Anita signs five-year deal at United

Anita signs on the line
Newcastle United have confirmed the signing of Netherlands international midfielder Vurnon Anita, who has signed a five-year deal with the club.

The 23-year-old joins from Ajax for a fee that is officially undisclosed but is believed to be in the region of £6.5 million. He will wear the number eight shirt recently vacated by Danny Guthrie.

Anita will go straight into the squad for the Premier League opener against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday having undergone a full pre-season campaign with the Eredivisie Champions, and he even kicked off the defence of their title last week in the 2-2 draw with AZ Alkmaar.

Vurnon is a product of the famous Ajax academy and has spent 13 years at the Amsterdam club. He has become an integral part of the current Ajax team and his, now former, manager wasn’t overly happy about losing him. However he does leave with the blessing of Frank de Boer who insists his former midfielder will be a big hit for Newcastle United.

“Of course he goes to Newcastle United with my best wishes,” de Boer told The Chronicle. “He is one of the hardest working young players I have ever seen. He deserves a move to a club like Newcastle United.”

“For me he gave everything during his time here. He never complained once to me about having to drop back into another position. In training he works like he is playing a game and that it means everything. In the one and half years I worked with him he did not stop working. That is what has resulted in his transfer to Newcastle,” de Boer added.

“Newcastle fans will see a player who can deal with the game in England. He gives 300% for you. He is always concentrating on his game and he never ever gives up.”

Frank de Boer concluded by saying: “He has a bright future ahead. It is a great move by Newcastle United. They are a great club and have a good team. They are one of the biggest clubs in England and Vurnon can be very proud of the move.”

High praise indeed from the 112 times capped Netherlands international who spent the best years of his career with Ajax when they really were a force to be reckoned with in the 90’s before moving on to Barcelona. How about the views of Anita’s now current manager though?

“We are delighted to secure the services of Vurnon,” Alan Pardew told the official club website.

“He is an exceptionally talented footballer with great technical ability, which is exactly what I’m looking at in a player. And, at 23-years-old, we hope his best years are at Newcastle.”

“He has come through the Ajax youth system which is world renowned for bringing up players the right way, and I am sure he will fit seamlessly into the squad of players we have here. Vurnon has done his pre-season, and indeed already played one competitive game, so he’s up to speed and ready to play when I need him.”

Of course some people started panicking when news emerged that Anota wanted to have a meeting with Alan Pardew prior to his move to discuss his role in the team. Which player doesn’t want to do that? Happily it’s all worked and Anita is happy with the role he has assigned for him.

“I talked to the manager (Pardew) and the coach (Carver) and they know that I want to play in a defensive midfield place and that’s why they brought me here,” Anita said. “But I can play at left-back or right-back, so that’s also no problem.”

“I won almost everything in Holland so the step was not difficult to make. Now I think we can also win trophies with Newcastle and it’s time to do that. In the Premier League especially, every game is tough so it can help me also to grow in my football skills,” Anita added.

Vurnon had made 138 appearances for Ajax since his debut back in the 2005-2006 season although his breakthrough really came in the 2008-2009 season where he started to feature more regularly in the first team.

I’m sure you’ll all join me in welcoming Vurnon Anita to the club.

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229 thoughts on “Anita signs five-year deal at United

  1. Troy (@203 earlier thread), you really are a prize tit. Is this blog about NUFC or about Troy Stavers and his one man crusade to criticise every “sweeping statement”? If you’re not accusing some poor blogger of making “ludicrous” statements, you’re accusing them of twisting your quotes when they defend themselves.

    By their very nature, blogged comments are often sweeping statements. Bloggers shouldn’t have to take legal advice before they post in case they’re up on a serious charge of ludicrousness because some tit misinterprets them. They don’t expect the “Sweeping Statement Police” to jump on them when they haven’t crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” to explain exactly what they mean and leave no room for ambiguity. I’m sure I’ve made this point recently in defence of someone else you were attacking?

    I have no choice but to deal with your last post because, as everyone knows, you will just go on and on crowing about some sort of victory. I will break it up into bite size posts.


  2. Troy, you complain that my response was all over the place and didn’t answer your post. The questions you posed were not particularly important or relevant to your original crusade. In trying to stop you muddying the waters, I tried to keep you on the point, whilst answering as many of your “remote” questions along the way. I felt some of your questions, however, were just too remote to bother with but I could have answered them, if I really had to.

    For example, you mockingly asked, “Who is the centre back that you believe is up to the standard to step in the first team now which is what we need.” We have just signed a strapping 19 year old centre back, who comes with a glowing reputation. I believe we would struggle to find two better centre backs than FC and ST and hopefully they can stay fit for the whole season. However, if they can’t, I would trust Pards and Carr that this lad could step up. If he can’t at his age, he’s probably not that good (pardon the pun, Troy, his name is Curtis Good).

    I would still like us to sign another quality centre back, but I’m more relaxed than I was. I think that is a reasonable position, even if you disagree with it. Who knows, perhaps Pards and Carr are more relaxed than me? The fact is that you and I don’t know anywhere near as much about him as those two, so I don’t know how you can be so dogmatically critical. My concern and doubt comes from something I do know a lot about: Williamson and the fact that Pards still has him on the books!

    So my answer to you is Curtis Good. He is the centre back. Now was all that really necessary?


  3. 1st response a pile of piffle and you’ve made a right tit of yourself by even bringing that back up.
    You would have been better off trying to sweep it under the carpet.
    I don’t believe I’ve heard of one blogger who believes Good is the immediate answer to the CB position.
    I knew we had bought him , he cost £400k from Melbourne Hearts.
    Next 😛


  4. Troy, let me keep you on track. You said you are still waiting for the Carroll money to be spent. I simply said, “Most, if not all, of the Carroll money has been spent and we’re better off for it.” In my opinion, this was a perfectly reasonable statement. You might not agree with it, but I’d be surprised if anyone, other than you, would describe it as “ludicrous”. Unfortunately, however, this was the opportunity for the “Sweeping Statement Police” (SSP) to pounce and to start a crusade that becomes a saga. So, let’s be clear about what I was saying and let’s see if you were justified to sound the sirens and wield the peg.

    Bear in mind that I wasn’t writing a legal treatise when I remarked about the Carroll cash having been largely or entirely “spent”.

    (1) When you said you were waiting for the Carroll money to be spent, I argued that the money had been used to buy players and pay off debts. Also, it is common knowledge that the new regime point to £27M that was still owing and outstanding on previous transfers of the old regime. Furthermore, we know that Llambias has been shady, and appears to have “clarified” what he meant by spending; you might justifiably argue that he has broken his promises; I’m certainly no apologist for Llambias and his antics.

    (2) I pointed to the last set of accounts WHICH INCLUDE THE PROFIT ON THE CARROLL SALE and which show that the club made a profit of £5M. Supporting your statement that “we’re still waiting for the Carroll money to be spent”, you said, and continue to say, that those accounts are irrelevant. I am simply saying that Ashley and Llambias will have used those accounts to decide on the size of the transfer fund and the amount of debt repayments. For that reason they are extremely relevant.

    (3) Of course, Mikey is going to feel considerably richer following the Carroll sale, and it may well mean that this year’s transfer budget is more than it would otherwise have been. But nobody, with the exception of you perhaps, is expecting the club to spend the Carroll cash or even £30M of it.

    (4) My only point (the target of your crusade) was, if you’re waiting for the club to spend the Carroll cash, you’ll have a long wait because it’s not there. Because you were still waiting for the Carroll cash to be spent, and because you went on with a massive bee in your bonnet about the regime’s broken promises, I got the impression you were criticising the regime for not spending big time.

    (5) You say, “I repeatedly stated throughout and from the outset that the money should be made available to Pardew when he wanted a CB. This is the main thread throughout and I have re-iterated that at no time do I expect all the cash to be spent but made available when required.”

    (6) I have scanned through your posts, and I cannot see on that thread, which was at 33 when you pounced, where you mention a centre back. As far as I can see, you have only mentioned this latterly after countless subsequent exchanges between us.

    (7) As I thought you wanted all of the cash to be spent, I simply tried to clarify. I thought it would be prudent to pay off the debts so I couldn’t understand why you did not want to pay off any of them but preferred to want to hold Llambias to his promise.

    (8) Your latest answer appears to be somewhat equivocal. At no time do you expect all of the cash to be “spent”, but “made available when required”. Surely, Pards is going to fight for as much money as possible? Surely, he would say, and I believe he has said, that he wants £35M to be spent on players? After all, nobody would argue that we could well do with another three, four, five, perhaps six quality players to do better than we did last time. Wasn’t it you who said anything else would be a failure? Is your one centre back going to make the difference?

    (9) You say, “You try and muddy the waters again by mentioning a bet I had which I won and never had anything to do with the subject we were talking about. Why bring that up? Absolute desperation.”

    (10) I mentioned the bet, because you were saying that we should have bought a centre back last year and we would have probably qualified for the CL. The relevance is that you’re working with the benefit of hindsight. As it happened, you did not think we had a cat in hell’s chance of getting anywhere near the CL, centre back or not; you may have won the bet but you were a whisker of losing your caravan at the end of the season. You wrote off the team the regime has assembled, and were as surprised as most of the rest of us that we did so well or came so close. You know it really is tiresome when people have to spoon feed you everything because you struggle to follow a logical thought process.

    (11) I repeat that you ignore my many questions to you, preferring to ask a question in reply, the very thing you accuse me of. If you want to dispute this point just say so, and I am happy to give numerous examples. The last, for example, was my question, “If Pards wants a centre back as a priority, as you claim, why is the club using what money there is to capture another midfielder?” Very relevant to where you’ve taken the argument, but no answer.

    (12) Perhaps you can see the relevance of this and answer it? What do you make of Pards’ comment today, “I wouldn’t mind it (the transfer window) closing now – I’d be quite happy to keep all my players. But if we manage to add another one that would be the icing on the cake really.” How does it square with Pards’ priority for a centre back that you claim?

    (12) You accuse me of twisting your quotes but there is no evidence of it. Everything I’ve quoted has been your exact words. You on the other hand, in support of your argument, said Llambias said something, whereas you had to apologise when it was pointed out by CC that this was not a quote from Llambias. (I wasn’t sure who had pulled you up but thought it might have been JJ; turns out it was CC) As for Wellington, he said “This is false” when referring to your statement. I took this to be him putting you right, but I stand to be corrected.


  5. Troy, having read my defence, perhaps you can now explain why you pounced to describe my statement as sweeping and ludicrous. You may not agree with it because you’re a prize tit who can’t follow a logical thread, but it’s not “sweeping” or “ludicrous”.

    To help you keep on track, I will reiterate my view that you will have a long wait if you’re waiting for the Carroll money to be spent because it’s not there. It’s not there in terms of profit in the accounts year in which it was received; it may well not be there in terms of cash; and, most importantly, it’s not there in terms of Llambias’ transfer budget.

    The creation of Andy Carroll’s, great, great uncle, Lewis Carroll, was Humpty Dumpty (the real one not you or Mikey). He said when I use a word it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less. When Mikey sets a budget, it is what he chooses it to be – neither more nor less. He has set it in his own mind, and it is no good waiting for him to spend £35M, or £30M. It is not going to happen, unless he sees a chance to make a killing. This is all I intended to mean in my original post – neither more nor less.

    What irritates people is your inability to appreciate a fair comment when you hold a different view. What absolutely infuriates them, however, is your complete inability to follow a logical thread. You twist and turn, and often put words in people’s mouths and then take great delight in shooting down the words you put there. Ice sums it up exactly when he says arguing with you is like stapling water to a tree!


  6. @B&B

    I’ve just got in from lates and can’t reply tonight.

    What I suggest you do though before you retire to your bed is read all the nature of the original posts and ask how my original question is actually a reasonable question or a pounce.
    Then read through and see who starts the calling.

    It’s very interesting and you might need to reflect.

    You shouldn’t be so defensive fella it makes you look small. 😀 😀


  7. I suggest you don’t reply on the blog because it is tiresome for everyone. Send me an e-mail.


  8. I’m not sure I can take any more of spoon feeding you. 👿

    Listen to the bloggers. Send an e-mail. I note our possums have spoken, and they’re as tired and bored as I am at stapling water to a tree. I’m wasting some bloody good staples, and achieving nowt. 😥


  9. I’m pretty sure Jonas will keep is place in the team. He’s a player who can keep going for the full 90mins on the majority of occasions. He really puts in the effort and pards loves him. I’m gonna put my money on a formation somewhat like this:



    I think that would be a great line up. A strong defence that’s helped out by the two defensive midfielders, cabaye with space in the middle to do his playmaker magic and then 3 players up front who certainly know how to get in position and finish.

    I’m not convinced that Anita will be in the XI against Spurs just because he hasn’t had any time to gel with the team in training. But I’m sure that given his fitness having had a full preseason and 1st competitive game already that he’ll get subbed on at either half-time or on the hour mark.

    I’ve heard mixed reports on both Tiote and Cabaye and whether they’ll be fit to play on Saturday… Anybody got any further info on this? Because if they’re both behind on fitness I can see Anita starting a more central defensive role and then Jonas and Benny or Perch joining in the middle…


  10. I’ve watched a couple of vids of Anita now (thanks to a German guy down the road) and some internet grabs. It seems to me that he plays a different role to Tiote.

    Whereas Tiote does a lot of harrying and tackling in the centre of the park, Anita seems to hang back and picks up loose balls, then prompt from behind, acting almost like an advanced centre back at times – in fact, historically speaking, like a continental centre-half, ie a defender who can pass the ball. He rarely, if ever, ventures into the penalty area.

    Essentially, if he plays in the same team as Tiote, he’ll play behind Tiote, when attacking, and be there to help the defence if the opposition tries to quickly counter attack. This, I think, will allow the full backs to advance.

    He looks like a good buy.


  11. Just reading through the comments I noticed a lot of people on here have mentioned Douglas, and stated that he’s waiting for his citizenship to come through. The fact is that he already is a Dutch citizen and he received his passport back in November:

    The reason why he has to remain in Holland for a while longer is purely because of a FIFA rule which requires that naturalised players have to be resident in the the adopted country for a period of five years before they’re allowed to play for the national team. If Douglas had had a parent or grandparent who was born in Holland there wouldn’t be a problem. It’s only because he doesn’t have that sort of ‘clear connection’ with the new country that he has to satisfy the residency rule. If anyone’s interested, this might help to explain things:


  12. Vegas, I’ve watched a couple of German vids with someone called Anita in them, I wonder if they are the same ones 😯 😆 😆


  13. Chris so I take it the 25th is the last day of his 5yrs ?
    Aussie watching them vids can make you go blind you dirty brat 😀 oh and Richie said thanks 😉


  14. 1 day to go and it’s back!

    Just been on the official website and looked through the training galleries to see who has and who hasn’t,

    Benny, Cabaye, Tiote, Cisse all trained but it didn’t show Demba training. 😕

    Good news. Shola trained 😀

    I feel that Anita will start at the weekend but just don’t see how we are gonna play when everyone is fit. I believe Pards will play Anita full back in a 442 against smaller teams and pack the midfield against bigger teams.

    So saturday for me; (my choice)

    Santon taylor colo guti
    anita cabaye tiote
    benny/Marv Cisse ba(if fit)/Marv


  15. Anita will serve us well I feel because as much as I love Tiote, I feel Anita will make us a little bit wiser in the middle of the pitch. We tend to be weak at stopping teams passing through us.

    There was a common denominator was that we got beat heavily by teams who play ‘on the deck’
    Fulham, Spurs, Wigan, and Liverpool.

    We are more suited to a battle – Come on Stoke 😆 😆


  16. Hanging out for tomorrow.. not before time 🙂 Even Big Dave and I have run out of things to argue about 🙂 🙂 Ice has run out of piss takes with no Richie about 🙂 and Troy……… well business as usual there 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  17. What all this tells us though is that we really are on a shoe-string budget and last year and hopefully this year will probs be as good as it will ever get.


  18. Fucking about for Debuchy was PATHETIC

    Not signing a more Senior CB PATHETIC

    And we are short of cover up front and on the wing for me, this Assaidi who L’pool have got was in our price bracket imo


  19. Cheerist, it’s nice to get back to typing ******* about team selections. Long, damp summer…

    Assuming Cabaye and Benny are out, I’m thinking he’ll try to start with the old-timers and then sub in some new blood later.

    Simpson – Colo – Tayls – Santon
    Oba – Benny – Tiote – Guti
    —–Cisse – Shola

    Then we can see some subs into the middle – Gosling, et al. It’s so hard to guess without any knowledge of who’s been doing what during pre-season.

    Nice problems, though – shows how well the club’s built up the squad.


  20. Bigpapa will you just take your miserable, never-happy cack elsewhere? The .com site is where you post garbage like that. We’re the envy of the bloody premiership in terms of recruitment, we’re consistently over-achieving, the footie’s great, we’re in the papers for all the right reasons, we’re one of the only profitable clubs in the country, and yet


    you moan.

    (And yes, I suspect I just got hooked in. It’s that kind of morning.) 😳


  21. AMF – I just think it’s poor we haven’t kicked on and progressed from a position of strength, which is pathetic, we needed 3 first team players and have got one – the way Pardew said “thankyou” to Mike Ashley yesterday show’s that it’s gonna be hard to get another player, hope i’m wrong.

    What have we spent 6mill? for a team that finished 5th – Pardew said Ashley was getting excited and motivated by our success, well it looks like it died.

    2/3 players and we could be a really good team, just feels like negligence


  22. Bigpapa the thing I don’t like about Tiote is that he’s a red card on legs, even if he gets booked early on in the game he still doesn’t reel it in, so at least if that happens now Pards can just take him off before the ref saves him the bother.
    Aussie im sure Ice could start somemore piss takes if your missing them 😀


  23. Hang on Whumpie – where’s the “money for 3 top additions without losing anybody” gone?

    We pulled out of Debuchy over what? Or how much?

    We have a load of new injuries on the eve of the new season – great – one player injured and we are a hell of a lot weaker.

    What happens – smart ass – if Senegal qualify for the ACN?



  24. BP, why don’t wait for something bad to hppen before you go the doom mongering route.. the season hasn’t started yet and your complaining… Feel free to complain when there is something to complain about. We are unbeaten this season, what more do you want 🙂


  25. Bigpapa, have you learned nothing from the past three years? If you measure everything with what’s spent rather than what’s achieved then you end up with… well, what happened 3 years ago.

    Can you summon enough humility to admit that, after 3 years of the club doing stuff that invited exactly your kind of criticism and yet surpassing all expectations on the field, perhaps your kind of criticism is unfounded?

    I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT what we spend. I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT what has happened before any given match or who was claimed to say what about signings.

    I just want the Team to do well on the pitch and the clubmake us proud off it. If you want to jump at every chance to be pessimistic and have a go at our players, manager, recruitment team and sodding tea lady, that’s your shout – I just want to point out how pathetic it sounds when the rest of the world is banging on about how good our club is.

    I suggest you read the article TC posted at 170 for a perfect illustration.


  26. I don’t wanna moan but we could have two class players for not much money – especially after losing the wages and gaining the transfer fees of – Loven, Guthrie, Best, Forster, Smith and have we got rid of Xisco?


  27. First day of the season. Is our squad in a stronger or weaker place than this time last year? Why? In what ways?


  28. Actually BigPapa,

    We’ve spent 2mil overall, because we got 5mil for Best and Foster…

    If we don’t get a central defender I’ll be very disappointed.


  29. Bigpapa I agree about the CB and Striker it is a crying shame we havn’t got them in by now, but there is still time before the window closes, so we might be better giving them the benefit if doubt.

    Whumpie why should he go somewhere else ? Because he’s not happy with just getting one 1st teamer in, thats the thing that gets me about sime people on here, I have had to listen to some totaly ridiculous bull **** dreaming on here at times, but I have never lost it with the one that are spewing, because at the end of the day they’re only giving their opinion which they are entitiled to after all thats what blogs are for 😕


  30. BP, I have a feeling that our management have a little bit of a clue about what is needed to drive the club forward.. maybe even more of a clue than some fans that have only seen a player play once or twice… 🙂 Mike and Dekka have caused their share of grief for supporters but their player recruitment has been bang on…


  31. Whumpie – Jeez, who you wanting to shag at the club like?? 😆 😆

    As I pointed out we have lost big earners, and got fees for other players, bought in 1 player and a few kids. We have Europe this year and haven’t recruited from a position of strength.

    What happens if we finish 10th this year? We will end up losing our better players and without European football be unable to recruit any top-class players. It’s more fact than my opinion/moaning.

    If you can’t agree that we should be strengthening from here to maintain this level then you are far too easily pleased, compadre. 🙄


  32. BigDave – cheers!!!

    Seems some people have really become too easy to please.

    The worrying thing is as well everyone who finished around us have strengthened significantly. Even Everton!


  33. AMF – so if they know how to take it forward why are we offering ridiculous fee’s for Debuchy and Douglas?

    And didn’t Pardew the other day admit at the talk-in that we offered 7million for Carroll? 😆

    In the words of John McEnroe ….


  34. BP, we do not buy players for the sake if it or to just make up numbers.. When the right player comes along (for the right price – unfortunately) we will buy.. We don’t seem to take players that do not fit the mould..


  35. So if you don’t like the fact thst someone isn’t happy that we havn’t got the 3 players that we thought we needed and were told we could get, then just ignore them, because they’re within their rights to moan about it without getting abuse for it.


  36. Why are the fees ridiculous BP… Do you pay over the odds for the stuff you need in your own life, or do you pay above what you perceive the item to be worth ? I don’t know many people that will pay more if it will be a drain on their finances…


  37. AMF – would we be able to sign Debuchy for 6mill if we didn’t have Cabaye though? Yet we still mess about and haggle over 1million. The fact we have his best aswell should of been more incentive, keeping your best players happy at that price isn’t too much to ask

    We need a RB and he is the best we could really hope for, if they want to take the club forward they could have.

    Instead we buy another midfielder which just gets everyone speculating again about Cabaye/Tiote.

    Why has the Chronicle done as story about players discontent at out transfer progress if, like Whumpie says, we’re continuing to make progress


  38. BP – How have Everton ‘strengthened significantly’? They’ve lost Rodwell, Yobo and Cahill and only signed Naismith…


  39. Bigpapa no problem its just that over the last couple of months I have noticed that the fans that arn’t pleased with the way the club go about things “the neggers” get quite a lot of abuse ‘me included’ from the people that are happy to go along with what the club does.
    But I never see “the neggers” abuse the fans that are happy with the club and how it goes about things.


  40. Dave with one or two exceptions you are quite right. This time last year the position was reversed with “the dreamers” getting stick for not having first class tickets on the now defunct reality train.


  41. Ross co – I think if you look they’ve signed Pienaar, Naismith and are close to signing Kevin Miralles, add that to their squad which is arguably better than ours.

    I don’t think they’ll miss Cahill’s 1 goal from last year and Joseph Yobo who has been rotting in Turkey for 2/3 years. Rodwell barely played for them as well, Rossco


  42. So you go look at a car to buy and from what u can see with the age of the car the amount of miles on it , its service history and within your budget you value the car at 5k. Now the seller , who is well within their rights , tell u they want 7k for it. Now the car is perfect for u. Everything u want in a car. Do you buy it and over stretch your budget? Or haggle with the seller? Or do you find another car?


  43. Big Dave – Your right, nowadays your negative if you don’t buy into our stringent way of doing things. 1 in 1 out. But seriously the Carroll bid and the Debuchy situation are laughable.

    After last season we should be looking to maintain our position, which now looks as hard as ever.

    Bottom line is we should of at least have Debuchy in now to strengthen the 1st team.

    Does any one else feel that because no one wanted Simpson that we are stuck with him now? 😆


  44. If we don’t get a CB I’ll be a bit concerned – but I won’t give a stuff if we still do well. But I do admit it’s a concern. 😯


  45. Big Dave – actually, I concede you’re right. It’s what blogs are for. But I do get embarrassed when people who have no idea about what’s going on behind the scenes (you seriously believe the papers when they say the Debuchy deal was just over a simple £1m?) call the club pathetic. It’s just so clearly not justified when the results of this ‘pathetic’ approach are so indisputably excellent again and again.

    We know precisely **** about these transfers; why can’t people just have the humility to admit that the club obviously know what they’re doing?


  46. Premanup @189: I think that we are in better shape, notwithstanding I still think we need at least 2 more in. My main concerns this time last year were 1. whether the new guys could bed in and handle the PL and 2. whether Pardew had the nouse to lead the team. Clearly both were unfounded.

    This year, everybody has had a season under their belts and will hopefully be better players for it.

    My concerns this time are 1. whether we can compete in all competitions and 2. whether we can maintain the standards set last season.

    On balance I think we are better equipped. That is to say, at least my concerns are more positive than they were. 😆


  47. BigPapa – What if somebody advertises it for 5k, you offer 5k, then they want 7k because the wheels have just been shined a bit?

    Mind you my house was on sale for £130,000 when I bought it. I didn’t pay that though and got it for less. I bet the couple I bought it off wish they sold it to some of you lot! 😆

    “Nah man forget £130,000, have £140,000 my love”:lol:


  48. We’ve now got our tickets here and we’re ready to go.

    I confess to being slightly confused about this window. There seems to be some contradictions from Pards.

    He has expressed a requirement for a centre back in the past, but it now appears as if he is happy with his squad. I think we have a fantastic centre back pairing provided they keep form and fitness; however, experience tells us that’s unlikely. So, if we’re talking simply about back up, either Good is good enough or Pards is happy with Perch and Willo.

    Or, as I’d like to think, Pards is confident we have Douglas in the bag (if he’s a star?). What we need is a class centre back who is equally good at left back, because we’re weak at left back too.

    Pards has bought three midfielders and let one go. Centre midfield was never a priority.but I’m not complaining that we’re well covered there.

    We can’t afford for Tim Krul to have a dip in form or an injury either.

    My hope for this season is to see a good crop of young ones breaking into the team and strongly challenging the established stars for their places.


  49. Bris @ 211 – I think that sums it up for me. I can’t actually think of a team that’s done better than us in the window, but I also have my doubts about competing in four competitions with this squad.

    But without doubts, it would be boring, right?

    I honestly feel a bit sorry for Citeh supporters: even if they win… so bloody what? So they should!


  50. Aussie and the others I have only ever seen Troy loss the plot and abuse one person on thid blog.
    I have seen him wind 100s up but never seen him abuse people.
    Toonsy all thst candy floss clouds and sugar candy trees was a playful wind up and I really can’t believe anyone took that serious. Because I know a lot of people thst were on the receiving end of it that didn’t take it serious and give him stick back.
    But it can’t be compared to telling people to go somewhere else, telling them to grow up, they’re ridiculous, childish, arnt real footie fans questioning their intelligence etc etc .
    Prem I must disagree because it was the same last yr aswell, yeah Troy was winding people up again but IMO I think the proplem with that is that it’s not what Troy say’s is the proplem I think it’s Troy that some people have a problem with ? But I can assure you that I was on the receiving end of lots of abuse and childish name calling last yr too and not once did I abuse someone that thought differently ‘the dreamers’ I just don’t think thats on ?


  51. BP – Pineaar – the player which was on loan to them last season? Can’t really count him as strengthening. Naismith is their only ‘new’ player.

    Rodwell did play when he wasn’t injured and you can’t discount Cahill because he only scored 1 goal. He’s there to set up goals and dictate the play.

    You seem to have a very positive perception of other clubs and a negative one of ours when the window is still open. I’d hate to see what you thought if we were genuinley doing bad!


  52. Whumpie yeah I know but just scroll past it mate.
    Toonsy so are you saying that the club offered what lille asked for, then they ‘ lille’ upped the price ?


  53. @B&B

    Grandad Les told me on his death bed that some people in life hate being told they are wrong and take it all very seriously.

    We quickly set out our stalls in the debate and within half a dozen posts each the tone of the debate quickly changed.

    Both made posts based on our opinions and as always both were valid in their own right. You may not be aware as it was me who got you into this blog and you don’t post or read it as much as me ( I’m assuming you don’t read it as much, as like me, you like to air your views ) but this Carroll money debate has been a long running issue that has been debated furiously on many occasions and there are two camps.

    At post 160 13/8/12 you changed the whole tone by stating, “I DON’T NEED A NIT PICK WHEN TROY DELIVERS A SKIP LOAD OF SHITE, AS HE OFTEN DOES. I NEED A BLOODY SHOVEL”.

    You accuse me of pouncing. I queried your opinion which is what a forum is about. I would suggest pouncing is a more accurate word to describe your actions.

    Any ridicule on my behalf after that is justified.

    At post 169 , under less than 10 posts each, we formed the foundations of our points.
    At this stage, no other issue had been discussed orherthan where most, if not all the Carroll money had been spent, as was your original statement that I questioned.
    I set out my stall and stated since Carroll was sold we had made sales IRO £55m and purchases of £25.

    That was the basis of my argument. We were in profit IRO of £30m over that period. I would find it difficult to understand if anyone couldn’t get that concept.

    Your next response @ 174

    Only £20 to £25m to account for then. Sounds a lot but that could quite easily be eaten up in lucrative five year contracts to quality players and contract improvements to existing players.
    You go on about burnt fingers by getting Xisco and smith etc BUT finish you post with this line.
    Besides, when I said it, I knew I would reel you in like a catfish.

    Reflecting at this stage in the debate, do you consider you have come across well.
    Within a few posts you accuse me of talkin piles of ****e and next you are reeling me in?

    I genuinely thought you were talking ****e and were reeling me in like a catfish. Nothing you had stated at this point that you were correct as I was about to ask you to consider the sales of Nolan, Enrique, Barton, Smith, Carroll, Best, Guthrie would offset contract improvements on others on the saving of wages alone. Top earners gone from the club saving a fortune!

    At this point, I’m in a discussion with another about wage caps. A separate discussion not involving you.
    Instead of concentrating on our debate which you appeared to be struggling with, hurling abuse, reeling me in, you then try and get involved in my wage cap debate.

    Talk about muddying the waters. This is the start of you contunuously goading me into talking about the wage cap. It comes across that you are trying to get away from the debate we were having and moving onto another subject.

    We’ve argued with each other since we I was old enough to speak, though you did take advantage of the situation a couple of years before that and argue with me when I couldn’t.
    I’ve leaned over these decades, that you never stick to a point and you try to muddy the waters. I’ve learned to try and keep you on track and that is why I refused to discuss the issue until we had finalised the Carroll money debate.

    The next post @ 187 In your response to me explaining about the offset of wages saved would cover the new contract improvements, you start your usual trick of answering with a question.

    Troy- it was over to you to explain why we still had the Carroll money. However, you’ve completely ignored the contracts issue in your calculation.
    I have simply been saying we may well have spent most if not all of it on contracts – we are even spending it on decent reserve set up and scouting system. How much do you reckon that will be costing? If you dispute it, you tell me your figures of the outlay taking into account contracts.

    I start to think you are really reeling me in at this stage. I’ve already explained above about wage savings alone on contracts from our top players.
    At no time have you disputed we have have a sales surplus of £30m
    and you ask me to account for contracts. Are you really suggesting intake you seriously at this point that £30m could be spent on reserve and academy set ups?

    Your next post is when you produce the irrelevant finances dated shortly after the sale of Carroll and before Nolan, Enrique, Barton, Smith et al left the club.

    You ask me to tell me why the accounts are wrong which I keep relying cos they swallow up the cash by taking into account previous debts and commitments. No one, not even the club, suggested that the Carroll money was ever going to be used for that. In fact, though I quoted Llambias, it was Ashley who stated all the Carroll cash would be used in the summer for the team.

    Does that not tell you that the finances, which you used to justify your point are not relevant. You even state that the money was swallowed on previous debts and contract commitments leaving a surplus of £5m.
    How can you use those finances when Ashley stated all the cash we got for Carroll was going to be used in the summer for the team.

    You conveniently go to bed at this point.

    Next day, your first response;
    Troy, face the fact, THE MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT. The accounts show it.
    In the same post, not having convinced me that your foundations have even set, you start to sink in them and start to muddy the waters again.
    You start to ask questions which totally take us away from the original point.
    You ask;
    1) are you seriously waiting for NUFC to spend a further £35m on players, having already used a substantial proportion of that money to pay off the debt hang over?
    2) do you want NUFC to continue with the debt, which was money spent on players under FFS, or would you rather see it paid off?


    I stupidly got dragged into the debate which had nothing to do with whether the cash should be there, based on surplus transfer funds.

    During all this going on you still try and get me to debate the wage cap statement. It’s the greatest attempt to muddy the waters ever seen. 🙂

    I don’t feel as if I need go on, as my long posts correcting you after you changed the subject can be read til your hearts content.

    Now I’m wondering how many staples you have left as @146
    14/8/12 you are nailing concrete to trees and the next day stapling water. Woo hoo hoo hoo 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Now I advise you to walk to the nearest mirror and repeat these words
    You then need to reflect why, Granda Les left his wrestling trunks to Troy and Grandma Baba left you her knickers. 🙂 🙂


  54. Dave – I don’t know, but does anyone know any differently either way? Nope…

    Question: Who is Debuchy more pissed off with?

    A) Us

    B) Lille

    If we were really taking the piss you would think Debuchy would be a slight bit pissed with us wouldn;t you for not taking it all seriously?


  55. Toonsy I don’t believe we met Lilles asking price and I really do belive that Ryder has been stirring **** about what we have offered by quoting lilles prices in £ and ours in €s but as you say no one knows. But I do believe he is pissed with Lille for pricing him at whatever they did and the fact that he wants away. He is hardly going to get publically pissed with us or speak bad about us when he want’s us to take him? I just don’t think that would go down to well with Lambastad do you 😕
    Reet must go do a bit.


  56. I know that Wolfie would say that he copped a fair mount of stick for being a dreamer… so it does go both ways… when you call something PATHETIC in cap locks you are inviting comment to your post. If you look for attention don’t get upset when you get it.. I agree with Big Dave that people shouldn’t get shot down for an opinion but unfortunately that is the nature of the beast when you post something on a public forum.
    As fr as Troy goes, I am not sure why BD mentioned me but I don’t have an issue with him,he doesn’t really talk with me since I got him wound up and angry a week or so back 🙂


  57. @aussie

    You know I’m speaking to you. I’ve missed correcting you and keeping you in check. 🙂

    I’ve been preoccupied fighting with the genes. 🙂


  58. @aussie

    I think I’ve got away with it by keeping it low profile by being succinct with my posts.

    How’s things anyway, you still got that boomerang stuck in your mouth? 😉

    You should try straightening the boomerang and call it a stick. That’s what we do in England. Much safer. 😛


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