No chance for Redknapp at Newcastle

Redknapp – Thanks but no thanks!
Some bookmakers (namely Ladbrokes) have installed Harry Redknapp as the favourite to take over the managerial reins at Newcastle United.

It seems that since Redknapp and Tottenham parted company that some money has been wagered on Redknapp becoming the next Toon boss, which is odd considering the fact that we already have a manager in Alan Pardew.

I’m wary of ever saying never when it comes to Newcastle United as, quite frankly, over the years there have been an awful lot of surprising calls at St James’ Park, both before Ashley arrived and then since he gained control of power of the club, but I honestly believe that there is absolutely nothing in this whatsoever aside from a bookmaker trying to make a bit of money.

Just look at the facts for a moment. Alan Pardew guided this team back into Europe for the first time in five years last season, we finished in the top five for the first time since Sir Bobby Robson and we have some cracking players on our books, with a real chance of acquiring more quality over the summer.

Now I’m not going to rubbish Redknapp as he did do a good job at White Hart Lane when you look at the state they were in when they took over and where they are now, but I will question the need for change within our management structure. Why try and fix something that isn’t really broken in the first place?

At the end of the day, Pardew and the club are the perfect fit for each other at the moment. Newcastle United are giving Alan Pardew a platform to show that he deserves to be given a chance after mush disdain at his appointment. The club is allowing him to rebuild or perhaps establish a reputation as one of the brighter English coaches in the Premier League.

In return Pardew seems happy to work within the framework that has been set out for him. The scouting is taken care of and he has faith in it with Graham Carr at the helm, and he knows that the club won’t be held to ransom over players coming in.

Pardew also knows that we are open to sell a player or two providing the money is of a high enough level to prick the interest of Mike Ashley. I’m sure he would probably prefer it if nobody was sold (wouldn’t any manager?) and for the club to just rejected any bids for certain, but in the real world that just isn’t going to happen if another offer of an Andy Carroll magnitude comes along. He will just get on with it and rely on his scouts to replace at a reasonable cost. In short, Pardew seems happy enough to run with the business model that Ashley running us by at the moment.

Then there is a cost issue. The club get all that for a modest wage in terms of Premier League managers. I dare say Redknapp would demand far more in terms of remuneration and probably wouldn’t be overly happy about having to earn more money through performance based enhancements whereas Alan Pardew again seems happy enough to do this.

For all the above reasons and more, Redknapp to Newcastle is never (there is that word again!) going to happen. Remember, he was happy enough to turn it down pre-Keegan II and listened to the “poisoned chalice” talk that apparently surrounds our managerial hot seat. Pardew didn’t, and whilst the club did take a chance on him he also took a chance by being willing to work under Mike Ashley.

I can’t see that changing any time soon either…

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26 thoughts on “No chance for Redknapp at Newcastle

  1. hahaha why change Pardew for a manager not as good and probably double the wage bill. GO AWAY HARRY!!!


  2. Not a chance of him takeing over at newcastle,the guys unprofessonal for a start, him talking about release clauses in other teams contracted players is just not professonal full stop.He needs a kings ranson to buy players and if he dont get it starts to throw his rattle out the pram.He would be the last manager on planet earth that i would want,he turned us down before so hes had his chance as far as im concerned


  3. Twitchy hasnt got a prayer the sharpei faced ****

    He had his chance at a very differerent nufc, When ashley first came in and allowed allardyce to spend nigh on Β£30m in the summer, Put mercenary has beens on ridiculous contracts and have 30 odd members of back room staff.

    Now the club are working towards breaking even, Have a tight wage cap, Look for bargain buys with resale value and like to promote staff from within, ‘arry would moan about not bringing joe jordan and kevin bond πŸ˜† with him and then the first window when he wouldnt be allowed to spunk money left right and centre hed be away.

    Plus his age wouldnt fit in with the long term plan of the club and we have a manager doing very well as it is so its pointless even talking about it… πŸ˜‰


  4. I lived in southampton when he jump ship to pompey and if that wernt bad enough had the gaul to jump ship and go back.Thats like sunderland nicking our manager then us taking him back again not ganna happen lmao sort of shows ya were his loyaltys lie


  5. Toonsy I agree with you.
    what a load of **** these rumors are why would we get shot of a good manager that seems to be enjoying managing us, and can work with Jabba and Co which must be a very hard skill to learn.


  6. GM, thanks, not as bad as i thought, it’s too white and i hate those spikes in our stripes.. Also hope the player’s name and the number is gold color.. what do you think about that?


  7. Arry will need to be close to his Sand Banks home so it’s Portsmouth Southampton the London clubs or Reading or he takes a spot in the middle east tax free?

    Anywhere but with the Toon please


  8. Maybe Harry started the rumour himself, we all know how he likes to blather about other clubs… πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  9. Why would Pardew go to Spurs? He said yesterday on BBC 1 that he was staying here continuing building this good young team.


  10. MM- that’s the most logical explanation. The man’s so full of himself, I’m surprised he isn’t blathering on about replacing Mourinho.


  11. Maybe Redknapp’s dog lumped money on Redknapp joining Newcastle as his dog knows that Spurts want Pardew? πŸ˜‰


  12. Old sloppy chops will end up in some Arabic country for a huge final pay day.

    Mike Ashley is grooming Pardew for the England job…. πŸ˜‰


  13. Toonsy .as you say you can never say never with Toon,however this is not a situation I can see happening tbh. As you say he had his chance and said no and we arn’t freespending enough for him .I think the story has arisen because Spurs would probably like to install Pards as manager ,having seen the stirling job he’s done here. Also the fact that they covet many of our players brings that link again .Pards will stay I feel ,as he wants to finish what he’s started here hopefully with some silverware .He’s revelling in his manager of the season status and wants to excell even more so that he’s eventually in contention for the top job ,England. πŸ˜‰


  14. I agree that as it stands Pardew and Newcastle are the perfect fit for each other. I can’t really see why Pardew would want to leave nor why Ashley would want to get rid of him. For the first time in god knows how long, we have a football club with stability and a plan for the fututre. Disrupting that really wouldn’t go down well with anybody.

    As far as Redknapp is concerned, I don’t rate him as a manager. I struggle to see how you can succeed as a manager when you ‘don’t believe in tactics’. Redknapp relies on his wheeling and dealing and his man management to get results. If you look at the period after we lost 5-0 to Spurs at White Hart Lane, Redknapp struggled. It wasn’t solely because he was linked to the England job, but because he just couldn’t find or decide on a system that worked. No doubt, he’ll end up back at West Ham when Allardyce gets the boot around December time anyway.

    In other news, I’ve just written a new blog on what Brendan Rodgers will be up to at Liverpool this summer. If you are willing to put club loyalties aside, you can read it here;


  15. hahaha every thing about ba and all the **** hes done yeah we would welcome him like a boil on the ends of our ****s, hes as welcome **** rot the **** head just hope he aint deluded as the spurs fans were with us and comments hahahahahaha come on the toon and king padrew πŸ™‚


  16. “Plus his age wouldnt fit in with the long term plan of the club and we have a manager doing very well as it is so its pointless even talking about it…”

    CC – whats his age got to do with it?! agree with other points but fergie at 72 is still going very strong, bringing youth players through at Manchester Red. Sir Bobby Robson in his 60’s also bought and brought youth through when at Newcastle and was as fit as a fiddle. and im sure weve just given an OAP on the scouting side an 8 year contract!

    less of the ageism!


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