Game On! Southampton v Newcastle

Game On at St Mary’s
Game number 13 of our Premier League season will see us travel to St Mary’s Stadium this afternoon where we will face Southampton.

It’s been well documented how poor we’ve been this season so I don’t need to go into that again, but our record against newly promoted clubs isn’t exactly great and with a long absentee list to contend with I’m left wondering if it will get any better this afternoon?

This game will mean that we’ve played all three promoted clubs and so far we have just one point to show for it from our previous games against West Ham (a 1-0 home loss) and Reading (a 2-2 away draw). To me that is not good enough but it also isn’t a trait that has been reserved for this season. Indeed ever since our return to the Premier League we’ve struggled against promoted clubs, under both Chris Hughton and Alan Pardew, with only four wins from 12 games against teams fresh from the Championship.

A win this afternoon could see us climb as high as 8th place in the Premier League table if other results go our way and we find ourselves firing on all cylinders in front of goal. To be honest it’s unlikely given how we’ve performed in recent weeks so rather than looking at where we could end up I’d rather we just get the win at all costs.

My match preview is online here if you haven’t already had a look at it. It features news of injuries for both sides, a history of meetings between the two clubs and some rather alarming statistics from an NUFC perspective.

With this game being moved as a result of our ongoing participation in the Europa League we are not being broadcast live here in the UK. However there are a number of overseas channels who have picked our game for broadcast so, as ever, should you manage to find a stream of decent quality then by all means feel free to share it with fellow NUFC fans who may not be able to make it to the South coast today.

Team news, as you should now expect, will be published below in full as and when it becomes available.

Howay the lads!

Southampton; Gazzaniga; Clyne, Fonte, Yoshida, Shaw; Schneiderlin, Cork; Puncheon, Lallana (c), Ramirez; Lambert.

Subs: K.Davis, Hooiveld, S.Davis, Rodriguez, Ward-Prowse, Mayuka, Guly.

Newcastle: Krul; Simpson, Williamson, S.Taylor, Santon; Gutierrez (c), Tiote, Anita, Ferguson; Cisse, Ba.

Subs: Harper, Tavernier, Perch, Bigirimana, Marveaux, Sammy Ameobi, Ranger.

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523 thoughts on “Game On! Southampton v Newcastle



    I’m surprised you have the opinion that we don’t need any new players if you watched the game.

    The defence was in disarray at times. Strengthening of the defence has been evident for a long time.

    Last seasons achievements were deserved but it was always a fear that Ba & Cisse could not maintain the spectacular form they were in.

    Their goals masked many a poor performance last season.

    That was pointed out by many of us and it stood out like the sports direct signage at SJP.


    You also bring up a very important point that a few of us on here kept reiterating but dismissed by many on here. You have to strengthen in a position of strength to attract the players to progress.

    Big Mick may be happy with the situation. Sell on his so called purple players for profits, as surely now they won’t think twice about jumping ship and Graham Carr works his magic again of bringing in some unknown names that sparkle for a season because they’ve been given a lifeline and need to prove themselves.

    Who knows how this regime thinks. My thoughts are they just gamble and hope the fairies sprinkle some magic over them.

    Where is Wolfie these days by the way? πŸ˜›



    Where are all the bloggers who criticised myself and a handful of others for criticising the board for not ensuring we strengthened the squad more in the summer?

    We know who you are so reveal yourselves! πŸ™„


  3. Troy…They’ll be back, when/if we go on a good run. πŸ˜‰
    …we are now just 1 point better off at this stage than the season we got relegated, and back then we didn’t lose any of the next 5 games. That ain’t gonna happen this time on current form so after the next 5 I expect us to be worse off than when we got relegated and this team don’t even have the excuse of the off field protests to blame.




    What’s your thoughts on sacking Pardew?

    I definitely don’t think he deserves the sack. Moyes has been in this position loads of times. Pardew deserves time IMO.


  5. OK, having slept on this… if things don’t turn around soon, I’m advocating a change to 3-5-2.

    And by that, I mean watching Juventus with the commentary off!


  6. Troy….I’d like him to succeed as most of us would and ideally be given time and the money to turn it around, but I don’t think he will, the fans will turn soon imo(if not already), he does seem unwilling to change things that are clearly not working which I find bizarre to be honest and hope to **** he comes to his senses soon and change the way we play….or prove most of us wrong by sticking to his current set up, either or will do me….but as it stands I’m worried and so should he be.
    Ref Moyes, I think they know that it’s highly unlikely they’d get a better manager, and a new guy would want money to spend which they just don’t have. I think when Everton go on bad runs most Everton fans realise Moyes is very limited with his personel and how they can play so are a bit more patient, whereas Toon fans know we have played better with a different system, Pards not playing it is maybe heaping more pressure on him than he would possibly experience.
    I think Ashley and Llambias ****ed up royally in the summer(and the 2 previous windows tbh) I think it’ll be a long time before we had a chance to really build on something in the summer and kick on, that has gone and won’t return anytime soon I reckon πŸ˜•


  7. *I think it’ll be a long time before we have a chance to really build on something like in the summer and kick on* 😳


  8. I have a rough idea as to what your reply may have been mate… 😎

    Maybe this run of poor form might be a blessing in disguise, if it continues, it will force Dekka’s hand somewhat and hopefully we will see some signings in January.
    Still would like a couple of wins though. 😐


  9. Bring back king kev as player manager couldnt do any worse than this bag of ****e πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  10. KK, I really hope Fatty is not your nick name for your **** πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    your post at 461 sounds very suspect if it is πŸ˜† πŸ˜†




    Fair assessment. πŸ˜‰


    King Kev could tie these players in knots even now! πŸ˜‰


  12. troy agree mate pluss he could get them playing like world beaters ,we shot up the table when he came back a few seasons ago ,choo choo the train is ready to leave the station πŸ™‚


  13. KK, if disagreeing on just about everything is chatting up, then Dave and I are in trouble πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  14. Most bookies have us down at finishing 12th with about 45 points. πŸ™ Probably optimistic if anything!


  15. First game of season was against Spurs and we played last seasons style of play but Demba Ba had to complain because he wants to be striker. Pardew and the board give in to his demands because they probably know they selling him and wanna make money from it and we have not seen a decent game of football since.


  16. No way in hell Pardew should be sacked. Any of those that think the board are mostly to blame for not investing that are doubting Pardew need to remember that any new manager would get just as little backing in the transfer window.


  17. @454 Troy#
    Agree, I think a hit to our league form was inevitable this season, even with investment. Last year so many bit part players played a big role and that was without European nights, showing our squad is someway from being able to easily handle the change in schedule.
    Everton often have had seasons where they’ve qualified for Europe and it’s affected their league form.
    What is disappointing is the scale of our drop in the league. And the scale of our transfer window failings. I thought I was being quite minimal in my transfer desires, but even they weren’t met.


  18. I think most of us were fed up before we even had this run of defeats.

    Simply because of the lack of effort and having to watch probably the worst football I have EVER seen us play.

    That is what has me so concerned. If we were playing decent football and losing but showing spirit, then I’d have some hope we can turn it around.

    But at the moment, getting outplayed by the likes of Southampton and Maritimo and Swansea.

    That tells e this isn’t only about squad depth, but its about horrible coaching and tactics and a stubborn manager who refuses to budge from a failing system.

    I don’t see him turning this around… πŸ˜₯


  19. fans

    worry not, it’s all under control.

    top 4 is in my sights.



  20. I think the reality train needs to gets its engine revving. Anyone who doesn’t think we need a deeper and better squad are dreaming.

    Finishing 5th and then letting more players leave than are brought in? What planet is that a good idea on?

    Players look like they know there is no back up and they will still keep their place even after a bad game. Shambles really.

    But in a positive note – if we do get our best team out then we should compete with most, but the squad just isn’t equipped to play in Europe at this time.


  21. Goalkeepers
    Harper vs Krul

    Simpson vs Beye
    Taylor vs Bassong
    Coloccini vs Coloccini
    Enrique vs Santon

    Jonas vs N’Zogbia
    Cabaye vs Nolan
    Tiote vs Barton
    Anita vs Guthrie
    Ferguson vs Duff

    Cisse vs Owen
    Ba vs Viduka
    Ameobi vs Martins

    Pardew vs Kinnear (up until this point in the year anyway)

    Will this lot be able to pull themselves out of the ****?


  22. i’d give pardew until the end of january.

    – if things don’t pick over that period then i’d chase him.

    the trouble is though – there’s not many yes men knocking around that are happy to be treated like a dog for a few quid.

    with that in mind – his jobs probably as safe as houses regardless of what happens.


  23. nice to see wor roy back on blog
    wheres this flowing footy pardew said he was going to play,didnt know you could play it twenty foot in the air πŸ‘Ώ


  24. I have to say, I’m struggling to remember anyone on here ever saying we could do the same as last year with no investment πŸ˜• Wolfie maybe?

    Troy-if you know who they are, name and shame mate πŸ˜€


  25. We are watching a team very low on confidence – not only in their own ability but also the ability of the owner to support them in their ambitions.

    We should also be braced for a big player being sold in January to enable us to buy some others. That is what we are reduced to.

    Actually feel sorry for Pardew – his remit is to finish in the top 8 every season – how on earthis he supposed to do that with a woefully thin squad?


  26. We are in trouble , 4 games without a win. However I do fully believe in Pardew and feel he will turn things around. I think ( or hope ) a win or a good performance will kick start our season and I think we will do it. Stoke isnt easiest of places to try do this but they are next so hopefully Pardew will get a response. Colo back is a big lift.
    In terms of the squad , Its not good enough to be where we want to be and that is challenging for trophies. I dont think there is any point following any team if its not for them to win. But I am firmly in the camp ( maybe on my own ) we are building a squad good enough to win something. Im not mad ( well maybe a bit ) but we do have a good starting 11 and if we play to our ability we are a match to anyone. We do need 2-3 players into the team and that should of been done in the summer. But I think the board wont pay anything over what we value a player. Which again I support been finanical sound but we are paying for it now. We cant hide from that fact. I know other people dont have same point of view as myself and Ill prob get a bit of stick for been a dreamer etc etc ( all in good nature ) and others will compeletly disagree with me but I think we are going places as a club. This bad run of form will end and we will finish top 8. I hope πŸ˜†




    There were plenty on here who said it wasn’t necessary to push the boat out in the summer. They were happy with the squad as long as the club intended to invest in January and get the players they originally targeted but failed to get in the summer.

    I thought they could consolidate on last years placing by buying when in a position of strength.
    I’ve got to be honest, just like I didn’t predict last years success, I also didn’t predict such a serious slump. I honestly thought we could possibly scrape 6th again. However, I wasn’t satisfied with that. I wanted to strengthen to make sure we secured Euro football comfortably.

    My hope in the summer was AT LEAST get a top CB.
    Saylor & Willo simply aren’t good enough.

    The people who stated they could see sense in Ashley’s ridiculous policy are no longer posting.

    We now go into January trying to attract players to a team in turmoil. That is my gripe and how those who witnessed Sir Bobby getting starved of cash when we finished 4th haven’t learnt from it, then it beggars belief.

    Come on candy floss outlookers, tell us why the regime were correct and demanded we were patient. 😯


  28. @Troy post: 451: What I was saying is the players we have now are capable of beating Southampton be it home or away. the players we have now should be capable of competing harder against Swansea, West Ham.

    The players we have are enough to fight any team in the bottom half at least up to 5-6 place. New players are not a substitute for tactics.

    Pardew’s tactics were woeful yesterday. An excited chaos is how I can describe the opening spell.

    You cannot keep doing the same thing and hoping for a different result. Pardew is doing this. Same players, formation. Cisse cannot buy a goal and he does not work with Ba upfront. Pardew keeps playing them hoping they will suddenly start playing well. This is not a dip in form but rather Pardews tactics.

    You could give Pardew 20 new players I can tell you it would not be his fault just bad luck, the fans not getting behind the team, injuries, the ref and Jews to blame for his poor results.

    The players we have are good enough to compete and beat West ham, Swansea and Southampton. A thin squad is not an excuse for those defeats.


  29. jabba has dropped us in the ****e imo even for the future because which “good” player will want to come to sjp when they see board dont invest in club and are struggling at the bottom end of the PL,it wont be big wages as we dont pay that kind of money,which imo is a good thing,its just hes stuffed everything up by not investing in the team in jan πŸ‘Ώ


  30. Troy,
    I believe the club are right not to spend money we dont have and too stick to a valuation we give to a player becasue it achieves stability off the field in terms of knowing the club is not going to go out of business ala Rangers or Portsmouth. I have no idea if we were ever close to going bust but any business / person who spends more than they are will be in trouble at some point. I do get in business you need to spend to accumlate but I feel after years ( or atleast appears ) of mismanagment we need a steady dose or balancing the books. We are still over Β£100 million in debt one of the highest in the league.


  31. dog @ 489

    it’s a nightmare watching the same old **** every week like – it’ll get football done away with.

    the trouble with pardew & a few of his players is – their just not as good as they think they are.

    simple as that.


  32. Writing on his own official website, Yohan Cabaye has confirmed that he’s undergoing surgery today (Monday):

    “I can confirm to you all that I’m going to have an operation because of a recurring pain in my abdominal wall. The operation happens in two stages. The first part on Monday 26 November (today) and then the second the following day.

    “I will keep you up to date with my progress. I’ll do everything I can to get back as quickly as possible.”




    Good on you for standing up and not hiding. It takes a man to do so. However, a fool may do exactly the same. 😯

    Before I make that judgement, just in case you are mistaken and basing your opinion on misinformation, are you aware that our debt is an interest free loan. Many other clubs are surviving with interest loans and they are not near being a Portsmouth & a Leeds.

    Nobody is advocating spending a huge amount.
    The lowest placed club in the premier league gets Β£60m next season.
    This season Β£40m.

    We have the 3rd highest attendances and other revenue streams. Do you not see the importance of consolidating and making vital purchases when we are in a position of strength?

    We went into this season with all the extra games because of the Euro qualification.

    Pardew now seems surprised that the extra games results in more suspensions, bookings, injuries. Could you not identify those problems?

    Please don’t compare my demands to buy players like that of past managers.

    I thought we paid Graham Carr handsomely with an 8 yr contract to identify quality players who were suitable to fit in our pay structure.

    Please tell me you misunderstood the meaning of my demands and therefore I need not refer to you as a fool. πŸ˜‰


  34. ROY ime fed up with the hole non-show to be honest lost for words,wont say what i really feel,as a lot on here dont like the truth and have their heeds in the clouds πŸ™


  35. Couple of points on our **** predicament.
    This blog certainly wasn’t overwhelmed with people saying we needed first team attackers, many argued that we needed a back up striker for Jan but not to play instead of Ba/Cisse.
    It’s true having an extra couple of ball playing defenders may have limited the hoof ball. But loads of teams don’t have ball playing defenders, they still play better football than us.
    Lack of creativity this season is therefore Pardew/coaches/players fault, not the boards.
    Secondly tbh I don’t even think I trust Pardew with transfer money at the minute, his last two big signings (Anita/Cisse) he seems absolutely clueless how to use! In dire need of a CB and probably a RB but after that I wouldn’t want him splashing out on attackers until he works out what system he actually wants to play, ie if it’s 4-4-2 don’t buy another CM, buy a that can play on his right footed side.


  36. M12 – I hear what you are saying and it nearly makes sense.
    But what you haven’t factored in, is that certain players last season played well above their normal level, and we got a few surprise results.
    This season those same players, are playing miles BELOW their normal level. Their normal standard of play is championship at best, not PL.
    Yes we have some quality players crocked and suspended etc, but in their place we are having to introduce kids who clearly aren’t ready for this level either.
    Its a recipe for disaster imo.
    Pardews inability to take control of the Ba and Cisse problem is making him look a proper chump.
    As has been said before on this blog by others, these two dont suddenly become crap over night. They do however need direction and control from the gaffer. But it seems to me that Ba is the one calling the shots not pardew.
    Effing crazy.


  37. Lets face it. We don’t have the 5th best squad in the league. 8th at best.
    We weren’t ready for Europe, regardless of who we signed.
    Our defence at the start of last season had Raylor at RB!! Along with Simmo and Saylor who are midtable at best. They performed admirably for sure, but it was only a matter of time before their true quality showed. I actually thought a couple of those players had turned a corner last season and could at least be worthy cogs in the team. Badly mistaken.
    Steven Taylor is the biggest disappointment. He is a geordie CB in his mid twenties having been with us all his career, the fact Jonas is entrusted in captaincy over him is just another indictment of how indisciplined his is seen by Pardew. At 26 or whatever he should be capable of leading the defence with confidence against teams like Swansea and Soton. He’s crap.


  38. Pardew comes out with the same after match crap time and again.
    “the other team had a better intensity than us”
    Intensity over and over.
    WHY ❓
    why cant Pardew get our Lads to play with more intensity, especially in the first 20 mins. Every flippin game is the same. Like we are wearing lead boots or something.
    The Lads dont have any hunger, or fire in their bellies. Simply not good enough. But why ffs?
    I’ve seen schoo; kids with more intensity than this lot. πŸ‘Ώ


  39. Troy-Yeah, that’s alright then, so long as you’re admitting you didn’t predict how badly we’d do this season (so far.) If anyone starts coming out with that argument and I’m sure they will, I have seen similar stuff on twitter, then I will require some serious proof ❗

    I was just pissed off because in a summer where had we, admittedly “pushed the boat out” we could have found ourselves serious contenders to transitional teams such as Spurs and Arsenal. That didn’t happen and whilst I still felt 8th would be a decent season, or near on anything (should we win a cup) I certainly didn’t expect the lack of general effort/insistence on certain tactics that we’ve seen so far.


  40. ST – Unfortunately I find that I have to agree with you about Taylor.
    He has not been the same since that achilles injury, and he deffo doesn’t boss the defence.
    We really need a big strong CB who isnt scared to head the ball.
    Colo reads the game well, and is great when the ball is on the ground, but he has shown a few times now that he is susseptical to the long aerial ball into the box. (eg the suarez goal πŸ˜• ) He doesn’t like to get his head in for some reason.


  41. Well I have been up the daughters new flat and scrubbed every effin spot of paintwork and humped god knows how much stuff around to try and vent my frustration and has it worked ,has it @*@*. I am so so dissapointed at the situation we are in I could weep. I swear if I bumped into Lamarse I would do him serious damage the mood I’m in. πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ The simple fact that so many of us were saying you need to strengthen from a position of strength and not bringing in new bodies with more skill will backfire hasn’t occured to the owner is baffeling .This constant do it on the cheap is pathetic ,we arn’t SD ,we don’t work like that ,clueless way to run a club .

    ST@468 ,TBH ,I would snatch their hands off to guarantee that result right now.
    ST@501 ,Re Cabs ,yes that could explain his form dip ,I did suggest that a few blogs ago too.


  42. BB@510 ,Maybe he’s worried about the damage to his curls πŸ™„ lets face it they are all looking a little delicate at the mo.


  43. will be interesting to see how the mackems get on against QPR tomorrow night.
    I cant decide who I want to win that one. Perhaps a 0-0 will do, as really dont want either team to win.
    Scum are in a similar predicament as us tbh and wont want to be losing, but qpr players will be trying to impress ‘orrible ‘Arry .


    November 26, 2012 at 14:57
    and humped god knows how much stuff

    Woah now Kim, I know we’re doing badly but there’s a time and a place! I hope Rob Lee wasn’t anywhere nearby πŸ˜†


  45. Newkie @509 ,I think plenty of us said that not getting the defence strengthened would /could backfire badly. Many of us said we are only a couple of injuries/suspensions away from disaster now we havn’t strengthened . Every season I worry about relegation ,this was the first time I didn’t until no defenders arrived . I think the most worrying aspect is the injuries 10 or11 is it , what is going on with our fitness training ,that’s got to be more than bad luck.


  46. BB@513 ,Thing is the Scum are good with set play and corners so even when playing crap are likely to get a point or 3 πŸ‘Ώ Contrast that to us ,we are hopeless in that department ,right now they have a better chance of survival than us. πŸ™


  47. Kim-No I agree with the defence, that was in a way the minimum I expected assuming then that we were going to be letting Simmo go. I mean, there wasn’t a lot of incentive for him really, maybe they assumed he’d play for a new contract? But I don’t think he’s been doing that badly-and he played well last year. Just that they are the kind of limits on his ability….A better RB might have meant we’d be able to deal with playing Staylor/Willo more often, but yeah a CB would have been priority I guess…

    Although I agree with Solano-so many teams have traditional English lumps at the back, especially at CB and they don’t hoof it half as much as our players…


  48. Kim-I aim to please πŸ˜†

    As for injuries, to be fair 3/4 of the players have just been destroyed by bad tackles in matches haven’t they? Raylor, Vuckic, Gosling, although I can’t remember what happened to Campbell


  49. Troy @ 502 , Was on my lunch break so sorry for delay. Yeah im aware that is interest free. As far as I know we also arent paying any repayments on that loan.

    According to that we have the 3rd highest outstanding debt ( Im fairly sure Chelsea and Man City are fudged ) but we also only had an income of Β£89 million. Our wage bill is 60% of our spending that leaves Β£35 million to cover everything else. Im not saying you are advocationg us bidding Β£20 million for Jordan Henderson with 60-70k a week wages. I dont think many fans are calling for those days. But once you take wages out there isnt a hell of a lot to play around with
    I do realise those figures dont take in our transfer dealings such as the Carrol money ( not that we need to go into that ) πŸ™‚ but also newer commerical deals such as the new Sky deal and Wonga so maybe we have a little bit more to play around with.
    I cant deny we havent made a massive gamble ( which is backfiring now ) on not brining in the 2-3 players we needed but I do understand the board wont pay over their valuation of the player set by Carr.


  50. I’ll admit to saying that we could wait until January for new signings, too. And I’ll stick to it. There’s really no chance of another EL qualification this season (short of winning the thing – not impossible). But provided that the club makes at least two key signings in the next transfer window, the season can be salvaged and we can be parked around 10th at the end of the term.

    Unfortunately for the regime, they won’t be bargaining from a position of strength. But two of our targets (Douglas & Sissoko) are down to 6 months on their contracts. Lille might be getting sick of Debuchy gazing longingly at a photo of Cabaye. Still not sure where a striker is coming from, but I trust Carr to dig up a Kazakh wonderkid available for 6 quid and a second-hand goat. 😎

    There’s also a rumour that Ba will be moved on, possibly to Liverpool. Smart money says his knee explodes within minutes of touching down in Merseyside. :mrgreen:




    It sounds to me then that Carr is not identifying players in our wage or transfer structure, so why reward him with an 8 yr contract.


  52. If I knew all the ins and out of this board Troy Id be sitting on it πŸ™‚ I do belive we were fed wrong information about Debauchy and Lille were been ****s about it. But not sure why we didnt go in for another striker , winger or Centre back.


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