Tiote eyes Europe, and not just the Europa League!

Mr T wants to conquer Europe!
Cheik Tiote has issued a rallying call to his Newcastle United team-mates and has urged them to build on a run of three wins in a row as they aim for Europe.

Tiote returned to the starting line up against Liverpool at the weekend and put in a great performance as team brushed aside Kenny Dalglish’s men.

However he has warned that all of the hard work will be undone if Newcastle fail to keep winning their games and miss out on Europe, whether that be the Europa League or Champions League though is something that Tiote is still unsure of.

“The first target is obviously the Europa League, but why shouldn’t we be thinking about the Champions League as well? Who knows, it could happen,” Tiote told The Journal.

He continued: “We cannot be worried about what the teams around us are doing – we just have to concentrate on ourselves and try to win. If we win every game between now and the end of the season, it will not matter what the other teams do.”

High hopes indeed from our Ivory Coast international, but essentially he is right in what he is saying. It’s just improbable…

Moving on, and Tiote was quick to praise the good position the club find themselves in before underlining the importance of qualifying for Europe.

“We have got ourselves into a good position, but any talk about Europe will mean nothing if we don’t keep winning between now and the end of the season. Getting into Europe is the biggest thing for us now and it is very important for us as players and for Newcastle as a club,” he said.

“It has been a long time since we have seen Newcastle in European competitions and we want that to change. It will be a big thing for us to play in Europe next season.”

Indeed it will be a big thing. I know some people aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to be in the Europa League and are concerned at how the extra games and travelling will affect us, but I’m not concerned about it. Well, I am, but I’d rather us be in it in the first place. I honestly don;t see how it can be a bad thing.

The good thing is that the players seem fired up for the run in, plus the fact they seem to be playing with confidence at the moment. if they can keep this run of form going on a bit longer then who knows what could happen?

Which will make the last seven games of the season interesting to say the least!

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48 thoughts on “Tiote eyes Europe, and not just the Europa League!

  1. The lad isn’t wrong mind.

    I think 4th is beyond us now but while it’s mathematically possible you have to believe and it’s great to hear the players say stuff like this as it shows how much confidence they have.

    We have 4 VERY winnable games coming up…12 points and up to 65?? You never know!


  2. Good read mate, fingers crossed for the 7 games.

    Why are the media this morning all putting a negative slant on things NUFC. I’ve read the full interview on various sites and not once does Tiote mention leaving, yet headlines such as “Tiote hints at stay if NUFC qualify for Europe”
    (paraphrased) are ****i n EVERYWHERE!! 👿 👿 👿 😕


  3. Any one understand/read why?

    Also i have read on here over the last few days that Pardew hinted at a possible deal for a defender. Any links Toonsy?


  4. I honestly think the media are basing this we are a selling club theory on the Carroll deal, well i’ll be damned if anyone disagrees now with that bit of business, our 2million C-B pairing had him in there pocket for 80 mins… 🙂


  5. Toonsy good read, I agree there is more positives to getting into Europe than there is negatives.
    And as I have been saying all along and Tiote agrees with me, we only need to worry about ourselfs as we can’t control what the other teams do, so it’s wasted energy worrying about them.
    Ouf destiny is in our hands, Howay the Lads.
    As for your Lass Toonsy you should try taking her shopping, as 3 out of 4 cubs started when the lass was out doing the shopping 😆


  6. just watching the highlights from sunday…

    What an unbelievable 3mins all them daft scummy scousers had when Carroll gave KD what for and then Reina.

    How crazy was it to see Dalglish come on the pitch and been told by Gerrard to go away….(clearly lip read) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  7. DAVE hi bud

    DAVE aye ime back mate,batty of sick of scratting about the bins so hes got me on it.had a good time away and i know you would have watched my back from the back stabbers great win s/day ive said from day one that daglish would knack l/pool no matter how much he spent his only saveing grace is he has clarke keeping them in the cup games.hope your little fellow is going well mate


  8. listen to this stat

    hatem ben arfa has now scored or assisted 6 of the toons last 7 goals 😯 😯 😯

    the boy is on **** hot form


  9. I don’t think we could wish for better timing to come good and start producing great performances. 4 winnable games in a row coming up, a famous victory, a string of 3 wins, fringe players outclassing £99m attacking forces.

    I’m loving this!

    My main concern since we looked like being safe was finishing above the bindippers. Job done in style. Next up is a European spot. To be honest, the CL thing would probably be a step too far and although Tiote is right, I’m not really thinking that way. Let’s just enjoy what’s happening. CL will come in time.

    And yes, the press are generally a pile of talentless tossers. Some nice stuff out there too, though – I read a good article this morning, in the Toreograph, I think.


  10. To be honest, this has all got so far beyond what I thought would happen, I’m just starting to grin and giggle like the mindless imbecile I aspire to become. :mrgreen:


  11. Army – That’s an astounding stat! 😯

    I think Pardew has to get a little credit in helping the lad choose the right path. We all knew what talent he had, he just needed a little guidance.

    I might be slightly premature here, but even if we don’t get European football next season I’m ALREADY excited for next season.

    Hopefully our squad will look even better with Xisco, Smith and Forster off the books and a couple of tidy additions.

    If we do manage to make Europe then maybe we’ll try and get 3-4 more additions.

    Those additions, having players like S.Taylor and Marveux back and hopefully players like Obertan playing a year older and wiser – we should touted to be a force to be reckoned with next season and maybe even muscle into the holiest of holy’s – The top 4. 🙂


  12. Can you’s remember at the start of the season when we saying things like “let’s just enjoy it while it lasts”?

    Well f*ck me… it’s still lasting 😯 😆


  13. Not sure advertising this in the press was the best course really-rally, but can’t you do so in the dressing room amongst professionals? It draws more attention to us, and didn’t our form suffer last time we spoke out about our ambitions? 😐


  14. Great to see his ambition, and it certainly doesn’t appear that he’s looking to leave. If we can win the next 5 games I actually reckon we can do it and nick the 4th spot!!! Cannot believe i’m sitting here in April saying that 😯 😀

    It sounds like a bloody big if, but when you look at the fixtures it is certainly do-able!!!


  15. Shit richie – I thought it was this year 🙁 Ah well. Small setback with my masterplan 😉


  16. Did we really sign him on a 5 year contract? 😯 🙄 If I ever meet Dennis Wise i’m gonna punch him in the face.


  17. Nobby…Assuming Deportivo get promoted which seems likely and that they would want him(not so likely) I reckon he would have to take up to a 60% ish paycut but he knows he can get another year of a high salary and still play in Spain on loan, can’t see him taking the paycut and can’t really blame him as he’ll never earn that money again….but you never know, maybe he has morals 😉 😯


  18. TA87 @ 4 – Can’t find any concrete quotes on that defender sorted thing. Only thing I can find is something apparently said at a talk-in last week. Again no quotes and it was written like “Pardew hinted that a defender was already sorted” kind of thing.


  19. What an incredible week!

    My baby boy was born today, healthy and beautiful and the Toon thumped Liverpool, who I hate more than any other club.

    I wouldnt be surprised if we go on to make the Champions League 😉 😀


  20. hi RICHIE hope your in good fettle,hate to ask but any luck on the house front?great to stuff daglish


  21. beautiful north east weather today eh!! think i will go in sit in the garden and catch some frost bite :mrgreen:


  22. Ice..had an offer accepted but they seem to be dragging their heels sorting out paperwork, waiting game at the moment.
    Good time in sunny Malta?


  23. wooohooo jj class mate!! best feeling ever isnt it!! bet you feel on top of the world! no more big sleeps for you for a while hehe , congrats to you and ya mrs buddy 😀


  24. RICHIE aye shame to leave the heat,was working on pups house most of the time,not a drop of drink past my lips 😉 😉 aye paperwork is a **** a way of getting extra money out of you me thinks


  25. ive been thinking alot what kind of formation we should go for aginst swansea as they are a very good team with posession and tbh i think we shouldnt change anything!! the 3 upfront is working wonders!! hope perchy can step uo again and proove everyone wrong that he isnt a championship player bcos the last few games he has been outstanding!!


  26. Thanks guys

    Ye, Ice he’s got a Toon top, a Springbok top and a Bulls top already… haha

    Was quite embarressing, I got to spend the an hour with him alone in the ward, then left and came back to take photos, when I got back there were four other babies there, and I didn’t which one was him 😯 … hahaha.

    They all look the same, all boys dark hair all blue eyes… Fortunately the nurse pointed him out.

    I think he picked a great time to be a Toon fan because I think he’ll go through a lot less suffering than I have… 😆


  27. “Ice..had an offer accepted but they seem to be dragging their heels sorting out paperwork, waiting game at the moment.”

    Richie, you buying Lambias’ place then?


  28. Toonsy@23 Is it not Douglas who is being lined up, could swear i’ve seen it somewhere in last couple of days .McClaren has a n ew defender coming in to replace him and he defo wants PL action.

    On the babyfront ,I know it’s personal but sex is actually the best way to get labour started !.


  29. Thanks Kimtoon,

    He took his sweet time too, he was due on March 23, so two weeks overdue. Ended up having an emergency Cesar today. Still everything worked out and he’s strong and healthy.


  30. JJ@44-You must look after your lady ,that’s a bigger op than people realise ,will take time for her to feel 100% .So glad all turned out o.k for you all. 😀


  31. Congrats JJ, great week!

    @Jon R 😆 I think we all feel the same, 5 years!


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