Cabaye: Debuchy would love to come to Newcastle

Cabaye wants to reunite with Debuchy
It looks as though Yohan Cabaye has been spreading the word about Newcastle United to his friends and colleagues within the game.

This comes as he admitted to The Journal today that he’d been talking with his friend and former Lille team-mate Mathieu Debuchy who, funnily enough, has been linked with a move to us in the last few weeks.

Debuchy can play at right-back or in midfield and has made 209 appearances for Lille since joining the club in 2003. He’s also a regular international colleague of Cabaye and regularly gets called up to the France squad, although only usually as backup to the ageing Anthony Réveillère or Eric Abidal.

On Debuchy,Cabaye said: “I told my friend Mathieu Debuchy he should come here. He said he would love to come to England and Newcastle. He would like to come here!”

“Newcastle now has a big reputation in France. When we play, French TV now shows Newcastle games. They try to show every game and support them.”

However Cabaye, much like us fans, is keen for the squad to be added to rather than lose a big player only to start building again.

“I managed to play in the Champions League with my home town Lille, but it is the same situation here,” said Cabaye. “We need to build a big team – if each year someone else leaves the club it’s going to be difficult. It is really, really important to keep the players to build a big team.”

“I love playing in England, I’m thankful to Newcastle United for giving me the chance to play here. My family feel good here and I would like to stay here for a long time.”

“My goal is to play in Europe again – either the Europa League or Champions League,” Cabaye added. “Newcastle United is on a good way to get that, so I don’t really want to change where I am if I can achieve that here. My other aim is to play in the European Championships with France, which I can do if I’m playing here.”

What about Cabaye’s goals for this season though? Well with seven games left it appears the he is another player who has his eyes set on the prize of European football at St James’ Park.

“I would like to play in both Europa League and Champions League – Champions League will be more difficult, but there are seven games, you never know. I would just like to play in Europe,” he concluded.

It’s good to see that players from within the club are talking about us in a positive light, and that other players are interested in joining us. In a way that can be attributed to the fantastic season we’ve been having.

I’d actually like Debuchy at Newcastle providing he was available for a decent price, which seems harsh on Danny Simpson, but if he isn’t going to sign a new deal then the chances are that he will be leaving in the summer anyway and will need replacing.

It’s perhaps only natural that Cabaye is looking towards his mate also. At the end of the day, Cabaye and Debuchy spent seven years at Lille together so they are bound to have built up a close relationship over that time.

Maybe Cabaye’s eye has already spied Simpson’s replacement?

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117 thoughts on “Cabaye: Debuchy would love to come to Newcastle

  1. ….don’t envy you Richie, buying a house is supposed to be the most stressful life experience, even above having a child, but I can’t vouch for that one. I know buying my first house almost drove my ’round the bend (some may say I was already there) but I had no prior knowledge, and was doing it all on my own in a full time job with no transport. Must have done an A-Z of Sheffield on my bike over 6 weeks. I had a time limit to find somewhere before my landlord at the time booted me out for the arrival of the new owners. Total heedfark it was. Good luck!


  2. RICHIE good on you mate,to be fair you have worked on it hard enough on it will be nice for the mrs and you to get settled good luck mate 😉 .
    hope you can get a dish up or we will never hear the end of it 😀


  3. Ice – We’ve been linked with him or ages now. Would fill the Lovenkrands role I guess, but do we need anyone to do that?


  4. A big step up if simmo goes.

    Santon is a LB and always has been. He just needs to be played and allowed to develop. He still has the potential to be top banana.

    With all this talk of big name signings do you think any of the reserves/ youth will get a chance?

    Interesting times.


  5. Rodz…Aye, even worse over here, nobody seems to be in a rush to do owt.

    Cheers Ice, not too arsed about the dish yet as I only want one for the footy so willl have ’til next season. Will have to stick it in the garden somewhere because I’ll need a 2.4m one.


  6. Its a knockaert, Never seen him playing but i expect he’ll be quality judging by the clubs recent business.

    Id love us to have a look at some strikers from sides battling relegation, Steven Fletcher and Victor Moses will leave their current sides if/when they are down and would fit in a treat in a 4-3-3 system…


  7. Just for the record Toonsy – Friday the 13th would make your tackers name Jason……….. or Jasonette. Sorry about the correction, I am an old horror movie fan….:-)


  8. CC fletcher a canny shout said me-sel few weeks back,good stand by striker,doesnt mind sitting on the bench when he has too


  9. CC, signing Knockaert could have a fantastic effect on crowd banter. Imagine him coming on as a late substitution…”he’s playing his joker!” …cue crowd spontaneously combusting into song (well theme-tune)

    hahaha, would be ace. Not arsed about whether he can play football or not. 😆


  10. Ice

    Im really starting to like moses aswell, Hes really come on this season in a ****e team, Both him and fletcher would do well in a better side IMHO…


  11. Aye but i would blame mccleishs style of long ball negative dross for that, Weve seen a change in form from ben arfa now were getting the ball on the ground again…


  12. I can remember this little pearler from n’Zog after he got substituted for Heskey at SJP in February….

    “‘For the first time in my life I’m not happy playing football.”

    …via Twitter. 😆

    The kid has a short memory.


  13. looking forward to the game today , will be very interesting what line up we use ! i personally would keep the same formation as the past few games and have either

    =benny boy ==cisse=====ba===

    or the same and put raylor left back and jonas midfield! its going to be an attacking game and i hope we can show the liberty stadium what we are made of!! we are capable of embarrasin them if we play well so fingers crossed and i hope we carry on the amazing form! hwtl


  14. I think Simpson will be off in the summer, we will sign a Carr special and he won’t stick around to be second (or third with Santon) choice.
    The goal line blocks don’t make up for the fact that there are better players around for RB and he doesn’t offer enough going forward or linking with the RW.


  15. I’d agree with you there Army. Fight fire with fire I say. I have a feeling we’ll go there a bit more defensively though, in a 442, probably dropping Barfa. Hope not, I reckon it’s worth the risk. Like Ice said previously, it worked at the Hawthorns.

    Also worth bearing in mind Swansea have only won 2 of their last 7 home games, admittedly they were against Man City and Arsenal! 😯

    …they definitely up their game against the top teams.


  16. drop benny? no chance the form he is in! him and cisse are the top 2 players at the mo!! we cant go and play defensive , lets run riot i say 👿 😀


  17. …be interesting to see the line-up. I hope it stays the same, well as near as possible given the potential loss of Perch, who’s still an uncertainty I believe.


  18. my ideal team today would be play jonas left back as they attack from the right alot! hes our best left back by a mile haha


  19. I don’t really rate Pieters that highly, he’s probably the poorest in the dutch back line and they’re not a great bunch for world cup runners up. Versatile true but is he good enough? Could he be a stop gap until Santon improves? I’m not so sure.


  20. Newkie, I’d keep simmo as well. Top rated RB in EPL. Of course we have names ready if they cannot agree, but I’m Happy for Simmo to be RB for some time yet, and with Tav pushing hard, what’s the prob.


  21. Exactly, plus he’d never cost a fortune to keep hold of. Obviously we don’t know the ins and outs of contracts but I doubt he’d be demanding pairity with Colo or something like that…Keep him around, get a good left back, let the young uns santon/tav have a push at replacing him.


  22. RODZILLA @51.
    I agree that someone will likely go this summer, but people shouldn’t be surprised. I know everyone has a laugh with the “5-year plan” and all, but tbh the club has pretty much followed it to date. I think one of the things that they said was that purchases would be funded by player sales. So if people want a CB, LB,and another winger (I am one of them) that is likely going to be funded by someone like Tiote leaving, just like Cabaye/Cisse/Ba were funded by the Carroll sale. That’s just the way football works these days unless your owned by a sheik or an oligarch, or you qualify for Champions League.


  23. MDS@107, to be honest mate, I’ve no idea how much money we have available. I know with regards to ins and outs the funds should still be well in credit, but that’s obviously looking at it simply, I understand not all of it has gone into player acquisitions.

    If it meant us selling Tiote to bring in two defenders though, I’d probably rather just stick with what we’ve got. For some reason I was under the impression we had around £10m a season to spend on players (?) Not sure where I got that from.

    Like I said, speculate to accumulate. £10m invested on squad strengthening would probably be paid back in league table finish/cup success etc…

    Being an NUFC fan, I know what I want, but not sure what I’m allowed 😆 …bit like writing Santa a list as a 5yr old. Might as well ask for a Chopper, Evel Knievel Stunt Bike AND a Big Track, ye never know! 😯

    (showing mi age there like)


  24. …there should also be app £10 -£13m prize money for us finishing 8th – 5th. I’d like to think that would get used on player acquisitions without having to sell anyone. Anyway, whatever, fark knows eh. 🙄


  25. Rodz…There was nowt like ripping ya knuckles open winding up Evel Knievel’s stunt bike…happy days :mrgreen:


  26. Don’t forget Cisse was apparently bought with money that had been put aside for the Summer window, so there’s 8-10m gone already 😉


  27. For those on this blog who dont rate Simpson.
    Well it’s obvious you miss the finer points in the game.
    Just because he does’nt put guys in the stand or perform the cheer raising sliding tackle, like Tiote, they assume he’s not doing the job.
    Next time, well in fact to-day, watch his positioning and tackling, the fact he can just as easily edge an opponent off the ball, send him in an area he does’nt want to go, simple but subtle moves.
    He also has surprising pace and seldom if ever goes to ground, unlike his fellow defendr he has to cover for most of the time Williamson.
    There’s more to the game than the obvious and believe me his leaving would be a loss for the club.


  28. he didnt play wellafter just comming back from injury and just lost one of his parents,i think any footballer would have a few problems concentrating with that on your shoulder!


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