Guess Who?

Guess Who?
Most of us, of a certain age and from a pre-Playstation era anyway, will have played a game called “Guess Who?” at some point in our youth.

If you haven’t then I’ll try and explain it to you. Essentially you have a load of pictures of different (made up) people. You then pick a card which will match one of the people and your opponent will have to guess who it is by asking questions about what he/she looks like.

Is he male? No, so then you knock down all the pictures of the male characters as you know it is a female. Does eh have glasses? Yes, so you’d then knock down all of the pictures for those females who do have glasses. It carries on so you have only a few left and then you can guess and, hopefully, you get it right. I lost the cards out of my set so I used to choose one in my mind. Poor soul.

Anyway, youth revisited, I started thinking that that game I used to play all of those years ago is a little bit like how our transfer rumours seem to start. Based on the things we know, like where we’ve been scouting, what we’ve achieved so far in the transfer market, and what we are looking to carry on achieving, it could quite easily be a game of Guess Who!

Is he French/Dutch or does he play in those leagues? Has anyone really heard of him? Does he have something in his history that could put other, perhaps bigger or better, clubs off of him? Is he under a certain age? The answer to most of those would be yes so you’d keep them tiles up.

Are they already well known? Do they have an already established reputation? Are they overvalued? Is he over a certain age? The answer to most of those would probably be no so down those tiles go.

The point I’m making is that most of the stories you can read in the press can be discounted just by looking at the way we have been doing things lately. And the most impressive thing is that a lot of the fans are now also on board with the way we’ve been playing the transfer market game.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see much transfer movement until the European Championships are finished, but I think most fans understand this and realise that it’s not always a bad thing waiting and seeing what happens.

And yes I’ve just used a game to try and get my point across, badly probably, but still….

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169 thoughts on “Guess Who?

  1. sharpy @17 – yeah I post on that site. And the article was mentioning that Ladbrokes are putting odds on ‘arry coming to NUFC and then rubbishing it. Pretty unanimously rubbished by the comments too, but as usual it revived a bit of off-topic banter, which is what Ed’s articles are designed to do, even on slow news days, weeks and months as we have now.

    I think there’s always something good to be had from most of the NUFC blogs and I like to hop on and make a comment here and there, but I find Ed’s blog more open, well followed and diverse. It has a good share of idiots and crackpots and wastes of time (not even excluding myself from any of those categories mind) but it also has many sensible characters and generally good humour. Best of all I can’t recall much ****ing on about other blogs and how crap they are.


  2. Just finished a power point on Miguel Primo De Rivera (Spanish Dictator), bloody hell for a man that was only in charge for seven years and only lived to sixty I had a hell of a lot to right, I’m knackered now, see yas 😎 😆


  3. ANDY you seem a canny lad and make some good points at times,and can take a bit fun,keep ganning 😉


  4. It’s weird that you bring up this game, just last week I totally randomly found myself whistling the tune from the commercial. Strange


  5. I met a fairy today who granted me one wish ” I want to live forever” I said, “sorry” said the fairy ” I am not allowed to grant that particular wish” …. “fine” I said ” i want to die when sunderland win the premier league” ……… ” oooooh you crafty c ‘unt !!!” said the fairy


  6. Whey…I hope Ba stays, he’s an absolutely cracking player, his ill advised comments about PSG apart the lads done nowt wrong. Obviously some would prefer players to continually come out in the press to profess their dying love for the club… like AC, Nolan and Joey maybe?
    We’re not first choice for the vast majority of our players, nearly all would leave if better offers came in for them as history would indicate they’re unlikely to win owt here(time for that to change), that’s the reality of NUFC 😉


  7. M…Although a pain in the arse,in terms of population, scumderland is bigger, I often use it as a stick to beat them with in terms of attendances 😉


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