A few words of advice for Danny Simpson

Heading out of NUFC?
So Danny Simpson has taken to the press to reaffirm his commitment to Newcastle and state that he doesn’t want to leave the club.

He says that he would willingly sign a new deal and would be happy to stay, providing he reached parity with some of the other NUFC stars.

Now I can see Simpson’s point to an extent. He’s been a virtual ever-present since he arrived on loan from Manchester United in our Championship season. He then earned a permanent move to Tyneside, has made the right-back spot his own and has been a big part of our success since relegation although how much of his success has been due to the fact he is our ONLY real option at right-back is up for discussion.

The question is what sort of parity he is looking for? Is he looking for parity with the likes of Fabricio Coloccini? Or is he looking for parity with the likes of Steven Taylor? Of course we don’t know what parity would be however and any speculation would be purely guesswork given the fact that player wages are no longer public knowledge at St James’ Park.

If you go by rumours, Simpson has been offered somewhere in the region of £25,000 a week in wages. He signed with us for £10,000 a week which was raised to £15,000 a week after promotion. Essentially what he has been offered is, rather amazingly despite the huge wage packets of some players, the average Premier League salary.

Now I’m not saying he is greedy for wanting the best for himself as, in all walks of life, it is essentially what we all try and do. However he should keep in mind the words of Derek Llambias who said just a few weeks ago something along the lines of “our first offer is very close to what our final offer will be,” which should at least be considered by Simpson right now.

Opinion on Simpson is split. Some believe he is really good, and the stats from this season prove that, while other believe he has creases in his game which need ironing out. I’m in the latter camp in truth, but whilst I do acknowledge he has played a part for us I also don’t think he is irreplaceable by any stretch of the imagination.

All in all it will sort itself out one way or the other over the summer. Either he’ll sign a new deal or leave the club and we’ve seen before that the club are not afraid of being ruthless.

If Simpson tries to play hard ball there will only be one winner, and I wholeheartedly believe that Simpson will end up regretting it in the long run.

This one is going to run for a while yet…

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110 thoughts on “A few words of advice for Danny Simpson

  1. Aussie, thanks, just think these guys who play the beautiful game for a living need to look at the bigger picture that’s all. My daughters fella works 14 hr days fixing buses for a living driving all over the country ,earning around £35k a year yet even with a £20k deposit can’t get a mortgage over £130k .With house prices here around at £260k how are they ever to start life together .It just boils my p*** that’s all that these guys think they have it so hard. It’s their choice to play football ,perhaps they’d like to do something less glamorous for a living.


  2. Yeah Kim, they live in a different reality to everyone else.. It seems like it doesn’t take them long to forget where they come from.


  3. Andy ,Isn’t the word ‘Jolly’ associated with chubby folk.. how can flab be evil 🙂 🙂 Santa will taking out a lawsuit against you buddy, that’s slanderous 🙂 🙂


  4. Santa isn’t an anagram of Satan for nothing Aussie. You don’t see what he gets up to 364 days of the year 😉


  5. Kim, great minds think a like, me and Ice that is, in case it wasn’t apparent 🙂 🙂 🙂


  6. Aussie@89 😀

    Read an article once about the Japanese getting all confused over the whole christianity thing and santa and christmas .Anyway the upshot of it all was in this Japanese shopping mall at christmas time they had Santa crucified on a cross ! 😯 😆


  7. DJG – England haven’t touched Walker and Richards either?! 😕 So that argument doesn’t really carry much weight tbf.

    In my opinion Gary Neville is one of the best RBs the league has seen but he wasn’t a complete player at 25. Simpson isn’t a bad player now but I think there will be alot of improvement in the next 3 years.

    I think part of the trouble is that Simpson has been 1st choice this season and done well so wants wages that reflect that. But Pardew clearly fancies Debuchy and if he gets him he’ll likely be 1st choice with Simmo 2nd and the board want to pay wages that reflect that.


  8. Kim 🙂 I think Batty would like Ashley crucified on a cross as well 🙂 🙂


  9. Off topic alittle bit, Drogba confirmed as leaving Chelsea this summer. 2 things, firstly the premier league is loosing a real quality striker, secondly Chelsea will defo be weaken by his loss. Yes they have the money to replace him but he’s a huge personality and member of their squad … can only be a good thing for us?!


  10. robert @ 67

    unless your a local lad a players heart is in the club just as much as my heart is in the company i work for. not at all

    they are professionals and it is a job. end of

    so not gonna hammer him for wanting what he feels he deserves. his agent will be telling him allsorts in terms of what he could get at other clubs. also remember he is english – english players generally get paid more also.

    personally, i think he is champonship rate at best so hope we replace and get rid.

    nothing personal


  11. HTBovril – I know that was a tongue in cheek statement, but could Cisse play for another club before Jan having played for both Frieburg and us last season?
    I bet they would certainly consider him after the 2 goals he notched against them last season.
    Cisse and Tiote to Chelsea … god I’d cry all season!!!


  12. Kimtoon@91, I am reading a book called ” Kokoda” about the Japanese landing on Papua New Guinea in WW2, in particular the cruelty of their crack ” Sasebo Landing Force”, who earned their reputation in the massacres and mass rapes in Manchuria, and you might find it would probably appeal to their base sense of humour rather than them appearing to be confused.


  13. Chaps I mentioned about GIROUD last night and would only start believing if my journo pal got something correct… In my post last night I said he said that drogba would defo be leaving Chelsea and has just come out today 😯 😯

    Is it too early to get excited? 😆


  14. Sharpy

    Not too sure fella, think any move would have to wait until Jan at least. Those 2 goals against them certainly got him noticed though.

    Think maybe in Chelsea’s eyes there are bigger fish out there for the money Ashley would want for any deal to happen. RVP for example.


  15. Liam..probably, as it’s been pretty much nailed on all season that it would be drogba’s last 😉
    Ref Giroud, cracking player but my reservation would be that if he signed it would be the end of the 433 system, “if” that would be the case then no thanks.


  16. HTBovril – I think your probably right mate, Roman loves to chase the the mad money signings. My first thought was that he’ll now go break the bank for Neymar


  17. Sharpy

    I guess another equation is whether Torres also leaves after his feelings where made known yesterday. They could potentially be buying a complete new strike force


  18. Rob@100-Yes some of the stuff they got up to in ww2 beggers belief so you may have a point there. 🙄

    Liam@101 ,Don’t take much to get me excited mate 😆


  19. Sharpy17

    May 22, 2012 at 15:31

    DJG – England haven’t touched Walker and Richards either?! So that argument doesn’t really carry much weight tbf.’

    Walker is injured or probably would be called up and Richards has played for England loads!??!


  20. He was okay for the championship but not now. Thats probably where he’ll end up after a relegation season with someone like QPR.


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