Newcastle 1-0 Norwich – Match highlights

Match highlights of the 1-0 victory over Norwich City for you all to enjoy now, including Papiss Cisse’s rather splendid finish which inevitably won the game for us.

If this is Papiss just settling in then I can’t wait until he is settled and firing on all cylinders!

It wasn’t pretty by all accounts, but after four games without a win I’d suggest that it wasn’t the performance that was most important thing and instead it was all about getting three points on the board.

It’s amazing what one result can do though isn’t it? I mean previously all the talk was of the Mackems and Everton possibly catching us up while Liverpool were a certainty to finish above us. Now we’re just two points behind Chelsea – who play Manchester City and Tottenham next, five points ahead of Liverpool and ten ahead of Sunderland and Everton.

Maybe the charge or 5th is back on?

Howay the lads!

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101 thoughts on “Newcastle 1-0 Norwich – Match highlights

  1. Aren’t people allowed to point out the negative sides of the game if we win on here? Does the fact we won mean the team, players or manager should be free from criticism? If so what a piss poor place we have here.


  2. Toby le Rhone

    There were times where they had possession and were starting to pose a threat to us and I just wished we could keep the ball for 2 minutes until they slowed down. In this situation Collo and co should just keep the ball for a bit. Instead we were playing 5 passes and then kicking the ball straight to one of their centre-halves. They could then attack us again. I would like to see us keep the ball better in that situation. I actually think we try to get the ball up the pitch too early at times. Swansea played about 35 passes against Fulham and then scored. Do they have more quality in midfield than us, no so it must come from training.


  3. Last season we were10th as below.

    Pl W D L GD PT
    30 9 9 11 3 36

    We managed to gain 10 points from our last eight games to end up with 46 points and finished 12th (although we could have finished on 48 points and finished 9th if we hadn’t of thrown away a 3-0 lead in our last game against the baggies

    How can people not see that we’ve progressed this year, at the start of the season we all thought we might struggle and the aim was avoid relegation and aim for mid table, now the aim for some on here seems to be a minimum of europa and an expectation of champions league

    Think we’ll improve next year and poss have a shot at champions league dependant on keeping our best players and strengthening, next couple of games will prob decide if we can make europa especially the 6 pointer with the bindippers – more likely we’ll end up 7th which in honesty will be an excellent season

    Only disappointment so far this season is that we haven’t thrashed a team 5 or 6 nil – hopefully we can do that against bindippers


  4. @Nobby 53

    Literally smacking the nail on the head.

    When we had Perch we were all dying for Williamson to get back. Do you all not remember the West Brom and Norwich games!? Perch’s poor positioning and awareness cost us a good 6 of the 7 goals we conceded! And Kadar? Who on here has the basis to make that shout? He’s barely even featured for the reserves this season!

    Ficklest fans in football.


  5. Yes Nobby, that’s because Perch isn’t a good CB and Willo is a better CB. Just shows to me how utter crap Perch is in that position in this league because Willo isn’t much better.

    We wanted Willo back for those games because of his height and I believe we were without Collo for the Norwich match also.

    It’s our right to be critical of players and highlight obvious problem areas of the squad. Willo was great in the Championship, decent for keeping us up in our first season back, but has come woefully short for our NEW re-aligned targets for this season.


  6. As for ‘Ficklest Fans in Football’ πŸ™„

    Any supporter with half a brain cell that can see obvious problems in their squad will open their mouths about it.


  7. People keep going on about our targets. Were we really targeting Europe in the summer? I thought the target was top 10 originally and finish higher than last season. Being in the top 4 came as a shock to everybody at the time.


  8. @ Stu

    It’s the fact like people like you are ALWAYS moaning.

    Take Southampton, if you were speaking to some of their fans who kept slagging off their manager or certain players in their team you would think they were mad as they’ve just got promoted and are flying high. People that constantly complaining despite us over-achieving, still questioning Pardew and whoever else they feel should be the “scapegoat of the month” give blogs a bad name, if other fans saw the comments in the aftermath of the game (overwhelmingly negative) they would be so confused.


  9. @EvilFranky

    So what is your proposed solution to that problem? No transfer window in sight. Have a little moan and complain about him? Helpful.


  10. DJG – I believe that top ten was minimum with a push for 6/7th if possible. By the time Xmas came around Europe looked a real possibility so Mike pulled out the wallet for Cisse instead of waiting until the summer to bolster the attack and the reason we didn’t sign a major quality CB is that no deals had been in the pipe line and the club point blank refuse to work outside their model….and fair play because it has us where we are today.


  11. ST @ 85 – I don’t actually care whether it ‘helps’ or not fella. Certainly better than burying my head in the sand and saying ‘Oh well’. It’s constructive criticism.

    These posts are put in place for people to discuss the results and performances of the games NUFC play, it is inevitable that people will praise and criticise players for their performances. And it’s only right and expected that the players who are no longer capable at this level are high lighted.

    I haven’t slagged off any players, apart from calling Willo ****e, which is nowt but the truth and I have actually given reasons why I think he is ****e and also praised him for past efforts.

    The simple fact is he isn’t good enough for where we want to be, not his fault at all though.


  12. “Isn’t good enough for where we want to be”

    He is our 3rd choice centre back, so you are wanting shot of him in the summer and replacing with two premier league defenders that are happy to be back up for Saylor and Colo on the bench?? You might say I’ve got may head buried in the sand but at least I don’t have it up my arse, we won’t be able to replace Williamson, if there aren’t any feasible solutions then it is just mindless criticism not constructive, you’re free to it but as i said yesterday, already got our best total for 6 seasons, just got another win and it’s time for a little enjoyment.


  13. I don’t think Willo is ‘****e’. I bet if we had a game of 5 a-side with Willo, Chopra, Routledge, Simpson and Elliott they would kick our butt. I do think Simpson and Willo look uncomfortable on the ball though for professionals, it’s maybe 75% ability and 25% the fact that the crowd get nervous.


  14. Fuck me. Head up my arse, what a stupid retort.

    I am over the ****ing moon with our position and have never said otherwise. I think we have done really well this season. Pardew, coaching staff, the players and even Mike.

    I never said anything about signing 2 CB’s??

    Or that it would be easy to replace him with a quality CB at all. I have however said that he isn’t good enough for where the club now want to be, that includes Europa Cup. It is up to the club to address this issue not me.


  15. At the start of the season the aim was safety and a top 10 finish if poss. Now we find ourselves sitting 6th having been as lofty as 3rd & 4th and most fans are still in shock at this glorious position . We have played some great football and gained a reputation as a hardworking good defensive side with a great front man in Ba. Now fast forward a bit and minus Saylor ,the ACON effect/ hangover a few suspensions / injuries later and we look decidedly average. The truth is we couldn’t expect to play at that level all season, there was always gonna be injuries ,suspensions and the odd blip in form .Every team goes through it ,look at Arsenal early doors ,christ they were crap now they look like world beaters! ,but take away RVP and they would stutter again. The win today was ugly and we played well in fits and starts again ,but we won and stay 6th ,i will take that all day long. Should we of addressed our CB position in Jan,well yes but now we have to hope we get by with Willo and hope he picks up a bit with his play. I actually thought he was o.k 2nd half against Arsenal ,the lad needs more help in training on his positional play ,i hope he gets it. As for today i thought it was a bit predestrian at times and i feel the players put so much into trying to keep out Arsenal they were still knackered ! .Just my humble opinion . πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰


  16. Williamson tried to dribble the ball away from 2 players and got caught and they nearly scored. The tv cameras showed Pardew screaming at him to get rid. After that his confidence was shot. Maybe the people who say we can’t critisise anybody (are we in China) should look no further than the coaching staff and other players. It’s human nature to critisise.


  17. Premandup if you were a player and read the blogs you would be asking for trouble, same as having a ****ter account. Footballers get paid highly to keep their mind on football and not have to worry about normal things like bills, food, jobs etc and they should not spend their free time looking in papers or online for ego boosts. Thousands of pounds per week and they can’t find things to do except twitter, they need to get a life as well as the idiots who abuse players on there.

    DJG, he was actually shouting at Hatem to ‘******* clear it’ when it was clearly williamson who dilly dallied longer and had more time and space to get rid than benny did. But Hatem is the easy scapegoat


  18. You got to laugh at some of the crap spouted on here at times, so because we win we should all be running around clapping like seals and just remain blinded by the win and don’t say owt bad ?
    Funny enough you don’t get as many of the happy clappy crew on here after a defeat, I wonder why that is?


  19. Ben Arfa should have cleared it earlier but had the skill to get away with it.
    Williamson had at least two easy opprtunities to get rid or try hitting a long pass but played himself into trouble and lost it causing a shot at goal that fortunately went over.
    Williamson is a CB and should definitely know better.
    From that moment you could feel the increase in apprehension in the crowd.


  20. The criticism of Williamson is fully justified.
    He played poorly.
    Conversely, if he plays brilliantly in the next match he will fully deserve praise for it and, at least from me, would receive it.

    Against Norwich he was quite poor. If anyone genuinely believes otherwise then rather than criticising people for simply stating what was plainly evident, maybe they should explain why he wasn’t poor.


  21. “You got to laugh at some of the crap spouted on here at times, so because we win we should all be running around clapping like seals and just remain blinded by the win and don’t say owt bad ?”

    Dave, it is oddly amusing that some people feel the need to be gushing and effusive in their praise for even the slightest thing, however tenuous or insubstantial, yet they baulk like frightened, lily-livered children at the idea of criticism, even when fully justified.


  22. BD says – Funny enough you don’t get as many of the happy clappy crew on here after a defeat, I wonder why that is?

    At least the happy clappy crew is happy half the time mate… The whinging crew complains when we win and when we lose… πŸ˜•


  23. More than happy with 3 points.

    Anyone happy with that performance against the mighty Norwich is either blind, mad or both.


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