Trouble in the camp?

Can Pardew control the murmurings of discontent?
There have been growing rumours regarding some form of unrest in the Newcastle United camp for the past few weeks.

Essentially it was something that was mentioned on Twitter by Steve Wraith that has now bubbled away and perpetuated itself into something bigger than it probably is.

Of course the fact that Demba Ba came out last night after the match and said that he hadn’t been happy with a few things has caused this player unrest train of thought to move forward with more gusto, but does everything have to be the doomsday scenario that some believe it to be, and isn’t there always some players unhappy over something or another at any club?

Now I’m not playing down these rumours. I don’t know anything about them ad I don’t have a “source” telling me what is what, so I can only go on what I see and what I hear. So what did we hear from Demba Ba?

“I was very determined, because lately I have not been so happy with some things,” said Ba in his post-match Sky interview. “Some things have been going on. When I got my boots on, I couldn’t wait.”

Naturally that has lead some to instantly think of United, but does it have to be that way? It’s possible Ba was unhappy about being placed on the bench, it’s also possible that he is unhappy about not featuring for Senegal isn’t it?

I like players who are unhappy about being dropped. It shows they want to play and that they want to earn their money. It also reminds them that they must perform to stay in the team, even though we have a wafer thin squad in places. I would advise a dropping of Papiss Cisse in the next game if it has the same impact it had on Ba!

Yes it’s possible that players aren’t overly enamoured by our lack of first team signings, but they’ll soon get over it if they are professional enough. They were all keen enough to buy into the philosophy last season and, being honest, they could earn bigger money elsewhere so didn’t have to join and could have held out for something more lucrative, easier even.

I’m neither denying or confirming there is some unrest in the camp, and neither should anyone unless they know otherwise themselves, no matter how “obvious” it may seem. All I’m saying is that unrest happens in most squads at some point and to just think about how serious it may or may not be and if it even does concern Newcastle anyway.

Yes Ba said what he said last night, but he also tweeted after the game himself and called Newcastle United a legendary club which seems to have been overlooked. He doesn’t sound too unhappy does he?

Onwards and upwards…

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96 thoughts on “Trouble in the camp?

  1. Dave-Okay fair enough, I don’t know who you were aiming the question in response to. Re the agent, perhaps he will tell him to stfu, we don’t really know. He might tell him to keep it up and put pressure on us/pards to play him, it is pretty hard to nail down the character of footballers and what goes through their minds.

    I thought what you were getting at was that he wouldn’t leave if he was happy here. In reality we could have a right chummy squad enjoying their football but they might still want to go/end up going, because several of them are imo top class players who could play at the very top.


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  3. Big Dave @ 75- You still haven’t answered the “due diligence” questions I put to you, even though its your favourite topic. 😳 😯 And I can’t get Troyer to help you on that one, despite my best efforts. 🙂 At the moment you two are propping each other up. 😆 😆 😆


  4. Its just a weird dilemna having two fantastic strikers that can’t play together. Not the worst problem to have really…

    Seems to me that Ba was a a little miffed to be deployed on the left last year (as we’ve known for awhile) but wasn’t upset enough to force a move over it becuase he loves the club. Now the agent is blowing things out of proportion because a move is in the agent’s interest.


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  7. “In summary, if you had took the time to read my text you would have realised that it was sent just after Wilo tickled instead of tackled to allow Everton to score.” Elementary, my dear Troyer. I had just said that to Dr. Watson as the clock in the study struck 9. 😆 😆 😆

    To be serious for a moment. Troyer, you say, “Accept you got the wrong end of the ****ty stick in relation to my meaning of the lack of depth to the squad.” “… it should have been obvious that my lack of depth in the squad was referring solely to the CB role.”

    No. You have been complaining endlessly and ad nauseum about the lack of spend of the Carroll cash, and how we could have been in the CL with the investment of £25 to £30M that you believe is there. However, I think your point is best answered by the following classic Troyerism in the same post. “We might now be Premier champions if it wasn’t for his [Mikey’s] greed by him wanting all his losses and more back.” Followed by, “I’m not praising FFS, but many say we would have gone out of business if he had stayed. How does anyone know that?” 😳


  8. Watching the match again, its interesting that so much is being made about the goal crossing the line when the foul that led to the free kick for it was an absolute joke. A bit like Ukraine’s goal against England-it was over the line but the player was offside anyway, so, justice really…

    Anyway, Jagielkas push on Ba in the penalty area was worse and nowt was given and neither of those decisions are talked about.

    Goal line tech obviously needs to come in, but the officials made some atrocious decisions in that game, for both sides.



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  10. On topic – Ba needs to gag or get rid of his agent.. I can’t recall hearing too many statements like this from other players agents . It happens durring the transfer window but after it closes this kind of rubbish talk dies down. Pisses me off to no end…..
    😈 😈


  11. Unfortunately regarding Ba and the agent blather, it’s obvious the circus following him around is par for Ba’s make up. There was the same circus at Hoffenheim before he left.

    Ba is talking up his own importance and style doing some marketing of his own, and testing the water. He’s allowed to do it I’m afraid, frustrating as it is. That Sky and the media jump on it to disrupt NUFC at the same time goes without saying, it all makes headlines…

    The best way to keep him happy I suppose is to play him, and when he comes off the bench to score two excellent goals, then what more does he need to prove ? I can understand him being peeved, I would be too…

    It’s really down to Pardew and the rest of the team too to try and find a way to incorporate two of the best strikers in the premier league (maybe the best dual strike force in the league ?) into the team / squad. It’s a luxury problem which I would be ecstatic to have as a manager. Over to Pardew 😉

    By the way, playing Demba Ba every week doesn’t necessarily mean that the circus surrounding him will disappear…it’s the entertainment industry after all !. We know already what’s gonna happen as the January transfer window approaches.. 👿


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    So Bumbling Boris still refuses to answer who he thought I was referring to in my text. 😳 😳

    He decides to answer the lack of depth in squad part of text and concurs with my theory that he got the total wrong end end of the ****ty stick by not reading the text as a whole.

    Yet those great words are missing,


    Lesson to be leant Bumbler, try and read my texts and posts in the future and clarify my position before you jump in the deep in with your lead boots and strait jacket on. 😛 😛 😛

    You haven’t half made a fully erect sexual appendage of yourself . 😉

    So next we move onto you justifying your desperate attempts that Curtis Good maybe the best CB back in the club by Xmas.

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    This is the player who was on trial with us last year. 😯

    What I do know for a complete fact our £400k Melbourne Boomerang will not be the best CB at the club by Xmas. Our £10m Argie international is quite safe me thinks. 😛

    The absolutely incredible part of this, you haven’t been put on the spot, you made the ridiculous statement weeks ago when trying to justify your argument that we haven’t bought a quality CB that I have been saying was necessary.

    In fact, only yesterday @ post 22 on a thread you state;
    Your criticism would of course, be entirely fair, valid and understandable if I had said Good ” WILL BE” the best CB by Xmas ? That would be laughable and worthy of your derision. However, all I have said is that this lad, or another in the reserves , might step up if Colo and Sayls get injured, FOR ALL YOU OR I KNOW ABOUT GOOD, he might be a top stand in even before Xmas. You and I don’t know anything about him.

    Hmmm? Let’s look at this more closely. You state you said, this lad or another in the reserves, might step up if Colo and Sayls get injured.

    Did you really Boris? Or are these additions youve conveniently attached to cover your ridiculous statement.

    Your first mention on the subject arrives with a splat on;
    August 14, 2012 at 23:18

    So now you’re not waiting for the Carroll money to be spent; you’re just waiting for the club to buy a centre back? They’ve already bought one, and you might be saying by Christmas he’s the best centre back in the club. We know they’re looking at Douglas, and I reckon that transfer is more likely than the Debuchy one. So what’s your problem?

    At no other time have you mentioned, like you say, that if Sayls and Colo get injured, him or another reserve might be a top stand in before Xmas.

    Please find that quote. You certainly didn’t bring it up on the day in question. You must remember I have all our posts copied.

    You suggest I don’t know much about Good. I suggest not many people do. There’s very little on wiki and I never heard any great revelations when he was on trial for the Toon.

    All I know is on 23 feb 2011 THE AIS capt signed a multi year senior contract with A league club Melbourne Heart after performing very well for AIS and impressing during a short stint as an injury replacement player at Melbourne.
    He made his official debut for Melbourne Heart during the round 1 fixture against Newcastle Jets for the 2011-12 A league campaign.

    So to finalise, will you show me where I can find the quote you have mentioned, as all I have listed is he may be the best CB at the club by Xmas .

    If you wish to apologise for misrepresenting my text you published and accept you didn’t say the above words you added onto the end of your original statement about Good then we can move onto the next issue in your post to me.

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  15. AMF @ 86 – Poor Troyer is fizzin, and I am pleased he has traced my comments, which are both consistent with what I have continued to say and which show that his previous summaries of them are a complete distortion.

    Only Troyer could produce a grammatically incorrect statement, and then blame the reader for not fully understanding it. 😳
    Only Troyer could get in a tizzy wizzzy that the text was “private” when it contained nothing that wasn’t already on a public forum. 😳
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    Only Troyer could misrepresent someone and then helpfully dig up their previous post to prove that he had misrepresented them. 😳
    Only Troyer could come up with the classic: ““We might now be Premier champions if it wasn’t for his [Mikey’s] greed by him wanting all his losses and more back.” Followed by, “I’m not praising FFS, but many say we would have gone out of business if he had stayed. How does anyone know that?” 😳 😳 😳
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    If it wasn’t for that pesky Troy I would have got away with this. 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛


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