Master of tactics or master of motivation?

Praise for Pardew
It’s been just 16 months since Alan Pardew walked into that St James’ Park hotseat, and what a 16 months it has been!

A lot of people will remember that his appearance at United following the dismissal of the popular Chris Hughton was hardly greeted warmly. In fact some people still hold that particular viewpoint, which is staggering really when you look at the Premier League table.

Naturally a win in his opening game helped to ease the tension. A 3-1 victory over Liverpool was just the medicine the Toon Army needed to avoid one of those downward spirals of our own making and eased any unrest that was simmering beneath the surface, at least temporarily anyway.

Sales of players like Andy Carroll, Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton and Jose Enrique didn’t help either. With suspicion rife a lot of fans were left wondering just what the motives of the former Reading, West Ham, Charlton and Southampton manager were. Was he here to assist Mike Ashley more than anything else?

Fast forward to the present day and what do we have? A team guaranteed to be in Europe with the possibility of even making the Champions League. A best league finish since the days of Sir Bobby Robson and a team that is starting to show real attacking intent and flair.

It’s folly to suggest that every bit of success has been a tactical masterstroke. There are times when we have been lucky and times that we have been awful, which I’ll point out now is no different to what any other Premier League team goes through during the course of the season.

There are also times that we’ve been sublime and have pulled of tactical masterstrokes. I remember Blackburn away where we were being outplayed. A quick shuffle of the pack for the second half and we ended up being comfortable winners. Stoke away was another example, especially Danny Simpson and his towel routine which is the kind of fine detail that can influence a game – notice the reaction from the Stoke players and manager, who collectively were rather irate about it all.

The key thing for me though in the success story so far that has been Alan Pardew’s appointment, has been the motivational aspect of his tenure. Quite simply it’s been exceptional. It takes more than whispering “well done” in the ear of a player to make them feel happy. All you have to do is look towards the squad players, like James Perch and see the improvement in those to see that motivation does work.

He’s quick to praise players and will shoulder the blame when needed. A look back at the 5-0 loss at Tottenham will confirm that. Rather than condemn the players for basic defensive errors he instead came out and said that the blame should be laid at his own door, thus lifting any real pressure off of the shoulders of the players.

It’s that kind of thing that has served us well so far this season and has given the players the belief to perform so well. It helps that we have quality players of course, but as we’ve seen first hand, just because we have quality players it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will play like a quality team.

That is down to the manager!

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235 thoughts on “Master of tactics or master of motivation?

  1. TP you seem to be arguing against yourself…

    Troy you are definitely back tracking on what you said on Cabaye though 😉 Do you not remember my painful explanations to why you couldn’t compare Cabaye with some you had chosen as he was playing a different position to them? And that there is a huge difference to playing defensive midfield to attacking midfield.. ❓ You insisted he should have been doing better in central midfield, even that he wasn’t capable of performing attacking wise whilst others argued that it was due to his defensive role. I’ll keep your secret though, just another one to add to your list of errors…


  2. Ten Parps at 1:32, I’m just being cool mate 😎 …I’ll shout and kick up a fuss when I’m pissed off with NUFC, but I’m not now. I’m not gona suck Fat Mick’s **** either cos we’re 4th. I won’t blow chunks out my arse attempting to engage in futile arguments on allegiances either.

    For me it’s akin to a hide and seek game with regards to our jocular chubster. He’ll **** off at close season and be well concealed by the time I say “99, 100”.

    We’ll find him eventually (most likely gorging on Greggs Steak Bakes), and if he has more money on him than when he went into Greggs I’ll fall back off my sensible fence, and probably get a nasty graze, ouch. 😐

    (then I’ll gut him and wear him as a coat)



  3. Ah ha! Trumpet! 😛

    You morphed into Poopsy? 😆
    He fell off the merry go round 5 mins ago. He’s lost the plot. 😆

    You really don’t expect me to correct you about Cabaye do you? You really need to revisit my article and comeback with an accurate point of view instead. 😉


  4. Troy, not arsed about getting into a nonsensical non discussion with you today. Toonpipes is annoying, but someone that always makes outrageous claims but never concedes when they made a mistake is just as painful. By all means dig up your article, i could do with a laugh..


  5. @Trumpet

    If you recall I was blaming the tactics of playing Cabaye too deep almost alongside Tiote.
    I was stating he wasn’t supporting the front two enough.

    What a difference it has made changing the formation and now he is playing like an attacking midfielder which is where I said he should be playing .

    You are now blowing fairy bubbles out your trumpet again. 😛


  6. Ah here we go, just typed in “drivel” into the nufcblog search and this popped up.

    “In my opinion, attacking midfielders should be largely judged on the above criteria. Strikers careers live or die on goal stats and quite rightly so.”

    My point back then was that he wasn’t playing attacking midfield so it was unfair to judge him on those stats. Surely now you can see that he is playing much further up the pitch than he was before? You seem to claim credit for it so surely you can see the difference in position?!

    Thank you, that will be all from me tonight.


  7. Dave…Don’t worry, it won’t get shifted, it’s absolute bollox…imo of course.

    For starters we don’t even know whether we’ll be playing in the Europa league yet but even “if” we are and have a Europa game on that date at home, they would just switch it so we had the away game first then the home game second then there’d be no clash.
    Newspapers trying to create a story out of **** all 😯 ….surely not 👿

    …and on that note, I’m away.Cyas.


  8. @Trumpet and Poopsy (like two peas in a pod).

    I’m starting to believe Ashley and Pardew actually do read this blog and are influenced by my posts.
    What do you think? 😛


  9. To be fair to Troll, he did say he was yet to be convinced by Cabaye, but would give him time to settle in before judging him.
    Well its plain to see there is no judging necessary, as Cabaye is oozing more and more class every game.
    some of his perfectly weighted passes are a joy to behold, and now we have a striker that is timing his runs to perfection, BOOM BOOM in go the goals.
    The future is bright, the future is Black and White (or red n blue if your Toonpoops. 😈 )


  10. I agree richie, don’t think it’s even supposed to be on the same day anyway if memory serves, just a day either side (dont know which side)


  11. Its all irelevant as we will be in the CL qualifiers anyway.
    Thats me away on my fluffy marshmallow cloud again. 😆


  12. BB, would you rather Man City won the derby on Monday, or not?
    Personally, I’d rather face them on equal points with Man U, ****ting themselves.


  13. Ha Ha Rodz.
    We have won 10 of our last 15 matches, and so tbh I dont think we would fear them in the slightest.
    You are right, I think they would be more worried about us, as they have it all to lose.
    I now have so much faith in Pardew, and I know he will have a game plan to try and bring home the points, if we play to our strengths.
    It has been a long time since I have seen our players so well prepared for a match and fully focused on the job in hand. Yet also so relaxed and confident in their own ability.
    So yeah, why not. Lets go for a mancy ****ty win and give em something to think about.


  14. mind you they do have some decent players, who on there day can be totally destructive. But their own ego’s could be their undoing. And dont even mention team spirit. 😳


  15. …soz Boots, replied before ad read yours there. Probli fit anyway.

    Mentil ****.

    Turtley capable of beating any team at the moment. Now that’s what I call music 2012. 😯


  16. a had knights in white satin on white vinyl and banana splits on yellow vinyl.
    Ha Ha happy days of punk rock 😆


  17. anyhoo av gorra gan an shut me eye blinds as av gorran orly start 👿
    Plus av bin swimmin and am ferked.
    Later bro 😉


  18. ya shud av the yanks n aussies comin on soon to keep ya company thru the neet.
    I’m sure your a night owl


  19. ..they scare me though BB, they say stuff like ‘A’ League and ‘The Packers’ and ****, which makes me think they’re on about bumming and stuff. I think football is different over there, although I do follow the Cleveland Steamers.


  20. …anyone seen the internet? 😕

    (shora lefttit rund here……….

    (head scratch)



  21. ..and so De Yoot fought on, sometimes against one another, otherwise not.

    And everyone lived Happily Ever After.



  22. Snow is falling all around, seven o’clock and the roads are blocked
    So I walk down town, there’s no-one around 😯

    🙄 😛 🙄

    🙄 😛 🙄

    🙄 😛 🙄

    I walk in a bar and immediately I sense danger 🙄
    You look at me girl as if I was some kind of a, a total stranger

    😯 Where did you get that blank 😯 expression on your face?

    Where 😯 did you get that, blank 😐 expression on your face?


  23. …howman Beardy Butt, hoo lang a gan was it since ye ordad them pizzas like? 😯 …am famished 😯 😳 😯


  24. yeah whatever 🙄

    I’m obviously miles ahead in the table at best blogger, strites.
    I wouldn’t be this good though without outside help.

    Big shout going out to my personal trainer, Thad. Respect. 😎


  25. The management reserves the right to refuse admission. Unless they’re refusing refuse management, in that case that’s fine.


  26. ….. 🙄 …….
    ……………….. 😐
    🙄 …………….


  27. ….. 🙄 …….
    ……………….. 😐
    🙄 …………….
    ………… 😐 …..
    ………………….. 🙁 ..
    ….. 😐 ….. 😯 …
    ………….. 🙄 .
    …………… (…)


  28. Ha Ha, there is some ****in drivel on here from post 90 onwards… There are about 6 different posters arguing and none of them seem to be wrong 😆
    How can that be… 😕
    I liken it to an argument between my 6 & 8 year old kids… embarrassing

    Gloating, no matter from what point of view is a prick of a thing to do and as a result most gloater’s and “I told you so” boys come out looking like pricks 😐


  29. On topic….. You can be the best tactician in the world but if you can’t get the players to play to plan then you are a lost cause. I think Pardew’s real strength is his man management.. Hi tactics are strong without being exceptional but he has his players playing to his plan. We have all seen what happens when a team is dysfunctional and not playing for their gaffer. Tactics don’t mean **** when that is the case.. Look at us when we were relegated, it is a perfect example of that. Pardews relationship with his players has been pivotal to our success this year.. He stood his ground with Barton early in the piece when Barton cracked the ****s in a preseason game.. I think it set the tone and let the rest of the team know who was in charge and what would or would not be tolerated. I personally think he has been fantastic this year. Well done to Pardew and his staff… 😀


  30. Aussie – you’ve just summed it up perfectly!

    If we qualify for Europa (as opposed to champions league!) The 2 dembas could miss the qualifying rounds because they’ll be called up for international duty at the olympics 😕

    Shit the bed.


  31. …and agree with Aussie@214 😯

    DubT…If we were in that round of the Europa the game would be a day either side but I think the problem would be turn around times on switching all the advertising hordings, that’s why I think if the problem arises that we were drawn at home first they’d just switch it so we’d play the away fixture then.


  32. Im always right Toonsy and we are opposites so how does that work? 😉

    One thing we can agree on tho is Aussie is always wrong! 😛

    You say hash, I say tag. 😯


  33. I thought you were wrong once Toonsy but I was mistaken.. 🙂
    Toonsy I think someone has stolen Ritchies persona on here… I became suspisious when he kind of made a nice comment about a post I made.. This is out of charactor 🙂


  34. Troy , I’ll bet 15m on Tiote & 15m on Krul leaving the Toon that you are somtimes wrong… 🙂


  35. @Aussie

    Nice to see Cabaye playing more advanced now and changing the team into a more attacking unit without compromising the defence.

    Just shows that book you read was utter pap. 😛


  36. You have me confused with Brisvegas Troy.. wrong again, you are on a roll big fella… 🙂


  37. @Aussie

    You say Tic, I say Tac, Toonsy says Hash and Nobby says Tag.

    Let’s all agree and say Ticcy Taccy, Hashy Taggy. 😯

    Just bring on Wigan and open a gap between us and Spuds!!


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