Trouble in the camp?

Can Pardew control the murmurings of discontent?
There have been growing rumours regarding some form of unrest in the Newcastle United camp for the past few weeks.

Essentially it was something that was mentioned on Twitter by Steve Wraith that has now bubbled away and perpetuated itself into something bigger than it probably is.

Of course the fact that Demba Ba came out last night after the match and said that he hadn’t been happy with a few things has caused this player unrest train of thought to move forward with more gusto, but does everything have to be the doomsday scenario that some believe it to be, and isn’t there always some players unhappy over something or another at any club?

Now I’m not playing down these rumours. I don’t know anything about them ad I don’t have a “source” telling me what is what, so I can only go on what I see and what I hear. So what did we hear from Demba Ba?

“I was very determined, because lately I have not been so happy with some things,” said Ba in his post-match Sky interview. “Some things have been going on. When I got my boots on, I couldn’t wait.”

Naturally that has lead some to instantly think of United, but does it have to be that way? It’s possible Ba was unhappy about being placed on the bench, it’s also possible that he is unhappy about not featuring for Senegal isn’t it?

I like players who are unhappy about being dropped. It shows they want to play and that they want to earn their money. It also reminds them that they must perform to stay in the team, even though we have a wafer thin squad in places. I would advise a dropping of Papiss Cisse in the next game if it has the same impact it had on Ba!

Yes it’s possible that players aren’t overly enamoured by our lack of first team signings, but they’ll soon get over it if they are professional enough. They were all keen enough to buy into the philosophy last season and, being honest, they could earn bigger money elsewhere so didn’t have to join and could have held out for something more lucrative, easier even.

I’m neither denying or confirming there is some unrest in the camp, and neither should anyone unless they know otherwise themselves, no matter how “obvious” it may seem. All I’m saying is that unrest happens in most squads at some point and to just think about how serious it may or may not be and if it even does concern Newcastle anyway.

Yes Ba said what he said last night, but he also tweeted after the game himself and called Newcastle United a legendary club which seems to have been overlooked. He doesn’t sound too unhappy does he?

Onwards and upwards…

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96 thoughts on “Trouble in the camp?

  1. Toonsy ,It’s a funny one isn’t it .I mean on the one hand logic kind of tells you that, as you say, you always find one or two players are miffed either at being left out /benched or not on best terms with the management. On the other hand with our dismal transfer business and our injury list putting pressure in the form of round pegs in square holes causing unrest ,who knows what to think. End of the day we arn’t privvy to private dressing room conversations or arguments and we can only hope a few wins will put the boat on calmer waters again. For myself ,my gut feeling is something is wrong ,quite what I’m not sure ,hopefully my gut is misleading me.


  2. Players are always going to be unhappy if they are dropped – it would be bad news if that weren’t the case. Pardew got a response from Ba which shows he was maybe right to give him a kick up the back-side. Next up Cisse – he was very poor again last night though did come close to scoring.
    As the article says there was a positive comment from Ba on twitter – doesn’t seem to be a major problem:

    Demba Ba [!]8207;@dembabafoot
    Good night people. So proud for that 1,000th goal. I’m not a legend like people say, but nufc is a legendary club!!!


  3. Agree with your verdict toonsy.
    I think it’s highly unlikely Ba would moan about transfer policy in public.
    Understandable if he’s unhappy about international benchings and our teams performances.


  4. Play them both in a 4-4-2 formation every week until one of them is injured then the problem is solved so switch to 4-3-3.


  5. We could have pulled Marveaux out of the lineup in the first half, he was terrible. I would still like to see us try 4-3-1-2 once Tiote is fit with a midfield of Tiote, Cabaye, and Anita. Put Ben Arfa in behind Ba and Cisse and see how it works. Until Tiote and Simpson are fit however I would keep Anita at RB, he is much better than anyone else we have right now (which is almost nobody). Lack of depth will be a huge problem for us this season Llambias. Show some spine Ashley and sack him if we finish below 7th.


  6. funny that. when he could leave for £7m in the summer, not a peep from an agent. Then when he can be sold for double/treble that amount his agent starts to get vocal. It’s all about percentages to these agents.
    10% of £7m is a lot less than 10% of £20m.
    Not as if Ba on the left wing happened this season, didn’t seem to bother the agent in the summer.


  7. Spot on Kev. This is definitely a scheming agent at work. If the player paid the agent’s fee we would see and hear a lot less from agents because the greedy ones would be immediately sacked!


  8. Well it does seem quite a coincidence that Steve Wraith mentions player unrest, while some of the players haven’t look too happy Cabaye being one, and just a general feeling that it doesn’t look good add to that that they haven’t look happy playing either. then the next thing we have Demba after scoring 2 goals and getting us a draw looking like he just lost a million £s and saying that he hasn’t been happy with a few things, then today his agent comes out ??? believe what you like but when I see and hear that I do believe that there is something in it, did we hear anymore about Oba refusing to come on ?


  9. But Dave what about Ba tweeting Newcastle are a legendry club? Or Cabaye coming out and saying he is happy at the club and unsure where it has come that he is unhappy?


  10. This smells like agents unsettling their players to me. Now that Ba’s release clause has expired he is worth a lot more than 7 M pounds as Kev said previously. The agent knows that and starts working on Ba and the club. Is it possible the same thing is happening with Cabaye? I would say definitely. He is worth a lot more than what we paid for him and can probably get a much higher wage from another club as well. One thing though is that Cabaye is not nearly as effective without Tiote to win back balls and send him away. If they become an awesome pairing for us again this season watch the bids come in during the January window.


  11. Big Dave – the local journos are saying there is nothing in the rumour that Obertan refused to come on as a sub:

    Miles Starforth ‏@milesstarforth
    Contrary to rumours, Gabriel Obertan didn’t refuse to come on for #nufc late in the game.


  12. Johno even if it it wasn’t true would you really expect Ba to come out and say that we were a bad club with no ambition etc etc or any of the players to publicily say they were unhappy ?? we all know what would happen 😉

    3Hrs cheers


  13. Gotta say, the first half sucked, the second half was great, and I’m glad I finally got a chance to see Vurnon Anita in action. The boy looks class. Gutted for him that he didn’t score like.


  14. Agreed Toonsy. I do like how the unhappy camp were all over Cabaye re his poor performances and apparently him sulking all over the pitch. It was all because Debuchy wasn’t in. After a solid performance yesterday and an absolutely beautiful assist, coupled with pure joy at both Ba’s goals it’s now Ba who was really unhappy and the Cabaye thing has been swept under the carpet… 😆

    As for Wraith, I made fun of him but actually said I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few problems behind doors, there are at every club. What he told us was sweet **** all and he basically offered as much as Cwarr07 could 😉


  15. Agree with the others about agents. Pards has already had a go at them and it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve been poisoning them over the summer, esp Cabaye during the Euros.


  16. BD usually agree with you on most but cant on demba ba, i mentioned in last thread even wayne rooney has been dropped and also had to play out of the left hand side at manchester red; however he did it without moaning. only time he moaned was the old ‘lack of ambition’ from the board. to which he got a bumper contract and a league title a few months later

    if demba said he wasnt happy with lack of ambition I would be fully behind him as i feel the same

    however – if its because he had to play left, or was on bench, he has to lump it

    its a squad game and we have some good players


  17. —————————Eliott—————————
    -Tav—S.Taylor—Willo(maybe Good)—Fergie-
    Team for Thursday. Would like to see Campbell come off the bench at some point and if Gosling/Abeid is fit, them too.


  18. Sir Bobby-Kind of agree there. I was one of Ba’s harshest critics during the second half of last season, namely when he was sulking etc. He was out of position and mainly he was in a very poor run of form in comparison to his compatriot who was scoring ridiculous goals. Players need to play where they are told.

    However, I do think Pards envisions a 4-3-1-2 formation when all our first 11 are fit and healthy, it puts them all in their best positions. Although if Ba is unhappy about being benched-whilst he does need to man up, he’s clearly been the better striker all season and even pre season imo, so it must be frustrating.

    They need to take a leaf out of Shola’s book :mrgreen:


  19. If Ba was ‘P’ off at being on the bench last night he had every right to be!. Let’s be right, he and Ben Arfa have been our 2 best attacking players so far this season – and Cisse was very average again last night.
    We looked 100% better with Ba in the team, and whether it is that he is annoyed at being dropped for us or not, it shouldn’t happen again – unless his form drops.
    We looked so poor in the first half it was horrible to watch. But in the 2nd half, when Ba came on, it’s was like they all started playing. Wonder if the first half was in protest of Ba being dropped?.
    Something certainly isn’t right at the mo, and it’s definately destructive, because alot of our success was down to happy players playing for each other, and I haven’t seen much of that so far this season.


  20. Newkie – this what your referring to?
    ———————–Ben Arfa—————————-
    Would work provided the middle three stay fairly far back to help protect the full-backs(and CBs in tiote’s case). Jonas would need to spend a long time practicing his long balls and crosses for it to work.



    Just found out young Chip Stavers is the club mascot for Sundays game v Norwich.
    He gets to walk out with Ben Arfa and kick the ball round.

    I get to go in the tunnel and in the directors box to watch the game.

    I’m as excited as him!


  22. Andy-something to that effect, although I might have Cabaye more forward than the two DMs and in the centre rather than the right. Tiote can actually put decent lofted balls in so put him in the right, Jonas/Anita on the left, Jonas for his work and Anita because he’s actually left footed and I’m sure there’s more to come from him. Cabaye in the middle to thread balls through for the forwards and link up with Benny-those two seem to have the best understanding out of our lot.


  23. Sorry to say but to me Anita doesn,t look robust enough to play holding midfield in the premiership.He may be the best we have at right back at the moment and he played well there when switched but too me when Tiote is out Perch should be the natural replacement.


  24. Yeah Anita hasn’t looked great in the centre but he’ll still need time to adjust. He is a lot better than Perch at RB though so perhaps he should switch purely for that reason.


  25. It never ceases to amaze the pain that people dream up.
    Ba was moody on the bench – fine.
    Ba said he wasn’t happy with things lately; likely poor team performances/getting dropped by Senegal – fine.
    Ba’s agent stirring up ****. Why would we believe that?! If he was bothered about playing on the LW should he not have said something in the summer ❓ Oh no wait, agents cut wouldn’t have been as large on 7Mill. 🙄

    And why do we believe the opposite of what we are told.
    End of last season so many people slated Ba for “attitude problems”, despite the fact he said he was willing to play anywhere for the team.
    Yesterday Pardew said Oba was happy to come on, yet some still claim “rumours on twitter” suggest otherwise.


    Congrats Troll Stavers Jnr ❗



    @O Hurley

    I’m thinking of taking my footy strip and running on at the start. Like that Man Utd fan who got on the team photo in the CL.

    Everyone will be asking who the new signing is with Stavers on the back.

    He’s a little fat F£cker like. 😛


  27. I think the biggest danger to the toon success is the occasional tactical incompetence from Pardew’s team selections. Yesterday in the first half we were absolutely garbage, and no-one could have complained if we had gone in 3-1 behind. The whole balance of the side was terrible, and Marveaux looked really poor playing on the right hand side. However, Pardew chose to play him there…big big mistake…
    The second half he changed things and nullified Baines, shutting the Sky commentators up at the same time, who were all getting a tad excited about the bloke. Second half he was a lot less effective. Whereas Everton had some bad luck, we could have also scored at least 2 goals in the second half, and in fact Cisse and HBA missed great one on one chances in either half.

    I think with a full team, including Krul, Collo, Tiote and Demba and Cisse up front we would have easily beaten Everton, make no mistakes about it.

    There is still a lot to come from this team, but Pardew needs to watch his tactics.


  28. Solano-to be fair, I did have a pop at Ba at the back end of last season, he eventually came out saying he was happy but often it didn’t seem like it and when he blanked pards that was out of order for me. But I think it was all because he was disappointed in himself, which was right and perfectly understandable.

    Agree with the rest of it though, some people just love to believe bad news and like finding it it seems.


  29. We’ve all read the glass half empty version, this is the glass half full version,

    “I was very determined, because lately I have not been so happy with some things,” said Ba in his post-match Sky interview. “Some things have been going on. When I got my boots on, I couldn’t wait.”

    I’ve not been as prolific as I was last season and so that coupled with being dropped gave me the incentive to come on and score for my club!

    Also no one mentions Harpers comment on the spirit in the camp being fantastic…


  30. Munich-He needs to watch his tactics and yet we got a draw at one of the toughest grounds in the league against one of the in form sides with an absolutely shattered defence. Hmm.

    People were calling for Marv, he played him. Not really his fault that Marv was ****e imo. He had hoped to play Perch at full back because Anita is more creative but it didn’t work so he changed it. I’d hardly call that incompetence but there we go.


  31. Newkie, what was technically competent about the first half line up last night. We were absolutely dire.

    Do you in your heart of hearts believe that we deserved a point yesterday base on our first half performance ?

    Read my post mate, don’t make things up which I didn’t say…

    Of course I’m ecstatic with a point, but were poor in the first half, ffs even Pardew said it himself… 🙄


  32. Its the press stirring **** after wraith kicked up on twitter , i say send Tiote and Bigi round his place and give him a little warning over his twitter ****tering . Every player at every club is pissed off when they are dropped (ba) or feel they are being played out of position(cabaye) untill the next game they are picked and score , last nights game everyone looked happy second half except Cisse , so i suppose he is the next one a Twitter rumour or the press will pick out and say something is not right . The time too start worrying that all is not well is when Pardew starts looking and acting worried .


  33. Newkie, this is not the first time that Pardew has got his tactics all wrong. And I’m a big fan of his by the way before anyone starts … 😉


  34. Munich-Where exactly did I make up things you said 😕 I said a draw was a good result which it was, i’m not really sure how you can say it was incompetent tactics when the players were absolutely dire on their own accord. Add into that Everton played brilliantly-I’m not really sure why so many are keen to play our own players down, sometimes the opposition are just unplayable and Baines and Pienaar are one of the best pairings in the league.

    Do I believe we deserved a point on our first half performance? Kind of a pointless question, obviously not, but in regards to the second half performance? Definitely. We had our luck but at the end of the day even we could have won it if Cisse and Benny had finished their very good chances and we were certainly the better team in the second half.

    Of course we were poor in the first half but how you can blame that all on Pards’ selections and let all the players off is completely beyond me. We’ve started slowly in all our games- the players haven’t got going and how that is all Pards’ fault is beyond me.

    We have had questionable line ups, I agree but incompetence? Bit strong for me.


  35. Andy-I actually meant that on the left of midfield but yeah I do think it might be worth seeing Anita and Santon on their strong feet. Just not sure about Santon, he clearly like’s cutting in and I’m not sure he’s a great crosser anyway. Add in that, apart from Shola neither of our strikers are great in the air, we might be better off letting them cut in..



    Well, I’ve just received a text from Bumbling Boris. He refuses to answer my last post. 😳 😳

    Never in the creation of red faces have I seen one as red as the Bumblers tonight! 😳 😮 😳

    Wooooooo hoooo hoooo hooooo 😆


  37. Well you could see it coming really. I would think the likes of Colo and Krul are also pissed off but they just don’t have ****s as agents who will tell the world. What were they told to persuade them to sign their new contracts?

    Also fear HBA, Cabaye and Cisse will probably feel the same.

    Penny pinching = false economy in this instance.


  38. So Ba comes on second half/starts according to set-up in the premiership and starts in Europe. Does that mean he is second to Cisse? Or that Pardew values his inclusion more?



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    Answer my post. Who do you believe I was referring to if you hadn’t thought of Good?

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  41. Troy – that’s great news for the young un. My godson was ballboy against Spurs and he loved it, but Mascot will be mind blowing for him.
    Also, I know that you are kidding about taking the strip and running onto the pitch – there is nobody on this site less likely to outshine or steal their sons limelight 😯 😳

    Does anyone know what channel – if any – the game is on on Thursday night?


  42. Good game tonight, City were held together by Hart and Toure. Many of the others looked out of their depth. Kolorov’s freekick goal was funny, how Casillas didn’t read that better was ridiculous, had to be at least 35yrds out.


  43. Troyer’s cage is well rattled here. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Desperate to save face, he’s got to make things up. Wooooo hooooo 😆

    I’ve answered your point, fella. You’re desperately trying to divert attention from the questions you can’t answer.

    You keep going on about my posting our text exchange on this blog because you we’re well rattled about it. Hissing and fitting, you cried it was “private” even though it was a repeat of what you’ve already said on here. You even complained that I hadn’t posted it in full (even though I had) and you posted the whole thing again. Embarrassing, fella! 😳

    I refer you to my previous post for my answer. I also remind you of the following from it. “I notice you ignore my question as to whether you had heard of Cheik Tiote, Hatem Ben Arfa, Yohan Cabaye, Davide Santon, and Papiss Cisse before the club bought them? I asked you to answer honestly, but you have not answered at all. When we were trying to sign those players, what other players were we looking at and why didn’t we get them? Do you know? I ask because you say, “There have been plenty on the market as we have shown interest but scared off by the odd million or so.” Did we want those players that much? Do you know whether they are the next Tiote or Ben Arfa? Which CB would you have bought a year ago and how much would you have paid for him?” THE SELF PROCLAIMED BLOGMASTER WON’T ANSWER. TOO HARD. 😀

    Let’s have another song Troyer. Go and get your guitar, son. I’ve got Good expectations for it. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 😛


  44. Sharpy
    I’d assume ESPN but could be wrong. Spurs match and Shitpool match are both on itv4. The one year we get into Europa and channel 5 bloody loses the rights 😡


  45. Well you could see it coming really. I would think the likes of Colo and Krul are also pissed off but they just don’t have ****s as agents who will tell the world. What were they told to persuade them to sign their new contracts?
    They were probably told that it was the club’s goal to get into Europe 😯 😉


  46. Andy – just checked and they are showing the Inter v Rubin Kazan game – what the ‘F’ is that about?!.
    I was hoping it would be on one of the main channels coz I’m up in Alnmouth on Thursday night and I’m not sure what they’ll get up there?! 🙁


  47. Troyer, complaining about the lack of depth in the squad and the CB position in particular, “lads come and go to the club and never reach the first team.”

    So answer my point, fella. What about Tav, who has first team experience and can fill in if Colo or Sayls is injured and you don’t like Willo or Perch? We even have Street and Good. How much depth do you want?

    Yeah, we would all like to see new quality, proven signings but we don’t want another Boumsong. If we had been looking at the next Boumsong in the last transfer window, you’d be the one complaining that we did not sign him yesterday because the newspapers had reported we had targeted him. That’s the sum total of your logic, fella. 😳
    This Douglas kid. Good is he? You seen him have you? Is there anyone better that we could get?

    Everyone will see if you avoid the question, Troyer. 😆 😆 😆 😆


  48. Heres one for you’s lads if Ba is really that happy because he hasn’t publicily slated us, why doesn’t he go tell his agent to shut to **** up and we’ll here nothing again, after all most say his agent is just trying to get him a move so Ba should just make it clear that he’s happy and doesn’t want a move and if the agent isn’t ok then sack the c@nt.
    As I said who really thinks Ba would come out and say that he doesn’t want to stay at the club and we’re this and that ? he would be pretty stupid to do that even if he did feel like it.
    I love the way some on here make it out that Ba’s comments are all innocent which they could be but if any one suggest that they were a sign of discontent then it’s just the papers, and fans making something of it 😕

    B+B I couldn’t believe you would use a private chat be it txt or email to try to score points 😯 now thats bad craic fella


  49. Dave , We also need to remember that Pards came out and said Ba would be playing up front 90% of the time which means he probably was expecting not to be benched quite this early in the season ,especially when in such good form. I should imagine he feels a bit duped and that he was maybe promised that in order to stay with us rather than go on the cheap perhaps. 😕 just a thought . Still don’t understand why Pards made that promise when Cisse was in such great form end of last season.


  50. Kim I said at the time that he shouldn’t have made him that promise, no one should be able to dictate to the manager, if he doesn’t like it well he knows what he can do.

    Troy yeah well done to young Chip I bet he’s over the moon 😉


  51. Kim – thanks for the update about the match time and channel. I was really starting to worry I’d miss it. Next question … Does anyone know if Alnmouth gets ESPN?! 😕

    I know I’ve mentioned this player before, and I know he could cause problems in the dressing room, but Royston Drenthe still is without a club! :shock:. Based on Marvs performance last night, I think he would a worthwhile acquisition for nowt like – even if it’s just a years contract to see how he works out?!


  52. Big Dave – What do you know about it, fella? You tell me how it is bad craic to post on the blog the contents of an exchange by text, not marked private, without any knowledge that there was anything private in it, and where the same content, thoughts and opinions had already been made public on the blog, albeit in different words.

    While you’re on, you tell me what “private” element of the text caused harm or embarrassment. What element, the publication of which, do you consider affects Troyer detrimentally? Is there something in it that he does not stand by or would not have said on here? He thinks its great because he, as always, thinks he’s on a winner. What he said on the text was a continuation of what he is saying on here.

    The one thing I didn’t do was misrepresent what he said; I posted the exchange in full. His complaint was that I had been selective and that I had not posted it in full. He therefore posted the exchange in full, which is strange because it was already there. Its all there to check if you care. He, on the other hand, has summarised what I have said tonight by text, and completely misrepresented what I said in order to score points. Now that is bad craic, fella.

    I know you two have got to stick together on here because one would be lost without the other. 😳 I, however, am nobody’s man and am happy to stand alone, if need be, and free to say what I want to you or anybody else! 😉


  53. Big Dave-So somebody will only move if they are unhappy? I don’t think so. Andy Carroll? He was loving life was he not? Doesn’t mean he wasn’t also looking out for himself if the right club came along 😉



    Wool hoooooooo hooooooo hooooooooo 😛 😛

    The Bumbler refuses to answer my question . His old trick of muddying the waters turns up as expected.

    I’ve told you that question will be answered once you’ve dealt with the original issue which you haven’t answered.

    So deal with this and let’s move to the next issue in your post which was about your Curtis Good quote.

    So please, tell me why you posted my text and never understood that I was referring to the lack of depth in the squad because we didn’t have a player to replace willo.

    I clearly meant Good cos I spelt Good with a capital G however you say you missed the hidden meaning. Im surprised as I had a lengthy debate over Good with you recently. But the main thing which should have gave it away, was the line;


    Surely you must have thought I was referring to someone. So explain who you thought I was referring to.

    I will explain what I believe has happened and you may correct me if I’m wrong.

    You looked at my text and thought my point was that the overall squad was not good enough to go to Goodson with injuries and get the result we managed.

    You say so in your post;
    263 Troyer. The point that concerns you is your ranting at half time at the lack of depth in the squad. Yet we have just gone to Goodison, brought Demba Ba off the bench and battled from a goal down to get a well earned point. That’s without Tiote, Krul and Colo, who should, incidentally, all be back soon.

    Why would I mean that when I’ve never said we couldn’t go down to Everton and get a point?
    Of you go through the earlier thread I predicted a draw knowing the injuries we had.

    My text solely refers to Wilo. In it i state;

    I bet you are dying over your Good expectations.
    If he can’t knock Wilo out the team then it’s worrying.

    I ask you to take the two sentences together instead of only the first one, which you only refer to in your response;

    Troyer, when you said Good expectations, I had no idea you were referring to Curtis Good.

    So can you explain to me who you thought I meant? I’m clearly referring to someone.

    We’ve been having discussions on Curtis Good over the past few weeks, and you even mention that I never let it lie.

    In summary, if you had took the time to read my text you would have realised that it was sent just after Wilo tickled instead of tackled to allow Everton to score.

    Because of the issue over Curtis Good which I ridicule you about your Crippa quote and that I’m referring to someone not good enough to take Wilos place, it should have been obvious that my lack of depth in the squad was referring solely to the CB role.

    The text is a reassertion of what I’ve said for weeks.

    So explain to me how you managed to get such a simple issue so wrong?

    Accept you got the wrong end of the ****ty stick in relation to my meaning of the lack of depth to the squad.

    At that point I will move onto the next issue in your post which is Curtis Good quote maybe our best CB in the club by Xmas. 😉

    Oh by the way; your text this morning gets funnier by the minute;
    Your text;
    Your reign as the blogmaster is coming to a sad and painful end. No more easy rides. I’ve just posted so get crunching that key pad. Don’t ignore the questions. Woooo hoooo!=D

    Woooo hoooo hoooo hoooooo 😆 😆

    I think you need to practice getting some original banter first instead of copying mine and practice on someone at your level like Aussie and Begas. 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛


  55. As for all this unrest in the camp, it’s good that it is openly talked about rather than kept under wraps, with Ba slipping away at the end of the season. There is unrest in all football clubs at some time or another, and NUFC has had it on and off for years. I remember the days of Gordon Lee and Geoff Nulty. Its all a storm in a tea cup and part and parcel of football.


  56. To be fair re Pards’ promise, I do think he envisioned Ba and Cisse being able to play together up front. Personally I still think we could pull it off, I think its clear he wanted a 4-3-1-2 formation, but meh. It may turn out we can’t and if it does, it was a stupid promise to make. Although to be fair, probably the right one as if we’d lost him for 3mil i’d have gone ballistic 😆


  57. Dave-“Heres one for you’s lads if Ba is really that happy because he hasn’t publicily slated us, why doesn’t he go tell his agent to shut to **** up and we’ll here nothing again, after all most say his agent is just trying to get him a move so Ba should just make it clear that he’s happy and doesn’t want a move and if the agent isn’t ok then sack the c@nt.”

    Just because Ba is “happy” doesn’t mean he wouldn’t accept a move to a bigger club. The two don’t have to be intrinsically linked.


  58. Sharpy> You should be fine to get ESPN as lots of bars and pubs in Alnmouth show the footie apparently ,Sky and ESPN. 😀


  59. Troyer – Its so simple. I didn’t get your poetry concerning “Good expectations” so I really didn’t know what you meant – as I have said about ten times now. Your complaint was about our personnel, namely Willo, and your continual criticism of a lack of depth in the squad. As that was the point I correctly picked up on and addressed, what is your complaint? It is just another typical diversionary tactic that you accuse others of. After you pointed out that you were still harping on about Good, I explained how you have misrepresented what I siad to suit your argument. I am STILL waiting for you to address that, fella. 😳

    Are you saying I had understood you meant Good, but was avoiding the point? Or are you saying that I am just slow on the uptake in not understanding your reference? Either way, it is a shameful point to hide behind. Just answer the substantive questions that I have put to you about your negativity, and complaints about the transfer dealings, which is what the whole thing is about. Its getting more embarrassing for you with every post. Big Dave’s tried to rescue you, but unfortunately for you, he’s done you more harm than good, fella. 😳 😆

    You’re getting hot and bothered, and desperate to regain some credibility. Unfortunately, fella, you’re going to have to pop across the road and ask Stewie for help. Or why don’t about ring Newton? 😯 Woooo hoooo 😆 😆 😆


  60. Wool hooo hoooo hoooo! 😛

    The Bumbler is buzzing furiooooously now 😆

    You’ve caught a big blooter there Dave! 😆

    Come on Bumbling Boris answer my question and put your hands up you got the total wrong end of the ****ty stick.

    I want to move on to your next gaff. 😛

    Gareth get the guitar;

    Pretty girl on the hood of a Cadilac, yeah….
    She’s broken down on freeway nine.
    I take a look and her engine’s started,
    I leave her purring and I roll on by….bye bye

    Free love on the free love freeway,
    The love is free and the freeway’s long…
    I got some hot love on the hot-love freeway
    I ain’t going home cos’ my baby’s gone
    A little while later, see a senorita,
    She’s caught a flat trying to make it home,
    She says “Por favor, can you pump me up?”
    I say “Muchos gracias, adios. Bye Bye.”

    Free love on the freelove freeway,
    The love is free and the freeway’s long
    I got some hot love on the hotlove highway,
    Ain’t going home ‘cause my baby’s gone.

    Little while later I see a cowboy crying,
    “Hey buddy, what can I do?”
    He says “I lived a good life, had about a thousand women.”
    I said “Why the tears?”, he says “‘cause none of them was you.”
    Free love on the free love freeway,
    where the love is free and the freeway is long…
    I got some hot love on the hot-love freeway
    I ain’t going home cos’ my baby’s gone



  61. Newkie 😯 i’m not saying that he would only leave if he was unhappy, the point I was trying to make is that i’ve heard one saying why would he leave us he’s happy and loves the place, and was only talking about being unhappy about being a sub 😕 Im simply stating that there could be something making him unhappy apart from being on the bench lastnight and for Senegal 😯


  62. Troy the ref needs to step in and stop this, or the corner man needs to throw the towel in because B+B is well and truly had enough, no it’s going to have to be the ref’s call because he doesn’t have a corner man as he stands alone 😆


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