Pressure grows on Pardew

Plenty to ponder for Pardew
I think it’s safe to say the honeymoon period is well and truly over for Alan Pardew now.

Whilst some fans have been dead set against him from the start, I think it’s fair to say that he’s done enough to win the vast majority around, especially last season when we played some great stuff and finished in a very decent and unexpected 5th place in the league.

However things aren’t going to plan this season and whilst I never expected us to really match what we achieved last season, mainly due to a failure by the ownership to add to the squad over the summer but also because I feel last season we had a lot of things go our way. I didn’t expect us to be this rubbish though and we are getting to the point now where questions need answering.

We’ve lost three games on the bounce now – two at home and one away – against teams that we shouldn’t have lost to. Granted any team can beat the other on the day but the fact is that we just haven’t looked like winning. Not even close. I dare say we could still be playing at Southampton and we still wouldn’t have mustered a shot on target.

The result yesterday really tipped my opinion. We we’re awful and I’m that p*ssed off about it still I haven’t even bothered writing a match report about it. In fairness I can write a brief one now which sums up our “performance” at St Mary’s. We never threatened. Southampton bossed us and deserved the win. The end. Sound about right?

Anyway I’m digressing as it isn’t just about the performance yesterday, which was woeful (I may have mentioned that previously…). It’s about the performances in general. I can take losing if we’re still performing and looking likely to get out of this rut we are stuck in, but we’re not and somebody has to start taking the blame for it.

Whilst I sympathise with Pardew in the sense that we are dealing with an awful lot of injuries right now, ultimately it is his job to get the best of whichever players are fit and available for selection. For whatever reason, that just isn’t happening.

If things aren’t working, which clearly they aren’t, then I expect to see something change. Isn’t a definition of madness trying the same thing over and over again but expecting different results? That’s what I’m seeing. No change in formation, approach or tactics, just the same thing time and again.

Pressure is growing on Alan Pardew in what is a results based business. Ultimately results have been poor and if they continue in that vein then surely it will only end one way? I don’t buy this eight-year deal being a sign of security either. Contracts are worth nothing these days and I have no doubt that Mike Ashley would have made sure he doesn’t have to pay out any huge compensation figure should the worst happen.

I don’t think Pardew is set for the chop yet and I honestly think he’s earned a bit of patience, but if things don’t improve soon enough then surely something will have to change?

What do you think?

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365 thoughts on “Pressure grows on Pardew

  1. Mark-Ah right, well cheers for the link then buddy. I guess I’ll hope for a dull 0-0…we don’t want anyone scoring/winning and getting any confidence 😀

    In all honesty it’s quite hard to care/watch other teams right about now..


  2. ne bother m8. aye defo hoping for a draw.

    I’m only watching it to keep an eye on the other relegation hopefuls along with us..


  3. had Redknapp got something wrong with his heed or is it just a ****ney ‘ all right geezer’ thing?

    his nodding napper reminds me of churchill the dog 😆


  4. Yeah, suppose it’s a good idea. Seems cats got injured early on, not sure if that’s good or bad for the mackems 😕


  5. Troy @ 298 At last the truth and no misrepresentation. You’re tacitly admitting that you got the wrong end of the stick. In all my posts you cannot point to one time when I send I wanted Pardew sacked now. If anyone could find one, you surely could and I am sure you have tracked back through them all. You jumped to conclusions. That is what I have been saying throughout.

    You are right: the only time I said I would sack Pardew now is much later when you asked what I would do if I were the owner. I gave you a hypothetical answer based on what I would do if I was the owner.

    You now say, “It would be obvious to a sensible person that my question meant, if you were Ashley, with his wealth and owner of the club in the current circumstances.” Typical Troy. Say what you mean and don’t blame me when you don’t. What you asked was “if you were the owner…” If I were Ashley, I wouldn’t have appointed Pardew in the first place so that was a stupid question.

    You say, “I find you very difficult to debate with because of your propensity to swerve and fail to answer honestly.” Point to one dishonest statement. You’ve tried and you can’t. You got it wrong. Admit it. Point to one question of yours left unanswered. I thought your “if you were owner” question was childish because it was so hypothetical, but thought I had better give an answer otherwise you would childishly accuse me of not answering anything.


  6. Sess looks like he’s starting to find himself again though. Carried their team a lot under bruce, no doubting his quality when he’s on form.




    I’ve come to the conclusion you are mad.

    I see Mark & Trumpet have gave up on you.

    I might as well repost my previous post as it answers your latest response.

    Your behaviour and logic are worrying. 😯

    We are still waiting for the candidates by the way.


  8. Troy, “Should we not have been bold and predicted this earlier? That is the mark of intelligent foresight.” you said. I nailed my colours. Just summarise your position. What are you predicting?


  9. Troy @ 310. Where did I state I wanted him sacked now? I was simply predicting that he would be soon. You cannot admit you were wrong. You never do. Strumpo and Mark know that about you.


  10. I have never claimed to know who. I’ve said the club should take time to scour the world, do their research, and interview people. Why should I throw names in off the cuff? The first thing Troy would do would be to undermine the first name I dreamt up.

    What I fail to understand is that Troy and Strumpo contemplate the sacking of Pardew in certain circumstances just as I do. Why is the onus on me to provide names? The onus is as much on them but they would have you believe not. Their trouble is they got to that point by trying to change the argument.




    Your last post reaffirms your short term memory is lengthening. Do you read my posts? You must stop doing this. I’ve already told you what I predict.

    I’ve gave up on you naming candidates. It’s embarrassing. 😳 no wonder Trumpet got frustrated with you. 😳

    So to clear this up. You have no faith in Pardew and predict this will go one way, his sacking in accordance with the average length of a managerial career.

    You’ve been bold enough to nail your colours to the mast. So if you believe that, why don’t you believe he should be sacked now before it gets to the stage where we are in a dire state like you predict.




    That Barton video is hilarious! What a knacker! Surely he must have seen the ridicule Mclaren got over his Dutch accent.

    He must be cringing now its being laughed at 😳


  13. I didn’t really get the Barton thing…I thought he must have been taking the piss as he tweeted about McClaren afterwards. While I never bought into the fact he was a genius just because he liked The Smiths/Morrisey, I didn’t think he was that thick 😯 😯

    Funny though 😆


  14. @troy.

    He’ll probably say he was taking the mick but i think he’s that deluded he meant it, thinking it would come across all cosmopolitan and cool.

    total knacker


  15. Yeah, Scum crowd frustrated which is good news. Tough playing at home, like it is for us…

    Win away at Stoke and the confidence will return and the crowd will be happy and we’ll go on a run. See, it’s that simple 😛


  16. Re Barton ,He says he did it cause he was worried the french wouldn’t understand a scouse accent apparently 😉


  17. Troy @ 317 Now you’ve got nowhere to go but a futile little cul-de-sac.

    The answer to your question is obvious but the subtlety will be lost on you. It is that I am predicting this based on history, statistics, and a visceral feeling about the ****e I’ve been watching. I might well be wrong. It is only a prediction. I am not going to call for someone’s head based on that. Is there time before I and others press the panic button? Yes, of course, but not a great deal.

    I have consistently stated that the board takes two steps forward and one step back. As it’s Ashley’s club and his money at risk, I should be patient unless the wheels start coming off. He has a right to call the shots. I think he’s lost the plot with the eight year contract, but its his money to lose. I don’t think Pards contribution has created anything to spoil, and a new manager might well do better. I do think Pards should be left to have a fair crack at it provided he doesn’t endanger our top flight status.

    No apology for getting it wrong and misrepresenting me, I see.


  18. we are now only 3 points above the relegation zone 😳
    Vile and scum only 1 point behind us.
    A win tomorrow and the pressure will ease a tad.
    All hands to the pumps now.
    I would normally be happy to come away from stoke with a draw, but that’s not enough this time around.
    We need a miracle and an unbelievable performance from everyone.
    It is possible. lol
    Howay the Lads



    This goes down as another classic! ;
    You say;

    What I fail to understand is that Troy and Strumpo contemplate the sacking of Pardew in certain circumstances just as I do. Why is the onus on me to provide names? The onus is as much on them but they would have you believe not. Their trouble is they got to that point by trying to change the argument.

    Have I stated I am contemplating Pardews sacking in certain circumstances.? I believe myself and Trumpet have stated we believe he will turn things around. I predicted 10th – 7th place. (Of course you missed this as you normally do and end up asking me for a prediction).

    All we’ve said is that it would have to be considered if it meant we were in dire trouble. Of course it could happen, but we don’t believe it will.

    You actually believe it will. Totally different from your point of view.

    Please enlighten us how we are changing the argument?

    Please tell us why you wouldn’t sack him now if you predict the inevitable within a short period of time.?

    Please give us a better explanation why you won’t give potential candidates to replace Pardew other than I would undermine them if you dreamt them up. Don’t dream them up, just give us some realistic names.

    We are all waiting. 😛


  20. I see our young guns have been beaten – again.

    The master plan is going well – our kids are that good, they’re expected to be back up for our first team but neither our reserves or kids can win much at their own standards!

    Looking good eh Mr Ashley…


  21. I dont want Pardew sacked, I just want him to pull his finger out and show the Lads who’s boss.
    We need the stability, and quite frankly we all know there’s not much better out there who would work under this regime, with one hand tied behind his back.
    Pardew deserves more time, but that will only be afforded him if we get a couple vital victories in the next few games.
    If we survive this season, then lessons need to be learned by the board.
    I wont hold my breath


  22. With the injury to S Taylor i wonder if Good has a recall in his loan agreement ? lets face it , we were thin on the ground and now we are at the point that 1 more injury and we could not call up 4 proper defenders . Remember lads Perch best position is actually a DM as is Anita’s ,Perch played that position for Forest before we bought him .THIS SEASON IS TURNING INTO A RELEGATION ONE 😯


  23. Gotta say i agree with BB if we lose our next 3 and show no improvement in the hoofball we are currently putting on show, i think Ashley will panic and pull the plug on pards, who would we replace him with. Martinez ? Would he come here, would Mr whelan let us approach him. I doubt it. there arnt many managers out there who i think we could get. If i was being ambitious id say the Bilbao manager.


  24. We’d probably end up with steve bruce 😯
    omfg the humiliation would be too much 👿


  25. Alex I don’t think Jabba will pull the plug on him just yet. I agree that he will be under a lot of pressure if he doesn’t get it turned round, but I can’t help but think we don’t have many option, and for me JFK would be the nail in the coffin



    On a separate note. Is Rodzilla still getting on?

    Haven’t seen him post for a while.


  27. BB I don’t think even Bruce would take it unless he got money to spend and I can’t see that happen if Jabba won’t give his mate Pards money


  28. Yes Alex, it will all be sorted by 10th Dec imo.
    3 matches, to get some points on the board and kick start our season properly.
    Two of those matches are on tv tho and we never seem to play well on tv.
    gulp !
    7 points would make one hell of a difference to our predicament


  29. Troy @ 328 “Have I stated I am contemplating Pardews sacking in certain circumstances.?”, you ask indignantly. Eh, yes.

    “Give this bloke a chance and unless we are looking doomed for relegation then it shouldn’t be considered.”

    “I’ve never suggested that you stick with the manager no matter what. That would be ridiculous. My point is, we are a third of the way thru the season and there’s two thirds to go.”

    So now let’s have your names please. Dave can help you. 😉


  30. Sad to be discussing what the bottom place teams are doing. Another big one (along with ours of course) tomorrow is the Southampton vs Norwich game. We’re at crisis levels in terms of the available healthy senior players. One or 2 more injuries will leave us in desparate straits. Attack has been non-existent for a while and now we have no Ben Arfa. The midfield without Cabaye is a problem as well. Can we field a team strong enough to win tomorrow? We’ll soon know.


  31. Big D – it all depends how desperately the fat one wishes to look after his investment by keeping us in the PL?
    I suspect if pards goes before xmas, then the new manager will get an introductory special offer. One time only and **** all in the summer


  32. BB yeah he might think like that or he might think well it’s going to cost him money in Jan no matter what so maybe be better giving Pards the money and hope it works as I do think he trusts him, so Pards might get a few quid to buy players and might even get an extra special xmas present of him a new MD because the one we have now is as much use as a chocolate ashtray


  33. 10 December it is haha,

    I will say this though if we go 4-4-2 tomorrow, its game over before we have kicked off? seeing jonas on the wing deflates me, put him at right back i say!


  34. Dave – I hold it out to the blog anoraks. Axel has thrown Martinez into the pot for a start. 😉

    You know Troy was a whisker away from losing £5K because he was so confident at the start of last season that he bet we wouldn’t finish top four.


  35. Please be right Big Dave. I might regain a little faith in Ashley if he sacks Llambias but I’m not holding my breath. Of course we would need Ashley to hire someone with a football background, not a yes-man from one of his other businesses. How likely is that to happen? That’s part of my frustration. We can’t even discuss hiring a new manager seriously because no decent manager would come to us with the Ash/Llam in charge.


  36. B+B im sure 5k wouldn’t kill Troy to see his team finish 4th 😀

    I really don’t see any Good manager coming in to work for the Regime unless there was big changes made,

    GEORDIETWO I won’t be holding my breath either mate but it cheers me up thinking about it.
    Reet thats me outta here before this man flu kills me 😉


  37. Premandup @ 225 Hope your nephew does well, mate.

    I know a few people at Brisbane through functions due my previous job and through being a foundation member – a media guy, one of the coaches, a couple of players will know who I am – but I don’t have any sort of ongoing relationship with anybody. I won’t be sending Xmas cards to any of them or inviting them to dinner.


  38. B&B it was ALEX and not me that has thrown Martinez into the pot 😉 i think sacking Pards will not happen but if it does , it will be someone like Kinnear returning or MON after the scum kick him out . Oh the humiliation and relegation will be too much to take 😯 i thing is for sure no investment in the january window and the train will be totally derailled the bus had its tyres punctured and we are back into the championship instead of the champions league .



    I’ve come to the final conclusion that B&B is too thick to argue with.

    I’m arguing with a madman. 🙄




    The bet was a daft £5 bet with my close mate. It was never going to be paid. It was a tongue in cheek bet offering 1000/1.

    He makes out as if it was a bookie bet.

    I honestly despair at the nonsense he writes. I will leave it down to you to argue with and try and nail some candidates. 😛

    If you read through the debate we’ve had today with him and the wriggling he’s done then you will see its like debating with a drunk.

    He’s honestly mad as a ships cat.


  41. Troy, everyone knows that if you had me on the hook with a winning argument, you would never let go, you would repeat it ad nauseum, and you would pursue me mercilessly.

    You’ve got the wrong end of the stick, and lost the argument again, going in ever decreasing circles whilst looking for a desperate lifeline. 😳

    No apology from you, of course. Just insults. WOO HOO 😆


  42. I see you’re at it again lad. I have never made out it was a bookie bet. Another blatant misrepresentation that you cannot substantiate. Come back on that please Troy.


  43. I do not have an issue with Pards statement that we are struggling because of injuries now we lose Saylor and cabye till February,so we need ex fat lad to lose some money from his wallet as opposed to his waistline. Last season we played with the same back four which performed well but we all could see it needed improvement to kick on.
    What annoys me is that the levels of performance are no where near good enough. No confidence, no idea and they look scared of the ball at the minute. These are professional footballers,so to me it doesn’t matter if they are youngsters breaking through into the first team or our experienced professionals the ball is the tool of their trade so they should know how to use it. Yes I think we could have saved this by sensible spending in the Summer well we need to sort it big style in Jan.but who will want to come 😕




    To clarify why I am finishing this debate with you.
    I am off to work and simply don’t have time to debate.

    Our last debate ended up with me compiling a 60 page file of evidence against you.

    It does not matter how much evidence you throw at you, you simply don’t see it or see it and squirm , never admitting wrongdoing.

    For me, I believe it’s the latter.

    I leave it to you to analyse all of this thread and realise you are all over the shop. ➡

    You wouldnt sack him. 😳

    If you were the owner you would.
    But only if you had £20bn 😳

    You see the inevitable that he will get sacked but wouldn’t sack him now. 😳

    But you have intelligent foresight. 😳

    When he is eventually sacked, which you predict soon, you can’t name any candidates but you believe they will have no problem attracting one.

    You want a candidate better qualified than Pards.
    A proven track record, never been sacked, who would be willing to work under Mike Ashley. 😳

    You suggest it will be different from 2 years ago when we struggled to attract anyone in the category you stipulate. You don’t give any reason why.

    During the 60 page document I gave you last time, I highlighted your trait of asking questions which have already been answered.
    You did it again in this brief debate, when you bragged you had nailed your colours to the mast and then asked me to do so. The infuriating thing about this, I had already done so. The longer the debate goes on, knowing through experience, I end up having to repeatedly point these issues out to you and then trawling back, cutting and pasting to prove my point. 😳

    I take this opportunity to end this debate with you and carry on with Mark or Trumpet or Dave who are all still waiting for you to produce one suitable candidate. 😳

    In the words of Duncan Ballentyne “I’m out” 😛

    Off to work. 😉


  45. Massive game tonight , I would take a point now , but more importantly we need a good performance.


  46. That is why his coaching team have devised a new set of dead-ball strategies which will have their first airing at the Britannia tonight. Reminded of a statistic Newcastle haven’t scored from a corner since October 2011 – some 200-odd corners without a goal, incidentally – Pardew admitted Newcastle needed to improve that aspect of their game.

    He said: “We’ve changed our whole outlook on set-plays, just this week

    Despite the fact they said they were going to work on it over the summer…..Anyway, thank **** for that, about bloody time 👿


  47. @newkie good thing we have our main heading threat from corners available for this change. OH WAIT, he’s out until February. Taylor should be sold now, he’s now longer a viable option as 3rd choice cb in the future. still satisfied with willo as 4th. Taylor is just too injury prone.


  48. Troy – We have established that you had completely misrepresented what I was saying. I have never called for Pardew to be sacked now. I asked you either to show where I had or to apologise. You could do neither.

    You ignored my point about where we figure in the league table of squad values. You can’t get beyond criticising the board for not providing Pardew with a good enough squad.

    You then asked a silly, hypothetical question as to what I would do if I was the owner. I simply said that, if I became the owner now, I would choose my own man, as I would not have appointed Pardew in the first place.

    You accuse me of saying, “I wouldn’t sack him” but “if I was the owner I would”. That is how you work. Misrepresentation and squirm. The truth is my position is (and I defy you to find one quote in context to suggest otherwise) “As a fan, I am NOT calling for Pardew to be sacked NOW.” “If I became the owner tomorrow, I would sack him immediately and chose my own man.” For some reason, this is not simplistic enough for you to get your head around. In your little brain this is a complete contradiction that any sane man would recognise.

    It’s a bit like your “fatigue” point. You mocked Curtis Good because he is suffering from “fatigue”, which to you means he is a bit “tired”. If it were you, you would be trying to convince the boss that you weren’t tired! WOO HOO! 😆

    I think you should stick to your ROTARY VESTS persona, because it has far more credible than TROY STAVERS. At least this exchange has produced a few more pearlers to add to my book of quotes:
    “Our last debate ended up with me compiling a 60 page file of evidence against you.” WOOO HOOO! 😆

    “Have I stated I am contemplating Pardews sacking in certain circumstances?” WOOO HOOO! EH YES! 😆

    “The bet was a daft £5 bet with my close mate. It was never going to be paid. It was a tongue in cheek bet offering 1000/1.” “IT WAS NEVER GOING TO BE PAID.” There you have it folks! Was the bet with TROY or ROTARY? WOOO HOOOO! 😆

    From the man who brought “intelligent foresight” into the argument in his very first exchange (check out your post @64). WOOO HOOOO! 😆

    And saving the best till last: “If a manager says fatigue then I would expect him to use the word in the right context.” Where do you get them from? Priceless. Absolutely priceless. WOO HOO !:lol: 😆 😆


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