Alan Pardew on Toon transfers, plus some TV trouble!

Working behind the scenes
With the bulk of the squad back from their summer holiday pre-season preparation can begin in earnest as we build up to our opening fixture against Tottenham Hotspur on August 18th.

But whilst hard work will be being put in on the training ground in what is generally a footballers most hated time of the year, it seems as though Alan Pardew and Co will be putting in some hard work with regard to bolstering the squad before the Premier League campaign kicks off.

Speculation is continuing regarding a whole host of potential incoming transfers although as yet nothing has materialised other than the signing of Romain Amalfitano, who officially signed on at St James’ Park when the transfer window actually opened four days ago.

However Alan Pardew remains confident that he will be able to get some players through the door prior to our opening league fixture. Whilst remaining coy in terms of naming names, he does admit that things are moving along quietly, perhaps as they should be?

“We’re working on a few things,” Alan Pardew told The Chronicle. “I know this time last year we’d brought in a couple of players, but we’re very much in the market at the moment.”

“We’re planning to bring in a couple of players, for sure,” he added.

Is “a couple” enough? Personally I’m not so sure, but then again I never predicted us finishing fifth last season so it shows what I know. Time will tell of course.

I hate using the word “patience” as an NUFC fan. How can we be any more patient after going 43 years without even seeing a trophy and only briefly looking like we’d actually win one? All the same though, unfortunately, it looks as though patience will be needed in our hunt for reinforcements.

As an aside, I see our TV fixtures have been announced and already we are seeing what damage the Europa League can do to our fixture list. Our opening game against Tottenham will be shown live on ESPN as will the following league fixture against Chelsea one week later.

The problem is in the middle of that week we will be playing our Europa League play-off first leg which will take place on the Thursday which will mean that we will have two games in three days, or three games in seven days if you like. Nice. NUFC did appeal to the better nature of the Metropolitan Police and UEFA but neither organisation has budged on the scheduling of the fixtures.

Our TV fixture list in full:

Saturday August 18: Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur (5.30pm ESPN)
Saturday August 25: Chelsea v Newcastle United (5.30pm ESPN)
Monday September 17: Everton v Newcastle (8pm SKY)
Sunday October 7: Newcastle v Manchester United (4pm SKY)
Sunday 21: Sunderland v Newcastle (1.30pm SKY)
Sun 4: Liverpool v Newcastle (4pm SKY)

Plus obviously any Europa League games that ESPN or ITV decide to pick up along the way!

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125 thoughts on “Alan Pardew on Toon transfers, plus some TV trouble!

  1. ….but I suppose that would mean he’d be caught up in a space time continuum loop.

    Shit LB for Liverpool and crap traffic cop in Hertfordshire at the same time.

    …I suppose he only needs to be in Liverpool on Saturdays.


  2. Kim, frog Jenga?! Sounds fun like, but I can imagine the little ****ers moving when you’re just about to remove the most difficult frog in the tower. It has its flaws I guess, but that probably makes it more interesting 😎


  3. I don’t think too much can be read into that quote by Pardew. I would take it as we are two players but I can’t see that been the end of our summer business.


  4. MDS…yeah, he could play for them in the CL but if they finish 3rd in their group and drop into Europa he would be cup tied, apparently BM are now looking at a young un(Dutch I think) at Inter..allegedly. Reet off oot for a bit. laters


  5. Kim PILE ON!!!!!!!! (aye, they knacked, full gravel cheek imprints if ye were lucky).

    Johno, I think you’re right mate. it’s most likely the usual press fob-off I.E. “yes we want to sign some players, but I ain’t gona tell you lot **** all”

    …we’re all sat here now (some maybe standing) taking Pard’s words literally, but as Fat Rich pointed out earlier, colloquialisms have a lot to answer for.

    ..I’m having a couple of glasses of wine anyway.


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  7. Well I’m pleased Tavernier has signed for 3 years. I think he COULD be a better player than Simpson. The only one that has looked like they could make it in the first team IMHO and sadly I include Vuckic in that. Although Ferguson has a chance but he is a bit lightweight for the prem atm, same as Sammy.


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  9. I’m the type of nigga that’s built to last, you **** wi me I’ll put a foot up yor ass 😯


  10. John lydon on question time in a minute 😯 ,my how time changes folk, it seems like yesterday when that infamous interview with Grundy put paid to anymore t.v interviews . fast forward to celebrity jungle capers and a mountain of butter sales later and he’s on question time 😆 you couldn’t make it up ,what a sale out 👿 ,Still I’m gonna watch if only to see a rich singer slag off some rich bankers 😉 .


  11. Look like the desolate upturned car, but be the IED within 50ft of it, said William Shitspear


  12. Kim
    Were we ever actually linked with Guidetti? Thought it was just us suggesting that he’d be a good buy.


  13. …am a crazy ass ****, ana niggga like me is also going insane *althogh that’s debatable)


  14. That young un from Coventry allegedly. Never seen him play but seems to get highly spoken of…one for the future hopefully,although may feature in the odd cup game.


  15. A slight flaw in my otherwise brilliant plan then 😉

    You don’t count Skippy as being good then? 😆


  16. 😆 ….once bought some kangaroo meat in Tescos, it was better than the series.

    I wonder when/if Twente will “buckle”, I can’t see us waiting too long and Borussia M seem to be targetting other options.


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  19. Slow news day…

    I see Richie’s made his appearance on a Monday… Very convenient ❗

    With the signing of Debuchy that should solve our inbalance as far as width goes.

    ut with Demba going its an ideal chance to bring in an attacking CREATIVE forward. Someone who sets up chances and scores a few rather than a poacher… That would compliment Cisse. Siem de Jong fits that mould… I support Remy at his best could perform both roles.

    Once that signing is done then we will be balanced in attack.

    Its then left to signing a defender. Someone with a bit of pace and height to compliment Colo.

    For me that man would be either Mbiwa or Sakho because both are quick, both are powerful and composed. And if needed both could play in the fullback position or in a back three.

    Being two million in the black this window. Having Wonga money coming in and being at risk of relegation I don’t think spending around 16 million for two quality signings would be ‘blowing cash’ this window.

    Remy/de Jong and Mbiwa/Sakho for around 9 million each would seriously improve our squad depth and first team quality.


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