Win the new NUFC away shirt!

The new away strip
The new maroon coloured Newcastle away shirt was revealed last week, with the vast majority of people actually liking what they saw.

So NUFC Blog has teamed up with price comparison website to give you the chance to win the new away shirt, with your choice of name and lettering on the back.

Entering the competition couldn’t be any easier and all you have to do is e-mail us the answer to a rather simple question. Below you will see a picture of Paul Huntington celebrating a goal against Tottenham in the last season that Newcastle wore a maroon coloured away shirt, but what I want to know is what season it was?

Answers should be sent with your registered username in the subject line of the e-mail.

The competition will run until the end of the May and entrants received after 23:59 on 31st of May will not be counted.

Once again the competition will only be open to registered users of the site, so if you haven’t already registered you won’t be able to win, although there is nothing to stop you from registering right now!

A winner will be picked at random after the closing date and will be contacted via e-mail soon after to arrange sizes, lettering and delivery.

Get entering!

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124 thoughts on “Win the new NUFC away shirt!

  1. Man U’s kit looks well ****, not like our pedrigree change strip :mrgreen: agree with those about Douglas, something not quite right with him, he kind of scares me, I live on the philosophy of ‘Don’t trust a man who’s last name is a first name’ it hasn’t failed me to this day 😆


  2. ice
    aye 😉
    Another trialist at the toon Victor Tsado, academy is like a revolving door at the moment. The lad’s created a video of himself on youtube, and is replying to viewers comments which is nice.


  3. Yeah I ce don’t be telling anyone that Batts is locked up, we don’t want that getting out it will be all over twitter and FB
    as for Toonsy I bet he is going to Spain 😉


  4. dave
    Heard about it/him on eds blog, someone commented it, so I might not be definate, but then why would you lie about that.



    This is quite a thorough and impressive review of us. At one stage he notes..

    ‘Like us with Baines, Santon (3) will get forward and provide width whilst Perch (14) balances this by providing defensive balance on the right enabling Ben Arfa to roam. The X shows the area where Santon can often leave open on his forward forays and which Gibson (if fit) will look to exploit by feeding Osman.’

    Yes Santon could leave space there but at the same time I recon Hibbert and (formerly P.Neville) is their weak link and it would be good to see Jonas and Santon attacking down that left hand side. Ben Arfa could also be on the right to exploit Baines leaving gaps.


  6. Was on ‘Truelad’ the other day looking at the pictures and saw a great one of Cisse as he was about to hit the shot against chelsea (2nd goal) and on it someone had drawn an arrow straight on with the words next to it saying ‘Where gravity should have taken the ball’, and another arrow which led the path of the ball into the area of the net where it landed with the words ‘Where the laws of Cisse took the ball’ 😆


  7. DJG
    Very thorough and gives us a lot of respect which I’ve often not seen on similar blogs from teams we’re about to face.


  8. DJG
    Baines likes to go forward, so what we want is for perch and tiote to shield them out, get the ball to Ben Arfa and allow him to take on Haitinja and jagielka, or pass to cisse.


  9. No else is here 😥
    Oh well I’ll talk to myself
    Just went on facebook and saw my brother had posted the picture of Cisse shooting I was talking about. lol 😆 😆


  10. Welcome to another session of Andymag crappy news
    Just saw that Prince Charles was the weaherman for reporting Scotland today 😆 :mrgreen:


  11. Ice
    👿 👿 YOU RUINED MY FUN!!! 😆
    Good old nobby, thought he’d already retired, was he at Hartlepool?


  12. Yeah Hartlepool, wonder what his testimonial will consist of, everyone that he used to play with are in there 40s now 😆


  13. My Dream team for next season (excluding messi, ronaldo…ect)
    —Ben Arfa——–Cisse———Hazard—-

    Bench: Al Habsi, M’biwa, R.Taylor/Ferguson, Butterfield/Abeid/Sammy Ameobi, Jonas/Martin, Vuckic/Marveauw, Rhodes/Shola Ameobi


  14. I realise that I’m talking to myself( 😥 ) but I see that Villa fans aren’t happy with the idea of signing Guthrie and Best, ungrateful buggers, they’d be lucky to have them, Villa is ****, who did they expect to come? Rooney and David Silva? 🙄 😕


  15. To “testify” was based on men in the Roman court swearing to a statement made, by swearing on their testicles. 😆


  16. Any more gems there, Andy? Though…good to know about testify…next time in court I will harken back to the days of Rome…


  17. Norcal
    Oh I’ve got a fair few 😉 My friend’s call them ‘Andrew’s pointless factoids’ 😀 thought I was on my own tonight


  18. Hey lads! Got a funny story for y’all.

    Just met a girl from Sunderland over here. She was HOT too. I instantly recognized her accent as Northeast English, so I asked her where she was from. She said Sunderland. I replied, “Oh cool! So… I’ve done my share of traveling and I’ve met many an English folk in many an interesting place. Why is it that I’ve never met a mackem in Milan?”

    She cussed me and walked away 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


  19. OH. Fair play man but you should have saved the insult until after the sex.

    A few months ago i met a very good looking women from brighton in pub. I chatted her up a bit and she asked me if i liked football. When i told her who i supported she made a face and”ugh, geordies!”. I got all offended and her to fck off. Thats when i realized i spend too much time on these sites. I essentially passed up a likely hookup with a very good looking stranger to defend the honor of a place ive never visitef


  20. Ive got a cracking hangover today 🙁 I am never drinking again 😐
    death would be a good option right now 😎

    Nice competition though Toonsy… good stuff…


  21. It’s fair to say Andy Carroll hasn’t exactly worked out as well as hoped in terms of being the big man up top at Liverpool.

    So, rather than splash out another record transfer fee for an alternative to the striker, the club have developed a kit to make even the smallest member of their team feel 7ft tall.

    At least, that’s what they claim.

    In a mean and moody midnight release – symptomatic of the dark clouds that have circled around the club this season – Liverpool have unveiled the strip.

    They hope it will bring them better luck in the Premier League than that which they experienced in a decidedly mediocre campaign this time around.

    The all red garb certainly harks back to a grander day when the Anfield outfit ruled English football, drawing on the tradition of time’s past.

    Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez have been called upon to model the new kit, appearing alongside the words: ‘It’s inspired by greatness. It’s modern tradition. It’s unapologetically Liverpool FC. It will make you feel 7ft tall.’



  22. All Aussies love Fosters…especially Aussie 😆

    OH… Don’t believe ya, there’re no hot mackems…unless you mean she was sweating like a pig? 😆


  23. Telegraph reporting
    Newcastle United right-back Danny Simpson rejects offer; Leon Best and Danny Guthrie set join Aston Villa.

    Danny Simpson must be mad! Offered £25k per week and at this stage could be in the CL next season and he rejects the offer. ? Cheeses! 😯


  24. Troy 😆

    Aussie…Surely that would mean we can never kick you? 😉

    Agree with you 2, I think that strip looks canny, who makes it? I can’t make out the manufacturer.

    …and Danny S is about to make one huge mistake me thinks(football wise).


  25. I’m sure you will slip a boot in when you can Rich 🙂 the shirts are made by a mob called Warrior.


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