€8 million fee agreed for Vurnon Anita

Toon bid for Anita accepted
It looks as though Newcastle are about to make their first what could be called “first team” breakthrough of the summer in the form of Vurnon Anita from Ajax.

We’ve been linked with the 23-year-old for most of the summer but, as ever these days, our interest cooled as Ajax played hard to get with Anita.

However it would seem that a fee of around £6.2 million (or €8 million) has been enough to persuade Ajax to part company with their academy prospect who has been at the Amsterdam club for over 13 years now. Anita is yet to agree terms with Newcastle though although you would have to say that negotiations and a medical are just formalities ahead of the closure of the deal. It’s highly unlikely that his agent will have no idea what NUFC are going to offer isn’t it?

Naturally this will crank up the speculation regarding Cheik Tiote who will now be pencilled in as leaving the club by a section of our fans. It may be the case or it may not and nobody knows for sure, but just because we’ve signed another defensive midfielder (who can also play left-back I’ll add) it doesn’t necessarily mean that our African enforcer is on his way.

If you actually think about it allows our team to be more dynamic in attack if the addition of Vurnon is worked right. You could have Anita and Tiote sitting deep with Cabaye pushed further forward flanked by Benny and who can interchange with Cisse up top throughout the match. Or we could have a midfield trio of Cabaye, Tiote and Anita giving Ba, Cisse and Ben Arfa licence to do some damage in attack.

The possibilities are endless and with the prospect of somewhere near 50 games this season we, to be fair, need all the faces we can get.

So not quite signed and sealed yet, but not too far off…

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562 thoughts on “€8 million fee agreed for Vurnon Anita

  1. Newkie@45….dread the thought that the player take a drop in salary or whatever “could” be done to make a trasnfer happen… 😉

    The morale of the story is the old “who wants to have an unhappy player on there books ?” line. The Llille bloke played the psychological card about Debuchy having to do his best to retain his place in the French team…

    I suppose every player is different, but regarding for example Modric, his valuation seems to increase the longer the transfer window progresses, with Spurs being the winners at the end of the day.


  2. My mistake Johno I see the Deloitte value is 98M euros which would be 80M pounds. However for this season I still think we will earn in excess of 90M pounds because the TV contract is huge now with the bottom place team supposedly to receive almost 60M pounds and with some money coming from competition in the Europa League. Given that we have brought in 3.6 M pounds more than we have spent on transfers this summer alone it it ridiculous in my mind to continue to try to lowball teams or to haggle with players to the last pound. I hope Anita is not asking for ridiculous money because that is a different kettle of fish. I just find the whole approach by Llambias to be unsettling. It will be harder and harder for him to negotiate with clubs if he continues to come in with lowball offers as far as I can see. What is the point considering we have one of the best head scouts in the world which automatically means clubs raise their valuations when we approach them? I’m also concerned when I see Pardew claiming that clubs in general are wildly overvaluing their players (as if we haven’t in the past and will continue to do).


  3. @B&B
    I’m using a mobile to post so my paragraphs in the middle got jumbled and it’s difficult to review what I’ve wrote before posting.

    @Big Dave
    It doesn’t sound professional regarding arrangements and contact with the player.


  4. Munich-Do me a favour! A player take a wage cut? Well, I suppose according to Steve Wraith we have a number of CL and international players under 20k, Pards might have the silver tongue like 😉

    I guess in some instances like Deb he may be unwilling to risk his reputation in France and so his international career, but if he’s as desperate as he sounds to leave….and he may have a better chance at getting it/keeping it if he performs here, like Benny. Imo, its all about money.

    As for modric, well Spurs know Real will pay ridiculous money, and Levy is used to being a tight *******. I’m surprised they’re risking so much on Modric though….their fans went ballistic at him (and most of their squad) for about 3/4 months straight last season and they all seem to hate him now. If they play him and he doesn’t perform, they lose out on the pitch. If they drop him, it gives him a reason to cause yet more trouble and in both instances it significantly reduces the transfer fee….not all rosey for spuds.


  5. The whole thing with Anita makes it sound as if the deal is still in the preliminary stages. If the club haven’t invited him over to talk that doesn’t make any sense at all. Either that or it is a stalling tactic by Anita to try to drive his wage up. In any case it clearly won’t work. I would imagine they are offering him in the region of 35K a week? I think that would leave room for an improved wage later in the season if his performances are outstanding. I can’t see him getting more than that to start with so if he is asking for 50K a week or more we won’t be seeing him in black and white. I hope this isn’t the case.


  6. @G2
    Is that right? £60m for the lowest placed team.

    That is a huge amount. Surely can’t be that much.?


  7. I think Anita is wanting to know what position Pards wants him to play in more than what he’ll be paid by the sounds of it.


  8. Though I can understand he would want assurances ,I hope he’s not gonna be the type who gets hissy if you ask him to play a less favored position in an emergency situation. Also Pards may want to switch formations to suit the opposition . More questions than answers at the mo on this transfer ,not at all sure it will go through tbh. 🙄


  9. @Newkie

    This is absolutely normal craic for me and my bro.

    No harm in it just brotherly love 😉

    We cause utter chaos when we are out on the drink together and try to get everyone else involved. I’ve seen us on many occasion walk into a quiet pub and within an hour the place is jumping and everyone is putting their two penneth worth in.

    We must walk out and the locals look at each and say ” who f£&k are those two idiots! 🙂


  10. Can you imagine if we lose out on this guy too. That will be De Jong, Debuchy ,a fairytale bid for Carroll and Anita 🙄 We’ll probably end up with nutjob Douglas and noone else 👿


  11. G2 @464 ,Bugger ,that’s a lot of money.Which begs the question ,why the **** are we pissing about over an extra 1 to 2m for a french international like Debuchy 🙄 😕


  12. If reports are to be believed he played a whole season and more at LB and played there for Holland as well…doubt he’d be that fussy. But he would want to know where and how often he’d be played, considering we’re in need of a full back but not a midfielder..


  13. Kim well it won’t be long to wait now then we’ll know what true ambitions Jabba has for the club, because he has a real chance this yr and should grab it with both hands, because if he doesn’t we might struggle to get the chance again.


  14. Also remeber a quote from last week Anita saying that a pay rise would come into effect in a few months if he performed well? That may have been his old agent though. Any way sounds confident in his own ability if he willing to take on such a deal.


  15. Kimtoon every time I see a quote from Pardew it makes me think we won’t be bringing in some of these players. I think Debuchy is probably already a lost cause with Llambias at the table for us and Anita seems to be hanging by a thread but that may be his own fault for getting too greedy. The whole Carroll story is a red herring. We would never pay him anywhere near 75 or 80K a week and he would never accept close to a 50% wage reduction. If we bring in more than 1 player by the end of the window I will be surprised. If our defense is as porous as it was against Cardiff (I don’t think it will be) Llambias will be a laughing stock with the supporters again and that will probably send him off on another drinking binge and rant.


  16. Ideally Pieters, M’Biawa, Anita and Remy. Settle for Douglas, Debuchy, Anita & any striker. Expect none of the above. :mrgreen:


  17. To me it’s not clear from the article premanup. Even if it begins in the 2013-2014 season we should be planning and spending to put is in position to reap the maximum reward. A top 5 finish would probably put us in the 65M-70M pound a year TV income bracket. Our total income would be somewhere in excess of 100M pounds a year conservatively even if we weren’t in Champions League football. Brilliant, but only if we spend properly as other clubs are doing.


  18. GEORDIETWO I have always maintained that Lambastad was one of the main problems with our club, he might know about finances etc but knows **** all about Footie, and footie finances when it comes to transfer etc is nowt like casino finances, I also think from what I have read that he has a major personality problem where he thinks he can treat footie people like a gambler that ask’s for an account or run’s up a bill.


  19. I think you’re probably right Big Dave @475. At least some of the time I think Llambias takes the wrong approach in transfer dealings (based on many of his comments in the press) and has cost us several very good signings. I can’t find much out about Charnley but surely he has a more reasonable approach that would be more successful? I suppose we will never know for sure unless someone like Charnley spills the beans after leaving the club (not likely to happen now that we are successful I know). Still hoping we are being premature and we actually make 2 or 3 very good signings but the comments from Pardew suggest otherwise.


  20. troy, troy, troy, troy – You said you are still waiting for the Carroll money to be spent. You now say, “I don’t have a figure how much I want to spend. I simply state we have needed a CB for over a year and that cash should have been made available. It still hasnt, yet we have a surplus of £30m in transfers.”

    So now you’re not waiting for the Carroll money to be spent; you’re just waiting for the club to buy a centre back? They’ve already bought one, and you might be saying by Christmas he’s the best centre back in the club. We know they’re looking at Douglas, and I reckon that transfer is more likely than the Debuchy one. So what’s your problem?

    Instead of buying a centre back last time, we spent £10M or so on Cisse and I know which I’d rather have first.

    If we have a loss on player transfers brought forward at the point the Carroll profit comes in, where do you take into account that loss in your figures? You just want to draw a line from the Carroll receipt forward because it suits you. You expect the club to pay £30M on players, or if you don’t, you’ve modified your position.

    You say, “I fail to see why you brought that in the debate in the first instance. It wasn’t about my opinions on how much of the cash should be spent, it was about you identifying where the cash had gone.”

    It was all about you saying how much cash there was (all the Carroll cash) and about you waiting for it to be spent. In short, I was saying the cash wasn’t there because the club have chosen to be prudent and net off gains against previous years’ losses. Essentially, I wanted to know why you were waiting for the Carroll cash to be spent when it wasn’t there; Llambias has given enough hints FFS. Also, I didn’t know why you waiting for us to spend it when it would be better to do the prudent thing and pay down some of the debts and put the club on a firmer financial footing; everyone is trying to do it these days, fella. Get off that fantasy train and step into the real world of personal, corporate and global finance for a moment. The best you can say is that you’re impatient for a centre back. I’ve said it before on here, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    As for misquotes, you apologised to someone who pulled you up (JJ, I think), and had no come back to Wellington as I recall. You’re now making excuses about your mobile.


  21. GEORDIETWO I don’t really think it matters what Charnley is like because I would imagine Lambastad will be the main man and Charnley probably just sits in the background taking notes like most Secretaries do 😆


  22. Haha, class about Northampton. Got a career on FIFA with them so have a soft spot for em’. Same with Hartlepool, hope it was Akinfenwa that scored, he’s beast but slow as ****. :mrgreen:


  23. Those could be very interesting notes indeed if they eventually get leaked to the press Big Dave. 😆 The whole Debuchy story is just ridiculous with us making an initial bid of less than 4M pounds! What on earth was Llambias thinking or was he busy washing his tonsils with some tasty ale at the time? Llambias must be a laughing stock with European clubs by now. He might as well just hang a sign around his neck saying warning: club fool approaching.


  24. GEORDIETWO or a sign saying don’t **** with me cause i’m a right nasty ****er, saying that I think he would make a good buyer for a 2nd car dealership 😆


  25. Llambias and Mikey may be evil b*stards, and I’ve hated them for what they’ve done in the past, but I have to concede they have done fantastically well in giving us a team to be proud of.

    Look at the Mackems. I cannot believe they’ve offered £14M for Fletcher. I hope they get him. 😆

    So pleased we kept away from Sturridge. He was crap in the Olympics. What was Pearce thinking about not taking a proven goalscorer. That was our downfall and it was blatantly obvious before we started – the Beckham brouhaha was a red herring.


  26. Sad but true Big Dave @486! I agree with B&B that we have a team to be proud of but just wish we could bring in a proper managing director who people could look up to. I just can’t do that with Llambias. Too much water and frustration under the bridge. The end of last summer’s transfer window was a perfect example.


  27. I don’t mind Lambiase running the financial side of things as he seems to have done well. Plus from everything we have heard, he doesn’t identify targets or anything. But I think he should stay out of the negotiations with purchases as he seems to rub people the wrong way.


  28. I seriously doubt this Anita deal will come off. We shouldn’t be giving him any guarantees about whether he will play never mind where he will play. It sounds like the kid might be a bit of a prima donna, and if so, we should keep well clear.


  29. That might work MDS @489 but I don’t think we will ever have the chance to find out. He just looks sneaky and untrustworthy to me and has behaved that way in the past (the helicopter is ready and waiting to pick up Bryan Ruiz etc etc).


  30. Llambias is a grade a c*nt. That being said if he just did his job and kept out of the headlines and bragging all the time, I don’t think i’d get so angry with him.


  31. MDS @489 He should stop streaking across the pitch as well, and if he must negotiate, he should keep his clothes on. 😳


  32. It really depends on what the actual facts are B&B. We never really hear the complete unvarnished truth because both sides are maneuvering to get the best possible deal. I think it will come down to the wage and he is beginning to sound greedy. Playing position can be modified over time if he turns out to be fantastic but once he signs to a wage that will be the base rate from which all further negotiations proceed.


  33. Amazing how people on blogs think their opinion is fact. 😯

    Llambias might not be everybody’s favourite guy on here. That, of course, doesn’t mean he is disliked by directors of other footbal teams, at least any more or less than any other director is.

    Guessing at what Anita’s thoughts are does not make them real.

    Projecting your fears onto Ashley does not make them Ashley’s thoughts.

    Guessing at what goes on in transfer negotiations does not mean what you think is truth.

    Trying to work out a balance sheet without half the figures is just plain ridiculous.

    ‘With our minds we create the world’. I knew we had a good collection of closet idealists on this blog but didn’t realise there were so many Buddhists. 😆 😆 😆


  34. B&B @ 493 😆 😆 😆 I dont know – if he used that tactic on me i’d do just about anything to get the ugly f*ckers clothes back on


  35. @B&B

    You’ve done it again haven’t you. Your very first paragraph always sets you up for s fall.;
    troy, troy, troy, troy – You said you are still waiting for the Carroll money to be spent. You now say, “I don’t have a figure how much I want to spend. I simply state we have needed a CB for over a year and that cash should have been made available. It still hasnt, yet we have a surplus of £30m in transfers.”

    Twisting quotes again. You must stop doing this it makes you look deceitful. Have I once said I wanted all the Carroll money spent?
    Or have I maintained the money is there to spend should Pardew need it for instance on a CB which he’s been wanting for over a year and still hasn’t got one.

    Q.1. Please can you produce the quote where I said I want all the Carroll money spent.

    You then state we’ve already bought a CB and he might be the best in the club by Xmas.
    I’m only aware of nominal fee players being bought so far and don’t expect them to be better than Colo or Taylor by Xmas 2015 nevermind this Xmas.

    Q.2 Have we ? Who is this CB that you believe is up to the standard to step in the first team now which is what we need.?

    You then go on and question why I believe the cash should be there when Llambias has hinted enough it’s not there.

    Wow! You’ve really lost all sense of reality at this stage. Of course I know what Mr. Lam******* is saying you numpty. He has told us repeatedly the money is invested in the club. I’m telling you the cash promised originally was to be used solely on the team not dug out seats.

    Q.3. Why did you ask me a question that we knew the answer to at the very first post I sent you over 48hrs ago? We all know what the club are saying you numpty. It was Cisse or a CB cos there’s no money.
    I’m questioning why there was no money when we have a surplus of £25m -£30m on transfers since Carroll was sold.

    You then tell me to be patient as Rome wasnt built in a day.
    Who is asking for the club to spend enough to build a Rome? Be patient? Am I not just stating that money should have been made available to buy a CB of quality and we might have been one step closer to building Rome by being in the CL.

    Q4. Tell me why that is so wrong.?

    Finally, you accused me of misquoting someone in your last post and advised me to check what comes out of my mouth before criticising others.
    I replied to that and stated I had never misquoted anyone Anns pointed out JJ misquoted me.

    Q5 why did you just reply and suggest you thought i misquoted JJ?
    JJ never accused me of misquoting him. I accused him of doing it to me.
    As far as Wellington goes. I can only assume you haven’t read his post either? If you have then no one was accusing anyone of misquoting.

    Finally, you need to reflect on how foolish you are coming across as not only is it showing you up but also me as I can’t believe you are Les’ Grandson. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  36. @B&B

    Please answer my questions without asking a question.
    Everyone is noticing you do that.
    I’ve highlighted it again cos you don’t want to know as B&B Bungling Boris. 🙂

    Answer them first and if you have questions leave them to the end. I’m more than happy to respond. 😉


  37. Big D @475, I agree 100% regarding our manager Lambias. No matter how well he does his job, and no-one really knows that at the end of the day, perhaps he is really good at what he does. However, the big issue with me, is that on more than one occassion the bloke has behaved in a way that is derogatory and misdemeaning of the traditions of the club and the thousands of people who associate themselves as fans of the club. Unfortunately, no matter what he does afterwards, he can never rid himself of that tag, because he has lost the respect of the man on the street. That is the big issue as far as I am concerned. It stands to reason that all things negative will be heaped on his shoulders, failing to get players over the line,etc etc, and all good things land at someone elses door. However, he has made his own bed imo, whether he’s bothered about upsetting and alienating the fans…who knows ?


  38. Batty, maybe the club are trying to force the blokes hand…or force Debuchy….or…who knows ffs… 👿 At the end of the day Anita and Debuchy are internationals, they need to be treat in the right way I would imagine. 😕 and expect to earn the money associated with an international footballer. Looks like wor lot will also play hard ball, with the upshot being we bring no-one in. Makes you wonder why we even try in the first place.. 😆


  39. MM why is the upshot that we bring no-one in? Maybe the upshot is that all parties will find a happy medium.


  40. http://www.football365.com/news/21554/7990401/Sullivan-Carroll-snubbed-West-Ham

    My my, what’s this?
    Andy Carroll’s club accepts a bid for him and he turns it down. I wonder why he didn’t do that with us? Oh, because he handed in a transfer request, wanting to leave.
    Guess if West Ham stayed up and his transfer was made permanent his wages would be lower.
    Wish the lad all the best in his career. Would love to have a geordie england number 9. But he’s a lying judas, he forced the move and this rejection puts to bed all the “he wasn’t wanted here, Ashley forced him out” talk.
    Btw I’m not saying he was wrong to do it. The amount of money Liverpool spent over the last year should make them title challengers. However I find issue with former players trying to stir sh!t given how easy it is to manipulate negative board reactions from the fans because of the history.


  41. brisvegas@504 I know you are more a look on the positive side type of guy, and in fact me too. I actually said as much in the first part of my posting, which you may have misread… 😉

    At the end of the day, we all hope to get some good players in. However, there is a reason why Debuchy, Anita et al haven’t jumped ship yet. Whereas without doubt there may be some hard ball negotiations going on, we are talking about squillion euro investments, so I suppose hard balling is part of the deal… Someone needs to blink at the end of the day and sing on the dotted line. We all know a pet hate of Ashley / Pardew etc is the crazy fees involved in football these days… If it was my squillions I would also tend to tread wearily… 😆


  42. Bris – It’s a tricky one that the paying customer, i.e. the fan, has no influence on the purchasing strategies of the club. I suppose at the end of the day any club owner is playing with a portion of the fans money too, or do people see it as ALL Ashley and the clubs money, cos he’s the owner at the end of the day…… ?


  43. @Troy
    Aye different because Carroll wanted to go and handed in a transfer request.
    Otherwise please describe the differences?


  44. MM Fair enough. I don’t know if I’m a positive sort of guy; I just don’t see why the default has to be negative.

    The truth is that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we ended up with nobody. And I don’t have much time for Ashley or Llambias, and agree with all the people who think they are slimy *******s. However, I don’t see any need to say it at every opportunity.


  45. MM I agree the fans pay so much towards the running of the club, yet the fans have no say in nowt and are basically treated like dirt. Look at the way they have treated the fans and local community they just steam roll there way over them with no thought or consideration for them.
    As for Pards coming out and saying that the club haven’t made the signings yet because of agents and clubs pricing the **** out of the transfer market, but still we done that with Carroll so we didn’t exactly help the crazy prices of players.


  46. “Troy Stavers
    August 14, 2012 at 14:47

    I’m waiting for JJ to tell us his thoughts on Barfa as he stated he was overrated in January and not a team player.

    Still overrated JJ ?”

    In all honestly Troy, I’m still not convinced by Ben Arfa.

    He has scored some imcredible goals, and he has by far the best technical ability as an attacker in our squad. He also seemed to up his work rate a bit.

    But he only really played for half a season. He went off to Euros, and caused **** in the squad. I guess as long as he behaves for us I don’t care.

    I guess we’ll be able to tell after the first few months of this season if he behaves and applies himself.


  47. This money thing gets me. Given that we now operate to balanced books (or to a profit) surely ALL the money the club deals with comes from us?

    Ticket sales: us
    Merchandise: us
    Sponsorship: sponsors, who recoup their money by selling their gear to… us.
    TV fees, which Sky et al recoup from license sales to.. us… and to pubs, who recoup their costs through beer sales to… us.

    So that’d be us, then.

    When you consider that every penny that goes to the likes of Debuchy’s agent (no doubt a scumbag like all of ’em) is money we have gone to do our ****e jobs every day to earn, Ashley’s famous brinkmanship and hardball tactics seem fantastic.

    Anyone disagree?


  48. So according to nufc.com we have a lot of fitness worries for the Spurs game:

    Going into this game, Alan Pardew has injury concerns over Hatem Ben Arfa (knee), Demba Ba (shin), Papiss Cisse (knee), Yohan Cabaye (fitness), Fabricio Coloccini and Cheick Tiote (both calf).

    What do you think the chances of all or none of them being available?

    It would be a hard game with those guys missing!


  49. Big Dave, no one on here can agree on anything so it is probably a good thing that we have no say in the running of the club 😉 😆


  50. Whumpie will you still think his hardballing tactics are fantastic if we don’t get the CB we have needed for 2 transfer windows now or the Striker we need badly from we got rid of Best and Lovens because if/when the Dembas go to ACON we will struggle to win games, so if we dont challenge for top 6 this season will that be fantastic ?


  51. @Trumpet

    The big difference is he was inexperienced without being an established England CF and was on a relatively small contract at Newcastle.

    Liverpool at the point of buying were in the ascendancy and he was offered a very lucrative contract which set him up for life.

    Newcastle told him they would not even discuss an increase on his reported £28k per week until the summer.
    Football careers are short and can be over in one game.

    He had a choice to go to a prestigious club that were showing ambition.

    Unfortunately for Carroll and Liverpool it didn’t work out. (though I’m happy it didn’t for Liverpool).

    He has since established himself as an England player and was starting to show the form he displayed at the Toon.

    Why would he leave to go to West Ham? They are hardly a step up whereas it could be argued Liverpool was when he was at the Toon.

    He may be holding out for a move back to the Toon for all we know and turned WH down for that reason.

    It’s another bitter statement against a person you really don’t know anything about.

    Over to you. 😉


  52. Whumpie I agree. Agent fees are a disgrace. West Ham spent ££20 million on agent fees over the last year. Shocking stuff. If a player wants someone to represent them they should pay them themselves. Agents are a blight in the game and until that gravey train is dealt with us the fans will suffer from it


  53. There is an interesting debate Aussie. Other the Toonsy, Which person on this blog would you want sitting on the Nufc board?


  54. @JJ

    Fair do’s. It’s an opinion I don’t agree with as I believe he is the most exciting player at the club and someone we should build the team around.

    Each has their own opinions on players and that’s fair enough.

    Have you noted in my previous post that I did not criticise Cisse as you suggested? I had taken the opposite stance and congratulated the club on buying him.
    I note you haven’t apologised for misquoting me. 😉


  55. @Big Dave @518: Simple answer: if we continue do to well, yes.

    Just like this time last year, when people were slagging them off, and the year before that… and each year they surpass expectations and their targets. And each year we bring out the “End of the World is Nigh” bedsheets again.

    I think the club have comprehensively proven that they are way better at this than we want to give them credit for. If they end up with no CB, it is because they couldn’t land one for a deal that was better than making do with what we have. It’s called risk balancing, and they appear to be masters of it.


  56. Troy them reasons for Carroll turning down the Hammers seems pretty obvious.

    Aussie yeah I agree but there is quite a bit fans do agree on ie level 7 should have stayed, and the grounds name should never have been changed. 😉


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