Liverpool v Newcastle – Premier League match preview

This is Anfield! It’s also a dump!
Whenever Liverpool and Newcastle meet at Anfield, memories almost inevitably cast back to that now famous night in 1996.

The game ended 4-3 to Liverpool on that occasion and is fondly looked back on as one of the best games the Premier League has ever seen. There was even a repeat of that same scoreline the very next season although that game wasn’t so close.

However, whichever way you look back on that night in 1996, or however fondly that game is remembered, the fact remains that it ultimately ended in defeat, which is a recurring theme of our trips to Anfield.

In fact you have to go back nearly two decades (well, 18 years anyway) to find our last league victory at Anfield, which came in 1994 courtesy of goals from Rob Lee and Andy Cole. Since then we’ve tried to replicate that 17 times and have only two draws to shows for our efforts, with 15 defeats making up the rest of the stats.


Brad Jones is likely to retain his place in goal as Pepe Reina recovers from a hamstring strain that has kept him out of the last four games. Glen Johnson is suffering from a similar ailment although neither are ruled out as yet and both will be fitness tested prior to the game. Fabio Borini, Jon Flanagan, Marton Kelly and Lucas Leiva are all out.


Cheik Tiote serves the second game of his three match ban for his indiscretion against the Mackems. Dan Gosling, Ryan Taylor and Haris Vuckic are all out long term while Rob Elliot recovers from a groin injury.

Demba Ba is the big question mark. He was rated as “50-50” by Alan Pardew in midweek as he attempts to shrug off a slight calf injury which forced him off against West Brom last week. However I wonder if it is mind games or whether Ba really is struggling?


As you may have guessed, our record against Liverpool is not good. Granted we beat them last time out at St James’ Park, but once again they beat us at Anfield and once again they scored three goals. In fact our last four trips to Anfield have seen us ship three goals in each of them.

Overall there have been 163 meetings between the two sides. Liverpool have won 78, Newcastle 47 with the other 38 games ending in a draw. Liverpool have scored 282 goals against us with us finding the back of the Liverpool net on 200 occasions.

Stats and facts

Liverpool are unbeaten in the league in four matches – their longest unbeaten streak of the year.

Luis Suarez has scored or assisted nine of Liverpool’s 12 league goals so far this term.

Demba Ba has scored seven of Newcastle’s 11 goals this term.

Newcastle haven’t won in eight away games. The last away victory recorded was at Chelsea at the back end of last season. Since then we’ve lost three and drawn five matches away from St James’ Park.

Final thought…

I talked last week about “write off” games which include those against the likes of Manchester United etc etc. To me this game is another one of those write off games, but not because Liverpool are some form of force to be reckoned with, but because we are just so damn awful there time and time again. For that reason I’m expecting nothing yet again tomorrow.

Having said that there is nothing to suggest that we might not just go and get a result. Whilst unspectacular so far this season, we have for the most part been hard to beat which is something that doesn’t attract so many plaudits but should still be lauded all the same.

If we go there and perform as we can then we can take at least a point back to the North-East, but I’m not holding any breath on that one. It’s up to the team to prove me wrong I guess…

Howay the lads!

Date: Sunday, 4th November, 2012

Time: 4pm – Live on Sky Sports 1

Venue: Anfield, Liverpool

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141 thoughts on “Liverpool v Newcastle – Premier League match preview

  1. Kim/Andy T – I get the impression it’s part of Pardews recruitment idea. Trying to sign Pieters for Krul and Debuchy for Cabaye, so it might make sense to try and bring one or two Italians in to the club, especially if they can add abit more competition in the squad.

    Ice – that’s sounds good mate, am I right in thinking it will still work the same ie the higher you finish the more you get, or will it be like Spain where the biggest teams take the lions share?


  2. Is there any substance in the twitter stories that Simpson wasn’t with the squad today and Saylor will statrt ahead of Willo


  3. MDS – if thats not motivation enough, for the Lads, then nothing is.
    I think we would all feel a whole lot better about things with a win tomorrow.
    I’ll take the scrappiest flukiest win of all time, if it bags us another 3 points.


  4. Dave ,Aye I did spot the maybe πŸ˜†

    MDS@81 Funny thing is that’s what all the Liverpool fans are saying on their forums ,except they appear to think that theirs is a divine right as they still believe they are in with Manure ,Arsenal ,Chelsea and Citeh for a challenge for the title πŸ˜† .Exactly how **** their situation has to be befor they accept they are miles away from the title I do not know. πŸ˜•


  5. we (NUFC) need to look at things for what they are. No point in looking back at history and our poor form at anfield. This season is what counts, and under no circumstances can it be said cesspool are a better team than us this season. Neither is their manager better than ours.
    With the right setup and game plan we can beat them. I know we can.
    I imagine lfc under buck rodgers, it will be a little like Swansea away last season. They may well have lots of posession, and we should be ok with that. Defend deep when necessary and deny them time and space in the final 3rd. Then catch them on the break. simples.
    We just need to have all our big guns playing well for a change with a proper plan of attack.
    Come on ❗


  6. would just like to add, I hope we have our penalty taker sorted out already, as I think we could be due a pen at some stage. Some of their defenders are really poor.


  7. If we turn up and play at our best we are better than Liverpool are at their best. So it’s going to be about who turns up and want’s it more.


  8. BB playing in the shirt should be enough motivation surely πŸ˜•
    As for all the talk about if we turn up, play the way we can all goes out the window because we haven’t done any of it this season so it’s about time we started to play with a bit of pride for the stripes πŸ˜‰


  9. Having the full week to prepare has got to help too BD.
    Plus the Lads know they haven’t been performing to their best so far and owe the fans something. Especially the travelling fans who are simply magnificent.
    Cant wait, it should be a good match.


  10. We could do with the press and t.v pros writing us off again as it seems to be what motivates our lads πŸ™„


  11. On a side note, I’m pleased to see Hooters doing ok with Norwich. (by ok, I mean above scumberland :mrgreen: )
    Also, I find it most uplifting to see scumberland flirting with the relegation fodder, as per usual. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  12. Can’t see us getting anything tomorrow, we have a horrible record at Anfield.
    Our midfield is too static and not fluid enough,
    Have us marked for a 2 – 0 defeat.


  13. BB I think the weeks prep could be important, and I don’t know if it would be a good or bad Idea for the players to know what sort of record we have at anfield, in one way it might fire them up to change the record or they could go out beaten already I just can’t wait till it’s over.
    and I pray that we can be proud of our performance win, lose or draw, as we badly need to start playing


  14. BB – I’d disagree mate. Being 6th and a point off 4th at this stage of the season means nowt really.
    But to walk away from Anfield with 3 points – something we haven’t achieved for 18yrs and against a piss poor Liverpool side possibly missing Reina and Johnson. Christ I don’t think we have a better chance of a win. We certain have a team with the ability to beat them, so if we don’t its our own fault.


  15. I haven’t seen anything about Simpson and Staylor. Although, tbh I haven’t really been looking. I’ll admit, i wouldn’t mind seeing Fergie start at fb. I know a few on here only see him as a winger, but ive always been impressed when he plays back there. He’s solid and still supplies plenty of crosses.


  16. Andrew ,I think it’s just a shame to ask a great little winger to have to worry about defending when all you want is him concentrating on putting crosses into Ba/Cisse .It’s a bit like with Benny and folk moaning that he never defended enough ,well he’s not a defender at the end of the day let them concentrate on what they do best I say. πŸ˜‰


  17. And I know that nobody really cares, but this is the formation that I would live to see us start with tomorrow if Ba can’t start: 4231

    Santon. Saylor. Colo. Fergie
    Cabaye. Jonas
    Obertan. Ben Arfa. Sammy

    I know Obertan has his detractors, but he’s been a constant outlet in Europa, so I say give him a chance where some of our home fans won’t get on his back after his first touch. Sammy has been playing well too.

    If Ba is available, I wish we could see: 442 diamond midfield

    Simpson. Staylor. Colo. Santon.
    Jonas. Fergie. (wings)
    Ba. Cisse.

    Playing loads of FIFA in my lifetime and getting ready to coach tryouts at the local middle school have me in tinker mode I guess


  18. I agree Kim, let him be on the left wing in front of Santon and supply the crosses for Ba, Cissie, Shola or whoever. Bonus is, he knows how to defend as much as Santon knows how to go forward, they are ideal to be there and cover for each other in both attack and defence, could be ideal for us if playing 442.


  19. Andy T – I’d have to agree with Kim to be honest with you mate, I’d rather drop Jonas or Anita into FB and allow Fergie to focus on feed the front line with decent crosses into the box.


  20. Andy T – I really like the 1st formation but my concern about the players you’ve put in there is that Obertan and Sammy are just a bit too hit and miss for me. I know what you’re saying about Oba in Europa but as weak as they are at the moment – it’s still Liverpool were playing at Anfield and we need every player on it tomorrow.


    November 3, 2012 at 21:41
    And I know that nobody really cares,

    Aww, don’t be too hard on yourself buddy πŸ˜†

    The thing in favour of Fergie playing at full back-for me, is that he has the best crossing from deep in the side. In our next Euro match I wouldn’t mind seing Sameobi ahead of him in a 4-3-3, Fergie’s deep crossing with Sammy’s very direct approach could be interesting. I know fergie has good acceleration but i’m not sure if he has the eye for goal you need in a winger…but maybe I’m wrong.


  22. Just noticed that if we win tomorrow we go sixth, then looked at the table and next weeks fixtures and saw that we could be in fourth come the 12th of November
    If we win tomorrow it’ll look like this
    4. Everton -17 points
    5. Tottenham -17 points
    6. Newcastle – 16 points
    Then the following weekend we play West Ham (a game we should win), Spurs play Man City (City should win) and Everton play Sunderland (Everton may be favourites but I fancy a draw). If the games work out the table could look like this
    1 Chelsea
    2 Manchester United
    3 Manchester City
    4 Newcastle United
    5 Arsenal
    6 Everton


  23. Haha, thanks for the feedback folks. Newkie, u do have a good point about Fergie supplying well from deep, which is why I’d like to see him play at fullback more often since Jonas isnt apparently droppable by Pardew cuz of how much he runs his arse off and helps the defense


  24. Andrew-Yeah…In a 4-4-2 I think he’d be fine on the wing, and yeah should be starting ahead of Jonas imo. But I’d like to see some variation of 4-3-3 and in that, where we’d be a pretty narrow side or playing with incisive wingforwards and 3cms, he’d have to play full back for me.

    Problem with that though is that I also think Santon is better on the left…I guess we haven’t seen that much of him on the right, but he likes to cut in and he’s clearly not as good at it on the right… πŸ˜•


  25. Maybe we should hire hoots as our set piece coach, they seem to work at all his sides. Well, if he gets sacked anyway,no harm in asking πŸ˜€


  26. Pop up a ‘Sensation’, from Needlers – there’s two great sweets in one, and beneath that crispy coating there’s a flavour full of fun! 😯 😯 😯 πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ 😎 ➑ πŸ™‚


  27. so a massive opportunity to lay a marker down for the rest of our season.
    Other teams will certainly have to take more notice of us if we can just get the win today. Sets us up nicely to take points off Wet Spam next weekend too.
    Seems like its easier to stay at the top when you get up there, yet so much harder to get out of the lower half of the league when you are down there.
    Its all about getting that winning mentality.
    I hope the Lads can pull it off today
    Toon Toon


  28. I see Lawro has predicted his usual Liverfool home win. πŸ‘Ώ
    Like they have some kind of divine right or something.
    I hope we can prove him wrong too.
    Arrogant arse. πŸ‘Ώ


  29. BB – To be fair he predicted a win for us last weekend. He was never going to go against his beloved Liverpool though.

    Mind you with good reason looking at our previous at Anfield. No idea what it about that place but we NEVER perform. And that goes back over numerous managers. People need to remember that before hoping the toys if and probably when we get beat later.




    I think Lawro is being realistic. Liverpool are going to be favourites at home.

    We have played crap all season. One of our main strikers is right off form. We don’t look as dangerous as last season. We haven’t won at Anfield for 18 yrs

    Anything can happen of course but I’m not confident about this one. I’m loving AndyMags tables but I predict a draw. A goalless one. Stuff Lawro! πŸ˜‰


  31. In fairness to Lawro we’ve played Liverpool 18 times at Anfield – won 1, Drew 2 …. I’ll leave you to do the rest of the maths (and yes, I have SSN on this morning πŸ˜‰ )
    I don’t suppose many will favour us today, but that’s fine – so long as we have 11 players who favour us that’s all we need.

    In terms of winning today and being 6th … blah blah. I’m just not really bothered about that at this stage of the season to be honest. If it was the first week in April then different story.
    I know Pardew has been going on about us finishing top 4 but for me, we really should start the season with a points target, not a position target.
    Pardew should be looking to work towards having say 25-30 points (for example) by the 1st Jan then go from there. That’s what Pardew should be focusing on.


  32. Sharpy @140 ,I totally agree mate ,points accumilation is the focus at the mo ,not position . Every season start I look at the last 7 or so games to see how many points we can get should we be in the s*** position wise. For me I always think if we can get to 25 or more by new year we are in with a chance of sustaining our PL status. After last season I didn’t look at the last 7 games such was my optomism but I have to say I have been pretty dissapointed with our general play apart from our great effort V the Scum. We will of done brilliantly if we get a point or 3 today as ,as crap as Liverpool can be of late they are well focused in their home games and very hard to beat. Then ofcourse there’s the racist to factor in ,he is a tricky minx that one.


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