Pardew: “A successful season for us would be Europe”

Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew
Pardew clarifies success
Alan Pardew has spoke about this season in general and what he would classify as a success for Newcastle United.

The nuts of it is basically that he believes that any form of European competition should be deemed as a success.

With Europa League football potentially guaranteed this weekend, providing Newcastle beat Stoke and Everton fail to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford, we aren’t a million miles away from what the boss claims to be a success, but at the moment we are in the running for an infinitely bigger prize and a shot at a potentially money spinning run at the Champions League.

Whilst I personally don’t think we’ll end up in 4th place (or 3rd just to clarify), the mere fact that we are mixing it with just five games remaining is testament to what has been a fantastic season.

“A successful season for us would be Europe – there’s no doubt about that,” Pardew said in his pre-match press conference.

He continued: “Any European qualification would be brilliant. The Champions League is something that really we shouldn’t be competing for, but we are, and we are going to go for that as best we can. We are batting well above our level in terms of the teams and the salaries and transfer fees that these other clubs have paid. We shouldn’t even be anywhere near them.”

Of course he is right in a way, but a lot of the credit for us being in the running for Europe has to be down to the scouting network and much maligned transfer policy. Those two factors have combined to give us the players that have taken us to a level few expected at the start of the season.

There have been tough times of course, and other teams take us a bit more seriously now and try to nullify us rather than play their own game, but that is a byproduct of being at the “right” end of the table.

Pardew said: “I think there is a great respect for us, and quite rightly so. We have had enough coverage – we are fine with what we have got and we are just looking forward to the remaining games.”

So the big question is, would Europe be enough for you to qualify this season as a success?

For me personally, it would. I never expected us to qualify at the start of the season, so to be within an inch of qualifying for the Europa League would be fantastic. I know it has it’s detractors and there are concerns over the number of games that have to be played, but it must also be pointed out that the format for qualifying is changing (again!) next season.

This page from Wikipedia here explains it a bit more, but assuming we finish 5th we will enter at the play-off round which will mean two games in mid/late August before, hopefully, dropping into the group stage.

Any Europe is good Europe for me. It’s extra exposure, extra income and an extra lure for players. That is why Alan Pardew is spot on in my view!

But do you agree?

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39 thoughts on “Pardew: “A successful season for us would be Europe”

  1. Definatley a huge sucess – At the start of the season I think most of us would have been happy with 8th-10th?

    I think since we’ve been floating round the Europa League places for so long we’ve got used to the Idea. Champions League would be unbelievabe, the targets Carr has been looking at who were maybe considering us will now jump and can compete for players like Vertongen against Arsenal.

    Although we finish with 3 really hard games, we have nothing to fear – just plain excitment with nothing to lose. We aren’t the ones with the expectation or the financial need of the CL to fund the huge wage bill we already have!

    I like what Pardew is/has been doing, constantly taking the pressure off us by saying CL is a long shot and now by basically saying we’ve already had a successful season – which we have!

    It’s not going to be easy but I think we can do it!


  2. Can’t disagree with anything Pardew says here to be honest. It has to be a success after so many people (pundits and our own fans) tipped us to struggle or even be relegated


  3. Well I think it’s a given that European qualification would be an indication of a successful season, no arguing with that. Europa or CL would be an excellent achievement considering where we were 2 years ago.

    Saying that, I have always maintained that anything better than what we achieved last year position wise I would also consider to be success. But we have made some real progress this year, very proud.

    Not just with the team though, with everything associated with the club (bar the naming rights). I think the club as a whole have made massive strides, and we are seeing stability at long last. This will equal sustained progression and success in the long term…

    I predict a cup final of some sort within 3-5 years…whether we win it is another matter 😉


  4. just wanna say id be absoulutely delighted with europa league.

    those saying is it worth it maybe don’t remember the nights we had in 05 in the same competition; and the hurt i felt with going out to sporting lisbon (damn kluivert)

    if we get champ league then i will just laugh my head off all summer

    (unless ashely decides to sell the squad, change our kit and rename the team)


  5. Europa will have to suffice this season.
    But that is still some achievement and turnaround from where we have been.
    3rd/4th is still a possibility, but would require major slip ups from Arsenal/Spuds/. But looking at their fixtures, it isn’t going to happen.
    CL has got to remain the target, purely for financial reasons, but I’m sure we would all be more than happy with europa.
    Lets just beat stoke first tho eh. 😆


  6. 2 quick points – been reading a few articles on the nationals (on net) and a few newcastle fans are starting to get a bit too ****y for my liking (or delusional as many other fans call us) leaving comments on the articles about how we are gonna get top 4 and do this and do that

    one positve from the relegation is it made us become a bit more realistic (minus wolfie 🙂 ) and i hope we stay that way and do not become arrogant and delusional like we are sometimes accused

    secondly, as the owner could ashely rename newcastle united to sports direct fc?


  7. DIFSB – I guess he could as it’s his business, but then he would absolutely piss on his own chips as he’d lose out on so much merchandising money alone just by doing that.

    Losing out on money doesn’t sound like Ashley does it? 😉


  8. ime just happy to be in the PL again and above the scum long may it stay that way,ime easy pleased like,been there saw it all i just enjoy.
    TOONSY hope you slept well,very nerve racking those early days mate


  9. ya true toonsy. congrats on your new baby by the way. 🙂

    im just preparing myself for a load of weird things that could happen under ashley this summer so im not shocked

    1) if we sell any player i will not be upset as i have faith that they will be replaced 😕

    2) if we actually get a sponsor i will accept this calmly
    3) if he changes kit to blue and red i will be ready for this
    4) if he changes team name to sports direct FC; again i will be prepared
    5) if he brings in Alan Smith as a director of football; again, im prepared
    6) offers Alan Smith a new contract
    7) brings in Joe Kinnear as a director of football
    8) increases membership fees
    9) Re – appoints Dennis Wise as a future successor to Graham Carr
    10) signs Leo Messi for 80 million GBP

    I will be ready for all of these; there will be no shock and no unneccessary anger or over the top excitement 😛


  10. Cheers DIFSB 🙂

    Ice – Nerve wracking last night mate. Any little move and we were both up and awake to see what was up 😆


  11. TOONSY looks like billy was the only one that had a good kip 😀 dont worry it wares off after a month 😉


  12. most feared in the division

    It’s an even more praiseworthy achievement when considering that only two months ago, after being thumped 5-0 at Spurs, they fell 11 points adrift of their opponents that day. Now only goal difference separates them.
    Currently, off the back of a stunning five-match winning run, their best since 2006, Newcastle are top of the form table and can boast a striker in Papiss Cisse whose eight goals in that five-game streak makes him the most feared in the division.
    There are many statistics which suggest that they may well be favourites for fourth. Only Manchester United have collected more Premier League points in 2012 and while Spurs and Chelsea have had several recent pressing engagements

    From the bbc, didnt realise we have the 2nd highest points return since the start of the year 😯


  13. DIFSB made a good point at 6 – We are setting ourselves up a for a fall if we expect 4th, we have a harder run in that Tottenham and Arsenal so they’re clear favourites IMHO


  14. Personally I’d be chuffed to bits with a Europa slot. As you said Toonsy, nobody really expected us to be here, well appart from this crazy mother:

    BB, I had a bash at that predictor league thingy you posted on the other story, incidentally I have the top 8 finishing like this…

    1. Man U – 92, 61 GD
    2. Citeh – 87, 66 GD
    3. Arse – 72, 26 GD
    4. Spuds – 72, 26 GD
    5. TOON – 69, 12 GD
    6. Chelsea – 66, 22 GD
    7. Liverpool – 56, 6 GD
    8. Everton – 56, 4 GD

    …with Blackborn, Berltin and Wolves relegated. Interestingly enough I have Arsenal and Spuds finishing on the same points and GD, what happens there? Does it go to best home GD?

    Vital we get 3 points tomorrow anyway!

    (glad you’re all back safe and soond anyway Toonsy, nice one mate) 😉 😎


  15. Bigpapa – They are some great stats! I don’t think at Christmas anyone would have thought we could repeat the form showed in the 1st half of the season – especially with losing Tiote Ba and not getting Cisse until after the ACoN. Plus losing Saylor. I think the from showed by the defence in the 1st half of the season when Saylor was about shows how good a team we can be throughout when all available but equally highlights where we are lacking in depth.

    Looking at the run ins – on paper they have the easier games, but when you take into account form, relagation threatened teams giving it their all (arsenal v wigan?) and teams with nothing to play for, such as City (if the league is over by then). Chelsea will be knackered by then, they have been playing big teams and putting so much effort in and keep losing players to injury. I can see us taking a point or 3 off them. If we beat Stoke and Wigan we will be on a massive high and with no reason to fear anyone.


  16. Europa League is definitely a successful season, no matter if we get it by finishing 6th, 5th or even 4th 😯 Some fans may have changed their mind after our good start and this recent run of form-and I’m sure there will be some “fans” blaming Ashley for not also buying a defender in January and costing us champions league or some such nonesense, but the fact is that its been a great season!

    Don’t even get me started on what I’d do if we grabbed champions league…. 😆
    Don’t think it’ll happen though….


  17. If the season ended now, it would be a successful one… everyone has a different definition of success, me, I am wrapped with this season, many great moments – the victory over Man U being the best…


  18. Interesting to hear Pardews comments on salaries and transfer fees. He’s more or less saying that unless you pay big wages and fees you won’t get to the CL or at least you shouldn’t get there. Is he saying we’re having a flukey year?

    Ironically I could be the only one who actually believes we’ll finish in the top four! Spurs have a tough game on Saturday and I expect us to be in fourth by the time they kick off and that may just compound their obvious poor form. We don’t have a great run in, but I expect us to beat Stoke and Wigan and see where we are then. Maybe even third as Arsenal play Chelsea!


  19. You could be right with the prediction Stuart… I think so many of us have experienced so many disapointments over the years that we no longer want to let our reach exceed or grasp.. We could get 4th but it’s Newcastle, and these types of good things don’t happen to us.. do they? ? 🙂


  20. Top 6 and no European football = a good season.

    Top 6 and Europa Qualification = a brilliant season.

    Top 4 and Champions League = an unbelievably outstanding season.

    I think well have a brilliant season and qualify for Europa football, which after our pre season has been above and beyond expectation.


  21. Aussie – Maybe. I just feel that we’ll get pipped. Tottenham have enough games to get points against “lesser” opposition while we have to play three teams either above or around us.


  22. Agree Toonsy ! But you kind of consolidated my point.. we seem to expect more from the teams around us than we do from our boys. Common sense says that Spurs should be good for 4th but the have been **** for some time now… I am like you and don’t think we will get 4th but maybe my judgement is clouded by years of disapointments.


  23. @Stu, agree on this weekend, i think this time next week we’ll be sat in 4th place.
    Spurs games are impossible to predict, on paper you’d expect them to win most, but their form coupled with playing relegation threatened teams makes it anyones game. It’ll be down to who is head strong and up to the battle and Spurs certainly don’t look up to it at the minute.

    I think post season we should assess our future goals, I think realistically, regardless of if we make CL this year, we should aim for top 6 for the next two seasons.
    There will be 7 teams hoping to battle for 4 CL places next season, to be a genuine (I say genuine under the assumption Perchinho etc aren’t European class) contender we would need to invest quite heavily in the squad, and then if we don’t get it we could be thrown into financial turmoil like Leeds.
    Better to steadily build our way there IMO. We can let our dreams soar but not our expectations, too many teams going for the top prizes to be too disheartened should we not cut it the next couple of seasons.


  24. Think any European qualification will be a fantastic season for us, I do worry ( esp with the europa league ) it will come a season too early and we wont have the squad to compete on all fronts, but that is a blog for another day I guess. I think we will sneak 4th. I wouldnt be disapointed if we didnt make 4th as getting into the Europa league is a major achievement for us this season.


  25. See Baines is out for rest of season so that makes Everton a bit less dangerous especially from set pieces, can only help us as they’ll likely have nowt to play for by then as well – use need to win our other 4 games first 🙂


  26. I remember this time last year… we were looking for one more win to get us over the magical 40 point mark which would see us safe in the PL for another year. If my memory serves me correctly, we put a few past wolves to get us over the line.. it is a pretty good example of how good this year has been….


  27. At the start of the season anywhere above 10th would have been a success, but after being in the top 6 all year anywhere outside the top 6th would be a major **** up.


  28. Top 6 finish would be unbelievable. Just wish that Sir Bobby was still alive to see this year’s performance and achievements!! I think he would have been proud of NUFC!!


  29. I’m with you on that Dave. Even though it’s a successful season whatever happens now, I’ll be ****ing pissed off and whinging like a big bairn if we finished 7th or below now. 😛

    …mind you, it’d take a final epic act of heroics from Everton and Liverpool, and a cataclysmic fail on our part for that to happen. 😯


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