Pushy Pardew charged by FA

Caught in the act!
Alan Pardew has until 4pm Thursday afternoon to respond to a charge of misconduct relating to his push in the back of linesman Stuart Bart during Saturday evening’s 2-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur.

Pardew was immediately sent to the stands by match referee Martin Atkinson where he had to sit and watch the the rest of the game whilst trying to communicate to his bench.

Now I’m all for a manager showing passion and “kicking every ball” with his team, but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed and, unfortunately, Pardew has crossed it and it was only going to be a matter of time before the FA called him up for a hearing.

Of course Pardew was apologetic in the aftermath of the game but I get the sense that he was trying to diffuse the situation prior to a charge being presented by the FA. I think he knew he crossed the line and was trying to make light of the situation which, to be fair, was comical even if it was rule breaking. I mean, watch the video below and see if you think it was a really violent push.

Having said that, rules are rules, and whilst the push isn’t exactly of the same scale as those dished out by Paulo Di Canio and David Prutton in years gone by and earned them an 11 and 10 game ban respectively, you can’t tell players not to raise their hands and expect managers to get away with the same thing. Think Jose Reina v James Perch from last season…

I think a touchline ban will be in order along with a hefty fine although I wouldn’t want to speculate on the level of either. Suffice to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if the book was thrown at us as we, and Alan Pardew, aren’t part of the “clique” that seem to be on the end of more lenient punishments.

Luckily we have a professional squad with an assistant manager who can carry out a game plan dictated to him in the shape of John Carver so I’m not overly concerned about not having the gaffer in the technical area for just a few games.

I guess we will soon find out what happens anyway…

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137 thoughts on “Pushy Pardew charged by FA

  1. …I can remember being told as a kid that ginger people have quick tempers. I only have one ginger mate these days, and he’s a proper radgie! 😯 😛

    …I guess the amount of stick you get throughout school moulds your personality into being naturally defensive.

    …is Shane Ferguson naturally defensive though ❓

    I see him as more of an attacking player.

    I’d love to see him get a few games for us this season.

    He’s a winger for me like. Too much of a short-arse to cut it as a full-back in the PL.

    …and yes, before the height police butt in. I don’t think he has the build to be a proficient FB.


  2. DJG
    It’s funny you should say that as I was reading an article about it and arsenal fans were commenting that Pardew will be let of easily cus hes a press favourite and the press hate arsenal 🙄 that’ll be the day


  3. 3 match ban should be given. FA keep their big honcho rep. Pardew isn’t made an example of and give a 20 year ban and the papers get to slag off the toon. Everyones a winner.


  4. Shane also has pace to burn as I remember the Bolton home match (the one with Hatem’s goal where I was actually there :mrgreen: ) when he was subbed on in the last 20 min he was all over the place and when a Bolton defender passed it back to the keeper from the half way line Shane was after it like a rocket, everyone around us(us included) where on our feet, the keeper shat it and just managed to run out and clear it. The crowd cheered for him afterwards though which would’ve done him a world of good.


  5. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/sep/20/arsene-wenger-fa-charge1

    It was Atkinson who was the official that Wenger pushed. So maybe that is why he was so quick to send Pardew off when he was referee??

    Anyway, it says, “Under the FA’s new fast-track procedures, Wenger has until Thursday, 23 September to respond to the charge.”

    Should Arsenal accept the punishment, their manager will be banned for one game and receive an £8,000 fine.”

    So he will miss one game, big deal.


  6. Axel – I so hope you’re right mate. I know every player has their price but with Pardew saying we don’t have to sell to buy – I’d be ‘f-ing’ gutted!!

    Ice – I don’t even want to think about Jan!! 😕


  7. Ginger Dave, aye, I know mate. He’s one of these FB players who look great going forward, but not quite as good at defending.

    …be interesting to see how he fares this season. I think brick-****house FBs are few and far between these days. A good quality full back defender who can also get forward and score goals is like rocking horse ****. It tends to be one or the other these days.

    Ivanovic is the lad for me. Good at both.


  8. I wonder is Dekka and Mike will give Pardew £8,000 out of the craps budget; or make him pay it out of his own wages. I wouldn’t be suprised if they make him pay it. 😈


  9. Ice@79, not at all mate, but it’s a ‘build’ thing for me rather than height, and I’m sure confidence also comes into it. You can only get the latter through playing regularly, and young Fergie hasn’t been given the time of day. Baines got snapped up at just the right time from Wigan, and his manager utilised him in every game since, mainly because they’re so cost efficient at Everton

    He’s a barrel anyway, his heed is 2ft wide, and he reminds me of Ram-Man from the He-Man cartoons. He’s still not my ideal full-back though.

    That would be Susan Boyle of Barcelona.


  10. Rod@72 It don’t help with my grandparents being Scottish and Irish either 😆 I’m English born and bred but a very mixed up individual to be fair.

    I did used to be very quick tempered but my lad taught me the art of patience and very little riles me nowadays ,not in the true sense anyway, still get miffed at Jabba tho. 😀


  11. Was away earlier playing in the senior club championship for my local tennis club(first year I’ve been able to play the seniors) was beaten but was well amusing seeing one of the best players at the club being beaten(I was winning at one point) by a teenager, he was well annoyed if he hadn’t won in the end I’m pretty sure he would’ve killed me 😯 😕 😆 .


  12. Kim, I have Scottish ancestry myself, but I doubt that’s too unusual for Geordies. I’m clan Robertson (although that isn’t my surname).

    I personally like to believe my ancestry relates to the original Viking Beserkers who stormed McDonalds in Lindisfarne, around
    the 8th century.


  13. Andy ,carefull he may of clubbed you to death and hid you in the bunker. 😉 right really off now ,nite.


  14. From the beeb:

    ‘However, it is believed he will accept the FA’s decision and is likely to receive a two-game touchline ban.’


  15. That’s disgraceful Dubs (wingless penguin attempting 2 second flight within a harsh environment), I’d give him at least 3 👿


  16. massive bunch of gays on here like.

    (the term ‘gay’ was used indiscriminately to protect the gays)


  17. ….Stuart79, the clutch of baby ‘Stardustians have hatched, I hope you have your clan ready…

    I still say Fatty is a cheeky **** anyway.


  18. Rodz, you asked me to refer to you as Ms Rod from now on after you called me a sexist pig a few weeks back 😆 😆 😆


  19. …my nurse just told me I heard them say that in my head, so it shouldn’t count.
    Agreed Nursey.
    Thee knows thi scoo-er.


  20. On topic – Pardz should be banned for his touchline antics. I know emotions were running high but it is no excuse… As incompetent as some officials are, they should be safe from physical contact…Verbal abuse, well that is a different matter… 😉


  21. …I agree Oswaldo.
    If you call them a **** first then push them, it’s faif dinkum in my book 😎


  22. …..actually I digged it when Lionel Bart muttered “Don’t Push Mee!”

    …hahaha, watch it again, he actually says “don’t push me”

    …I’d rather he took it on a Dr David Banner tip though

    I like the Terminator; and I like the Hulk.

    Both ponces though.

    ahl mooth, nee troosaz


  23. …the mere mention of Grandmaster Flash should be enough to strike fear into mere mortals these days,

    …what the **** is the world coming to?


  24. Stardust, I’m not going continue any arguement on this blog with you. Its selfish and has gone far beyond football discussions, you are now just littering… If you want to continue you can message me on Facebook “Jarrod ‘Jabulani’ Cross. I’m more than willing to “discuss” the matter further… 😀


  25. For me, Pardews ban should be two games at most with a fine…

    It really was nothing to me… but that could just be because I lack class 😉 :mrgreen:


  26. If they are going to ban a manager it should be from the stadium in question, not just the touchline 😕 What a waste of time a ban is, if the manager can just sit in the stand and still call the shots by CB radio or Morse code 😯 😀


  27. Even if he was banned from the stadium he could still watch it on telly. And if the game isn’t live in UK he could fly to Australia and watch it here and skype his instructions to the dugout 😆 😆

    You could impose a house arrest and cut all communication links on match day, but that might be just a tad harsh.


  28. Pardz might be able to send smoke signals…. from the back yard of his house tho Vegas 😆 😆


  29. to me it was just a hay did you see that or are you blind shove , and on the marv thing i reckon he stormed of because he didnt make the subs bench 😉








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