Ashley out? Ashley in?

Doing a deal with Ashley?
A rather amusing bit of news broke yesterday (once again after I’d started work!) regarding a potential takeover of Newcastle United.

The Kuwait Times published a rather interesting titbit suggesting that Jamal Al-Kazemi is considering making a rather audacious move to buy Newcastle United. Let’s see what was said.

“He has finalized all conditions that enable him to acquire the club by next week. The actual negotiations with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley will be clear,” said a BBQ source. The next bit is the most interesting however: “Incidentally, Ashley has wanted to sell the club since 2009. He bought the club known as “Magpies” in 2007 for £134.4 million and it is said that he is willing to sell it for less than £80 million.”

£80 million? Righto… No word of the debt either, which I presume would need paying back.

I know most of you well enough to know that you won’t take this seriously, and rightly so. This story has more holes in it than the sieve from my kitchen but all the same I thought I would present it for you all to chatter about.

I haven’t a clue who this Kuwaiti guy is either. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly up to speed with Kuwaiti high society, but there isn’t a lot about him and certainly isn’t enough about him that I can find to suggest he may be able to bankroll us in a way that Manchester City have been. Not all Arab’s are filthy rich you know…

So there you go, a little bit of light entertainment for your Wednesday morning. Daydream away, but don’t let reality bite you too hard! Is the club for sale? In my view it always will be, just like any other business so long as the cash is right. Will it be sold to these Kuwaiti guys?

I’ll ride down Barrack Rd naked on a Camel if it is!

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249 thoughts on “Ashley out? Ashley in?

  1. It’ll stick around ‘cos it’s a journo’s dream, “£35m prodigal son returns home to small local club after failing at the mighty Liverpool” 🙄 🙄


  2. Up early for a big day at the office Rich? :mrgreen:

    At least it is a small break from the DeJong talk I guess…. The deal fell through weeks ago and they are still running exclusive stories on how we are set for disappointment in regards to his capture 😕


  3. Yep, I’ve gotta couple of international business deals to conclude before breakfast then off to Syria to broker a peace deal…nae rest for the wicked :mrgreen:
    De Jong’s not coming? 😯


  4. Sh*t sorry mate, I didn’t know that you didn’t know 😯 😆

    Say hello to my old mate Bashy al-Assad for me too :mrgreen:


  5. have heard rumours that Melbourne Heart FC are chasing the one and only Michael Owen. Apparently they are close to signing him 😯 😯
    It will be the first time in a long time that Owen will play with any Heart 😮

    Don’t quote me on this, it is just a bit of gossip I have heard… 😉


  6. 😆 …..aye seen the odd rumour on twitter sites but nowt “reliable”…wasn’t he linked with a move to Oz last year too? Didn’t think he’d move so far away from his nags like.


  7. He was linked a little while back, Rich…. however there is no way an A League club could afford his wages… They all have salary caps so I can’t see it happening… as far as his horses go, pet food anyone :mrgreen:


  8. Not sure as the system for payments is a bit different here.. Each club has a salary cap of 2.48m but this excludes “marquee” signings.. From what I can gather he was on a 800k one year deal….


  9. Rich 😆 your not far off the mark @ 240

    Yeah, the last I heard Owen was on about 130k per week with us… Approx 250k per week in Aussie dollars give or take a few grand… 😯 ****in criminal… just goes to show you don’t need a gun and balaclava to rob some ******* 👿


  10. TGS….. it’s just a little message to the Toon to up our offer…. although it doesn’t really make sense as he has a couple of years left on his contract…. 😕 Lille don’t need to renegotiate, they can simply say no you are not going 😕


  11. @aussie

    I kept the banter flowing all day yesterday and hit a total high for a thread for a long time.
    It’s amazing how low the totals have been in my absence and you leading the wide awake club and nighty night brigade.
    I’m back to work for 4 days now so won’t get a chance to post much.

    Good luck. I will be checking in periodically to see how you are doing. 😛


  12. thanks Troy, you are a inspiration 😉 I am surprised this site has survived in your absence , I can’t speak for everyone but I am indebted to you and your banter 😆
    I will keep the torch burning in the small hours mate.. please drop me a line if you are about 😯 😆


  13. Ba is a much better player than Carroll. . . .facts are clear, stats are clear and anyone who has played football at a decent standard would know.


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