Fee agreed for Remy

Closing in on Remy
Closing in on Remy
Newcastle United have agreed a fee for Marseille attacker Loic Remy, according to club president Vincent Labrune.

The fee agreed is believed to be in the region of €10m-€10.5m (or £8.2m-£8.7m in good old pounds sterling) which by my reckoning would make Remy the third most expensive signing Mike Ashley has made at Newcastle following the purchase of Fabricio Coloccini and Papiss Cisse.

It is understood that Remy, who supposedly said goodbye to his soon-to-be former colleagues prior to Marseille’s game against Sochaux, will now travel to Newcastle to discuss personal terms and undergo a medical ahead of sealing a move potentially as early as the start of this week.

“We have reached an agreement in principle with Newcastle and we have given Loic permission to hold talks with them. We are now waiting on developments,” Labrune told AFP.

Meanwhile former Magpie midfielder Joey Barton, who now plies his trade at Stade Velodrome, took to Twitter to have his say on the matter. He basically said that a move to St James’ Park would be good for the player and wished him the best although if you want to read the actual words they are quoted below.

“Good luck to Loic in Newcastle. Don’t worry I’ve told him what to expect. Great guy. Perfect club for him. #toonarmy”

The “I’ve told him what to expect” part could be interesting given Barton’s well publicised falling out with the United hierachy… Of course I may be being a little sceptical there and Barton could just as easily be talking about our fanatical fanbase.

The 26-year-old would add some much required attacking versatility to the squad. Remy can play as a striker, winger or one of the wide attackers in a front three, which is how I see him being utilised with Hatem Ben Arfa on the other side firing in the chances for central striker Papiss Cisse to knock home. In an ideal world anyway. It was clear at Norwich on Saturday that we need some creativity…

It’s not a done deal yet, not by any stretch and a potential medical issue with the players heart may yet come into play, as could a failure to agree personal terms, but I don’t feel the latter will be too much of a problem. It’s not often agents don’t know what kind of deal is on the table before a player travels to complete the formalities. I doubt the heart problem will be a problem either but you never know…

hopefully we’ll have confirmation soon enough…

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591 thoughts on “Fee agreed for Remy

  1. I see the papers are having a great time. The latest is us signing Butland from cash strapped Brum for £4M and selling Krul to AC Milan for £10-£20M. Where they get these figures from I have no idea.


  2. DJG – If we could get Butland for £4m and sell Krul for £15m then I’d do it. Butland is a fantastic keeper and it might mean we can spend money where we need it with what we make.


  3. Aussie – don’t you see that it’s the fault of the regime? You could get Confucius, Shakespeare and Nick Beams/Mal Meninga/Banjo Paterson/Jack Smart (not sure who you think the most cogent/eloquent Australian so far is, delete where applicable or insert your own), and make then NUFC fans, but under Pardew’s management they’d still be reduced to poorly written wailing! 😯


  4. @Stuart79

    Krul saved us many times last season so to replace him with potential is very dangerous, considering the message it sends to the other senior player who probably already regard us as an unambitious, selling club.

    And to think we’ll be given the money to spend is a little too trusting of Ashley.


  5. Marnin’ all. I’ve woken up with a massive sense of relief at the Remy thing – and disbelief at the £20M quoted by Bloodhound ‘Arry. If that’s the going rate, then no, we shouldn’t be paying it. Relegation better than bankruptcy, thanks.

    When do these FFP rules kick in to stop this kind of bull****?


  6. Mark – I see another proud owner of the Sports Direct Euphemistic Dictionary! In order to understand what the brainwashed drones on this blog are talking about, I pirated a copy. Let’s see what “sugar-daddy” means…

    A fat, abusive man, who despite his riches refuses to spend anything on anyone other than himself.

    Ah, it all makes sense now! My views are clear at 501, though that won’t happen until the end of the transfer window. But today the Coloccini release discussion is taking place. I fully expect that once Coloccini is released from captivity, he will run amok, troublng the womenfolk and unexpectedly savaging Jonas’ ankles and leaving the poor lad without any of his once-vaunted pace. 😯

    Or perhaps that already happened?! 😯


  7. I’d be happy for a day that doesn’t qualify as utter ****e.

    Interesting follow-up quotes from Benny. They remove any doubt as to what he’s doing, and to be honest I’m a bit happier with them. He’s basically kicking the club up the arse… and why not? They need it, and he must be feeling frustrated as hell for all the same reasons we are – but 10 times worse.

    Whereas before he was just saying he’d like to leave, now it’s become “I’d like to leave if this shower don’t get their finger out and show some ambition”.


  8. Trouble is, ‘Arry has just reminded everyone of the bloody awful state of affairs, which is a choice between three things if you want a sniff at the top half of the prem:

    1. Get a rich bloke to whore you to the tune of hundreds of millions a year. Forget any respect for anything you subsequently win.

    2. Work within budget and, if you’re lucky, yoyo around the bottom half of the prem and the top half of the fizzy.

    3. Spend beyond your means and do a Rangers/Leeds/Portsmouth.

    Nice choice. Just as well mountain biking season’s about to start again; it’ll give me something to give a **** about.


  9. Wellington why should Mike Ashley spend his own money buying players for the club? Where have we gotten this self entitlemnt to his money? Surely Ashley can spend his money on whatever he choose’s to spend it on.


  10. Fifa should introduce a ruling that a newly signed player can not leave a club due to relegation. This will stop players and clubs making short term deals. If a club can not afford a player over the term of a contract then they shouldn’t sign the player. Also it all make the players think twice about signing on. I believe that QPR are buying their way out of trouble and will look to off load high earners in due time. There is no way a club should be able to sign a player for 4 months.. its a joke.


  11. lol Wellington. You mean you asked Father to send out Jeeves to find a pirated disc.

    I doubt you’d get your silky paws dorty 😆


  12. According to newsnow. Newcastle United look set to splash the cash after making enquiries into deals for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Jeremie Aliadiere, Siem de Jong, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Massadio Haidara.


  13. Aussie – why does that read like a New Zealand accent? 😕

    Johno – Sorry for the delay, I had to find a seed for the Sports Direct Dysphemistic Dictionary. Let’s see here… self-abuse, self-aggrandizing, self-deception, self-defeating, self-effacing…

    Popular, often democratically-expressed, demand. Typically associated with the wishes of the masses, either as workers, tax-payers, or consumers, and often reflecting the fact that they’ve already paid for what they’re demanding. Not to be applied to the whims of millionaires.

    Thatcher and Reagan are Ashley’s fault, too! 😯


  14. It’s all a ruse by the club with Colo.
    everyone expects to lose him so when we keep him they will count him as our new centre back.


  15. Unfortunately Troy, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has just got himself into a cup final and won’t move until summer, we’ve been told by his club to forget Jeremie Aliadiere, Siem de Jong will have bigger and better suitors if available, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa is expensive and Massadio Haidara isn’t what we need.

    Not sure where we go from here. I’d be tempted to slap reasonable bids in for Sissokho, Graham and a CB (net spend ~£10-15m) and call it a day, senior squad-wise.

    If the Regime want Aubameyang that badly, save the cash for the summer!


  16. “The Chronicle understands they have also had a bid accepted for Massadio Haidara of Nancy and there have been preliminary discussions over personal terms.

    “Bastia youngster Florian Thauvin is also wanted to bolster Newcastle’s paper-thin squad and the France under-20 man is said to be available for £1.5m.”

    This sounds more like us. Screw the problem positions!


  17. Aussie – “Rool” rather than “real” or the Australian “reel”. I was wondering if the NZ accent was an accepted Australasian short-hand for idiot, same way that Americans use some of the Southern accents.


  18. Troy well the Colo fiasco has made fans focus less on transfers, so t wouldn’t surprise me, as surely it would have been sorted in in less than a week but then thats gave them a bit of space and if he stays he’ll be like a new signing.


  19. he’ll be like a new signing 😆

    So true Dave. And there i was thinking we could avoid that till Benny and Staylor returned.


  20. Siem De Jong is now our target, Im actually more happy with this than getting Remy considering De Jong is amazing.


  21. Brian-Can’t see De Jong happening. He’s a great player and would be good to have him, would compliment Cisse as well, but no chance.


  22. Wellington, you certainly have a tendency to over think thing don’t you! I am guessing that you are a lecturer or teacher and you really don’t have a lot of friends 🙂 🙂 🙂


  23. Newkie but in this case he’ll be like a new one as it will give all our players a big lift to know that our Captain is staying and would show we have ambition as he’s an Argie international, that should carry us through till the weekend then we’ll have another new signing in the Geordie boy S Taylor.
    That will be like 2 new signings in a week


  24. Going back to Pardew’s quotes in December – we’re after one more player. If we lose one then that’ll be two. Got Debuchy, now need a striker to replace Ba and that’s it.
    So unless we can find Fitz Hall then it’s Taylor and Willo til the end of the season. Surely anybody would be better than Willo? Why don’t they pay Lescott £2m for 6 months. £2m to avoid relegation sounds fine to me.


  25. Aussie – it really is speculation season, isn’t it? Stuart claims I can hardly read, Mark thinks I can afford people to read for me, and now you’re guessing it’s my profession! 😆


  26. Aussie maybe he wants you for a friend 😆
    CC how do you know ? Or are you just trying to pre guess the Regime as that would give them another week


  27. Whumpie – You are not stupid, but your naivety leaves me wondering exactly what galaxy you are currently living in.


  28. Dave

    The local papers are reporting it mate.

    If true may rule out san lorenzo who said if they didnt get it done this week they would move on


  29. Why are we being strongly lined with Aladiere or however you spell it? Last I saw of him, he was an average Championship player who never made it in the PL.

    Talk of Mbiwa too, IF Colo goes.. I thought we needed a good CB in any case?

    Meh all speculation that will lead to another miserable window in any case.


  30. We haven’t had more than one decent transfer window since Ashley has arrived. So to expect anything other than disappointment this time round is naive I guess 😥


  31. Dont get all the hoo ha ober Aubemayang. Can someone explain how building a strike force reliant on players that will be off to the ACON every other season would be a good thing for us? We know we wont have class players sat on the bench to replace them and it would leave a massive hole in our team and form during the busiest part of the season. Lets keep our signings European at least.


  32. january 2012 was ok. 🙂

    however im fed up with this regime to the point of numbness- i just want them out

    😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

    Would love a gibbo type chairman at the club


  33. Allardyce accepts considerable settlement for defamation after Steve Kean told people he was sacked for being a crook. Lol

    I’m no Big Sam fan but fair play. Kean is such a muppet.


  34. Well, I heard it on good authority that we will have a new signing in before the Reading game. after extensive scouting we have managed to prize away Mavis Miggins the pie lady from S****horpe. Mavis is reknowned for the quality of her pies and Derick has stated that she will be a great addition to the team. She comes in at 25 stone so would be quite formidable in central defence. She will fill one side of the goal – relieving Tim Krul from half of his workload. Mavis is a great signing due to her great pies and her versatility. She has been known to sit on opposing players thus seriously slowing down their attack.

    Well definitely positive vibes coming from our MD. Great work there Dekka!! 😯 😯 😯


  35. Dave-and all those new signings without a penny being spent. No doubt dekka will smarm us all again in the summer if we’re lucky enough to not get relegated 🙄


  36. Been in work for 5 hours already Aussie you cheeky bogan, doing an honest days work. not that you’d know owt about that 😀

    Haven’t read much on here lately, are you still flying the happy flag for us?


  37. Ha ha blogging at work ya slacker…. been a bit pissed off with some of our on field efforts to be honest mate. But Big Dave has been trying to cheer me up 🙂 He can be a bit grumpy a times but he is a nice bloke deep, deep, deep , down 🙂 🙂 🙂


  38. Nowt to write about at the moment is there. Awful. Gone off transfer gossip for some reason. Maybe it’s because it’s like going to Toys R Us. All those toys and you know you won’t get all of them 😆


  39. Young Hadeira now saying he prefera a move to England. Which is it lad, Italy or England? Make your bloody mind up! 😆


  40. So Dirty Harry’s money has talked again, but I cant help thinking this is a car crash signing.
    1) remy wants the most money he can get.
    2) has a release clause if they get relegated, A free transfer ??
    3) If QPR get relegated Remy can move for a huge signing on fee
    4) Remy has not played much in France

    so whats the odds on Remy looking at this as a 4 month get fit stint, gamble that QPR get relegated and sets himself up for a decent club/decent wages in the summer after a free transfer.

    last thing he wants is to be stuck with QPR for a 2,3 or 4 year contract, not the best motivation for him to run his ba&^%$& off in keeping them up

    After QPR have paid him £70,000 a week too, thats £1m for 4 months on top of the £9m to buy him… thats a £10m loss if they go down…

    like I say, car crash waiting to happen, if they go down and Fernandes walks away, QPR will be in a worse state that Portsmouth,

    on the plus side Harry’s Rosie will see her bank account topped up again.


  41. Aussie-During my lunch break actually mate! Need to work hard for now, til I find out whether I’m actually keeping my job or not 😆

    Yeah Dave is a good lad. I just hope we don’t get relegated-for his sake-otherwise he might be taking his commando skills to practice on Mr Ashley 😉

    Toonsy-Aye, started off well with Debbie, now it’s just painful 😥


  42. Kev-I didn’t really care much for QPR before, I thought they had some scummy/dirty players like Sean Derry but wasn’t too fussed about them.

    Now I hope they head for oblivion, after moping about the wrong signings and funding ridiculous wages they go out and pay even more. F*ck em, we’ve got enough landan clubs as it is.


  43. Thought I’d pop on see if we are anywhere nearer resolveing the Colo thing ,is it defo delayed till next week then ? 😕

    Still not signed a CB then I take it 🙄 👿


  44. Newkie ,I agree@584 but I reckon momentum is with them as they seem to be picking up points and beat West Brom in the cup last night and kept a clean sheet too 🙄 With the new lads they sign and Arry’s luck they just might pull off a miracle yet.


  45. Me journo pal reckons we will sign two players in next 5 days. Two defenders which would be nice. No indication of who.

    To be honest I would be happy with that for now. We aint going to get a striker in five mins.

    If it was to be a CB, and LB who are good enough to start we would start to look like we had a lot of defensive options (providing colo stays)

    Debuchy, Colo, New CB, Santon
    (Simmo, Willo, Saylor, New LB)

    Add perch, good, tavernier, fergie, anita possibly and we have much more depth.

    We need a striker just to stand still, so one other attacking mid / winger would be useful…..

    Dammit I just woke up 👿


  46. Kim-Arry has been lucky enough in the past, he’s due some terrible luck, just like we’re due some good luck as we’ve had none in the last 15 years by my reckoning :mrgreen:


  47. Toon play QPR on the penultimate game of the season ,how I now hope we give them a hiding. :mrgreen: Would be a great bit of karma that.


  48. Tell you what, it does just kind of show how stupid QPR are being though. Remy was wanted by Spurts when Redknapp was there yeah but Levy keeps things quite tight and has a wage cap in place and won’t go OTT on transfers so Remy wasn’t signed. He cost too much.

    At QPR, with no recent European football, no recent Champions League dosh like Spurs and half the gate of Tottenham, have afforded him. I use afford loosely 😆


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