No new incomings, maybe – Pardew

Pardew has been let down, like the rest of us.
So I see that Alan Pardew has today said that we might be done in terms of incoming players today.

That isn’t exactly great news is it?

I’ve been keeping my council throughout the window, acutely aware that the club are very capable of throwing the odd curveball when it comes to transfers dealings, which is why I’ve been pretty much silent on the whole transfer window malarkey as I like to form a judgement of the whole window AFTER the event as opposed to flitting between opinions throughout the window and as each day passes.

I’ve known since day one that qualification for the Europa League wouldn’t have a significant effect on our transfer dealings. Put simply, the money doesn’t really justify splashing out sums that deviate from the transfer policy that, until recently, has been lauded by fans of NUFC, fans of other clubs, journalists and ex-professionals alike.

However I have to say that should Alan Pardew’s words of doom turn out to be true (remember the APP – or Anti Pardew Police – are quick to point out the he is a liar) then I’ll be fuming.

First off, let’s hear what Pardew has exactly said:

“We’re watching the market,” Pardew told assorted journalists in his pre-match press conference ahead of the game against Atromitos tomorrow evening.

He added: “We know the one’s we’re watching. If there’s any movement on them, we may trigger ourselves. But the targets we have seem secure at their clubs.”

Now I’ll be quick to point out that Pardew has said things once or twice that haven’t come about previously.I remember when we weren’t selling Andy Carroll, then BOOM. Much like I remember no new incoming striker last January, until Papiss Cisse rolled into town a few days later.

It’s not over until it’s over if course, but if that is to be it then I feel sorry for Pardew, his coaching staff, and the players. All of them combined last season to propel us to fifth place in the table through a combination of hard work, graft, skill and togetherness.

The reward they’ve been given from the owner and his band of blubbers is shocking. After all that there has been no support whatsoever from above which makes you winder what the point is.

Now I, like the vast majority, am not expecting cash to be splashed here, there and everywhere, but I think we’ve gone to far the other way in this transfer window. If you crunch the numbers you’ll find our net spend is somewhere in the region of £3m, which is better than it has been for a while, but it’s still painfully low.

Still, as mentioned previously, there is time for additions to be made although it must be said that Pardew’s words are resonating about as soundly as a wet fart currently…

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188 thoughts on “No new incomings, maybe – Pardew

  1. dave my daughter and missis think you look like mike ashley ,but me lads reckon you have a bit of elton john in you 😆 😆 😆 nite


  2. @ Sharpy ..Sorry for slow reply mate 2 yr old refused to settle

    Ive agreed previous that a CB would be welcome

    As for LB imo Santon has enough quality to improve this year – Anita has played there for Ajax as an alternative and i also think once fitness proved Pieters will be a target in January.

    Same with CF think the powers that be are going to take a calculated risk in waiting to see if we losing Ba/Cisse for ACON before splashing any cash and use Shola /Sammy/Campbell to cover

    Im not disagreeing that new faces wouldnt be welcome additions or wouldnt add quality in areas

    But not at the expense of our current transfer policy , buy at our price not theirs
    Buying someone that doesnt add anything much more than what one of our youngsters can give.

    and like you said a lot of people expected us to spend £15-£20 million i can still see that happening but January buys included in that kitty


  3. Carroll and Nolan suited each others game though and get the goals by being a bunch of bullies. Esp Nolan on the keeper at corners. So I hope he doesn’t go there. 🙂


  4. @TheKid
    The rest of the premiership are in the same boat ❗
    As I keep harping on about, our situation is the same as Everton’s.
    And as I keep asking, would people be happy if we sold a big player to fund the transfers of a few others ❓ ❓
    It’s all very well saying our rivals are strengthening but looking at the hard facts shows that Spurs/Arsenal/Everton have all made a profit this window.
    So I don’t get the whole theory that Ashley shouldn’t be selling anyone, only buying, when the evidence of teams around us (in Spurs/Arsenal’s case, teams with much higher revenues) suggest otherwise.

    I’m assuming he wanted to go. He was their top ever Bundesliga scorer! They definitely didn’t want to sell him mate. Apparently he was the only reason they ever survived in the league. Should probably ask Munich Mag for a better response though.


  5. @Sharpy
    Also it’s not profits for Ashley – it’s profits for the club.
    Mike Ashley and Newcastle United are two seperate entities.
    He loaned us money to clear our Freddie Shepard era debt so that we wouldn’t have to pay extortionate interest fees.
    When we pay Ashley back we aren’t clearing “his debts” we are clearing Newcastle United FC’s debts.


  6. THE KID
    August 29, 2012 at 22:43
    Seems Spurs are close to tying up Moutinho too.
    Teams we were competing with continue to strengthen whilst we twiddle our thumbs.’

    This is true, but at the same time Spurs sold Modric for a fee ‘in the region of £33M’. Arsenal bought Cazorla, but sold Van Persie for £24M. So these clubs are not just buying, apart from moneybags Sunderland out of desperation, coz the top dogs are back in town.


  7. DJG – To be fair, I don;t think we can moan about Arsenal winning their last trophy seven years ago. When was our last proper one again? 😆


  8. bloody hell, the old ladies were swinging their handbags on here last night 😆 😆

    So can someone please explain to me as to why signing an extra player or two will automatically guarantee a top 6 finish and a strong cup run ❓

    We seem to have become so obsessed with getting these extra players in, that now if we don’t, everything will fall to pieces. 😯
    Our team will be fine as is…. we can’t keep looking at what the Jones’ are doing and comparing ourselves to them. We are always complaining that our young guys don’t get a chance so this could be a good opportunity for them. I’m not talking about putting 3 on the park at one time but one here and there when needed. I’m looking forward to seeing them get some game time to be honest.
    So if we don’t get the player(s) in, well so be it.. Just remember, getting an extra body or two in will not guarantee anything in regards to league places, all it will do is ease fans anxieties for the short term… 😉


  9. There is nothing to worry if Pardew can keep hold of the players that he currently have, no need to buy, but more importantly no selling either!


  10. I see Rodgers has finally admitted he doesn’t want Carroll and they can’t afford to have that kind of money sitting on the bench… This is what happens when you pay a player 80k per week based on 1/2 a seasons performance. You couldn’t half see this financial mess coming. The moment they missed out on the Champs league, is the moment everything suddenly gets really expensive. Even if the deal is right for us, we should leave Andy at Liverpool to keep burning a deeper hole in their dried up bank account 😡


  11. Krul
    Santon Saylor Colo Anita
    Cabaye Tioté Jonas
    Ben Arfa Ba
    Cisse or Carroll
    Harper Raylor Perch Bigi Vuckic Marveaux or Fergie Cissé or Carroll
    That’s enough for me



    Brisvegas stands at the door. The pub is mostly empty but he can hear the echo 3 old men bickering like schoolgirls.

    Aussie Magpie Fan sits at his usual stool at the bar. He’s eating roasted wombat sandwiches. Blackbartoon is scribbling random names on a wall.

    Huw there, Oz. Y’alreet, man?

    He walks to the bar. settles into a stool at the other end of the bar from AMF.

    Pint of lager, Toonsy, man. When you’re ready.


  13. Agree with Aussie @ 179, perfectly sums up the situation for me. Not worried in the slightest.


  14. Aussie puts his glass of beer down on the bar top and looks toward Vegas. They exchange a knowing glance and both fight back a frown for they know that Troy Stavers will come barreling through the door at any moment. 😆 .


  15. ST – you miss my point, what I mean is that the new signings should improve our squad not turn a profit – whether that be profit for Ashley or NUFC. To use Modric as an example, Spurs paid £16.5m for him with a view to him improving their squad, not with a view of almost doubling their money on him one day. Que the ‘we are not on the same financial level’ line, but it’s an example.

    Reports today suggest that Madrid have agreed a fee of €7m for Debuchy. Dont know how true it is, but if so – we’ve missed out our main transfer target for the sake of £800k. If that turns out to be true then there is no defending that like and is a prefect example of how ridiculous this board is being in the windows.


  16. Transfer deadline day in France is Tuesday. Does that mean that we can sign French players until Tuesday? Or is that extension only for transfers within France?


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