€8 million fee agreed for Vurnon Anita

Toon bid for Anita accepted
It looks as though Newcastle are about to make their first what could be called “first team” breakthrough of the summer in the form of Vurnon Anita from Ajax.

We’ve been linked with the 23-year-old for most of the summer but, as ever these days, our interest cooled as Ajax played hard to get with Anita.

However it would seem that a fee of around £6.2 million (or €8 million) has been enough to persuade Ajax to part company with their academy prospect who has been at the Amsterdam club for over 13 years now. Anita is yet to agree terms with Newcastle though although you would have to say that negotiations and a medical are just formalities ahead of the closure of the deal. It’s highly unlikely that his agent will have no idea what NUFC are going to offer isn’t it?

Naturally this will crank up the speculation regarding Cheik Tiote who will now be pencilled in as leaving the club by a section of our fans. It may be the case or it may not and nobody knows for sure, but just because we’ve signed another defensive midfielder (who can also play left-back I’ll add) it doesn’t necessarily mean that our African enforcer is on his way.

If you actually think about it allows our team to be more dynamic in attack if the addition of Vurnon is worked right. You could have Anita and Tiote sitting deep with Cabaye pushed further forward flanked by Benny and who can interchange with Cisse up top throughout the match. Or we could have a midfield trio of Cabaye, Tiote and Anita giving Ba, Cisse and Ben Arfa licence to do some damage in attack.

The possibilities are endless and with the prospect of somewhere near 50 games this season we, to be fair, need all the faces we can get.

So not quite signed and sealed yet, but not too far off…

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562 thoughts on “€8 million fee agreed for Vurnon Anita

  1. Big D@512, no disrespect mate, but the majority of fans on the blog seem to be ex-pats of some form or another, and we all bring our own emotional state into the equation of all things toon.

    Although I pretty much know the answers I wonder what the real feeling is on Tyneside on the eve of the new season. As far as I can gather Troy and B&B may be in a position to comment, but they spend all day **** slapping each other… How about the rest of the bloggers who reside in the goldfish bowl ? Come on down… 😆


  2. @Troy
    So you agree with me basically.. HE HAD A CHOICE.
    I’ve said in the past that I don’t begrudge Jose and Carroll moves to Liverpool: they are a bigger club, were showing more ambition and were paying more.
    Even don’t mind Nolan: as you say, football careers can end in an instance, people are entitled to move for money if they see fit.

    But I do oppose to players blaming the move on the club. Just admit you wanted to go. He came out with this “tell the fans I didn’t want to go, tell them I was forced out” tripe and people lapped it up.


  3. @Big Dave
    My point is that those who claim he was forced out to Liverpool can actually now see that it was his own choice as he quite easily turned down West Ham.


  4. Big D@152, I agree with most of what you’re saying, but regarding the crazy transfer fees we, i.e. the current regime, are untouchable as far as I’m concerned. That some radgies thought about paying 35 mill for Carroll is another issue. This is an old debate, but aside from the emotional aspect, the financial merits of the Carroll sale have been debated up the ying-yang…


  5. Troy,
    Hahahaha, I havn’t had time (and won’t) to go through the archives to check. If it wasn’t you I apologise. 😉 Still not convinced it wasn’t though. 😆


  6. Aussie Magpie Fan@517, I disagree with you there mate. Most of us agree, it’s just the ones who don’t agree, they are the big problem. I’m not sure if you agree with me though. 😉


  7. @JJ

    It’s not hard to do. Type in google “Troy Stavers Cisse” and there are plenty of quotes.
    All favourable as soon as he was bought. 😉


  8. Troy@533, that doesn’t always work… 😉 , maybe you know someone who can delete the contentious quotations from the Blog for you. If you need some help Big D can give you the name of someone who can help you out 😉 😉


  9. Munich. I think I am the problem. I find myself in two minds over my ambivalence towards the conflicted nature of my divided opinions.

    Wow. I’m really ****ed up. :mrgreen:


  10. @Trumpet

    That is the lamest response today. 😉

    Any player can stay put if they are on a contract. Just ask Xisco.

    I don’t believe for one second that Ashley asked his bodyguards to escort Carroll out the ground. Carroll is not suggesting anything other than he was left in an untenable situation.

    If Carroll remains at Liverpool come the end of this window then you will have a point. I really don’t believe that will be the case though and he is waiting out for a better deal.

    I believe he will be forced out and you will need to apologise to Mr Andrew Thomas Carroll for making rash judgements. 😉

    If he remains at Liverpool then I will apologise to you and you called it correct.

    Fair do’s?


  11. I think I may have just come up with a pleonastic tautology.

    Look those two up and you’ve got a gag to impress any intellectual ponce… :mrgreen:


  12. Spoke to my journo pal about anita deal last night……he knows nothing about the deal which is odd and said he thinks something more sinister going on… Great eh! 😕

    On a more positive note pards is still convinced apparently that a new striker will come in even after anita.
    However I would have thought a CB is priority as both taylor and colo are prone to getting knocks……


  13. Troy you have a deal 😈
    will give us both something else to agonise about apart from our own clubs current failings!


  14. @rossco
    think that is one of the big problems facing the blog at the minute. you’d think with three days until kick off that all our chat would be on starting line ups, unfortunately the number of possible injuries means that it is a pointless exercise.


  15. Whumpie @ 536. It’s a clever sentence – and could even be considered a valid sentence, in the sense of you reflecting on a reflection.

    A divided opinion doesn’t have to be in conflict; you can have two separate opinions that are not mutually exclusive, therefore that part of the sentence is valid. Further, you can be ambivalent about how you feel about that state of affairs, and on another level of reflection be in two minds about whether you care about that ambivalence.

    So, there is no redundancy. Therefore the pleonastic tautology joke becomes semantically empty with regards to the sentence in question, and stands only as a gag within itself.

    Intellectual ponces aren’t easily impressed. 😆 😆 😆


  16. SolanosTrumpet@541

    As far as I can see the blog is ticking along just nicely, compared to other blogs… Also considering minimal input from Toonsy at the mo, for whatever reason, all of them good most probably.

    Why should supposed injuries render a discussion about starting line-ups pointless ?

    You’ve got me baffled there big man …. 😉


  17. @MM
    Well I tried putting together the line up that I would play against Spurs together and couldn’t. A team with Cisse/Ba/Cabaye/Colo/Tiote/HBA doesn’t bear thinking about.. 😥


  18. Krul
    Simpson; Saylor; Williamson; Santon
    Marveaux; Perch; Gosling (Vuckic); Jonas
    Obertan; Shola

    With all those wonderful young guys who are ready to step up on the bench.

    Just shows how much we need another 3 players.


  19. Big Dave
    August 15, 2012 at 10:33

    “MM I agree the fans pay so much towards the running of the club, yet the fans have no say in nowt and are basically treated like dirt. Look at the way they have treated the fans and local community they just steam roll there way over them with no thought or consideration for them.”

    So pretty much how it is at every other club then yeah?


  20. Bris….@546…. what is your point ? The line up you quote would avoid defeat against Spurs, that’s for sure.

    Take Cisse/Ba/Cabaye/Colo/Tiote/HBA out of the team and we’re struggling ? Thanks for pointing that out, probably most teams would struggle 😆 😆 😆


  21. Oops, sorry Bris, my post at 548 was incorrectly targetting yourself, although it somewhat does indirectly. It was more targetting Solano @544 😳 😳 😳


  22. The centre of midfield might struggle against Spurs and Chelsea.

    It shouldn’t do too badly against the Greek guys in the Europa.


  23. @MM
    My post wasn’t a slant against the board or anything?! Just noting why I don’t think we are talking about line ups. It’s true. You can’t talk about line ups without knowing the available players 🙄
    As for avoiding defeat against Spurs with that lineup, I certainly wouldn’t part with any money for that bet. Saylor has scored more Premiership goals than the rest of the team put together bar Shola.
    And the midfield would be completely overran.


  24. Whumpie
    August 15, 2012 at 11:51

    “Is Toonsy on holiday? We need a new post!”

    Nope, just busy with not much input from other writers at the moment 🙂


  25. @Bris
    Shola is our second highest goal scorer in Europe isn’t he? Saves it all up for the big occasions! Scored at Nou Camp and still doubted by his fans 😆


  26. Toonsy, just because you ****ed I sent something through. Its been discussed but now there’s a specific thread for it 😉 😆


  27. Just for the ones asking about Toonsy As most will know he works as a Coach driver on the continent most of the time, so I think he’s only home a day or so at a time and also with his new child I don’t think he has lots of spare time at the Mo, and if I remember rightly he was having to get work done on the house aswell.
    So bare with him also there’s not really much happening, maybe if we got a new player or something he would make time but up to now that hasn’t happened.

    Troy @ 537 ” If he remains at Liverpool then I will apologise to you and you called it correct.
    Fair do’s?”
    thats what I like to see a man that is prepared to apologise when he’s wrong 😉


  28. JJ – Wasn’t a **** directly. I have two articles in drafts, three with yours, but haven’t had the time to edit them 😉

    Anyway, because Whumpie ****ed there is a new article up 😆


  29. Cheers Dave 🙂

    Basically what Dave says 😆

    Plus I’m not one to whip my fanny into a frenzy because we haven’t signed anyone yet 🙂


  30. Toonsy ye ****er where did you appear from I just wrote a speech about you 😆
    On the other clubs lots of them have a fan groups or a rep they mightn’t take much notice of them but atleast it shows that they value the fans. Lambastad at every chance he seems to get is having a pop at the fans, not exactly what I would call fan friendly.


  31. SolanosTrumpet@551 why are you jumping to conclusions, I absolutely didn’t mention a “slant at the board”, those are purely your own words… 😯

    I simply questioned your statement that we couldn’t discuss possible line ups due to possible injuries, nothing more, nothing less.

    Read my post mate… 😕

    Do you read everything you believe in the Chronicle ? We’ll see on Saturday what is brinksmanship from AP and genuine injuries…


  32. Big D…here in Germany the fan groups have a bit to say with the clubs, and actually communicate with the owners… It gives the fans a feeling of belonging to the club… I think the owners of Borussia Dortmund would have real trouble closing the 17,000 strong singing section without the fans having something to say… 😆 I’ve seen them at first hand, they are real die-hard Ultras 😯


  33. Big D@558, there you are trying to defend Toonsy when all the time he was lying around in the back garden getting a bronze on… 😈


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