So who is in and who is out in the summer?

In or out in the summer?
It would appear that Alan Pardew has been given permission to strengthen the squad in the summer. Hurrah I hear you say!

Quite right too. Whatever you make of this season, whether it’s been viewed as promising, whether it’s been viewed as a disappointment, the fact of the matter is that we need strengthening. I’m actually confident of this happening, more confident than I have been in recent seasons anyway.

With the wage bill being shorn of players like Alan Smith and Peter Lovenkrands and with others such as Danny Guthrie and Danny Simpson still yet to agree to new deals and potentially leave the club, there is room to utilise those wages on new players.

It’s been said that we have a small squad. Utter b*llocks I say. We have a squad that is of similar size to the rest of the league, especially when you consider that you can only name 25-men in the squad for the season. We have space, like other teams do,but not enough space to get four or five in without losing anyone.

What we do lack however is strength in depth and a bit of balance. For instance we have an overload of strikers at the club with Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse topping the list. However players like Peter Lovenkrands are approaching the end of their NUFC shelf life that will leave us with Shola Ameobi, Leon Best and the two Demba’s plus room for any players under 21 who don’t need to be registered, like Nile Ranger for example, or someone else if he is got rid of also.

In short it’s not about getting rid of all of the deadwood. It’s about getting rid of some of them and replacing them with higher quality giving us more strength in depth. Of course the incomings are harder to guess these days – Newcastle are capable of keeping things quiet and pulling off a surprise or two these days and I dare say the rumour pages will be full of various names. The outgoings though are obvious, well, some of them are.

So who do you think is out? And consequently who would you like to see in to replace them?

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44 thoughts on “So who is in and who is out in the summer?

  1. Loven/Smith/Harper/Kadar/Xisco 🙄 That will give us over 130k a week to toy with in wages, enough for 3 very decent players.

    Apart from that it is hard, as you say it’s not depth, it’s the strength in depth. Pretty happy with the strikers, think Bestie and Shola will do as 3/4th for now, hopefully Ranger will buck up or Airey will come through.

    Wings are tricky, we have Jonas/Marveaux/Raylor/Obertan/HBA vying for spots on the wing, yet none are good enough/suitable for a wing position (Marveaux perhaps).


  2. 1st team players potentially going imo.. Harps, Forster, Elliot, Simmo, Willo, Smith, Guthrie, Gosling, Lovenkrands, Best, Ranger & Xisco

    Reserves set to leave in June – Soderberg, Nzuzi, Kadar, Henderson, McDermott, Adjei, Donaldson, Edmundsson, Airey, D.Taylor

    12 first team players.. sell on fee total of approx. £12m, wage budget increase of approx. £250K p/wk and at least 10 from reserves to leave

    1 in 1 out philosophy not feasible due to lack of kitty to replace 12 first teamers with better quality + all signings would have to be on av. of 20K p/wk

    More likely we will sign free agents & seek bargain buys/clauses for up to 6 first team signings, versatile players, then bring through certain youth players to act as back up in case of build up of injuries.

    Can see Tavernier, Streete, Ferguson, Abeid, Vuckic & Sammy all play bigger part in 1st team squad next season, albeit as back up in case of injuries


  3. If Guthrie goes it wouldn’t be that much of a biggy, I’m a fan of his but with players like mehdi abeid getting better with every reserve game it’s only a matter of time before he gets some premier league action. I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the bench against norwich actually.

    Guthrie seems to have lost his way. I can understand he wants starts but I’m more bothered about the clubs position in the league rather than the individual.

    Solano’s trumpet is right, all those players are absolute bankers to leave and Guthrie is an outsider. If Simmo hasn’t signed a contract in the summer he’ll be gone.

    I still reckon we’ll get that pieters in this summer so if that’s the case then Simmo can go.

    Another centre half is a must.. that vertolhommen or whatever he’s called would be a good buy.


  4. Keith R… you have Harps, Elliot and Soderberg down to leave… are you implying we’re thinking of getting another keeper in? ❓


  5. KeithR no way.

    Why would we get rid of Willo/Best/Elliot/Gosling?

    Also I know the consensus is that if Guthrie and Simmo don’t sign up they’ll be sold but i’m not convinced, might be wrong but i feel if we signed a new right back we should keep Simmo for a year to give Tavernier more time to develop, how much transfer fee will we get really,not much.


  6. yeah have a feeling mate.. soderberg out of contract and not being renewed as far as I know.. would love harps to be a player/coach or something but think he’ll want bit of game time before he retires.. and think elliot was a short term fix to be honest because of Harps getting injuries.. doesn’t seem to even get reserve appearances now and is not good enough competition to keep Krul improving.. can see a promising young keeper come in and we were linked with a few even in January.. Stephen Henderson and Robbin Ruiter in particular


  7. Yeah id keep Simpson as backup. Definitely. And Guthrie. I just think those two will want to be starting games regularly and to be honest neither of them can be guaranteed that here providing we strengthen the defence in the summer.


  8. For me the outs would be Smith, Loven, Xisco, Simpson, Williamson, Best, Obertan, Gosling, Foster. Bit of a risk to lose so many but they’re all of questionable quality and I’d rather see the kids come through (plus 3 or 4 new signings). Vuckic, Abeid, Fergie are ready now and I’d rather Streete got a chance than rag doll Williamson. The guy does my head in. Frightened of the ball and any signs of a challenge he falls down. Pathetic!


  9. @Solano

    Elliot explanation above.. Willo is 28. If we sign another good quality CB, with S.Taylor back next season too Willo won’t get a look in and at that age will want one. Think if we sign CB either him or Perch will go and think Perch will be the one to stay based on being younger and more versatile of the two.

    Apparently the Chronicle reported the other day the club is willing to listen to offers for Gosling, rumours Pardew doesnt like attitude, but rumours aside he’s really struggled since coming to the club/back from injury and hasn’t even been sent on loan to get game time.. just strange situation, think he will go.

    As for Best he’s 50/50 I think. Again depends on first team chances. If we sign a promising young striker or two I can see him leaving. Would be playing every week at a mid to lower level premier league team and was allowed to speak to Celtic in January.


  10. But there’s no way we would replace that many players in one summer, Gosling i probably agree with.
    But selling Williamson and Best would mean we have to replace them with someone else willing to be sat on the bench, think we should sign a 3rd choice centre back and Willo be 4th choice, if he wants to leave fair play, always think highly of players seeking first team, if he’s happy to stay he’s a must keep for me.

    Again as a 4th choice CB we can’t do much better, if we had a good youngster coming through I’d give it to them, but Pardew rates Perch at CB more than Kadar, really saying something.


  11. Solano, agree mate if all were happy to stay then it would change things but half I’ve listed might want to leave for 1st team football. As for Willo as 4th choice, as you said, would give it to a promising youngster if possible, and we have one in Streete.


  12. Yeah it does depend on that tbh. I’m not so sure they will leave, footballers tend to just care about money, if it means being sat on their arses for a few years most will do it.


  13. I don’t see how you can be confident that we will get enough players in of the quality we need.

    Nothing to suggest that as far as I can see.

    They will likely offload a few making a pittance and will outlay the usual amount.

    I can’t believe, having witnessed the regime over the last 5 years, you would believe any different. 😯


  14. would you want lads sitting on their arses for the paycheck if it meant keeping them? I definitely wouldn’t, would really hope those days are behind us and we’d get rid of someone in a heartbeat if that was the case.. not as if we pay big money to squad players either


  15. premandup says:
    March 15, 2012 at 10:45
    On thread. I smell an elephant in the room.

    HaHaHa like Tiote or Ba leaving?


  16. Lose Lovenkrands, Smith and Kadar and replace with 2 or 3 quality additions. Plus when you factor in the return of Saylor and Marveaux, and players such as Vukic, Abeid and Ferguson continuing to push for a place in the matchday squad – I think we should enough to kick on again next season and challenge the top 6.


  17. @Trumpet

    That is appalling by those fans at Derby/Forest.

    No doubt his family would have been gutted.

    No excuse.


  18. Remember you have to bear in mind that some of those youngsters will need to be included in the 25 man squad due to their age. Just a thought….


  19. Premandup & Johno… 😆 Ba no, Krul definitely not, Tiote I’d hope not but actually decent chance.. hate to say it, love the lad, but same time if we got £30m it may be a case of sell for the greater good, just the stage of development we’re at.. can make 5 very good signings for that


  20. @Troy apparently his dad was in the stands just crying his eyes out.

    You’re right no excuse, thankfully the mackems are usually just simpletons that mean no harm 😉
    Seriously though, this year has seen some things go too far, football needs to take a look at itself, fans need to know that “banter” has a line.


  21. Some of our in-demand players seem to only really have 1 or 2 ‘better’ choices each.

    Krul – Spurs only. ‘Pool, Chelski, ManUre, Arse and Citeh don’t need him or couldn’t offer immediate 1st team footie.

    Tiote – Not sure he’d get a game at Spurs (if ‘Arry stays, since he loves Parker so much), and Chelski still have Essien. ‘Pool have a full midfield with Kenny still trying to justify all the spending, and ManUre need an attacking/box-to-box type to replace Scholes. Arsenal probably wouldn’t spend that much on 1 player, so I can’t see where he’d go without going as a ‘long-term replacement’ with no scope for a guaranteed starting place immediately.

    Ba – OK, things fall down there. Everyone wants or needs him, aside from Citeh…


  22. Assuming no big names leave (this is a massive assumption!), I can see Smith, Xisco, Lovenkrands, Gosling, Kadar and one of Simpson/Guthrie heading out the door.

    Considering my last post, whereby all of the big guns have only a few suitors each, I only see 1 big name departure. Tiote/Ba seem most likely.


  23. Lose – Best, Lovenkrands, Smith and Kadar

    Just need to replace them – Simple.

    I would also let Williamson go if we had any offers – i’m sure a young lad could do just as a good a job.


  24. I feel there will be HUGE changes within the first team squad! especially because of Ashley and NUFC’s policy of letting go ANY Reserve, Academy and Youth players who dont step up to the mark, this I believe will also be the same for the first team! We should be replacing our poor playing staff with more depth and quality to force competition within the ranks! As stated that Smith and Lovenkrands will leave this summer, and that Guthrie may also leave on a FREE for first team football and better wages, and Simpson holding out for a better deal! and with Williamson’s poor defensive mistakes, Rangers attitude, and Gosling struggling to get first team football! you can start to see my point! I also can see atleast one of our top players being sacrificed to stengthen the transfer kitty, which in turn will be for the greater good of the club!

    Outs: Smith Lovenkrands Guthrie Williamson Simpson Harper Forster Gosling Ranger and Best! and IF we get into Europe that our younger players will step up or be placed out on loan!

    With alot of quality free transfers this summer such as Hoillett and Douglas and the fact Ashley has come out and said the money will be there for the right players, This just adds to my opinion that there will be big changes to our first team squad! Bring on the SUMMER!!


  25. I’m on the ‘tweaking only’ side of this. We know what the strategy is, and although we know the focus is shifting towards upping the supply through the academy, the same overall approach will apply. Evolution, bit by bit, and all within the club’s means.

    All the obvious departures have been mentioned – Smith, Loven, etc. – but while I know we could lose a couple of big names, we are in a better position than in previous years, and there are fewer good reasons for players to want to leave. Colo’s words on why he stayed shows a shift in culture, probably brought about by Carroll’s ****-up. If we get a European spot, we become an even more attractive proposition.

    I think we’ll see more diamonds in the rough discovered by Carr. But they’re not about to deliberately shift out half the squad to replace them; they will just improve strength in depth where it can be improved within a reasonable budget. The rest of the profits (and how good is it to even mention that?) will go into that talent factory they’re so keen on.

    It may not seem as exciting, but I like it a lot.


  26. Think we all know every player has his price and if a club match that they prob will go , I agree with blips assement @ 28 in regards to players so the only one I would worry about is Ba and this release clause in his contract. Im not saying Ba will leave but think he will be a wanted man in the summer, hopefully we get him a new contract in the summer.

    Think players coming in depends on who goes really. Think our priority will be the defence and would hope for 2 players to come in. I would love Holliet off blackburn but have no idea if we are interested in him.


  27. Xisco still has another year to run…we can’t get shot of him until next year unless he intentionally leaves (yeah right).


  28. On another note I’d like to see Hoilett come from Blackburn.

    Then next season play…

    Simmo – Saylor – Collo – Santoon
    Marv – Cabaye – Tiote – Hoilett


  29. Out : Forster , Simpson , Smith , Guthrie , Gosling , Lovenkrands , Best , Xisco .

    In : Yanga- Mbiwa , Pieters , Dost .

    KIETHR ; I understand a player has to be named in a 25 man squad if he is over 21 on 1 January of the year a season starts.
    The best example to use is Davide Santon who was born on 2 January 1991 and is now 21 years old.

    He does not need to be included in the 25 man named squad for the 2012/13 season. Had he been born 2 days earlier , on 31 Dec 1990 ,
    he would have to be in the 25 named squad.


  30. Didn’t I read that AP wants a smaller squad. Also feel that 2 or 3 new faces in the starting 11 would be plenty. Need europe to keep Ba


  31. Sorry wanted to add backup players to my formation lol 😆

    Santoon/Simmo – Saylor/Vertonghen – Collo/Vertonghen – Pieters/Santoon
    Marv/Obertoon – Cabaye/Guthrie – Tiote/Abeid – Hoilett/Jonas
    Benny (he has no equal!)


  32. The comment was tongue in cheek. But I doubt we could have 2 players in that sort of position happily playing benchwarmer every other game lol.


  33. Does anyone really believe we will spend more than £10m during the summer?

    That’s a decent CB and a stocking filler. 😯


  34. Outs – Smith, Loven, Ranger, Kadar, one of the 3 keepers, Gosling, Xisco.

    Keep – Best, Perch

    New contracts for Simpson and Guthrie as I think, better the devil you know and they have performed well for us this season. (however, agree that they will likely want more regular footie than we will be able to offer)

    In – Pieters, Douglas or Yanga, Hoilett, a DM, Rodallega, Rhodes or Vossen.

    Missed Williamson from my out list.


  35. Xisco is going nowhere. He is on massive wages and still has a year left. He might go on loan, but we will be picking up the majority of his wages. He has done crap on loan and has given no reason to any foreign club to pay a penny for him, never mind take his £50k wages on. We are stuck with him.

    Williamson will stay too. He’s still a very good back up choice and is better than Colo in the air.

    Think Guthrie will go. He’s good enough for 1st team football somewhere around mid table in the top flight.

    The board have pretty much guaranteed Tiote is off, whilst no news on a new contract for Ba means he could be off too. Reckon they will cash in on Simmo if he does not sign.

    GK’S – Krul, Elliot, ?
    Full Backs – Santon, Raylor, Ferguson, ?
    CB’S – Willo, Colo, Saylor, ?
    Wingers – Marveaux, Obertan, Gutierrez, Benny.
    CM’S – Cabaye, Gosling, Abeid, Vukic, ?
    Strikers – Cisse, Best, Ameobi, Ba/?, ?

    Need a good 5 or 6 players this summer if we are going to be top 8 I reckon.


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