not really renaming
    2. They’re honest with us.

    I suppose it rankles more because everything else is sliding into place so nicely. Come on Ashley – just don’t treat us like idiots and you’re just about there, mate!

    (Oh, except the sprogs in the above vid. They are, technically, idiots. 🙂 )


  21. Now we’re profitable, will people be ok with Ashley paying back that loan rather than spending on squad? I think it’ll be a bit of both, but I hope people will be ok with it. I don’t think it’s asking too much, personally.


  22. How pathetic that these morons have once again handed the anti Ncle media, Colin Young etc, ammunition to shoot us down, they were waiting for an opportunity and within 4 days they were gifted it.


  23. Whumpie – I think that’s fair like, investment when it’s needed but keep a bit back for himself. Think as long as the team are performing everyone is happy. It’s also probably while youth investment has become such an important issue at the club. If we have young players coming through then we shouldn’t need to spend as much on bringing players in.

    The downside, is that DL has made a statement on SSN that Newcastle are likely to loose 1-2 top players in the summer but the money will be reinvested, and he’s suggested that Tiote could be one of them (thought it was a bit strange Tiote saying he didnt want to leave yesterday).

    Having just said I wanted them to be more open and honest … I’m not so sure now 😯 🙁


  24. Whilst I understood the guys that painted the name, I don’t understand this, i wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it was younger kids filled with drink.
    I don’t know when the Lambastad interview was done but presume it’s the latest and if so it took them long enough to come out and talk about the name change, although I still think he uses it as a stick to beat us with, and basically telling us that without it we wont be able to get a £5-6 mill player everyyear.


  25. Looks like Llambias is expecting Tiote to be sold in the summer. He even mentioned that he’s not picking up as many yellow cards this season which would point to the fact that that’s the reason he wasn’t sold last summer.

    For all the good that’s happening I still just don’t understand this buy and sell and buy and sell idea. How can you ever build something like that?


  26. The ironic thing is i I bet the idiots last night were clad head to toe in clothes bought from Sports Direct


  27. Nobby says:
    March 9, 2012 at 11:12

    Who’s said that they want to sell him?

    He said it will be difficult to keep him if a big club came in for him. I disagree – Spurs kept Modric and look at them…


  28. “How are we going to stop a big club from coming in for him? It’ll be very hard.

    “One thing in our favour is that we now have a very good side and that might encourage the player to stay.

    The Llambias thing about Tiote is nothing really, Tiote is improving as a player so yeah bigger clubs will be looking at him and they could bid for him. I think the board will consider any bid , they have rejected big money offers before , but if a player wants to go they wont stand in their way. But Llambias also says he might want to stay due to team we have and Tiote has already said he is at a big club.


  29. Dave – sorry for the delay, yeah Lambastad made the statement which is on SSN site. He said we would loose 1-2 players this summer, then went on to use Tiote as an example – Johno has posted the 2nd part of the statement above. But the first part didn’t say we “might” loose 1-2 players, it said we “will” loose 1-2 players.
    I dont know when it was said like, just been posted on SSN today 🙄


  30. It took spurs long enough to finally grow some ******* and say no after selling Berbatov, Carrick and Keane when the big boys came calling and we will see how strong spurs are when the really silly money is on the table for Bale.

    I personally think delboys just covering his own arse in case a huge offer comes in the summer, Pardews done the same thing ever since Carroll left and the players hes referring to will more than likely be Smith, Lovenkrands, Xisco, Harper ETC.


  31. CC why would Delboy be covering his own arse ? They don’t have to answer to anyone, and they have proved time and time again that they just do what they want.
    The ****heed doesn’t need to say **** all about how we can be picked on by the bigger clubs, and it just sends out a message to any team that we are fair game, and if you want one of our players you can have your pick because they are all for sale.


  32. True Dave, but they’ve also said that it will only be for silly money.

    The kind of money that saw Andy Carroll leave for Liverpool.

    The kind of silly money which also paid for Ba, Santon, Cabaye and new deals for Tiote, Colo and Krul etc.

    Don’t get the problem?

    If the money is right ANY club will sell. Look at Ronaldo from Man Utd to Real Madrid for example.

    It’s how that money is used that is what is important and it’s been shown that it will be reinvested in the team.

    Players come and go, always have done always will do. The bottom line is that if a player wants to go they will inevitably go if there is better money on the table elsewhere or more chance of honours.


  33. Toonsy dont forget Jose and Nolan money went on them aswell or is it just the Carroll money has been used.?
    Yeah all players have a price but we don’t need the main man telling everyone that cares to listen, so that mightn’t be a problem for you, but for me it is a problem when the chairman is touting our players.


  34. without a doubt we know what kind of club we are and the way we are being ran. Its both good and bad the way i see it. Its great cos they are striving to make us a stand alone club etc etc and they drive a hard bargin and try to keep costs down and all that good stuff. And it is good stuff..

    There are still negaitves though of course..

    Dekka has with his own words said that we are a selling club yesterday, so all the rows we have had on here now at least we know that we are.

    We know we will not get many heroes through anymore because if you are a hero it means you are very good and will be sold.. the only reason that colo is here is because of his age and they might as well keep him as he is very good but with little sell on value due to age and what was the length of his contract.

    We know that length of contract means nothing as dekka has just said that just because someone has a contract til 2017 means nothing and they will still sell.. his words. So we can all stop getting really pleased when we re-sign our good players as all they are really doing is trying to strengthen their selling hand – not keeping hand.

    We now know that we will be loosing 1 or 2 big name players in the summer.. cos dekka has just said so. We will then bring in the next batch to bring on and sell.

    We are a selling club that is aiming to get the balance right between keeping enough stability and quality to be in the top half of the prem but still cash in on at least 1 – 2 players per year that will return a solid investment.

    For all the song and dance about being debt free we are in more debt now than we were when he bought us.. now its 140 million.. its just been jiggled around but not paid off.

    I get it all and its all cool, its a business now, nothing more and nothing less. i undertand it and accept it, it does leave a slight pang in the heart though, i dont know why but it does.


  35. Dave – Regardless of money, the facts are there. They are there in black and white whichever you want to look at it from yesterday when the accounts were released. They say that virtually no profit has been made from player trading in that period, and that we since spent another £25m on players and contracts.

    Yes I don’t really want to see anyone saying about players leaving, but it happens and I’m not blind to it. As ling as the club replace and strengthen again, like they’ve shown they will do, then fair enough.

    How did Tottenham get into the position to be able to reject bids for Luka Modric by the way?


  36. Toonsy, that is not accurate mate… he said that 25 million has been spent since June last year on players and PLAYER SALARIES. 25 million in 8 months on salaries and buying players is not alot. and thats being kind.


  37. “I get it all and its all cool, its a business now, nothing more and nothing less.”

    Craig….It always was, even under the Halls etc. Difference being, for all their supposed dishonesty, this present group of business men are openly admitting it, treating the fans as intelligent adults, not a bunch of silly scarf waving fools. We should have always understood that even the most sacrosanct local heroes and messiahs were also very hard bargainers when it came to money. We [the audience] may lovingly part with our hard-earned to watch them and dream, but the actors in this tragedy are all paid very well to twang our heart strings and keep the money-go-round turning…………….. Kerching! 💡


  38. Joesoap… ys but its something a bit deeper now isnt it.. don’t your heart feel a bit hollow now? I defy any nufc fan say their heart is fully in love with this model. Something has gone mate, something has been stripped away, maybe one thing too many, a layer or fibre too far, i dont know but i think something important is dying at our club. We will never have another hero like Shearer, he was the last. Who’s name you gonna put on your kids tops next season? Be careful who you choose as he may well be gone before we kick a ball.
    Oh and a handy loss of 3.6 million eh. When you have shareholders like SDirect etc you want to show a nice healthy profit – as he does, when you own your own business and you are the only share holder, you want to show the opposite, as every declared million quid is hundreds of thousands to the inland revenue. I read nothing into the figures we get to see, they have been massaged by the best accountants in the land.. agian though… i dont blame ashley for that one at all, i woudl do the same.


  39. Craig in all honesty the hollowness you speak of has been there since the start of the premier league for me. Sky sports very quickly turned theatres of dreams around the country into cash registers, clubs like ManU caught on very quickly and have ridden the gravy train ever since…hence the plasticity of not only their fans but the very heart of their club…’s made out of polycarbonate!…..Unfortunately to survive ours will need to change from a living pumping lump of emotional flesh & blood into the same I fear! 🙁


  40. I suppose we’re heading down this route because of the passions aroused by some of Ashley’s perhaps less sensible actions. It might feel like an excuse to some of these lot, and while I can see why they’re angry its still a fcking stupid idea. Bunch of idiots like.


  41. Joesoap.. you got that right about the prem now… i read that it all started to go wrong for AVB with his players when he banned their own hair stylists from the training ground. I mean what the ****.. the game is in bits, really it is. You are left kinda scratching your head over it all.


  42. Reminds me of the comments made by Vinny Jones when he labelled us all muppets! I don’t think he meant that in the way we normally understand the term ‘muppets’….I think he meant that the players were the main characters & the fans were the muppet audience with Statler & Waldorf being Andy Gray & Richard Keyes or some such. Obviously Vinny himself would have been ‘animal’ the drummer, Fozzy Bear would have been someone like Peter Beardsley, The Great Gonzo …Shearer. The professor…Fergie and his faithful assistant Beaker would be ‘Arry Redknapp……but who was Miss Piggy?


  43. he wants to take down our stadiums name and call it something else, we dont want his donnay lonsdale selling name on it niether


  44. Which makes criminal damage fine does it, Jay?

    All it does is make us look like ********s. Look at the cover it got in the national press. But if you’re happy with being made to look like an ******** then fair do’s….


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