Newcastle move for French striker rejected

Remy bid rejected
Newcastle have had a bid for Marseille striker Loic Remy rejected out of hand, according to reports in France.

Le 10 Sport is reporting that Newcastle offered around €12 million for the 25-year-old, which was rejected out of had by Marseille as it doesn’t come close to their valuation of the player which is said to be closer to €18 million.

However we aren’t the only ones who have fallen short of Marseille’s valuation recently. Both Tottenham and Lille have expressed an interest in Remy, and Tottenham have even got to the same stage as us and had a bid rejected for around the same fee as we’ve apparently offered, while Lille have been priced out of a deal completely, which say to me that Marseille aren’t exactly keen to sell and are overvaluing their striker.

Remy joined Marseille from Nice in 2010 and has been a prolific goalscorer in Ligue 1. He has scored 37 goals in 83 games for Marseille so far andprimarily plays as a lead striker but can also operate on the wings or as a second striker.

I can’t see this one being serious and I don’t think we’ll be going back in. I just think we were testing the waters to be honest and may have heard that he might have been available.


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61 thoughts on “Newcastle move for French striker rejected

  1. €12m for a player valued near €18m isnt the worse opening bid weve put in if they intend on chasing it up, Maybe trying to force the dippers hand over mandy ??


  2. If these bids are in fact true, we don’t seem to be willing to offer more than €13mil for any single player.
    Fair enough, but we are only cutting off our noses if we are refusing to buythat extra class for the sake of one or two million more.
    Personally think Remi would be an outstanding addition.
    Exactly the kind of player we need. In three years time we could sell him still in his prime and make a decent profit.


  3. We might need to lay out 3-4mil more in transfer fees, but it would be made up in the increased revenue from league success, cup success and shirt sales etc.


  4. bam bams @2 agree we should be looking for a commanding centre back and a quality fullback before strikers …need them in sooner rather than later


  5. All talk and no action when it comes to transfers with NUFC atm. How many times are we going to “test the water” as the saying goes? NUFC know what Marsaille are asking for so why bid so low only to get rejected…..AGAIN. Rejected for Debuchy, rejected for De Jong, rejected for Anita and who know what is happening with Douglas. We really need to start pressing on and stop pussy footing around. Pardew is talking about leaving players behind for the Europa cup which imo is not good enough. It is showing we do not have the squad depth to cope with 4 competition’s. Stop messing around Ashley and get the players in ffs. We only need 3 maybe 4 players in to take us to the next level.


  6. I say just offer them the 18m euros, which is roughly 14/15m pounds. Would much rather pay £15m for Remy than £20m for Carroll. Better player, and can play out wide too. Would be a brilliant transfer. Doubt he’d want to come here though.


  7. Well just catching up with the articles and reading every bodies comments: I thought that Sammy Ameobi set the bar for himself last night. Like a lot of youngsters he seems to lack stamina for a full 90mins but when he plays 45mins or a sub he has real potential, build him up physically and he could be a star imo.

    Tavernier/Abeid/Bigi also look very useful for the coming season, Tavernier looks a real good prospect, good touch, quick and composed. Colo will obv guide him nicely. Abeid and Bigi did really well together when they come on, both could be big players in the next couple of years, although i would like to see them get a lot of game time this year.

    Negatives – Gosling looks too slow and indecisive for a CM – Obertan frustrated again but he has potential, I feel we may have to use him as a striker more because he lacks the creativity to play wide.

    Also think in Marveaux – if fit – we have another top-notch player. And Cisse was the best player on the pitch when he came on.

    I think when u see the team that ended the game a draw isn’t bad. Those are my views and I’m sure people will have the same thoughts after last night. Remy – no chance – but I believe this is the way we will do business as this hasn’t been in any of the uk press.


  8. TA87, Agree with your assessment, Sammy Ameobi is going to be some player and I love his direct style and Bigi looks a cracking signing, very composed and gets stuck in for a young lad.
    On the thread, how true is this report, more likely agents talking to the press putting their player in the spotlight and inviting business as I cant see us bidding for Remy and Carroll.


  9. I recognise that bam bams! 😯

    He worries too much. The transfers will arrive .

    Stay calm, keep cool and watch them arrive. 😉


  10. Ta87 also agree with your watch report. never rated sammy before, always saw him as a bit of a lua lua flair player without substance. but was impressed last night, even if it was just a friendly. think he will be an easy replacement for loven this season.
    Biggie looks fantastic!

    I think maybe the Douglas deal is wrapped up. isn’t it true that he can’t join till august anyway? maybe twente have asked to keep the deal quiet until then to not increase the price of any replacement..?


  11. All joke bids with no intent… All to create the illusion of trying to get high quality through the door when the truth is we are offering 35% below Market value on every single player. Did we do any home work on any players at all for this window as all we are doing is flitting from one club to the next, getting told to stop making stupid bids and meeting rejection on every player. Sooner or later we will need to decide what our aspirations are… Do we want to compete or just attend in the premier league and do we want to get back into Europe again next season? If so we will need to accept that we can’t always get a hidden tiote or cabaye and we will have o pay higher than championship prices.


  12. Commented last night, think wolfie noticed as well. bizarre that we were playing raylor lb and santon rb? Definitely suggests that that is where pardew thinks his best position is. if that is the case there is no way in hell we need debuchy. left back would be urgent though.


  13. Craig i think they will have done their homework so much that they know a players value.

    The only position we shouldn’t be faffing around with is cb.


  14. Solano, I don’t think we are seriously trying to buy a single player of any real value. I don’t even think we need a frigging striker that desperate so god knows why seems to on pards lips every five minutes… Lb or rb and a top ch are our obvious weak areas. Last year we wanted pieters a lot … Why not now? Santon at rb and pieters at lb… What’s wrong with that ffs.


  15. Toonsy actually wrote it himself….

    “Remy joined Marseille from Nice in 2010 and has been a prolific goalscorer in Ligue 1. “……

    The toon are trying to pick up potential star players from the French league before they become big money signings. Nothing wrong with that imo.

    The transfer window is still wide open, some of our fans seem to be getting all twitchy cos we’re not throwing 20 million round on strikers. Ridiculous really…

    Let’s wait until the window closes and we can see where we actually are. Of course if we get off to a bad start then the doommongers will be out in force condemning the club… but that’s doommongers for you…


  16. Bambams@2DJ@5 AND Craig@20 . Totally agree and mentioned this in previous thread @28 and 31.

    Other than Debuchy I have seen no concrete bids go in for a defender and I’m not counting the Douglas situation as frankly that’s now a joke as the guy seems a total flake to me , go or stay he needs to sort his head out . 🙄

    Re Loc Remy ,there is not a hope in hell he’s coming in and certainly not at that bid it would seem ,as Toonsy said , ..NEXT.


  17. We were probably playing Raylor left back because we only trust him on the left when Jonas is there to cover for him, even if Jonas didn’t start that’s more likely to be his position.

    As for Santon on the right, that just worries me. Makes me think we’re going to try and pull a season with those two if Simmo leaves… 😕


  18. I don’t see anyone suggesting £20m be spent on a forward ,actually I think the pressing issue is a CB really and again not for £20M either.


  19. MM who is asking for the club to blow £20mil on a striker or anyother player.
    While im not panicking just yet I can still understand other people getting worried , we have needed a CB for more than 2 windows now and we still haven’t got one.
    For a club like ours thats not good enough and not a bit of wonder people are worrying.
    As for some that think everything is fine and the club will get the players in we need where da **** is the CB that we’ve needed


  20. Big D….read my full comment big man… “The transfer window is still wide open, some of our fans seem to be getting all twitchy…..”….. the 20 million was thrown in from my side for affect, and actually because this current article discusses Loic Remy…..a big money striker…

    I agree 100% about the need for a couple of new defenders, my point is that the window is still open, and I’ll wait and see what the club brings in… .

    Close season and this shoyt transfer system always provokes the silly season discussions…


  21. With wor lot, you never know what is happening behind the scenes. Maybe the smoke screens are to force Ba’s hand….who knows….in fact we have absolutely no chance of second guessing wor lot, cos NOBODY knows what we are genuinely up to…. apart from the fact we want cheap deals of course… 😆 😆


  22. I would only go for a versatile defender and a striker in this window and play our youngsters when necessary.

    £6m should get Yanga-Mbiwa for CB and cover for RB/LB.

    £4m should buy Vossen to cover at CF for Ba and/or Cisse.

    I would be happy with that.


  23. MM I know what your getting at but you cant blame fans for getting twitchy that we haven’t had a top player in yet considering Pards himsel said months ago that he wanted to have them in before the Euros, add to that that even Jabba said he wanted a CB in before the last window.
    I can understand people voicing concern about not having players in yet.
    But I can’t understand people saying to calm down there is 4 weeks left of the window being opened they were saying the same **** 8months ago when we were still waiting for the CB that we needed 👿


  24. Yayyyy another name to add to the “linked with us ” list
    Another test the water bid.

    All part of the fun of the summer transfer window.

    The most important part of this close season was in keeping what we had from last season and (fingers crossed ) so far so good

    Couple decent looking youngsters in , few others ready to step up to challenge for first team.
    ( Tavernier looked superb last night)

    But Ashley will not pay over what HE thinks a player is worth regardless of what a club might value any player at and will not allow the club to be dragged back into paying “silly money” either for a transfer or wages.

    IMO the players we will get in will be players we havent been linked with in every rag going because as soon as we are the price sky rockets – AP said he expected someone in within 14 days yet daily panic buttons are being pressed everywhere

    But if we have got a fully fit squad to pick from against Spuds
    Ben Arfa

    Regardless on who AVB has signed to supposedly strengthen them
    i fancy us for all 3 points

    Pardew wont signed anyone just because they are available they have to be right for us…and if people like the Fat Scrapman Shepherd had had the same attitude would have saved us a lot of money.

    We will be stronger this season and i can see us challenging for Champions league places and Chelsea can spend £100 mill , Spuds can pay £175k a week for Adebayor and Gooners well they still be crying over RVP deserting their sinking ship none of them have the team spirit and willingness to work as a UNITED team we have at the moment.( no ££££’s can buy that)

    If new faces come in ..great no need for concern if they dont


  25. DAVE my thoughts too mate and spot on bu we can do nowt but winge 😉
    MM aye cheap deals mate is about right just hope we arent left with egg on our face,jabba should talk to richie he knows all about cheap 😆


  26. Big D….you are dead right, it’s understandable that the fans get twitchy about the lack of players coming in when we all know we need defensive reinforcements.

    I’ll wait until the transfer window closes, and see where we are. At the end of the day, we finished 5th with the current squad.

    A general question, can we improve on that next season, bearing in mind that of the four clubs who finished in front of us one of them is Man Utd, two of the others are owned by rich gazillionaires with money to burn…


  27. Gary@30….thank goodness someone else is listening. If we can hold onto our big hitters from last season that is a major achievement.

    However, this new season is crucial, because if the club don’t match the expectations of our big hitters, and I include Pardew in there, then the toys will be hoyed out of the pram big time…


  28. I think the other important thing to consider is the fact our best players will be watching what Ashley and co do this window. I think it’s fair to say they won’t be impressed if we don’t strengthen as they will know how much harder it is to progress with so many extra games to play and the inevitable injurys that will come along. If we finish outside top 6 with no silverware ,I’m sure a couple of guys will want away, and who could blame them. Fact is you got to build from a position of strength unless ofcourse we are just there to make up the numbers.


  29. @ Munich

    Isnt it more important to make sure the big hitters are assured they are our number 1 guys and its them who got us there who the faith is being placed in to take us forward

    The reason ive always thought Demba would stay this year is because when his form dropped we didnt drop him and this year the partnership with Cisse is going to amazing

    Scouse and Mancs self proclaimed great teams never added 4 or 5 players close season was always 1 or 2 and then they would be bench players ..we pay £15mil for a striker he wants a starting place otherwise in todays game they start crying and thats when problems start.


  30. The way I see it, we have a bigger season coming up than last with a lot more pressure and more games. Our squad is smaller and weakened from what we had last season. We have no problem shipping em out pronto, getting the buggers through the door seems like pulling hens teeth. Our defence struggled last season once staylor went own… What do we give him this season before he pulls something ? Less than ten games I would say, then it’s gonna be a familiar story. This is nothing new and not rcket science.. We need a top draw ch and either a lb or rb, whenever ap decides what he actually wants …. Instead of going on about Carroll way too much trying tongo on an emotional prodgical son return waffle, with no real intent behind his words. A bit less bull **** and a bit more action would be good right about now i think.


  31. The transfer window isn’t closed yet…. 😥 😥 😥

    We’ve just offloaded fringe players who’s salaries equate to around 100K per week .

    Naively optimistic I am…. not like Icedog who is always whingeing 😉 😆


  32. What doesn’t help are the mixed soundbites from Pards to be fair. One day he says we hope to get bodies in befor the Euros then it’s only one player in and now it’s we are working on 3 deals !. So which are we to believe 😕 as has been said less talk more action. Then there is this Carroll stuff ,what the hells that all about .


  33. Kimtoon, in defence of Pardew, he’s always talked like that, even last season. 🙄 🙄 🙄

    Chris Houghton on the other hand offered a straight bat and said absolutely nowt.


  34. MM aye dont worry ime watching you i have to watch all you back-stabbers,but ive got my stab-vest on,heres hopeing all your beer drys up and you cannot get off the bog all night 😀


  35. MM….Guthrie was not a fringe player and loven was a first squad although used less as time wore on for sure. Money wise though…. 100 k….. You sure about that brother? Smith was 70k alone, then there are as a minimum ontop of smith….best, Guthrie, loven, Forster and several others on lesser amounts.


  36. SSN xaying a cash plus Demba Ba deal for Andy Carrroll is a strong chance, Galatasaray are looking for Ba too.

    They also said Ajax will sell us Vernon Anita for £7.5m and Blackburn will sell us Scott Dann for about £5m.


  37. Ba gone and Carroll in, does anyone here think that makes us a better team? I sure as **** don’t. Can you see ac getting 16 goals in the premier in all honesty? I don’t. If that deal happens ap will have lost his marbles for sure.


  38. TROY ime sick of this carroll thing,but i will say this,fans must understand footy is all about players makeing as much money as they can loyaly is no more the days of AS are gone but he made his cash before and after he came to toon,to those who say they would not have him back for what he done think back to one of the best players toon ever had,wor peter b.did he not leave for l/pool but was welcomed back with open arms and rightly so,well what is the diff now i ask 😉


  39. Why hasn’t there been a clear out from the relegated teams yet? Doyle/fletcher signednfrom wolves and that’s a fairly cheap, prem proven back up striker sorted.
    Like mm said though, paramount importance this window was to retain all our players.

    last year Krul and Steven Taylor fully stepped up as first team players. a number of others showed themselves to be decent squad options. who’s to say the same won’t happen this year?
    Would be irresponsible to not sign a centre half. Don’t think its the end of the world if we get noone else though.


  40. We need a first team CB, RB and CM.

    We don’t need a striker so not sure why we keep getting linked to them.

    Would rather spend £20million on Anita(£7mill), Debuchy(7.5million) and a quality CB, which I am not sure Douglas is.

    We can’t go on with Williamson, Jonas and Simpson in the starting 11. Good squad players and nothing more.


  41. I agree with the general opinion that we need to sort the defence before looking further up the pitch. I would like to see us move Santon to right back and buy 2 left backs….One first team and a young back up (never going to happen but i can dream). Also think we need a CB and ST.

    Not Sure how true the Remi thing is but he would be a fantastic signing……just cant see it happening though. The signings will come eventually but god knows who they will be. 😯


  42. How many one-club players these days just because someone leaves their home town club doesnt lesson the fact of their love or passion for the club.

    If someone offered any of us a massive pay rise along with a massive lump sum ..we would take it in a shot
    not forgetting AC also had his boss telling him he wanted to sell him for £35 mil

    So all AC done was the same as anyone else in any walk of life.

    Having AC back would strengthen the squad and be an ideal 3rd striker because of his love and passion for the club which we know he has coupled with if he leaves Scousers he will have a massive point to prove
    But it has to be as 3rd choice/1st change striker only and not part of any deal involving Demba


  43. @ The Kid

    I agree about Simpson and Williamson but not Jonas. The amount of work the guy gets through for the team is amazing. His final ball leaves alot to be desired but he has to be one of the first 11 for me for his defensive work rate alone.


  44. Craig @46 I reckon it’s less about the swap and more about Ba just leaving us anyway. Just a gut feeling that he won’t be hanging around. On the Carroll point I would have him back but not at £20m.


  45. Craig, I read this 100K per week wages thing on the blog earlier this week. But as you say, it’s probably even more so cos Smudger was on 70K alone. Toast Xisco, and there be a load of money in the pot for new players.

    Say what you like, but it’s freaking exciting times being a too fan. We have one of the best teams, squad of players, manager and general potential than for many a year !!
    😆 😆


  46. I feared there was more than met the eye regarding Demba Ba. I think the toon are trying to force is hand. I reckon it’s by no means certain that the club want to hold onto him.

    There again, could be nowt behind it. 😆

    One thing is for sure, Ba had his smiley smiley face on yesterday against the Turks.
    In Landsberg after the game, getting photos taken and stuff, he looked like somebody had just shot his budgie… 🙁 🙁


  47. How boring is this getting now man? …. Another day, another bid that is never gonna get the player!!! .. still when the window closes they can use this as a further example they have tried to sign players (with very little intent)
    Remy is a top player and would love to see him in so hope we follow this up with a serious bid .. but won’t hold my breath.

    On a positive, thought there were some good things from the game last night with some of our young lads looking very accomplished.

    I’m guessing that if Benny and Cabaye are on holiday until this week, then maybe Debuchy has been as well and with him back at Lille, hopefully we may see some progression in that transfer .. hopefully anyway.


  48. Craig @18 probably as a grandfather i see thing differently but if Elliot is Shit as a number 2 he is fulfilling his contract.But i do agree he could not catch a cold and he thinks he can challenge Krul if he does it is not at football. 😉


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