Simpson set for Reading move?

Heading out of NUFC?
Premier League new boys Reading look to have won the race to sign Danny Simpson, according to a whole host of media outlets.

Pretty much all of the daily national newspapers are reporting the story, which doesn’t mean much granted, but with this one I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

At the end of the day Simpson is in the last year of his contract and is stalling on signing a new deal with the club. This puts him in a dangerous position regarding his future at the club as they won’t want to let him walk away for nothing which means he is likely to move on over the summer if he doesn’t agree to a deal at St James’ Park.

I think some of the treatment that Simpson has been on the end of has been harsh in fairness. I see quite a lot of people calling him greedy and such, but he’s first choice right back at the club currently and has been since our time in the Championship so does he not have a right to seek a better wage? And let’s be honest, nobody knows what kind of wage he is after or what has been offered by the club.

In terms of his ability I also think he has been hard done by. I don’t think he is the most gifted right-back ever and I know he has his flaws, but he also has his plus points and will work for the team. Obviously there are better players available, but remember we only paid £500,000 for him or something daft like that so I think it’s fair to say that he has exceeded what should have been expected from him.

Besides, this is all paper talk anyway so we’ll just have to see what is going on in the fullness of time. I’m just wondering if the stars are starting to align in our chase for Mathieu Debuchy though? Simpson potentially going, Lille lining up a right back in the form of Jose Bosingwa, Alan Pardew saying he expects a signing within 14 days? You never know…

If it is true and Simpson does go he’ll get a warm reception upon his return from me, and I’d like to hope he’d get the same from the vast majority of fans. Love him, hate him, or somewhere in the middle of the two, it can’t be denied that overall he has done a good job for us through the Championship to securing Premier League survival to helping us get back into Europe.

And that shouldn’t be forgotten whatever happens!

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213 thoughts on “Simpson set for Reading move?

  1. Hitman @ 156 nah mate, unless the one I had was no good in that case I would just finish it, and it sounds a bit harsh but if you blew a 10 yr marriage for a bit on the side well then the marriage never really meant that much 😉


  2. Dear god, City lost to a Saudi side with some starters in the team and their Captain. It may have been a 3rd division German side but theyre still probably better than the Saudi league champions.


  3. Ice @ 163 😆 😆 good try mate 😉 but Kim knows I wouldn’t say owt

    So when do you’s think were going to get a top player through the door


  4. Dave ,I like the Kenny everett ref aswell ,loved that show , 😆 at the hebe gebees and the Vic with the giant hands .


  5. Kim funny enough when I wrote that it made me think about the late great Bowburn mag 😥

    Ice what is soon to you ? to me soon would mean a couple of days 😉 but maybe when your in your late 80s soon could mean months ❓


  6. Andymag @ 161 : typical Eurocentric ignorance. And you guys are supposed to be knowledgeable football fans 🙄


  7. Vegas, Troy will be on soon to proclaim how knowledgeable he is, you watch 🙂 🙂

    Andy, the Saudi’s are very good players, they are highly paid so they have no need to play in Europe.. some would be very adept in the PL.


  8. Just finished work and gannin to kip. Content in the knowledge I’m very knowledgeable. 😛


  9. The Saudis have 3 teams in the quarter final of the Asian Champs League. No Japanese teams. One Aussie.

    However, far from showing that the Saudis are the best nation in Asia, what it does is show that the Saudis are better able to keep their star players (and entice foreign players who used to go to Turkey or Greece).

    Japan, who are probably the best in Asia, are in the process of exporting its better players to the European leagues, something Australia has been doing for 20-odd years or more.

    World football is pretty fascinating. Life doesn’t begin and end in England, or Western Europe.


  10. Aye, I’m missing having some football to watch.Wish the season would start.

    And there’s still another 3 months till th A-league starts again. So have to make do with reliving the past. Not that it was such a good game – how can it be with Perth Glory playing? But the last few minutes were magic.

    and so were the last few minutes of this one – which was a good game.

    Sorry for the non-Newcastle clips, but it shows that passion for football exists outside of Europe.


  11. Bloody hell…Troy hasn’t half turned into a nighty night boy…. nighty night Troy, sweet dreams princess 🙂 🙂


  12. Kim 🙂 🙂 your comment begs the question, as to why british teams are so poor now 🙂 🙂 🙂


  13. Kimtoon – True, you/we invented the rules to the modern game we all love, not football itself. Football has its roots a couple of thousand years ago. Football also happens in many ways.

    I saw some monks in Nepal playing a game of football back in 1973 or 4. That was a kind of ‘keeping it in the air’ game, but they also used the wall. Some were pretty good. And a few years ago in Laos I saw a national championship game of what they called football – which was a bit like footvolleyball with a net about head high. They did some spectacular overhead kicks to get the ball over the net.

    But, yeah. The English invented football.


  14. Bris ,Aussie ,you do know I was being ironic don’t you ❓ Things have come a long way since men in medievil times kicked a pigs bladder about or whenever it was. 😆 Fact is very little asian footie is ever shown in the u.k .

    Mark@181 😆 very funny ,I loved it when the curtain was closed.


  15. Vegas, I feel you need to read the book by the english tacticle genious- Troy Stavers. It’s called ‘ football is a simple game – really!’
    It is a quick read as it is only one page, with a foreword written by Pootle 🙂 🙂


  16. Brisvegas@ We did manage to win a world cup once you know 😉

    Look ,you won’t find many English guys who think we have the best football in the world in the PL ,but it’s probably the most entertaining I would say. A large part of that entertainment comes from the foreign element here for sure. We tend to concentrate on European countrys since that’s mostly what gets broadcast ,now and then south American games are on sky . And ofcourse the ACON is now also. It’s not really ignorance as you put it ,I just don’t think it has appeal to British kids in the way ,Spanish ,french ,german and South American footie does as they are where the major players seem to emerge over the years.

    I just thought you jumped on Andy a bit ,that’s all by saying “Typical Eurocentric ignorance” You can bet there are plenty of Asian football fans who know naff all about our lower leagues but I would not call them ignorant,It’s just not their thing that’s all . 😉


  17. I thought you were being ‘ironic’, Kim. Sounds like you’ve moved on a bit.

    Most Asians follow the PL – actually, most of them seem to follow Manchester United, so yeah, I agree, they are ignorant as well.


  18. Brisvegas@195 😆 Not at all ,just covering young Andys back in his absence. 😉

    Right I’m off to do a bit . 😉


  19. Apologies to Andy. Didn’t mean anything personal. Just that Eurocentric football comments piss me off no end. 😳

    But speaking of tactics … 😉 The first international between England and Scotland had England playing a 1-2-7 formation. Subtle, eh? The strategy consisted of kicking the ball forward and chasing it down.

    The Scots invented the passing game. The first inkling of modern tactical formations, the 2-3-5 formation, was possibly first played by Wrexham. So England can’t even claim primacy in that.


  20. See Sammy Ameobi has piled the weight on since last season. He must be at least 7 stone now…. 😆 😆 Obviously the guinness and Dickman’s pies diet didn’t work 😆 😆 😆


  21. Monaco next in Landsberg, and I’ll be there wooooo hoooo !!! Anyone know where the toon are staying and training in Munich ???


  22. KIM@193,your not quite right there,there was a team in the north east that won the very first world cup,i know as i played for that team at one time for a while,not when they won it of coarse,but dave would say i did checky ****er 🙂


  23. Ice@201 😆

    You gotta love my city ,we have managed to allow two marches to take place on the same day. One is the English Defence League the other is Gay Pride 🙄 😆 .There are coptors and police everywhere. I just drove past the three Lions pub where hundreds of guys are congregated with there England flags and what not ready to decend on Bristol city centre where they can link up with Gay Pride no doubt 😉


  24. BVegas @198;

    The first England Scotland match was in 1790 and the venue was near Keilder on a field which is now the home of Borders Rugby Club.

    Don’t know about the tactics but there were unlimited numbers of players on both sides and England won 2-0.

    Eight players died during the game and more died from injuries in the following two weeks.


  25. Interesting fact, sidekick. Didn’t know about that one.

    I was thinking more in terms of the modern era. After the rules were codified. 1872 game.


  26. Lol. They’re passionate in Scotland too. Their league’s still ****e.

    I always talk sense. Like when I said we should play 4-3-3, and we did, and we were instantly better. It was just common sense really.

    Something the antipodean contingent clearly lack, as I seem to remember you lot deriding the idea of a change in tactics as being ‘too complex’ to warrant discussion.


  27. No, I dont.

    But i don’t blame you for being embarrassed, after the way you clowns whinged on about people discussing tactics and telling everyone tactics were too complicated for us mere mortals to understand.
    It must have been painful when, like, a couple of weeks later Pardew changed the system and we looked twice the team almost immediately.


  28. Dig out the Big Boys Book of Tactics (400 pages, wasn’t it) and have another go at it. Maybe we could find you an annotated version to help you understand it.


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