Llambias and his purple haze!

You trippin?
Purple haze used to be a slang term referring to the drug LSD, which seems quite appropriate really given what Derek Llambias has been saying.

Essentially dastardly Dekka has given a bit of an insight into how the club works when it comes to strengthening and has sounded a note of caution to those who might expect some form of strengthening in January.

He has revealed that the club can only afford to have eleven players of starting quality, or ‘purples’ as those inside the club call them. I don’t know why they are called ‘purples’ and not just ‘players who will be starting’ but hey ho. Personally I think it’s a bit weird, sort of like a secret club, but each to their own…

However the devil is in the detail and whilst poking fun at something like that has an upside, there is most definitely a downside that has come along with it. Here goes…

“We’ve made it quite clear to everyone. We have 11 positions that are grade A players or Purples, as we call them,” he explained in the Northern Echo.

“Then, under them, we have the players who come in under them to take the positions so the squad gets bigger.”

“Eventually we’ll have 33 players who will be pushing everyone. Where we are we have, in effect, 11 Purples if you count (Vurnon) Anita. He can play midfield, right-back, left-back. They are there. Centre-backs you have Colo and Steven Taylor, who are fantastic centre-backs.”

“To bring in another centre-back then you have James Perch, who is doing a fantastic job, (Mike) Williamson, who is doing a fantastic job. You can’t have two purples per position because the club can’t afford it. You have to be realistic.”

Ok so we have to be realistic then? So what is being realistic? Is it now realistic to assume that we won’t be buying any players for the starting eleven until one is sold? Is it realistic to assume those that are here will only be pressured for positions from within? Is it realistic to assume that we are going to continue with a squad that is thin on experienced cover?

Another thing, Derek. Most fans are realistic enough to know that we aren’t going to be able to acquire two full teams of stars and leave eleven of them on the bench each week. We haven’t got Champions League football and aren’t a big enough draw for a ‘purple’ player to be willing to come and sit on our bench.

However, to say we can only afford one first-team player per position is just, well, bollocks. You constantly tell us how well you and your mate Mike have done with the finances but now it’s all under control we suddenly can’t afford anything. Why try to improve at all then?

This regime have done some good things, but things like this really annoy me. In fairness we are without BOTH ‘purple’ central defenders and I dare say that most teams would struggle a bit more if that was the case, but with a player with an injury record like Steven Taylor’s you have to wonder why there isn’t an inkling of wanting to strengthen that area of the pitch.

What do you think?

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257 thoughts on “Llambias and his purple haze!

  1. Just a bit mate, I think the locals swim, wash, drink and piss in it so it’s water off a duck’s back to them like. But the millions of flies and mosquitos and hippos put us tame westerners off πŸ˜†

    There is summit nice about drinking the water from hills/mountains close to its source. Just a shame its usually a **** to get there in the first place πŸ˜€


  2. Newkie
    Aye I would’ve stayed clear of that then.
    I don’t make a habit of going up a hill for water πŸ˜‰ . Mind you ya don’t realise how fresh Scottish tap water is until you head down south and try and drink that **** πŸ˜• . I assume Kenyan water was even worse πŸ˜‰ .


  3. Andy@224 ,me too ,wow amazing or what. 😎 He also had that mom ent that all the astronauts talk of about how small we really are and how amazing the earth is .


  4. I think wor Dekka has gone and exposed too much of the real Ashley plan now. Here it is for all to see. True lack of ambition. Mediocrity is our byword. Pardew will keep his mouth shut now because of the 8 year deal. Llambias and Ashley have it all nicely sewed up now. Ash will just sit back and watch the profit role in for the next few years while trying to keep us in the top 10 in the league. There is no way around it however, no ambition will equal no trophies for us and no Champions league either. Sad but true. πŸ™


  5. That jump was incredible. As he hit the lower atmosphere he started to tumble like mad but managed to pull it together somehow and make a perfect landing. Brilliant skill. He must have nerves of steel. He gets a man of the match from me. πŸ˜€


  6. ANDY/NEWKIE all this talk of fresh water can you answer me this,some of that water has been under ground for thousands of yrs then over-flows and comes down mountains streams ect,how come when you bottle it,it has a sell-by date πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  7. His poor parents must of been having kittens watching that ,when he was spinning it was awful .I thought he’d blacked out ,can’t believe he made it back in one piece what a brave guy.




    Don’t expect you to reply but that link is astonishing. I just hope it doesn’t all go on players wages as in the past.

    I suspect market forces will ensure it does tho.


  9. Thanks for the link icedog. That just confirms what I have been reading elsewhere. The bottom team will receive about 60M pounds next season so if we finish around 7th or 8th what will we receive? It would have to be more than 70M pounds I would think. Ashley is laughing now because he has everything in place to spend as little as possible while reaping huge rewards. Why have football ambition when you can just fill your purse by keeping somewhere between 7th and 10th (even 11th or 12 th do for him I would think) There’s nobody left in the club to complain either with all those 8 year deals handed out. πŸ™


  10. G2 @238, In truth the writings always been on the wall as far as the ambition of the club is concerned ,it’s profit befor progress as far as I can tell when it comes to Jabba. πŸ™


  11. TROY i will answer,you know they dont increase contracts (wages) we think,so do you mean these c/b, strikers we wont sign,imo the clubs a joke when it comes to moving forward


  12. Ice
    It’s the ****ty things they put in the bottle to ‘purify’ it, the water is as fresh as it comes but they have to be careful of micro bacteria so add enzymes and **** in it and that’s why they have an expiry date. That’s why I never drink bottled water.
    Anyone watching Andrew Marr’s History of the World? Apparently 16m people in Asia today are directly descended from Genghis Kahn, that man knew how to live 😎 .


  13. I reckon that for all the money the club gets from these deals, 75% goes into the club, paying all the various fees, the other 25% goes into a pot to raise money to pay back Ashley’s interest free loan to us.


  14. Aye it’s a slippery slope Big Dave @243. if the best players get the idea there is no ambition to win anything they will want to go to greener pastures, no doubt about that. The way forward is to spend wisely but spend at a level that makes us competitive for the top 5 not 3 or 4 M pounds net spending in a summer! Unbelievable really that they think the supporters don’t see this for what it is.


  15. Ice 232

    Because it is bottled in plastic which decomposes into the water making it very dangerous to drink.
    If it were to be bottled in glass. There would be no need for an expiration date πŸ˜†



    You’ve got to love le tete a tete between Big Dave & Trumpet.


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