Newcastle bid to sign Andy Carroll

Back in black, and white?
According to Sky Sports’ North-East transfer mole, David Craig, Newcastle have now officially made an approach to Liverpool to resign Andy Carroll.

Apparently the deal would only be a loan deal for one season initially although it is “understood” that Newcastle may well be looking to make the deal permanent in the future.

As yet there is no indication from Liverpool either way suggesting whether they will accept or reject the bid, but if they did it would be rather humiliating for a club who made Carroll one of the most expensive signings in Premier League history when signing him 18 months ago for a rather handsome £35 million fee.

Carroll is “understood” to be receptive of a move back to Newcastle although I personally don’t like all of this understanding business. Maybe people are putting two and two together and coming up with five? Who knows?

What we do know is that Carroll has struggled since he joined Liverpool and has looked half the player he was when he was with us. It’s only recently that he has started to improve and he showed at EURO 2012 what a handful he can be providing the service is right.

However Brendan Rodgers isn’t exactly know for his style that depends on a big man up top so of course questions will be asked over the future of Carroll. Tippy-tappy football won’t get the best out of him but ultimately that is Rodgers’ philosophy.

It would be quite a remarkable turnaround in truth, almost too remarkable to be true. Mind you it would sort out our search for a striker, even if it was only temporarily.

What do you make of it?

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132 thoughts on “Newcastle bid to sign Andy Carroll

  1. Supposedly, Carroll wants to stay at Anfield but could accept being loaned out. Rodgers is looking to be rid of Andy permanently. The theory is that we’re in for a loan-with-option-to-buy arrangement, as a compromise.

    As for where he’d fit in? #3 in the striking order, obviously. But with Ramadan, the ACoN, and wear & tear, that still means a fair bit of game time. (Best had 16 starts in the League last season, Shola 6.)


  2. Toonsy@49 ,like I said in email ,it should not be down to you though .It’s not your fault the guys a welsher. 🙁


  3. Looks like it’s not gonna happen now anyway.

    Been on the football Transfer rumour site /Dippers page and there Ed is saying Cisse is really pissed off with Toon over the Olympic thing but Toon won’t sell him. 🙄 does this mean we have an unsettled player now?.


  4. Kim @ 78 I really don’t think Pards would stop him if his heart was set on it. Pards has said before that no manager should stop a player playing for their country as it such an honor, and in most cases he would suggest a player to their country if he thought they were ready ❓


  5. Kim, the regular press are just carrying Pardew’s remarks about Cisse – “He’s probably very disappointed, but we’ve got to protect this player.” I think it’s a storm in a teacup.


  6. Kim: “You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.” :mrgreen:

    Hitman is right on the loan deal – the Liverpool Echo is reporting that it was dismissed out of hand, didn’t have an option to buy, and that only a transfer offer will do.


  7. The jury is still out for me like.

    Pardew keeps going on about the team spirit being a big part of our success but I think young Andy could unsettle that a bit, even if he didn’t mean or want to. All the talk would be about him, as it was at Liverpool, if he plays and doesn’t score or if he’s not selected he’s been dropped.
    For me, leave it in the past and get new fresh faces in with no complications.


  8. It would be a backward step for me. He wouldn’t improve the first team-and right now that’s still what we need. A centre back, a full back-possibly two and another winger or striker who can play out wide.


  9. I’m actually really surprised by the amount of people that want him back, both on here and on ed’s 😕

    Still, i guess when we haven’t actually bought anyone in then we’ll take what we can get.

    Carroll is like finding a fat bird at the end of the night 😛


  10. Newkie, I don’t see anyone saying that AC is going to come in and be the main man. He’d be a replacement for Best – it’s more like pointing your ugly mate towards a fat bird. 😉 But as the deal’s off, Sammy Ameobi will be our next messiah. 😀


  11. Wellington-Aye but a replacement for best at something like 15mil at least you’d imagine, does that seem like value for money? We’ve got money to spend and we should spend it…just don’t feel its the right deal.

    Dave-true enough, but watching him swan dive at SJP was like a fat bird falling down the stairs, plus he’s still got that greasy pony tail…too many similarities if you ask me :mrgreen:


  12. Kimtoon 😛

    I’m just your average Newcastle fan I guess…hope for the best, but I’m pragmatic when necessary… 😉


  13. DJG – Simpson would be a ****ing steal at £2m IMO 😯
    I’d be sick if we lost him for as little as that. The kid did well for us last season and is certainly worth more than £2m like.
    You may not rate him, but statistically he was a top performing defender last season, so should be valued at more than the compo for Clyne who not PL experience at all but will make Palace around £3m


  14. Sharpy-I’d agree with ya, but I cba to get into the simmo debate again. Hopefully we’ll keep him and get Debauchy, but after so long in the first team i’d be surprised if he’d be willing to sit on the bench.


  15. Newkie – the latest on the Carroll situation is on the Liverpool Echo here: But the short of it is that the deal’s off, and it never involved a transfer bid or option.

    I’d still like to see one more forward in, but strengthening the defence is a higher priority. So long as (say) Debuchy & Douglas come through the door and nobody important leaves, it will have been a good window.


  16. Wellington-Fair enough, I guess we were testing the waters and Liverpool are still looking for something more permanent. I’m sure there’ll be more to it as there’s plenty of time left..certainly the papers will be all over it..Maybe we were just kicking up a ****storm to cover our tracks as we go for someone else? 😉


  17. Berbatov is available for 5 mill, according to Ferguson. I know he’s not in our usual transfer policy, but wouldn’t his silky skills better match what Pardew’s doing? Probably too expensive on the wage bill anyway…


  18. Would love Berbatov for 5mil but we wouldn’t pay the wages and he’d not be worth anything so it would be against ashley’s “ethos.”

    Shame really, he’s great to watch and its actually a shame he rarely gets a game anymore


  19. I would accept Carroll coming back if it weren’t a straight loan. He would obviously be 3rd choice and behind HBA in the pecking order as well. Giving him the 35 shirt would be huge in saying that he needs to prove himself all over again. And no effing way would we pay him the wages he gets over there!


  20. Love this. Would love to see him come back – though as I’ve seen elsewhere here, wouldn’t do it if there weren’t some provision to allow for a permanent stay.


  21. On the Carroll Deal : classic Ashley if this deal comes off….. sell the product high and once it has been devalued, buy it back on the cheap… He did it with his shares and made a fortune… you can say what you want about him but he is shrewd ****er when it comes to a deal 😉

    On Carroll himself: Not fussed if the lanky streak of pelican **** comes back or not. Not sure how he will fit in tbh….. 😕


  22. Think this is belated news of events that have gone on behind closed doors last week as Pardew hinted in interview, things will have progressed even further now and i can see a compromise being reached as both clubs and the player want it to happen.
    I hated what he did when he tried to get Krul sent off, but now there is a good chance of him coming back, I would love to see him back in a black and white shirt, he should never have left in the first place.
    Dalglish never played to his strengths, Pardew can get the best out of him, and we get a proven striker instead of a risky foreign signing.


  23. Think Liverpool will want to sell Carroll like. They seem to make bad buys then loan them out, which still costs them money and clogs up their players registered list. Aquadoodle and Cole are 2 perfect examples and they will not want Carroll to become another.

    Regarding Berbatov – he’s leaving Man U coz he’s not getting a game! Why would he come here to not get a game either?!

    AMF – agree 100% both about Ashley and about Carroll.


  24. @aussie

    Another clueless statement from you. ;

    On Carroll himself: Not fussed if the lanky streak of pelican **** comes back or not. Not sure how he will fit in tbh…..

    Well done Aussie 🙄


  25. Hitman…He’s often told them that, usually with slurred speech and bloodshot eyes 😆


  26. Old cutting;
    Carroll told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle on Tuesday: “[Managing director] Derek [Llambias] asked me to hand in a transfer request, so I was pushed into a corner and had no choice. I wasn’t wanted by them and they made it clear they wanted the money.
    “Then I flew down in [owner Mike Ashley’s] helicopter. I didn’t want to leave. I’m gutted that I wasn’t wanted at my home team after everything I have done and the progress I have made. I didn’t want to leave at all. Make sure they know I didn’t want to leave. The players, staff and fans were fantastic.”
    At 2.37pm GMT on Monday, Carroll told Wraith he was “not going anywhere”, but by 5pm Carroll had said: “They have kind of said we don’t want u but want me to say I wanna go. And I said I don’t want to go.”
    Newcastle claimed that they accepted Liverpool’s £35 million offer after the striker handed in a transfer request, but Carroll said: “No I didn’t that’s what I mean that’s what they wanted me to do and I said no. They said they wanted to accept it.”
    Asked if he had no choice but to move to Anfield, he replied: “Looks like it.”
    Wraith then asked Carroll if he had “any message you want put across to the fans?” Carroll replied: “They said they wanted the money. Gutted to be leaving Newcastle but I was kind of pushed out the door. Gutted to be leaving my home club but I was practically told to go. Didn’t want to leave that’s why i signed a five-year deal.”


  27. Troy says,
    On Carroll himself: Not fussed if the lanky streak of pelican **** comes back or not. Not sure how he will fit in tbh…..
    Well done Aussie

    Thanks Troy, finally some positive feed back :mrgreen:


  28. we had a messiah returning and now a prodigal son…. wonder if it will work out as well 😯


  29. Troy @ 117 – precisely why I cant ever see carroll returning to the toon.
    Forget money or wages I just cant see how it would be justified.

    Chronicle make me laugh really ”close pal” 🙄


  30. I wish him every misfortune possible when he plays for them but i watch back the goal at arsenal, The hilarious bullying of turner in the 5-1, The Villa hattrick and i think it could work again.

    He is a £10m pound player they paid £35m for so they can ask for as much as they want but i cant see them getting more than £15m for him, Whether we are willing to pay that, They are willing to take that and he is willing to take £50k-£60k a week and performance bonuses is unlikely.

    Still doubt it will happen and to be honest im more interested in seeing Debuchy confirmed…


  31. “According to Sky Sports’ North-East transfer mole, David Craig”

    Well that just about discredits everything in this article.

    Don’t really want Carroll back. If he did come back, he’d have to accept that he isn’t the main man and would be third choice in the pecking order for me.

    Also wouldn’t value him any higher than 8million. Liverpool might have paid 35mil that that was just stupid. Even at his best and most sellable he was never worth half that.

    I’m not saying he is a bad player, I’m just saying he needs a team built around his style of play and we have moved beyond hoof ball.

    No… Thanks Andy, but I don’t want you back.


  32. Troy @122,

    In fairness, I think most of us agree Aussie is far more knowledgable in footballing tactics than you are. So despite your charming character – I’m going to have to go along with the Aussie (can’t believe it) on this one.

    I’d maybe take Carroll for 7-8mil and 40k wages… Which will never happen. But he’s just not worth more than that. We could get far better if we paid more.


  33. “Carroll told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle on Tuesday: “[Managing director] Derek [Llambias] asked me to hand in a transfer request, so I was pushed into a corner and had no choice. I wasn’t wanted by them and they made it clear they wanted the money.
    “Then I flew down in [owner Mike Ashley’s] helicopter. I didn’t want to leave. I’m gutted that I wasn’t wanted at my home team after everything I have done and the progress I have made. I didn’t want to leave at all. Make sure they know I didn’t want to leave. The players, staff and fans were fantastic.””

    We should all be thanking Ashley for pushing Carroll out the door, it was his best move to date. Paid for a far better squad and helped the bin dippers have a disasterous season… Ashley deserves a medal.

    Nothing personal, just good business. 😆


  34. tell you what’s doing my head in, how according to the media, as well as us fans, every possible transfer in marks the end for another player. Anita in, Tiote out, Carroll in, Ba out.

    Is it not possible we’re just attempting to build a half decent squad?


  35. Mike,

    I’d say with it all depends on the ACN. I really don’t see Ba and Cisse going over because they’d have to beat the Ivory Coast to qualify and the Ivory Coast have an incredibly powerful team.

    If we got a striker in, he would be no more than backup or used in rotation. Do you think we’d fork out 12mil for that? Which is why I think the De Jong and Carroll rumours are both bull****.

    I think we went to Holland to wrap up the Douglas deal and he’ll join us in August.


  36. @JJ

    No one is arguing it wasn’t great business for the Toon. 😯

    The purpose was to give you Carrolls viewpoint.


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