Debuchy wants to come to Newcastle – Cabaye

Cabaye and Debuchy: Reunited at United?
Yohan Cabaye has revealed that his close friend Mathieu Debuchy wants to join Newcastle United.

Speaking to The Journal, Cabaye says that he spoke to his fellow France international two days ago and he confirmed that he wants to leave Lille and join Newcastle.

Of course this is nothing new as we’ve heard it before, but it seems strange to have players talking about transfer targets at Newcastle United these days. Cabaye has been chatting to Debuchy for a long time regarding Newcastle and it would appear that his words have rubbed off on the 26-year-old who now sees his future away from the club he’s been at for the best part of two decades.

“Mathieu has made a very difficult decision to leave Lille but he has made the decision,” Cabaye told The Journal. Now I hope Newcastle push for Mathieu and I want them to do the deal,” he added.

“I spoke with him two days ago and he told me he wants to come. I hope Derek and Mike Ashley will do the business.”

He wants to play for Newcastle and I hope he comes to Newcastle because, of course, he’s my friend, but he’d also be a very good player for Newcastle.”

I’m not sure, but maybe this fits in with what Alan Pardew said yesterday about hoping to have a new player in by next Sunday? To jog your memory, here is what the silver fox had to say about that.

“I think the situation is that by the end of the week – by next Sunday – I think we will have another player in. I’m hoping we will have two players in,” Pardew told the Sunday Sun.

Then when you add in the fact that Lille have signed another right-back, which was something they were looking to do before letting Debuchy leave the club, plus the quotes attributed to Debuchy from here, you have to start thinking that maybe a deal for Debuchy is finally within reach.

We’ll see, but it certainly seems as though the lad is keen to move to Newcastle.

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33 thoughts on “Debuchy wants to come to Newcastle – Cabaye

  1. The “another player in” by Sunday will be Curtis Good.

    The “hopeful we will have two” is Debuchy.

    Not hard to work that out… So basically the story tells us nothing other that he hopes Debuchy will sign within the next two weeks.

    Earth shattering news 🙄

    Just wondering how many golds Great Britain has in the Olympics? South Africa has its first and a world record 😆


  2. good player

    but players acting like this isnt on in my eyes…. they can do it to lille u bet your ass if he wants to leave he can do it to us…….

    another bernard another boomsong and nzobia iv had my share of attitudes of these type of players it really does put me off


  3. I’m sure he’ll join us soon ,hopefully. 😉

    Nice to see Becky get Bronze in the pool and Liz get Silver in the road race. 😎 😀 Might get a gold today with Louis in the Gymnastics 😉 Then there is the diving ofcourse .I don’t think we do too bad for a small Island albeit with a big population.


  4. Pup @4 ,I know what you mean about the attitude but I’m prepared to cut him a little slack as he’s given them years of service and just wants to further his career.I don’t think they should really stand in his way as I wouldn’t expect us to if he had the chance to move to say Barca from us.


  5. theres good players a good professionals theres always a way to carry yourself i think kim

    its lacking a lot in the game now


  6. @ Ice Pup

    HBA did the same exact thing to come here. It is a reality of football whether we like it or not so lets just be happy that we are the ones that could benefit from this.


  7. hes a good player the attitudes of players these days piss’s me off

    cabaye is one of my fav players but whys he coming out with this stuff

    just imagine how u guys would feel if it was done to us thats all im saying…..


  8. Ice ,yeah I know what you mean. 😉 But ambition and money are kings now it would seem , loyalty is the poor relation now. 🙁

    😆 I’m sat here being very entertained by my mental cat franticly chasing a big old fly round the room , She just lept a good 5ft in the air for it 😯 Don’t fancy my ornaments lasting too long at the moment 🙄 .


  9. Blimey ,Bale is mighty pissed at Adam .Just seen what he’s saying about him on SSN.”He’s come for me twice and got me twice”. “I’ve had no apology and don’t want one ,but that’s the type of person he is” 😯 No drinks in the bar after for them two then.


  10. Kim – I don’t get all the fuss myself. Was it really that bad a tackle?! Just looked like he mistimed it and trod on his foot a bit. I was expecting it to be like De Jong vs HBA the way they’re going on about it!

    On topic, his attitude does seem a bit questionable, but nothing new there. In fairness to him he has been at Lille a long time, and you can’t blame him for wanting to test himself on a bigger stage. Hopefully him and Cabaye being here together will give us the upper hand if ever a bid comes in for one of them.


  11. “I’m sat here being very entertained by my mental cat franticly chasing a big old fly round the room , She just lept a good 5ft in the air for it 😯 Don’t fancy my ornaments lasting too long at the moment 🙄 .”

    What “ornaments” would those be hanging at five feet then Kim and why are there flies buzzing around them? 😉 😆


  12. Pretty harsh call on Debuchy, Ice Pup. His whole career has been played at Lille. He hasn’t been disrespectful or talked himself up. No way you can compare him to N’zog, who perpetualy linked himself with moves to ‘big’ clubs. He has requested a move and wants to test himself in the PL. Can’t blame him for that!! 🙂


  13. Hopefully he signs this week as we are running out of time and giving the players less time to settle in . I hope the 2nd one he’s talking about is a 1st teamer and not Good or any other kid with potential.


  14. aussie M fan

    u cant tell me he’s been quiet in the press…. DEMANDING to move

    unproffesional in my opinion a top player im not saying he’s not his whole career hes 26 not 30
    1992–1993 Frétin
    1993–2003 Lille

    iv shirts stayed in my wardrobe longer than that :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  15. JJ@15 😆 No ,she’s been all over the shelves and mantle after it , it came in when I came back in from the garden . I hate flys ,but Honey is my hero as she did get it but then ate it making a god awful crunching sound 🙄 👿 yuk.I do feed her ,honest . 😉


  16. Pup , Don’t knock the entertainment value ,cats are hillarious when in pursuit of something . They like to think they are all gracefull but they are proper clumsy ,bit like Shola really. 😉 😀


  17. i like tightening the pop bottles with a spanner before going to work knowing my girlfriend wont be able to open them…. thats entertaining :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  18. i used to think putting IMMAC in her shampoo was funny but she got really childish and pissed off when she caught me……. no sense of humour i thought


  19. JJ dont why they bother never known them be right on anything,but gray and his buddy like to be heard 😉


  20. @24 Ice pup …what she doesnt tell you is she started cleaning the bog with your toothbrush not long afterwards


  21. Icepup, there has been one quote in the paper from him that I can recall. It has been printed over and over again a rehashed beyond belief so you can’t blame the guy for that.. I’ll stand corrected if I am wrong on this…


  22. If all the reports are true ie he wants to come to NUFC and terms have been agreed WHERE IS HE? or is this just newspaper talk


  23. Aussie magpie fan i read the same things as u i recall other’s BUT i’m taking it as he said it… all i was saying was i dont like how pro’s act or why cabaye is being involved its not right WE wouldnt like it if its the case… id still like him at the toon tho

    @gary U been talking to our lass like…… the tart that she is wait till she gets home there will be bother the neet 😉 😉


  24. No stress Pup, I was just defending Debuchy’s honor after you compared him to N’zog 🙂 🙂 🙂


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