Filthy stinking rich!

TV money
There is more than likely going to be a lot of stuff that Mike Ashley, and indeed any Premier League owner, will know about before it actually happens.

It happens in any business of course as the men at the top tend to get wind of important things before they happen. Could that have been the case with this new bout of TV rights that promise to swell the coffers of any team that happens to be in the Premier League at the time?

The new deal, which kicks in for the start of the 2013-2014 campaign is worth a shade over £3bn and will run for three years meaning that for each game broadcast by either Sky or BT the Premier League will receive £6.5m, some of which will then be passed onto the teams who are participating.

It makes you wonder if all of these season ticket offers or ticket offers were priced in as they knew a deal like this might have been forthcoming? I’ve still not worked out the business sense behind such a long term ticket price freeze – to me it seems like cutting your nose off to spite your face – but if an increase in revenue was known it would have made it a bit easier to account for.

In terms of prize money it will mean that the team who happens to finish bottom of the Premier League will pick up more than Manchester City have raked in for winning the thing. To me it seems like reward for losing but hey ho, it is what it is I guess. The ladder between the Premier League and the those below is about to be pulled up a little bit more though…

The deal is the largest in the history if the Premier League and the rise comes at a time of financial austerity which defies the rise in cost. The original deal between Sky and the Premier League was worth £633,000 per game. In 1997 thins jumped to £2.79m and in 2001 it jumped again to £3.64m per game. However in 2004 the deal fell and games dropped to £2.47m a game before picking back up in 2007 to £4.12m per game. A smaller rise took place in 2010 to £4.3m per game – the current rate – which will be replaced by the new deal in 2013.

Of course that is not what each club gets per game, but it’s pretty safe to assume that each as the level of money goes up then the split each team receives will also rise.

Before anyone starts thinking that this will give us a help in the transfer market, I’d just like to point out that it will be the same for EVERY club in the Premier League potentially making transfer negotiations more difficult as more sides have finance to offer players a deal that may interest them.

Interesting times for the Premier League perhaps?

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269 thoughts on “Filthy stinking rich!

  1. Ice I’m a massive Ollie fan even though there’s the Bristol rovers link 👿 .He’s a very intelligent guy and deserves to manage a PL club imo.


  2. ..sheck……..SHAKOONAAYYYYY 😯

    …that’ll dee me like.


    ….got to admit, I love a Bender like, but that goal won is an extra few tenners 😯 WAHEYYYYY!!!!

    Seriously, had 25 quid on over2 goals in the Porchiggul game at 1.875.

    …ind a tenner on Porchiggil/Jormni dubbil it 3.5




  3. Dave, ye really should make the step up from Pot Noodle though.

    I see you as boiling within a league most snacks would perish.


  4. It just goes to show, some **** will always talk **** before you, you ****.


    …Terny Blair, Arthur Scargill Bananarama




  5. reet Rod I leave you to it mate im away to get a cuppa and try to stay up to watch the golf, but I can’t see me staying up. so will you lock up and turn off the lights 😉


  6. yeah, anyway, as I was saying, look no further than that glorious fat chunk of an isle, well almost.

    SPAIN! 😛 😯 🙄 😀


  7. ….they’ll never guess our man-love, ‘Uncle Toons’.

    All aboard the bum tunnel! 😯


  8. Morning All.

    Ice – at approx 00.36 hours last night, I think the penny dropped mate!!!
    I think I get what you were on about. I was saying that Afellay had a quiet tournament so his value should stay down.
    Your later comment which simply said “sharpy, de Jong didn’t get a game mate 😉 ”
    which I read as you suggesting I said he had played, was actually suggesting that having not played, his value should also be kept down!!!
    (dont worry I’ll explain your postings for you)
    In which case your dead right 😀

    I don’t think I’ve ever slept so peacefully have cracked the Ice cryptic text 😥 (but tears of joy) 😆 😆


  9. Sharpy…no, you’ve got it all wrong Ice didn’t mean that at all…start again 😉 😆


  10. Richie – he has to, trust me I have considered every other interpretation and nothing else makes sense (this one only just about does ffs!!)
    It was like a real Eurika moment. There were car alarms going off and people out in the street asking what the **** that noise was when the penny finally did drop


  11. I see Rednapps saying he wouldnt trade the English attack for the Spanish one. 🙄 that’s why your no longer a manager.


  12. Andy@259 -I actually think he suffers from delusions old Arry, bless him 😆

    He’s the oracle of news for other teams players contracts. 😉
    He could’ve signed Ba ,Cisse and Benny. 🙄
    Spurs would of won the League within two years 😆
    and now apparently England have a better front line than Spain : 😯
    He would of been a scream as England manager . 😉 can you imagine the daily soundbites the media would of got.


  13. This is exactly how i wish the fixture would come out.

    Something same as the last season,start off with clubs that are at the top half,after that,win games.

    End off with a Home game as well. 😈


  14. In fact,we will finish manchester united matches in the same calendar year.

    Not bad.


  15. Chris Hughton set for emotional return to SJP on Sept 22 as #nufc face #ncfc.

    Tough festive trip to #Arsenal on December 29th three days after visit to Old Trafford #nufc #mufc

    😕 😕


  16. Angel@266-Beat me to it .Could be a not so merry xmas looking at those festive fixtures. 👿
    I always look at last 7 games in case we in a relegation battle ! Fulham,Scum,Baggies,Dippers,Hammers,Qpr and Arsenal . Should be a potential 10 to 13 points out of those depending on confidence levels should we be in a bad situation. Not trying to be a negger ,I always do this , am I the only one who does it ?. ❓


  17. We have to play everyone so I am not fussed what order it is in….. just wish it start sooner 🙂 🙂


  18. Surely Van Marwick has got to resign. Holland were cack, I’m so happy for Robben !!!


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