Game On! Newcastle v West Ham

Newcastle v West Ham at St James’ Park

Newcastle play host to West Ham United this afternoon in another Sunday afternoon kick-off – a by-product of our involvement in Europe.

I’m no fan of Sunday kick-offs and feel that the atmosphere inside St James’ Park sometimes suffers as a result. We’ll need the atmosphere today if we are to grab three points against a West Ham side with many different points to prove.

As mentioned in my match preview, a whole host of former faces familiar with the St James’ Park crowd will be coming back to try and haunt us. Andy Carroll will be keen to put the horror show he had on his return with Liverpool last season well and truly behind him while Kevin Nolan will be itching to prove that the club were wrong not to offer him a longer contract extension, or more money, whichever you believe.

In the dugout there will be Sam Allardyce who is clearly still smarting from his dismissal as United boss back in 2008. He must be as he keeps on going on about it! Also likely to be in the dugout is former Toon target Modibo Maiga (cheers Rinton Toon!) who will no doubt be itching to get on the pitch and show that there isn’t actually anything physically wrong with him and that his medical, which collapsed suspiciously just before signing Papiss Cisse, shouldn’t have been failed.

An interesting game in prospect against a team who, so far, look perfectly equipped to survive in the Premier League following their promotion from the Championship last season. there are worse teams in this league than what has been on show from West Ham so we will need to be on it if we are to take the three points on offer.

My match preview, linked earlier on in the article, is there for you to peruse. It features news of injury and suspension for both sides, some facts and stats, a brief history of meeting between the two sides and some random thoughts regarding team selection taking into account the aforementioned injury and suspension news.

Team news should be printed below as and when it becomes available. I say ‘should’ because I ballsed up my planning and will actually be on the way to Paris when the teams are announced. I’ve called in reinforcements so hopefully it will be covered, but if it isn’t I’m certain the team news will appear near the top of the ‘comments’ section below.

Being a rearranged game die to Europe, that unfortunately means that the game isn’t live here in the UK. the good news though is that the game will be broadcast on a whole host of overseas channels so picking up a stream will hopefully be easy enough. Once again, if anyone happens to stumble across a good, reliable stream then by all means leave a link to it below.

Which just about wraps it up really. Fingers crossed Newcastle could be in 6th place come the end of the game although for that to happen we need to win our game today by several goals with Tottenham losing at Manchester City by several goals. Failing that 7th will do, but first things first we need to get the three points.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle: Krul, Simpson, Saylor, Williamson, Santon, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Gutierrez (c), Ferguson, Cisse, Ba

Subs: Elliot, Anita, Bigirimana, Amalfitano, Marveux, Obertan, Shola

West Ham: Jaaskelainen, O’Brien, Reid, Tomkins, McCartney, Noble, Diame, Nolan, Jarvis, Banayoun, Carroll

Subs: Speigel, Cole, Maiga, Collins, Demel, O’Neil, Hall

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400 thoughts on “Game On! Newcastle v West Ham

  1. I mentioned this a few weeks back too… Benny has to start passing the ball to an easy option… His play is getting one dimensional and the opposition players are boxing him in. He tried hard last night, don’t get me wrong but everyone knows that he will look to play his way out of trouble rather than pass it. There were times where he should have released the ball but instead he took on the player and lost it… I am all for him taking on a player but it has to be balanced out with some sharp passing. That way it will keep the opposition on their toes…. Benny has been far from our worst player this season and I am being a little picky, but he just needs to mix his game up a little more…



    Looks like Bootsy has took heed of my disclaimer also πŸ˜†


  3. Aussie,

    Its not so much Pardews tactics I question, but his coaching and ability to get the best out of a player. Those are attributes managers have to have.
    If he can’t get his players to play to their best ability, then he isn’t doing his job!


  4. Kev@373 ,Exactly mate. That’s how I feel about it.I’m actually very miffed that Pards came out and said Ba would be up front 90% of the time. I know he’s getting us our goals but when that statement was made it was before the season started with Ba coming out of last season on terrible form. Cisse had been firing them in and god only knows what he thought of that promise Pards made Ba. I really think it smacks of trying to please an individual in order to prevent them leaving for peanuts last summer and ofcourse it has to continue because Lamearse hasn’t done the right thing and gotten that bloody clause removed. πŸ‘Ώ I’m the first to admit Cisse was woefull yesterday ,why he didn’t take on the keeper when one on one and chose to take the long skewed shot instead was baffling but also not a surprise when you consider how low on confidence he must now be. For me Ba is worse the guy is selfish and doesn’t pass when he has a teamate in a better scoring position imo. Him and Cisse are constantly going for the same ball as well ,it’s hopeless utterly hopeless.


  5. As for Ben Arfa.

    He does tend to try too much when the team are behind. But despite my criticism of him in the past. He is the only player willing to get forward from midfield and create or look for the ball.
    So until other players offer him support or options, there isn’t much more he can do but be a bit selfish and one dimentional.

    Santon, Benny and Stevie T were our only decent players yesterday.


  6. Err no.
    I stick by what I said of Cisse yesterday.
    Did you not see that attempt at a shot from 30 yards out. Any decent striker would have gone 1 on 1 with the keeper and scored. Not shot from there.
    He clearly has lost all self confidence and belief.
    He clearly cant play alonside Ba. They both go for the same ball ffs and get in each others way. There is NO communication between them.
    One or the other will come good for us, but one has to leave first.
    I would prefer it to be Cisse. I have seen enough.
    I think Ba is bigger stronger and more likely to score us more goals. A bit like he did before Cisse arrived. Happy Days.
    Cisse was a Llam******* special. Which repulses me all the more.


  7. sorry Troy, I have missed what your disclaimer comment was actually referring to….. but I guess that you haven’t had a chance to draw attention to it for a few weeks… it’s all good πŸ˜‰


  8. JJ@381 ,You just wrote exactly what I was gonna say ,Benny is at least trying to get forward and create something.


  9. Kim I agree,

    For me, Ba was worse than Cisse yesterday. Simply because he is so damn selfish. He did play better with Shola though. But still, it seems to be a strained effort from him to actually pass to a team mate when he is within 30 yards of goal.

    When he does pass he takes so long, by the time he has contorted his muscles to actually make himself pass, his team mate is offsides or running back from offsides.

    Yes he has scored good goals, but I think he has been **** lately. If he is going to play up front he must either play more for the team or play alone.


  10. Mine too Kim…. went to bed ****ing annoyed after the game… 😈 Hit the hay around 1.15 am and didn’t nod off for an hour or so… So I am running on about 3 hours sleep today… If we had won it would have been more tolerable :mrgreen:




    You say you are still sticking to what you said about Cisse yesterday stating he is not a premier league striker.

    But today, you are saying either Ba or Cisse will come good for us. πŸ™„

    Bootsy. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate and stating your opinions with strong words but please be consistent.

    Can you answer me truthfully whether you thought Cisse was a premier league striker at the end of last season?


  12. Haha beautifully put troy. we need significant strengthening to push on past the rest of the turds. and a complete overhaul in thebway we play. we just don’t create enough chances. If cabaye isn’t willing to push forward then just play him deep with tiote and play someone else instead of jonas


  13. JJ & Kim,
    The problem with Benny not passing is that his team mates can no longer anticipate when he is going to release it. They are moving forward with him and when we lose it, everyone is out of position. Benny seems to be playing to the crowd too much and he needs to pull the tricks out of the bag as a surprise move, not as a stock move. Like I said, he has been one of better players but his goals are drying up because opposition players are onto him now..


  14. Kim, it’s all good, there has been many a late night/early morning for me after watching the Toon play πŸ˜‰ … Just hate ****ty results πŸ˜•


  15. Aussie, 387

    I had a huge fight with the girlfriend because of my mood after the game.

    Snapped at her because she hadn’t done the dishes, then lectured her for a about two hours on how she needs to be more patient and understanding when Newcastle loses πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  16. Troy – yes Cisse played in the premier league last season. Were you not watching ❓ πŸ˜•
    Are you suggesting Cisse is as good this season as last.
    Can you explain why Ba scored so many goals for us at the start of last season and none after Cisse arrived.


  17. Aussie ,Tbh I think Benny should be in the hole ,coming from the right wing means he has more work to do ,I just feel he’s wasted out there .


  18. JJ πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    My wife is in bed when most games are being played, which is lucky for her, because I would not be pleasant company should she try and strike a conversation up. :mrgreen:


  19. benny’s not going to pass because its 1/2 hr before he get the ball back again. he’s got nobody to pass to as cabaye/Anita/Jonas/Tiote etc are all way back as the ball has been pumped up by Krul and he’s just picking up loose balls that have bounced off Ba/Cisse/Shola. There is no control in the game no build up, no passing, we are a poor mans stoke.


  20. Kim, I think you are right with that call… How a striker is to time his run into the box when Benny is shaping to cross is anyone’s guess. He would be better off in the middle for sure..


  21. Aussie,

    If you can see it, Kim can see it and I can see it, that Benny should be “in the hole” why does Pards play him on the right and then praise Obertan’s performances in Europe then bench him?

    Everyone can see Ba and Cisse don’t work as a partnership. Why does Pardew not see it?




    If you wish to duck and dive around the question then carry on. We can all read your posts and come to the same conclusion. We go back to the beginning.

    You should have put the full stop where I suggested. πŸ˜‰


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