Who are these two international players we’re supposed to be after?

Newcastle bound in the summer?
Alan Pardew was quoted as saying that he would like to conduct business early in the summer as some of his targets will be playing at the European Championships.

This is fair enough of course and picking them up before anyone notices them during the tournament can only be a good thing as we try and pick them up before they become noticed by the whole of Europe. The only real question is, who are they?

If you click this link, press play, let it buffer a bit and fast forward to approximately 14 minutes in you will hear exactly what Pardew said about it all. If you can’t be bothered then then real juicy bit is as follows.

“There’s certainly one or two players who are going to the European Championships that we’d like to secure before they get there because we think they’re going to do well there.”

I known it’s a bit early for speculation and such as we still have a few games remaining this season, but I can’t help being intrigued by it and wonder who the likely candidates are.

The first thing is that I don’t think one of them is Erik Pieters. He’s out with an injury at the moment and is by no means certain to be playing for Holland in the summer, even though I do still think he’ll end up here.

In fact a brief flit around the players we’ve been linked with over the least few months doesn’t reveal much either.

Douglas? Maybe, although he is yet to be called up to the Holland side so it’s probably safe to assume that he won’t all of a sudden be included in the squad for the European Championship.

Jan Vertonghen? A possibility, although I believe he’ll be off to somewhere like Arsenal, and from listening to him it would appear that is where he wants to be heading.

Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa? Again a possibility, but again he’s not had a full international cap and I can’t see the French taking an untried and untested 22-year-old to the Euros. It’s only England that do that kind of thing!

So any more suggestions? I honestly haven’t a clue who Pardew could be talking about although I think it’s safe to say that we’ll have been watching them for some time now and that they will have been thoroughly vetted by our immense scouting team.

Let the guessing begin!

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146 thoughts on “Who are these two international players we’re supposed to be after?

  1. Cheers Richie…don’t wanna sound ungrateful but you got one that works on the iPad? No flash player you see…


  2. WITTERS your not the first he often makes a habit of it,ask his mrs 😉
    i kna nowt aboot them like sorry


  3. ToonSoldier
    Aye thats a good’n use that one rugularily, pundits and commentators are arse’s though 😆 😉


  4. One of the players could be Luuk De Jong its just been on voetbal international tonight that Liverpool have put in an offer for him but 15 clubs have now informed about him .


  5. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen the De Jong brothers mentioned, Siem of Ajax or Luuk of Twente.
    I do also think that regardless of his injury, Pieters is a strong candidate as let’s be honest, an injury or injury prone player hasnt put us off in the past like.
    Debuchy is also a good call, and as for Douglas, if the reports yesterday are true and we’ve had a £5m offer turned down, I think we walk away. From what I’ve seen of him, he’s not worth more than that regardless of his temperament.

    I think this is going to be a very interesting transfer window and we will feature pretty heavily in it.


  6. It’s one thing toon wanting to conduct business early but I’d imagine a lot of players will want to wait until after the euros to see what offers they will get
    Would love us to finish our business early but can’t see it appending unless they’ve already signed per contract


  7. Fook – man city’s gonna be a tough game even if we are at home, they’re all over manure
    Hopefully they’ll be a bit like we were at Wigan and off the pace a bit


  8. Stevep-I doubt it, they seem to have knocked the complacency out of themselves in the last couple of matches. If they win this they’ll be a tough match


  9. Sharpy17 says:
    April 30, 2012 at 21:02
    Forgive me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen the De Jong brothers mentioned, Siem of Ajax or Luuk of Twente.
    I think Luuk is possibly the replacement they have lined up for Ba if he goes. i would imagine it would take 10M


  10. MDS it will take more than 10 million for Luuk de jong as i mentioned earlier the clubs are battering the door down for him . Personally i don’t think we will get him now , my money is on him going to Bayern Munich or another big german team .


  11. Citeh would still rather not have too come to us at this point of the season with us still in the race for 4th spot . They are good but so are we and at our place with our crowd it aint gonna be easy for them and they know it .


  12. Arsenal have already signed Poloski and Chelsea have already signed Marin and Man Utd signed Smalling and Jones outside of the transfer window, so if we get our finger out we can have players signed ahead of Munich or other clubs.
    Luuk De Jong may cost £10m (ish) but we should get at least £7m from Ba so wouldn’t actually cost too much.

    I wonder how much pull Tim Krul would be for Dutch players to pick Newcastle over other clubs, obviously European football is a draw as well


  13. Not bothered about tha ****ty game. The chewsee game is most important.
    Want to see the lads putting in a shift and having some confidence in their own ability.
    I honestly think we have enough to compete with them.
    A little Lady Luck would help too mind. 😆
    Howay the Lads.


  14. There are 26 strikers under 26 going to the EUROS and 46 defenders all under the age of 26 ,7 in the german side alone,so there could be a lot of speculation as to who Pards may or maynot of been talking about.

    I wonder if it would be worth us trying for someone like Stephen Ward of Wolves now they are relegated as he can playLB,on the Wing or as a forward ,a great utility player ,international for Rep of Ireland and 26 years old.

    Another worth a shout is Martin Olsson of Blackburn .23 yrs LB/LMF and out of contract this summer.
    Or how about Rolando of F.C Porto 26yrs CB contract expires 2012 and scores alot too,bit random I know ,just a few thoughts .

    Don’t fancy Douglas one bit and we will never get Luuk de Jong or Vertonghen ,he’s off to Arsenal I reckon.
    If Pieters foot mends well I could see him coming here .

    I see Poldolski on his way to Arsenal then .


  15. Just watching MOTD highlights and Nigel De Jongs tackle on Welbeck was disgraceful … What a dirty ******* he really is!!!


  16. Kim – he’s just a thug. Whenever I have seen him play he is always one tackle away from ending someone’s career.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if City play De Jong to try and scare Benny out of being a threat. One miss timed tackle from that ****bag would defo affect Bennys free running game I think.


  17. Does anyone know whether the chelsea game will be on sky? Cus my dad seems to think that its the spurs v swansea game which starts 15 minutes after ours which is on.


  18. FONK!! 😯


    (lemmee here ye now)

    FONK 😯

    ….beyawndd the cawlo dyootehh 😎

    (hear mi now)



    (lemme hear some fonk, hmm-hmm.

    UH 😯

    …show me a good time.

    😯 AWWWWwwww., play that guitar Johnny…



    (whoo, whoo, whoa yeah………, yeah yeah)


    …..beyawn the dyoo-tay (dyooyayy-ay)


  21. Does make me laugh like, this fickleness of fans.

    The way the Manure fans turn on their own after one loss to the best team in the league at their home ground is hilarious.


  22. Happy Birthday to me!!!! 😯 😛 😎 😐

    …as I sit here, on my own, stewing in my own ****ty kegs, with only the odd warm spurt of my own piss to keep me warm 🙁 (Troy was fully booked) 😛

    (have I just fonked ❓


  23. …shore did fonk. 😯 😳 😮

    …next person to comment wins a weekend for 12 in Bolivia, strites, Toons just said. 😯


  24. HAHAHAHHAHA. Newcastle and QPR to decide the Barclay Premier league title goes which side.

    😆 😆 😆


  25. I have to agree with Rod 😆 .
    Newkie as for being fickle, I think its just the emotion of most fans, I don’t think it matters who the team was they were playing it would still be the same, but it must make it worse when you lose in the derby game.


  26. Will have to try one of those sites you guys use then 👿 First time, are they any good? Mum’n dad’ll be out (wedding anniversary 🙄 ) so won’t get in trouble 😈



    After the mauling Wigan dished out against us with that formation you seriously want to stick with the wing-backs and three CBs against Chelski?


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