Benny’s best bits – In video!

Hatem Ben Arfa has been in stunning form in recent weeks and has really silenced those who doubted his worth to the team.

What we’ve seen recently is a player who has retained that ability to pull off the spectacular whilst also being able to work for the team. A truly remarkable feat for the one time “enfant terrible” and whoever is responsible for that needs a huge pat on the back.

Ben Arfa is no longer a luxury player. He is now a team player with added luxury and it’s Newcastle United who are reaping the benefits of this. The amount of fantastic stuff he has done is hard to put in words, so I found this video which does it far better than my words ever could!


He is really turning it on now and there is a genuine sense of anticipation that builds in the crowd every time he gets the ball at his feet. Some of the stuff featured in that video is truly remarkable, although my personal favourite is the bit where he put the ambitious Jose Enrique on his backside!

This is Ben Arfa’s best season in terms of assists, and he needs one more goal to equal his best ever goal return. On current form I’d go as far to say that it’s a matter of when and not if Ben Arfa can beat his own best.

Long may it continue!

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92 thoughts on “Benny’s best bits – In video!

  1. Hi all, haven’t posted in a while but try to keep up once in a while. Speaking of .org, I don’t hold with slagging off fellow supporters ( I had a bit of an issue with some slagging by the good folks at NU FC M Ad recently about that sort of thing) but I was pretty disappointed to see their latest article, an upbeat piece about the teams progress this season by a guest writer, get pulled apart as virtually flowery drivel. It’s probably the last time I will get a post on there but I suggested some might want to re-evaluate their understanding of the term ‘supporter’. It is a pretty dark place over there and some are still wriggling about trying to justify all the tosh they spouted at the beginning of the season, still holding on to pretty negative views. Has it always been like that? How did they get through relegation year? Valium? 😕


  2. Tsunki….I completely agree with your comment re the latest .org blog & it’s positive nature then pulled apart (by chuck mainly – but that’s chuck, he speaks utter ****) I did point out there was factual error & im glad to say the articles now been updated. I only pointed it out cos this blog had been slagged off for factual inaccuracies.

    Re regelation…they fcukin loved it, gave them no end of things to whinge about 😉


  3. Tsunki – It got quite personal at one point but now I really can’t be bothered with it. I wouldn’t even have known had Witters not been lurking 🙄

    I have better things to do than slate people on the internet 😉


  4. Tsunki, Biggest problem for me is that we take our views too seriously, opinions on players will change along with their form, we will always be here whilst players move on to be replaced by new favourites, no point in falling out over it for me.
    I had no time for Ameobi, Best, or Perch but theve won me over, just waiting for Simpson to do the same, I loved Carroll as a player, he had it all, local lad, Duncan Ferguson clone etc, but i now hate him for trying to get Krul sent off, thats football.
    In the Leazes End in the 60s, groups of fans would chant ” Daisy Hill Aggro”, retaliatory chants would start and then the fighting would commence, the chants were a good warning to get out of the way.

    Agree to disagree, we all support the team at the end of the day.


  5. Robert@79, although I was just in my sprogdom, I remember those days from the Leazes End mate…scary stuff… there weren’t many prawn sarneys flying around in those days… 🙄


  6. Anyway loved the Benny compilation, astonishing how much talent the boy has and the video just amazes me at what stuff he has pulled off this year. Ha! remember all the ‘liability’ talk? Well ok he was at one point but now when he gets the ball he doesn’t half get the crowd behind him. I still chuckle to myself in a self-satisfied manner as I recall his last mazy run towards goal starting off, and we all stood up as one man, almost running with him as he went on to score. Magical stuff, long may it continue. Starting with tearing S*****land ‘B’ a brand new one on saturday. 😈


  7. You guys need to show a bit of maturity when it comes .org
    You don’t see me going on there and giving anyone a serve 😎


  8. it was when i was very young i remember the catchy lyric to a nice tune being recited to me, likely by a mackem. along the lines of ‘tiptoe through the leazes, with your (something) and your sawn-off shotgun..’ . ‘Tiptoe though the Tulips’ being the song by some lanky weird guy. Must have been a laugh a minute.


  9. Tsunki, I remember the tiptoe through the tulips ditty, cannae remember the middle bit though… 😆

    Toonsy, congratulations with the birth of the wee one. All the best to you mate…


  10. That 3rd goal against west brom could easily be Ginola with the mazy run, Asprilla with the back heel and sir les with the thumping finish absolute class.

    Weve got to play 4-3-3 tomorrow FFS pardew they are unplayable man.

    Aye toonsy well done on the little lad…


  11. Yep 4-3-3 again for me I would hate to have laundry duty at stoke right now. I keep saying this but we really need to deal out a world of pain to someone to spread fear to all our run-in opponents, right now stoke are that team. Howay the Lads! 5-0 please, Demba brace in there!


  12. Tsunki – “Tiptoe through the fulwell
    With ya handbags
    and ya tube of smarties

    Tiptoe through the corner
    With ya flick knives
    and ya sawn-off shotgun.”


  13. Any one agree! HBA could be just as effective on left side his cross with his left foot was as good as any Ive seen all season ❓


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