Are you ready for the big kick-off?

Premier League football back on the agenda at SJP
In just a few days time we see the return of the Premier League. You can put the tools down, put the wife away, pat the kids on the head and get down to football for the next nine months!

Alright maybe it isn’t quite that extreme but the football season is close to the hearts of many fans of clubs up and down the country and, being realistic, we are no different.

So take this as a little preview of this season if you like. I won’t go into too much depth as Premandup has not long set me a more in depth at what he thinks could happen this season, so I’ll stick with being general about things and ask if you think we are prepared for the new season?

When you look at pre-season you would have to say that it was alright. Nothing spectacular, just alright. We played some good teams and some bad teams, we won games and lost games. Most importantly though a lot of players got a chance to impress and the majority of them took it with both hands and can be expected to be given further chances to impress in the coming weeks.

If there is one thing that is slapping me in the face like a bit wet fish though, it’s the lack of action some of our first team players have seen in our pre-season campaign. Yohan Cabaye has only played something daft like 18 minutes during pre-season, and others like Papiss Cisse and Hatem Ben Arfa haven’t played much more. Tiredness is a reason apparently, although I wonder if their exclusion has at least something to do with wrapping them up in cotton wool?

We shall soon find out I guess…

In terms of transfers in, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that I’d been hoping for more in through the door than we’ve seen so far. However it’s important to remember that we’ve not lost any of our big hitters so far and at the moment it looks like it is going to stay that way. Our first XI hasn’t been weakened although, much like last season, an injury or two in certain positions will leave us exposed although there is still time for these shortcomings to be addressed.

We have a very tough start to the season, not just in terms of opposition but also in terms of frequency of games. We have three games in the first week of the season, or five games in the first two weeks of the season if you prefer to look at it like that, which is likely to stretch our resources to the maximum early doors. I get the impression that the way our season pans out depends on how we come through the opening two weeks of the season.

Anyway, I’m ready for the new season and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do.

The question is, what do you think we can manage this season?

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272 thoughts on “Are you ready for the big kick-off?

  1. It’s funny that of all City’s spending, their best player is probably Vincent Kompany, purchased by Mark Hughes for £6m.

    If you look at last season’s new signings across the PL I would guess that there’s almost no correlation between price and performance. Some clubs definitely need new scouts 😐 Thankfully not us 😀


  2. BIG DAVE she is brewing up , last news is she will be serving Chocolate covered digestives when the kettle’s boiled . 😆


  3. Jon R-It’s a similar story with Liverpool and Jose Enrique.

    You know that guy, the obscure 4th choice Spanish left back 😉


  4. Well i’ll believe it when he’s got his shirt held up in front of the big SD sign 😉
    Batts would you not nip down and check if he needs owt, maybe flog him Rodz old mountain bike 😆
    Axel is Anita still with the Queen guitarist ❓


  5. Bats, I saw him get chucked oot of the Empress for strimming at about 6.40pm.
    …he was in the beach shelter with Andy Carroll drinking cans after that. Anar the bizzies were rund earlier like, think they’d been nicking hubcaps. Hopefully he has a good solicitor. 😉


  6. dave iam sick of selling rods bikes ,you should of seen the 1 he was with last night a rite dog 😆


  7. Newks@223, the main reason I know about Hazard is down to all the media hype surrounding him for the last 3 years. It’s a dangerous position to be in as a young player. The weight of expectation on his shoulders is ****ing HHHHEEEEEEEYYYYYYAAAAAAAWWWWGGGGE!

    …I personally don’t think he’ll live up to it.


  8. @Axel

    Anita the tea lady gags dont lose there humour no matter how many times it’s said. 😆


  9. Bats@231, you’ll always be my No.1 pimp.
    ….get rid of that crushed velvet zoot suit though, it’s not a good look with your tiny legs. Ye look like Toulouse Lautrec playing Joseph in his technicolour dreamcoat. 😯


  10. DAVE kna i never got that one, batty says you screwed him on yours payed well owr the odds its cost more to put it reet,didnt think you would screw a honest lad like batty after he helped you pay your rent all that time


  11. Rod-Agreed….the media speculation has only been so big because he was so good on football manager mind, EVERYONE PLAYS THAT GAME! 😯

    In all seriousness, he looks to have the talent, but not the attitude-mainly he’s a right ****. Should fit in well at Les Bleus. 😉


  12. Newks, I don’t play Football Manager, so I guess I’m the exception there.
    I prefer action RPGs, such as Fallout, Fable and Skyrim.

    Indeed, the hype surrounding him will have been taken into account when the researchers and developers ‘valued’ him in the FM franchise.

    I blame the internet for EVERYTHING!!! 😆

    (good and bad)

    Knowledge is power, but there becomes a problem when that power is readily available and on tap to dimwits. 😯

    …hahaha, I remember when there used to be libraries! 😯 😯 :mrgreen:


  13. In response to Troy’s earlier tweet:

    Yes, the Ajax fans I spoke to at the time didn’t rate Anita, but I’ve spoken to some since and had mixed feedback.

    I saw him myself when they played AZ and I liked what I saw. Very intelligent holding player as he doesn’t attack the ball, but instead the space near it. He limits the options of the opposition very well and after intercepting the ball just plays it simple to a fellow teammate. Good player and happy he is onboard.


  14. Rodz, aye I know i’m just messing….

    Although, did you know Everton bought the rights to view the stats of the players before each installation of FM went on sale? See, Moyesy knows how to bring quality footballers in, and where to find them, genius! 😉

    Ahh yes, arrows and knees. I liked Skyrim but I think I overdid it, its a bit, meh now.


  15. The Kid-can he play it more than “just simply” ? I assumed he’d be a bit of an upgrade on tiote passing wise but obviously would lack the physical presence and tackling style/ability. That being said, Tiote does seem to be getting beter himself, playing alongside Cabaye.


  16. Newks…re:…”did you know Everton bought the rights to view the stats of the players before each installation of FM went on sale?”

    Me:…….aye. Next….

    BTW, you’re all a bit ‘meh’ 😛


  17. 😥 😥 😥

    Well I thought it was a cool story. Fuck you very much 😎

    So ****ing bored, hurry up football…


  18. :mrgreen:
    …why thank you; most major **** yous are accepted.

    Please now tell me the long number across the middle of your card…


  19. …I think 😎 looks like Premandup actually.
    ….maybe it’s the same thing? 😯
    (I’m sure it is)

    …long number in the middle of your credit card please Mr Ice Dog………….


  20. Numbers shnumbers.

    I know what you mean about Premandup

    I like to think that’s me. Although, my teeth aren’t quite up to that standard.


  21. …aye alreet ( 😡 🙄 )



  22. …….




  23. @The Kid

    Well thats more promising. Most if not all the Carroll money has been spent, oops, sorry 😳 , I meant most if not all people who have commented on Anita have gave positive reviews.

    We need to get him in the bag.


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