Newcastle 2-0 Liverpool – Match highlights

Match highlights of the 2-0 win over Liverpool yesterday for you all to enjoy now, featuring two goals from our new number nine and a shocking performance from our old one!

Goals in each half were enough to do the damage and inflict more misery on Andy Carroll, Jose Enrique and Kenny Dalglish, and gave us a result that leaves us 11 points clear of the Reds.

The pleasing thing or me is that we deserved the win. Liverpool didn’t really create too many clear cut chances while we could, and probably should, have scored more. Papiss Cisse spurned a great opportunity, and Mike Williamson headed against the post and then straight at Pepe Reina so we had the chances.

I’ll write a bit more about this later, but we are hitting some form and playing some brilliant stuff at just the right time of the season. We’ve won three on the spin now, and those who watched Match of the Day last night will have seen a rather interesting table which counts games from the start of 2012, you know when the Mackems clicked into gear and our wheels fell off our wagon a bit? Long story short, we’ve picked up the third highest points total (23) in that time. Not bad at all.

With an away game against Swansea coming up, followed by back to back home games against Bolton and Stoke, there is potential for this run to continue a while longer. Swansea away won’t be easy, but in recent weeks it’s been highlighted that they can be got at by pressuring their defence, and our front three can do just that. I expect us to get something from our home games aswell!

Howay the lads!

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37 thoughts on “Newcastle 2-0 Liverpool – Match highlights

  1. Still absolutely buzzzzing.

    This is hilarious:

    I used to genuinely think he was a class player, now part of me thinks that maybe it was just a rare alignment of planets; together Carroll, Barton and Nolan were class, apart they are all average at best. They just worked together really well and even with their vastly improved pay checks they must miss their form they all had here.



    They need an overhaul again, I almost expect us to surpass them as the renowned 6th best club in the premiership next year barring sales in the summer. Enrique is probably the only player of theirs that would get into our team now.

    I was looking at previous match reports on, and it is clear from the line ups that Pards has really developed as a manager this season, some of the injuries we’ve had would be all the ammunition someone like dogleash would need to blame form, Pards has adapted tremendously.

    Are people giving Willo a bit of credit for yesterdays game? Maybe now we can accept him as 4th choice centre back next season πŸ™„ πŸ˜†


  3. Cracking result. I got some sticks from my mates this morning for Perch’s play-acting. Really pisses me off when they are taking away the gloss of the victory by arguing that Liverpool should have had a pen and Simmo sent off, while Cisse’s second goal should have been ruled off. Downside of living with fans in the Far East. The only clubs that are good enough to them are the ‘Big Four’ and Citeh πŸ‘Ώ


  4. classic Rodzilla :-
    “, they’ll have to work out how to use my Deciduous Pancake Contracter (TM) first ”
    πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    Morning peeps, still buzzin from yesterday.
    Woooo Hooooooooooooooo.
    Still laughing at Liverfool.
    Has King Kenny been sacked yet :mrgreen:
    I cant see him starting next season in the chair, can yous ❓


  5. How good was it to have St James’ Park bathed in sunlight yesterday. ❓
    The atmosphere was fantastic, and clearly the Lads were enjoying themselves playing great football infront of a full house.
    Would have to be really picky to find many faults, as all the players gave 100%.
    Clearly Jonas struggled at Left Back, and was caught out a few times, but he battled manfully for 90 mins.
    Great game great result


  6. Apparently mandy carroll said when leaving the pitch ****in joke ****in ****e **** off to dogleash πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  7. Havn’t had much time to chat, but Perch’s performance against Liverpool was one of the best of any player for us this season… Willo put in a decent shift too…

    So proud of that back four:

    Simpson, Willo, Perch and Jonas for rising to the occasion… Who’d have thought that would be a clean sheet against Carroll and Suarez a few months ago?

    Special mention to Cabaye who just marked Suarez out the game allowing Guthers and Tiote to control the midfield and Ben Arfa who has become a team player and is the creative drive we have begged for for years.

    Cisse is a class finisher and Ba has been a massive influence.

    Looking at Eric Pieters comments it certainly looks like he may well be on his way. I think things are looking very very positive. I am just shocked at how well these lads keep doing…

    So so proud.


  8. Batty is Dog back to work today ??

    Meant to add I don’t think it was a handball from Simmo, but I wish Perch never went down the way he did, but I can understand why he did it.
    Also I think Pards needs to have another word with Willo because if he keeps grabbing hold of players, and it will cost us again.


  9. Liverpool Football Club have appealed Pepe Reina’s red card, saying: β€œIn Spain, the act of headbutting someone is a sign of friendship…”
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  10. How many clean sheets have we had this season ❓
    must be one of the best ever. πŸ˜•


  11. Not keen on the way perch went down, Wed be up in radged if it had happened to us.

    Sour note out of the way, terrific performance from the lads especially from kenneth to keep the comedy coming taking off mandy and *******, bringing on ex mackems and putting jose in goal, This must be that wicked sense of humour he conceals from the media.

    Atmosphere was immense for me best since the 5-1, Im told the 4-4 was special but seeing as i wasnt there it doesnt count… :mrgreen:


  12. Just have to laugh at them. There supposed to be a club with class etc…Reina started pointing to Perch as if he was suggesting to fight him after the game. Dog leash and Clarke walking on the pitch and Gerrard telling him to go away, Carroll telling him to fck off. πŸ˜†

    In a few match reports I’ve seen that Carroll told Pardew a few minutes after his dive “it wasnt a pen you fckn cnt”…Why did Pardew praise him after the game? Haha, I could think of a thousand things Pardew should have said.


  13. Yeah, what has happened to Obertan? Vanished without a trace 😯

    Perch, like Tiote the other week, may have exaggerated his reaction, but it was a totally correct red card whether he went down or not…. so I’m not too bothered by it as it was a red anyway…… that’s not like diving, which is simply cheating and pretending something happened which didn’t.

    Anyone else think the Liverpool team look like a bunch of garden gnomes?? Suarez, Bellamy, that Flanagan kid… and ‘king Kenny’ on the sidelines, looking like one that’s been left out in the rain too long and gone all moldy πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Great day yesterday πŸ˜€


  14. “On our side of the coin, Cisse was terrific and long may that continue,” Pardew added.

    “They were two great goals, fantastic finishes, and his all-round performance really was of the highest order. It was probably his best so far.

    “His English isn’t great. He has only had one lesson since we have been here. But we had Africa day at the training ground on Friday with the food and that probably helped him. We had some curried goat and maybe that was why he was fuelled up.”
    mmmmmmmmmm curried goat 😯 ❗ yum


  15. Only one English lesson since he’s been here?! It’s amazing he’s playing so well, as it must be pretty disorienting when everyone’s shouting stuff around you and you can’t understand a word of it 😐


  16. DAVE aye ime back mate,batty of sick of scapping about the bins so hes got me on it.had a good time away and i know you would have watched my back from the back stabbers πŸ˜‰ great win y/day ive said from day one that daglish would knack l/pool no matter how much he spent his only saveing grace is he has clarke keeping them in the cup games.hope your little fellow is going well mate πŸ˜€


  17. Liam – nay idea fella.
    I was not one of his haters, and thought he was doing ok.
    But ts obvious he is not a right winger as he cant take on his man, beat him and get a cross in.
    That said however, I do think he should be played thru the centre of midfield, where he can be more direct and potent.
    Trouble is there is nowhere in our team for him at the mo. Although If Cabaye gets any worse, I would drop him and put Obertan in his place.
    Thats harsh on Cabaye, but I do like Obertans pace and attitude.
    (just gonna put me tin hat on πŸ˜• )


  18. some interesting stats from the BBC:-
    “Did you know? Cisse became the 13th player to net seven-plus goals in his first seven Premier League games for a club, and the second to do this for Newcastle after Les Ferdinand (eight goals in his seven). ”
    “Did you know? Newcastle have won 60% of Premier League games with Williamson playing this season, compared to 38% without him.”


  19. Here’s a classic Ed’s blog blooper for yous.
    But I would put your coffee down first:
    “Andy must have wondered what he had done, to cause the fans who once adored him to now scorn him, and wave goodbye to him, as he left the sacred turd of St. James’ Park to tumultuous barracking from the Geordie crowd.”
    😯 πŸ˜†


  20. That ball from Cabaye on 4 mins where he volleyed it first time cross field to Ba was absolutely ******* mint!!

    Form is temporary, class is permanent, and Liverpool have neither!! πŸ˜€


  21. Liam – I think Gabby may have been recalled to the mothership.

    ET phone home! πŸ˜†


  22. Totally unrelated, but just saw on skysports that Clint Dempsey is out of contract at the end of this season. Should we/ could we have a shot at bringing him in?

    Would be a great player to have, especially when the Dembas go to the ACoN next year!

    He supposedly wants CL footie, and we would have a chance of getting that next season should certain things happen


  23. TC – “Form is temporary, class is permanent, and Liverpool have neither!! ”
    Bang on


  24. And I meant getting into the CL spots at the end of next season. GettIng a hold of 5th place is going to be hard enough

    Liam, absolutely no idea what has happened with Obertan. Haven’t heard that he’s injured


  25. Once Perch took the liverpool players out of his back pocket they apparantly all contacted Peter Jackson and asked him to make another lord of the rings movie so they could re-appy for their old jobs ….. kin orcs


  26. Anyone else think the only gosling was put on yesterday was to see if the agent talk in the papers the previous day could be true at all. Didn’t really impress at all. Shame vuckic didn’t get a runout


  27. Still got the biggest smile even now πŸ˜€ How sweet was that result eh.

    BB@16 -Curried goat is lush .

    AndrewT@25- Dempsey , great shout ,brilliant player would love him at Toon.

    New person to hate today Danny Murphy ,for his post match comments yesterday .According to Mr Murphy Carroll never dived ,Cisse 1st goal was down to poor defending and not class finishing .Cisse second offside oh and they should of had a penalty .Typical ex scouse player convieniently forgets that Enrique had a handfull of Benny’s shirt in the box! and can’t give any credit to the other team such is his belief that Pool should be top 4. And they wonder why other fans are starting to hate them. πŸ‘Ώ


  28. Fair play Prem! Bet that was massively scorned at on here!

    Think my target was nearer last seasons total, maybe up to about 50. I thought this season would have been all about feeling the new players in, allowing the youngsters like Santon and Sameobi to bed in more.
    Amazing how quick some of the signings have been at adapting.

    BB @21 That’s a pretty good couple of nuggets there.
    As I said last week, fully expecting Cisse to end the season with more goals than Ruiz and Long put together, and because of that the board will have my full backing this transfer window however long they take to make signings.

    The Willo one is so surprising! I guess he missed the bad run of 6 without a win but still, very impressive.
    We only need 8 points to have done better in the second half of the season than the first!


  29. aye and our first half season was a belter too, so to be in a position to do even better again is quite frankly awesome.
    There’s something with this bonus thingy that got sorted out be Pardew pre season thats got all the lads fired up.
    I hope its gonna cost MAshley a small fortune for where we finish. :mrgreen:


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