Is just one player going to be enough?

Remy speculation increases, but would he be enough?
Remy speculation increases, but would he be enough?
So I see Alan Pardew has been talking about transfers and has suggested we are “definitely” going to add one player to the squad.

It is unfortunately that time of year again. Mince Pies and transfer speculation as Christmas lurks around the corner, followed by a new year and then a new transfer window.

These days I hardly pay any notice to transfer speculation which some of you longer term readers may have cottoned on to. I used to get excited about them and show interest with every new player we were linked with by writing an article or two on each of them. Now though I just can’t be arsed with them as, aside from maybe one or two exceptions, the transfer window tends to end in disappointment and anger.

So the point of this article then? Well I guess to get to the point we have to look at what Alan Pardew has been saying first and foremost.

“It is a difficult window, but I think we would like to get – definitely – one player in and not lose anybody. It could be that we lose a player, you never know,” Pardew told the Chronicle.

“Obviously I lost Andy Carroll in this window and in a situation that wasn’t too dissimilar to what I’m in now two years ago, maybe it was a bit better. But if that is the case then we need two players, and if we lose two then we need three.”

He added: “Myself, Mike and Derek all agree that we should have brought one more senior player in here. For whatever reason it didn’t happen. And we have learnt from that lesson, and that’s what comes from the luxury which is the security of the owner. The owner has great faith in my ability and I have to reward that with what I think when we make an error, and say we have made a mistake.”

Well first off I guess it’s nice to see that they agree with the vast majority of fans who also thought it was a mistake not to strengthen further in the summer. It doesn’t change anything now though…

What can change though is January, and the fairly staunch promise that our numbers will be swelled by one regardless. Will it happen? Won’t it happen? I don’t know but I could probably make an educated guess!

The strongest train of speculation seems to suggest a move for Loic Remy could be on the cards. He’d be a good signing no doubt providing he can settle, but if we are assuming he is the one player then is it enough?

There are areas of our team which need strengthening and up front is one of them, but it’s the defence that I believe we should be looking to add to. Quite frankly it’s been shocking and the players who play at the back who have shall we say, limitations, are causing a lot of our problems.

Like Danny Simpson and Mike Williamson for example. I’ve said many times that I don’t think they are as bad as some make out and if you look at just defending then they are, at the very worst, decent players to have in the squad.

However a lot of this “long ball” thingybob that everyone seems to have latched on to has a lot to do with them pair. They just aren’t comfortable on the ball so the only two options you get from them whilst they have possession is a hopeful kick up field or a pass back to Tim Krul who will do much the same.

Anyway I’m in danger of having a rantso I’ll end it here…

Is adding just one player going to be enough? Is adding an attacker rather than a defender the right thing to do?

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243 thoughts on “Is just one player going to be enough?

  1. Aussie when people say i’ve misinterpreted things its normally that they just don’t have the balls to admit that they were maybe wrong, so it’s easy to say that I misinterpreted what they said 😉
    So are you one of the sackless crew young Aussie 😀 😎


  2. I am thinking of joining the ‘horde’ actually. The horde lurk on blogs like this and when someone speaks out and questions their blind hatred of the regime they quickly get jumped upon. The ‘horde’ like to think they are free thinkers but in fact they are like sheep, angry sheep in fact 🙂 🙂 so while defending other members of the ‘horde’ the use words like”can’t someone have an opinion, with out you shooting it down” which is funny because that is exactly what they are doing, shooting down an opinion. So dear bloggers, do not cross the ‘horde’ their numbers are many 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. I was under the impression that St James’ Park applauded the players after the whistle not booed them. We are not Blackburn, the fans stay behind their team.


  4. Dont think its a case of players being dis interested, more a case of both they and the fans wanted a bigger stronger squad to cope with extra rigours of the Europa Cup and now we are paying the price, the players are knackered and the fans are pissed off with the results.
    The manager is pleading for help from the fans to get through it and has openly said they got their transfer plans badly wrong, what bothers me more than anything is the patronizing way they keep demanding more from the fans than they are giving back.
    And Aussie Mag, I agree with most of what you say, but go and support another team if your not happy? Might be easy in your part of the world or if you are still at school but kind of hard if you are local and have supported the club for forty odd years.


  5. Tomorrow really is biggest game of the season. We dare not lose but a draw kinda just leaves us where we r. We must win and have faith we will. Qpr r **** but Arry has given them a boost. But i think wr will have too much for them and if we continue or improvement on how we were playing we could have an early xmas present!!!


  6. Going up for the game tomorrow, first trip up to St James’ this season.. Lose and it’s going to be a very a depressing Christmas!


  7. Andymag & Solano, have a great day out lads, soak in the atmosphere, I’m totally envious. There’s nowt like a pre Crimbo game at the toon, a few beers in Shearer’s before hand, then up to the match. Brilliant.

    Howay the lads, let’s hope the players can show what they are made of and we bring home the three points.


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