Are you dreading the European Championships?

Could a good tournament be bad for NUFC?
In just under two weeks time Euro 2012 will begin, so on the plus side we’ll have some football to watch!

However, being English that is about the only plus side I can think of. I’m already braced for another disappointing performance from this supposed “golden generation” of England players. Golden generation, really?

The fortune of my country over the summer isn’t the main thing that is worrying me though to be honest, and instead I’m reverting to my Newcastle first mantra. We’ll be represented at the European Championships by a number of players, and that is something that is worrying me no end if truth be told.

As it stands Yohan Cabaye is more than likely going to be playing for France in the tournament, and he could be supplemented by Hatem Ben Arfa should he make Laurent Blanc’s final cut next week. Then we have Tim Krul, who started in goal for Holland last night, who will probably make the squad, if not as first choice goalkeeper.

The real worry for me is that our players go to the tournament and play a key part in their country having a great tournament. If that happens you can bet your bottom dollar that people will be watching and, as we see after pretty much every tournament, teams will offer silly money for next hot property!

Unfortunately the “silly money” part of that matches up with our policy of selling players if the money is right. I know that every player has a price and that essentially we are being run as a business, and I even get that we will replace any players that do attract silly money bids, but it still won’t make it any easier.

One of the reasons why the season just gone was a remarkable success was because we were unfancied. We were going to drop with our unknown Frenchmen and cheap buys that would take ages to settle into the Premier League. Now they aren’t so unfancied, and a good showing at the biggest tournament of the summer will only enhance their reputation further.

Is anyone else worried?

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167 thoughts on “Are you dreading the European Championships?

  1. Rich, loved the police mounting the other day 😆

    Would anyone have Kalou by the way? You’ve all probs had this discussion already but I missed it…I would have him 😛


  2. Why are we all assuming the player is Dutch ,after all he only said in the dutch league not that he was Dutch . 😉


  3. MORENO in which way do you mean you would have him? 😆 Bloody good player on a free transfer as well .


  4. Moreno 😉 😆

    KimT…I’m not assuming he’s Dutch, as my comment@56 saying Dutch league 😉 ……the rest are probably assuming that but they aren’t as intelligent as me 😉 😆


  5. waited all day for some RCHIE wit 🙂 🙂

    hope age isnt catching up with him or has AMF worn him doon 🙁


  6. Ice, there’s something that comes out of Richie’s mouth….it isn’t wit but it certainly rhymes with it 💡


  7. Richie@79 , Nice to know I’m not the only smart ass on here 😉 .
    Seriously though are we talking Forwards or Defenders and assuming they ain’t Dutch who would we have a stab at guessing ? There are plenty of swedish ,Slovenian and Serbian forwards to pick and likewise in defensive posistions.


  8. KimT 😉

    Moreno….you’ve got me stumped there, I can only come up with…bit, brit, chit, fit, flit, git, grit, hit, kit, knit, lit, mitt, nit, pit, quit, sit, skit, slit, spit, split, stitt, tit, wit, writ, zit 😕 😆


  9. It would appear it’s just you then Andy, unless….everyone is watching it and therefore can’t respond to you question 😯 😉


  10. Richie in between kickin s*** out my computer which is doin my head in today ,keeps freezing ,I blame the hot weather 🙄 😉


  11. How can it freeze in the hot weather 😕 😆 I know how you feel, I hate computers…..and yes I do understand the irony that I spend half my life on one :mrgreen:


  12. Apparently mackems have an off switch on the back of their heads, you have to use a baseball bat to activate them though 😯 , don’t believe me? try it and see 😆


  13. Andymag May 27, 2012 at 18:46 Anyone else watching soccer aid?’

    I’m not watching the **** at the start, it’s just depressing, like comic relief.


  14. Sorry people, I know you guys have moved on abit from the original article but I’m catching up off a 12hr shift.

    I know this may sound crazy, but I have no concerns regarding the Euros and our stars being on show. The players are on long term contracts and all enjoy playing for NUFC, personally I hope they all go out and play out of their skins and really raise the profile of Newcastle so other players look at us and want to come. I honestly think we have the loyalist group of players we have had in a long time. Pardew has a plan and is building a quality squad and the players have bought into it.
    I think we have to stop worrying that we are going to loose these players because of a headline written or because they perform well?!

    As for England, I like Hodgson but I really think his squad selection is really poor. I wonder how much guidance he gets from the FA and of course the press generally only have negativity towards whoever the manager is.
    This squad is not good enough IMO due to players injured and others not selected but im still a fan of the 3 lions and really hope that Roy gets the bit of luck he’ll need to at least get to the quarter or even semi finals.


  15. Having good players in your squad runs the risk of them getting injured in international games.

    But the fact that clubs will be eyeing up our best players I do not like, however once again, if you have top players it is going to happen.

    I just hope we don’t get offered silly money and loose players. And I want to see our best play against the best, shows how good they really are if they do well.


  16. SteveP England are much more gasher than France….

    Hope they can get Bastian Schweinsteigers heed out of his hands before the euros start…. 😥


  17. Debuchy wearing no 2 shirt but played most of the first half in front of Ben Arfa. Hope we don’t sign him if he is going to play as an out and out winger leaving the defence exposed.

    If we do sign him we will still need to sign a RB to play behind him.


  18. hitman, ive spent the last few hours trying to source your bit “ashley on quatar royal family yacht” cant find any thing that comes close to this 👿 👿
    youve prob had too much sun, or someones on your page!!! get a grip man, cause the real story involves sunderlands signing of messi and xavi 😉 😉 😉 😉


  19. Young Spencer, if we have that gadgy Debuchy signed on I’ll be well happy…. 😉 ….happy days…


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