Game On! S.C. Maritimo v Newcastle

The quest for silverware starts here!
Welcome one and all to a very special ‘Game On’ article which this evening will see us back in European action (properly at least) for the first time in five years.

Our opponents are S.C. Maritimo of Portugal and this will be the first time we’ll have played competitively at their ground.

A whole host of changes are expected for the game this evening as the squad is already weakened by injury to the likes of Fabricio Coloccini, Danny Simpson, Tim Krul and Cheik Tiote. Add to that the fact that senior stars such as Yohan Cabaye, Papiss Cisse, Demba Ba and Hatem Ben Arfa, albeit the latter courtesy of suspension, have all been left at home with an eye on the upcoming Sunday afternoon Premier League clash with Norwich.

This game gives us a chance to concentrate on some football rather than the whole Demba Ba situation that appears to be blowing around at the moment. Call me cynical, but it’s funny how all of these things come up when contract negotiations are apparently ongoing between the two parties.

Anyway, moving back to the football, team news, as always, will be featured below as and when it becomes available. It will be interesting to see just what team we manage to put out and whether that team can be competitive against a side who finished fifth in the Portuguese Premier League last season.

The game is actually being broadcast live on ESPN this evening and kick-off is at the early time of 6pm. This is of course great of you have ESPN, but if you don’t and are limited to watching it on the web then please feel free to post a link to any streams you may find in the ‘comments’ section below.

Howay the lads!

S.C. Maritimo: Salin, Briguel, Guilherme, Roberge, Olim, Miranda, Luiz, Heldon, Simao, Sami, Dias

Subs: Lima, Diogo, Rosario, Rossi, Abreu, Fidelis, Adilson

Newcastle: Rob Elliot, James Perch, Steven Taylor, Mike Williamson, Davide Santon, Gabriel Obertan, Gael Bigirimana, Dan Gosling, Haris Vuckic, Romain Amalfitano, Shola Ameobi

Subs: Steve Harper, James Tavernier, Shane Ferguson, Mehdi Abeid, Sylvain Marveaux, Sammy Ameobi, Adam Campbell

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280 thoughts on “Game On! S.C. Maritimo v Newcastle

  1. tbh you didn’t miss anything really. But overall I would say we are all happy with the 1 point away, considering the pitch was gash, the weather was hot and AP basically played a ressies side.
    Can be no excuses for a poor performance against Norwich on sunday tho.
    I fully expect to see a strong team put out and 3 points in the bag.


  2. Bordeaux will definitely be the team to beat. Much higher quality than the rabble we played tonight.

    Let’s just hope January brings some decent squad players. Maybe one really good signing in the form of a defender or a striker, and then several squad players. Midfield pretty well sorted methinks, but defense and attack could use some more depth for sure.

    I’ll say a silent prayer that we don’t encounter any more pitches like the piece of shyte that we played on today.


  3. I agree ,I want to see a good match winning performance on sunday .All this we forgot to set our alarm clocks this morning first halfs got to go ,we can’t keep giving the opo a headstart and only waking up in the 2nd after a bollocking from Pards 😉 . Norwich have drawn 3 and lost one so far so you could argue they are due a win but being at home I would expect the win really .


  4. Bigi looked class tonight – very decent signing and would be happy to see him getting first team appearances


  5. OH @ 229 your not asking for much are ye 😆 😆 you have 3 hopes, some hope, bob hope and no ****ing hope 😀
    So stop being a greedy ****er and be grateful for what we’ve got 😉


  6. Samuel Ameobi ‏@Sammy_Ameobi
    The awkward moment when ‘call me maybe’ came on in the changing room before the game, funny thing is no one pressed skip! #wesecretlyenjoyit


  7. I also can’t believe the slagging off Shola gets sometimes. Those that did tonight, as yourself what Vuckic did, playing behind in space after Shola continuously outmuscled the defenders? He got no service? Well neither did Shola. Jesus. At least Shola wasn’t invisible until his injury.


  8. Really Dave – I don’t think so but could be wrong – don’t know how anyone can complain about the ticket prices at the Toon and clearly we are not charging £35 as was suggested we might for the Bordeaux game – not even the £20 that was supposedly more reasonable but just b£15 and only £5 for kids – but expect that doesn’t tally with the fact Mike and Dekka are greedy bassards. Some people are never happy.


  9. Dave-

    “Bob Hope” HAHA! Class, mate. Class. Yeah, I mean are a few decent squad players too much to ask for? I guess when Ash and Owlheed are concerned… yes.

    None of you’s know where I can get last year’s home strip, do ya?


  10. 3hrs yeah I thought the same but was reading a story about the manure game because someone complained about it being £45 when Arse were doing theirs for £20 and Chelskis I think were 25 ? so they wrote to the FA to complain about Manure being greedy and the guy wrote back to tell them thats it both teams set the price as they have to agree on it, so I don’t know if it’s just league cup games or what.


  11. We’ll have to field a much stronger side to win our Europa games at home. Do we have enough decent players? No. Will we have no further problems with injuries? Of course not. What was the plan again Llambias? Very disappointed with Obertan again. Every attempt at a cross was on the ground straight to a defender. Cleary he has fallen far down the pecking order now. Bigi looks very promising and Gosling was decent (nice shot off the post). Eliot was very good in goal. How will we do against Norwich after this. How will Saylor and Willo manage? Surely we won’t play Perch in the back four? Lots of questions for Pardew who has been left in this pickle by Llambias as usual.


  12. Big Dave – not sure what the truth is but inclined to believe it is the home club – even if it’s not who can complain about £15 for the Bordeaux game and just £5 for kids (Not the £35 suggested)? The Toon season ticket prices are amongst the lowest in the League – there is a lot of sh*t that can be chucked at Mike and Dekka but ticket prices aren’t one of them…..unless of course it means our revenue is too low and we can’t afford to buy decent players 😆 😆


  13. 3 hrs I think you’ll find that what I said is the truth, I have no reason to say it otherwise if I wasn’t 100% I would say that I think it’s both.
    They have to mutually agree the price 😉


  14. Would have taken the point once I saw the squad. Dont see why they couldn’t have at least included ba or cisse plus Jonas. Still better than playing near a first team squad and only getting a point like spurs


  15. I’ll take your word for it Big Dave – I don’t think £15 is a rip off for the Bordeaux game though and £ 5 for kids – do you – certainly nothing like the £35 that was suggested? Seems like a great deal to me. There are far more tickets available for that game than for the Man U game which I guess makes a difference. It is supply and demand in the end – Mike and Dekka want as many in the ground as possible and to maximise revenue – finding the balance between a decent crowd and ticket price is a delicate balance – we could always give them away like Scumberland of course 😆 .


  16. Not sure anyone knows about Colo and Tiote Big Dave. I think Anita would have made a difference but we still looked woeful for long stretches of the game. Vuckic had very little impact and then appeared to get injured again. I think he is running out of opportunities. Obertan has so much pace but what else? Sammy was average, nothing special. A couple of decent passes. Shola played well and could have won it for us. We clearly need to bring in another striker. Now Pardew says the escape clause is still active for Ba and he can be had for 7M. Someone is going grab him in January (there will be several struggling teams including Liverpool). What is Llambias doing to earn his money other than sitting at the games smirking as if he is a genius?


  17. MDS I would say Lazio were a slightly better side than Maritimo, and I know Spuds had 3 goal disallowed but don’t know yet why they were disallowed, but I agree 100% that we should have played a couple more 1st teamers or atleast one of our 1st team Strikers 😉

    3hrs I agree with you about the Bordeaux game prices I think it’s more important to have the crowd making some noise than a few thousand extra £££ as there will be a lot more that will go at that price than if they were £35.
    IMO theres not much difference money wise between 10000 fans at £35 than 20000+ @ £15 plus the Kids @ £5 but the difference in the atmosphere will make up for it, and the good will it shows for the fans to be able to afford to take a family to see the Toon in Europe 😉


  18. 3hrs I found it 😉

    Thank you for your email.

    I reference to Capital One Cup regulation 22.1, “Immediately after the draw is known the two clubs concerned must mutually agree the prices. All questions in dispute must be immediately referred to the Management Committee for settlement”.

    To that end both clubs agree on the set prices for the fixture. Should you wish to query the prices that have been agreed then we would suggest you contact either of the clubs involved in the tie. Should you have aquery about the cup in general then please email this address

    Thank you for contacting the football league.
    Andrew Pomfret
    Customer Services Officer
    The Football League Limited


  19. If its £15 then fair nuff. I’m happy with that, infact quite shocked.
    So I hope it will be a sellout .
    My £35 guess was a stab in the dark. But now I can happilly assume we will only be playing the younguns once again. So I accept £15 is a fair price.
    Thanks for putting me right on that on 3HW 😉


  20. Oh and the scum still cant fill the ground even when they give tkts away.
    Unless WE are visiting of course :mrgreen:


  21. Dave agreed on lazio but a points still a point. Sounds like could have scored a few ourselves. Still, I am hoping for more of an effort in Europe. The club is more concerned with the league which is fair enough, and we do have a lot of key injuries, but there’s a middle ground between the two I think


  22. When I try to get back to the archives for any month, I can only manage to get one page. That page simply gives the last few days’ articles. Does anyone know how to get back to 14 August, for example?


  23. MDS – cheers, I never saw the search. Unfortunately, all I know is the date. When I put that in “search” it comes up random.


  24. Local lad, Ranger? 😳 😳
    Troy, you really should give it up lad. The family’s reputation is panned on here now.
    What is Numpty doing? 🙄 Utter Plonker! 😆 😆 😆 😆


  25. Sorry Aussie. I thought he was referring to you. 😯

    Thought Bigi was the best player on the park by a mile.


  26. just watched a replay of the game… we were slow out of the blocks for sure… Obertan was sat on his heals for the first half hour… He did not work back enough and he left Perch to his own devices.. People can say that Perch is no right back but **** me, Obertan gave him no help early on..
    Bigi played well and worked hard, he will be a cracking little player for us..
    Elliot also had a excellent game in goal…
    One thing I noticed was the poor outcomes from our crosses into the box.
    There are two components – How early or when the ball is crossed in and the timing of the runs from the strikers and mids. Near on every time the ball was crossed in our attacking players had completed their run and were near on standing on the bloody keeper. This was due in part to the cross not coming in early enough but there were times when they should have been holding there runs back a little. This was further exasperated by the fact that our we had no midfielders making late runs into the box for a cut back pass. I know this team hasn’t played a lot of football together but it seemed like every attacking players was running to the same spot in the box at the same time 👿
    We made it easy for their defence against our wide play. 😕
    That gripe aside, it is never easy playing away in tough conditions and we controlled the game a bit more in the second half.. With a bit more quality we could have sneaked a goal 😉


  27. B+B what is this question you keep saying i’ve been dodging ?
    I might have time to answer before I go if not i’ll answer if I get time today or when I finish later.


  28. Dave, it is a good idea of yours to post on an old thread so that others aren’t bothered or interrupted, as they seem to be. Any saddo who wants to read it can still do so.

    We were debating the “due diligence” point, which you bring up quite often, and which I don’t fully understand. To the extent that I do understand it, I don’t agree with it.

    I seem to recall you made a point of telling me you had not forgotten my post on it, and that you would be posting me. You then did post and I responded in full. You then went quiet. As I didn’t know whether you had missed it, I referred to it again (all this from memory because I hate trawling). Still no response. I took the message that you didn’t want to take it any further so I just dropped it. Unlike Troy, I’m not in the aggravation game or to score points. I save my aggro for Troy because he likes to dish it out to everyone, except you. He doesn’t dish it out to you because he needs your support – which, incidentally, he would describe as “cringeworthy” if anyone else was carrying on that way.

    The reason I’m gunning for Troy is that he deliberately aggravates people, and he takes it too far. What’s worse is that he uses both puerile and underhand tactics in doing so. When he starts to lose an argument, he sees his blog persona disappearing, so he latches on to some sentence or phrase that is incidental to the main topic. He then removes it from its context, and scoffs at it remorselessly, sometimes bringing it up months later – sometimes when you don’t even know what he’s referring to. The poor poster, who didn’t check with his legal team that he had crossed very “t” and dotted every “i”, is left tearing his hair out.

    Troy is happy to run with these inane, far-fetched points because it saves him face. The trouble is that it clogs the blog for everyone else, and spoils what could be a decent debate on the main issues. Nevertheless, Troy must stick to his agenda, regardless of anyone else. Nobody else can set the agenda. We have to go through all the rigmarole, or else the accusations of cowardice fly. The irony is that I am extremely comfortable arguing the stupid points that he thinks are his bankers.

    The fact is that Troy has shamelessly misrepresented me. I cannot believe the brickbats I’m throwing at him, inviting reasoned arguments from him, and he is just stonewalling. He’s claimed on the blog that I am a coward for avoiding his questions when that is manifestly false. That is the very thing he is doing. Don’t get me wrong, I “want” to avoid his questions because I think they are inane, and other people don’t want to debate them because they are a small side show. Other people no doubt recognise that his agenda is to divert from the main point, where he is getting hammered, in order to hide, and to seek to score a point somewhere or other. It’s boring for them. Quite honestly, I’ve got better things to do.

    Despite the pile of arguments that he is refusing to answer, a pile that gets larger by the week, he now calls me a coward and accuses me of refusing to answer and explain myself in relation to the little, inane point that he cannot move from. That is not true. I have agreed to answer his latest stupid point and have fully explained that I will. All I have asked him to do is to quote my phrase in full, and in context, and then I will happily answer. These are the sort of tactics I am up against: another blatant misrepresentation.

    Troy now writes,
    “As for your comments about Dave, you going to print what I’ve said about Dave?
    As I have respect for Dave I will be emailing him with all the texts you refer to.
    This is not the forum. As I infer in the text you are referring to, which will be sent to Dave is self explanatory. The fact you have brought this up will demonstrate what a scurrilous character you are.”

    Presumably then you are aware of everything as you know each other on facebook etc? You will see that my comments are fair and reasonable as was the post that provoked this. I don’t understand why he is taking a hissy fit over it, and I’m more than ready to deal with him on this point too.

    If you are his good mate, you should have a private word with him about his disclaimer because the longer he keeps it, the bigger the tit he is making of himself.

    I’ll say one thing for him. When I’m not tearing my hair out, I’m bent double laughing at the brick bats I’m giving him, especially accompanied by all the wooo hooo hooos that he likes to give out.
    The blog assassin’s game is to jump on others’ posts, to take them out of context, and to hold them up to ridicule for his own pleasure and delight. Well, he will have to be more careful in future because I will be filing his best quotes and bringing them out when he starts picking on anyone unfairly.

    If you, or anyone else, come in against me in support of him, I’m ready to shoot the other barrel. Unlike Troy, I’m my own man and don’t feel any need to form allegiances on a blog.


  29. B+B are you going to tell me what the question was that you asked, as i’m not the type to run away from a question, so If you give me a straight question I will give you a straight answer. 😉


  30. Dave, I don’t know where to find it as it’s been archived. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. It followed on shortly after your last post on it about two weeks ago.

    As Troy took a keen interest in it, I’m sure he could use his blog assassin skills to track it down. It’s so long after the event now though, it’s probably like eating for breakfast cold curry from the night before.


  31. B+B just re read again as I was on my phone above,
    1st as I said if you ask my a straight question I will answer it no problem, all I ask in a debate is that you ask a question then wait for the answer before going on to another point, As I have found in the past that if I ask a direct and IMO a simple question some will try to give a politician’s answer or answer it with a question.
    2nd I don’t know nowt about him needing my support because he has argued his case loads of time without any help from me. Also we have disagreed on things before but we normally just state our case and agree to disagree.
    3rd It would seem from what you say that you have been talking about me in private txts 😯
    4th and final point I have came in to support a few people on here from it started and it hasn’t always been bloggers that I would class as allies, if they were being abused or treated unfairly and I will continue to do so and if I get a barrel for that it’s no big deal to me I have had it all before. 😉


  32. B+B it mustn’t have been that important if you can’t remember what the question was, but you have made a point a few times that I never answered your question 😯

    September 18, 2012 at 23:46 (Edit)
    Big Dave @ 75- You still haven’t answered the “due diligence” questions I put to you, even though its your favourite topic..

    Wasn’t it your marra, Big Dave, who stonewalled when I disagreed with him on his favourite “due diligence” point? Even though it became apparent from his non-engagement that the poor lad was uncomfortable about answering my points,

    As I said it was that important you can’t remember 😆 how do you know then that I didn’t answer if you can’t even remember 😳


  33. Dave, I detect a sense of injustice in your two posts above; your approach suggests you’re defending yourself, but I’m not sure what against? You don’t ask my anything or lay any charges.

    You remember debating the “due diligence” point, yes? I posted a full reply, but you did not respond. I then posted again that I had replied, but you did not respond. As you were on the blog at the same time, I assumed you wanted to leave it. Troy called me a bottler for not pressing you. I said to Troy that I didn’t want to press you because you clearly wanted to drop it. Troy can verify that, and the posts serve to evidence it. I am not sure now whether you’re saying you do recall it, but, as you thought it was a politician’s question, you did not respond? I can confirm it wasn’t.

    You’re right, it wasn’t that important; it was just a point of debate of which there are thousands. That said, it is one of your favourite complaints. You seem to doubt whether I genuinely posted. I’m not sure why if Troy has copied you in our posts and they show him calling me a bottler for not following it up. I remember the post; I just don’t know where to find it. I’m sure Troy can help though. It appears you, like I, have difficulty finding them?

    I don’t understand Troy’s complaint about my posting our text exchange because he has never explained it, but as you jumped in on his side, perhaps you could give me a straight response. He won’t because (a) he’s in a tizz, and more importantly (b) I seriously doubt he has got any argument. If you do give straight responses, as you say, you could properly address my post of 18 September (responding to your comment that it was “bad craic” for posting a text exchange.) Nothing wrong with posting a private text exchange, is there? It depends on what you post. Likewise, nothing wrong with talking about you in texts, is there? It depends on what you say. I’m sure you have written about a third party in private texts, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

    Obviously, Troy can argue his own case and fight his own battles, but he likes to have you as an ally. He has carefully cultivated your relationship. It comes across as clear as day on the blog. He might stand alone at times, but he doesn’t like to. You won’t get a barrel from me for sticking up for anyone who is being unfairly treated. You will, however, if, in my opinion, Troy is unfairly treating someone and you ally yourself to him. The frustrating thing is that Troy hasn’t yet heard my arguments, and I reckon his current position is designed to keep it that way. I can’t believe how he has stonewalled all my questions, misrepresented everything I’ve said, and gone in the biggest hissy fit in the history of blogs. And all under that hypocritical disclaimer!


  34. B+B yeah maybe it comes across as me defending myself because you have mentioned a few times and imo tried to ridicule me that I haven’t answered this question on DD ❓ add to that the fact that you seem to think that Troy and I need eachother to fight battles together, I am pretty certain from what I have seen on here that Troy can fight battles himself, and I assure you I don’t need anyone’s help to fight my battles.
    I don’t doubt for one minute that you didn’t post a question but I have tried to tell you several times that I don’t remember what the question was, and if you ask me a question I can assure you I will answer.

    As for the txts between you and Troy I can honestly say that me saying it was bad craic, that was a wind up for you to bite because I was pretty certain that you would bite, and I was right you did you tried to pull the rod outta my hand 😆 but luckily I was strong enough to hold on 😉 .


  35. I am pleased you’re not the only one that can’t find archived posts. I’ve learnt now that, like a good blog assassin, Troy either has a method of retrieval or a storage system, and uses it to his advantage to take old posts out of context. When asked to set them out in full so that their in context before you answer, he shouts to everyone that you won’t answer. Now that, to use his word, is “scurrilous”.

    Yes, you certainly got a big bite there! 😆


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