FA display double standards once again

Ok for Redknapp to talk, but please don't talk about him!
I shouldn’t be surprised, I really shouldn’t. Not as far as the actions of the FA are concerned anyway.

It’s nice to note that the FA have sent a letter to all managers asking them not to discuss the vacant England manager role in the wake of strong speculation linking Harry Redknapp with the job.

The rather hypocritical letter briefs all managers to stay quiet on talk of the vacancy citing the fact that employees of clubs should not be talking about contracted employees of other clubs in public. Tis o course comes after the widespread approval from his counterparts tipping Redknapp for the role.

Hypocrisy or what?

So it was fine for Redknapp himself to talk about employees contracted to other clubs when he referring to Demba Ba in January, but now the boot is on the other foot all of a sudden everyone should keep quiet all of a sudden?

You couldn’t make it up.

This has really annoyed me, but I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s my own fault for expecting the rules the FA have cited to be applied across the board in a fair and correct manner. Silly me.

At the end of the day, if the FA are going to get uppity about something like this then I expect them to do the same in all circumstances which contravene the rule they have decided to reiterate on this occasion, as it suited.

How can they honestly expect to garner respect when two similar things get treat with different approaches?

Postcode bias anyone? Jobs for the boys? Looking after their own?

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172 thoughts on “FA display double standards once again

  1. @Big Dave

    I see the poisoned Chicken is criticising the poisoned Barton.

    I think we have to bow to his superior knowledge on this one. It takes one to know one I suppose. 🙄 🙄 😛


  2. Witters @ 144 😆 😆 😆
    Ice I did show him it but he started ranting that that wee lad never really hit the ball himself that it was spiderman that hit the bar 😛


  3. Troy I think your right lad as I have been saying that Joey has been getting on like a ****head lately so that would make them very similar 2 poisoned ****heads together 😀 . Where have ye been anyway


  4. @BD

    My 3 month lay off work has come to an end .

    I just don’t get the time.

    Once things settle down a bit it will be easier.

    Keep that poisonous chicken at arms length. I think he was dropped on his head at birth and
    his head now protrudes from his ass! 😆


  5. Troll and big dave sitting in a tree k . i. s . s . i . n . g !!! ………..well done for bowing to TC superior knowledge .. Barton was a to sser .. and we certainly do not miss him nor his mutinous behaviour .. well rid


  6. TP haven’tseen you in yonks then when Troy comes on your rear your ugly head 😀
    Well young batts I take it we’re still banned ? I seen another Big Dave lastnight was on the darkside ❓ ❓


  7. with ten games to go this season, it now looks like a 2 horse race between the two manchester clubs.
    Spuds seem to have shot their bolt and could easily end up 5th :mrgreen: with Arsenal and Chelsea still in the hunt.
    Its incredible that even with a poor season from manure, that they are still in the box seat. And I think SAF has the experience to out psyche mancinni. So I tip them to win it.
    But what do yous think?


  8. Aye with you on that one BB SAF is a wise and experienced old fox, done it too many times before ……squeaky bum-time for Mancini 😯 😯


  9. BB@168- It’s true Manure have hardly set the world alight this season yet there they are yet again .


  10. If Man Utd win today they’ll be on 67 points, it took them 4 more games to get past that total last season, you have to go back to the 06/07 season to find Man Utd with more points at this stage of the season(if I’ve done my sums right 😉 )…… another case of the media distorting peoples perception?…….mmm maybe 😉


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