Colo decision expected today

Colo future still clouded in doubt
Colo future still clouded in doubt
Fabricio Coloccini’s could be sorted out one way or another today if you listen to reports in the press and the mutterings of his Father.

A meeting was believed to have been held yesterday with lawyers representing both parties present, but it would appear that the meeting ended with no resolution and further talks are scheduled for today.

Colo, apparently anyway, wants to return to Argentina to play for San Lorenzo, a team he supposedly supports and a club which his Father works currently. San Lorenzo also want to sign the player, but the issue is that Colo is under contract with us having signed a new deal last year, and San Lorenzo can’t afford to pay market value for him and basically want Newcastle to let him go for free.

All this has been muddied by rumours of personal problems which remain just that for now with, and rightly so, no confirmation on the rumours from either party. However, the words of Colo’s Father make me wonder what would happen if we just turned round and said no?

“There was an inconclusive meeting today,” Coloccini Snr told Rock and Closs on Monday. “Tomorrow (Tuesday) there will be a decision. We both desire the transfer.

“Fabricio is very anxious. He wants a decision to be made one way or another. I believe this is the moment to move. Newcastle have asked him to wait until May. The issue is if San Lorenzo will wait until that date.”

“It would be beautiful if both of us were at San Lorenzo, the club we love. Fabricio is eager to return but he wants to do so in an elegant way.”

The “he wants a decision made one way or another” part doesn’t exactly paint a picture of someone who is dead set on a move does it? Get him to stay until the summer and reassess the situation then! Also I dare say the part about Colo wanting to renege on his contract in an “elegant way” is lost a bit in translation. I’d guess amicable would have been a better word to use.

I don’t know what is going to happen with this one to be honest. I’m of the opinion that if he wants away then we must get a transfer fee for him as, whatever you think of the board, the manager, the club, right now, we aren’t a charity.

On the other hand, if his heart is set on San Lorenzo, as it is according to his Dad, then do we keep an unhappy player?

I guess we’ll see what happens soon enough.

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358 thoughts on “Colo decision expected today

  1. Like Mathieu Debuchy, Yanga-Mbiwa is available for Europa League ties. However, only one of them can play, not both: 😯
    Are we bothered about Europa anymore ❓


  2. Dave
    I’d play Call of Duty if I had online, just play FIFA career instead. If he ever needs a decent player, give me a shout πŸ˜‰ .


  3. Andy we got him the fifa yonks ago but he never bothered with it until a couple of days ago, but he doesn’t play the normal one always the ultimate team ? but im lost as I know nowt about it, I had to get the Son inlaw to come down lastnight to show him how to bid or buy players, so he has spend most of tonight looking up the price of players and shouting up to me every 2 mins to guess how much so and so is 😯

    BB I hope we still take the Europa serious as we never know when we’ll get the chance again. Yeah I know the prem is the most important but πŸ˜‰


  4. Can’t believe we bagged M’Biwa. This is like a dream signing for me. Never thought it would happen.


  5. Dave
    Don’t understand that Ultimate team thing, it’s what most people who have FIFA play though, as I said before cant connect my Xbox to the Internet to play it.


  6. Halle-****ing-lu-jah, a few signings look to be materializing.

    It’s long overdue and not enough yet, by my estimation, but it’s progress.

    Question: I’ve ranted and gnashed my teeth about the regime, but people and organizations can and do learn.

    Has our Jabba & Co. learned here and will they continue to implement their new understanding, or is this a one-off, crisis provoked freak-out.


  7. If we push on here and maintain our premier league staus it should give him food for thought,you dont invest in this business you perish,the gains are immense financially and we all know how he likes cash.This football club has the potential to be a top 6 club year in year out but you have to speculate to accumulate FSOTC


  8. I watched loads of M’Biwa last season when Giroud and Belhanda were also in the side.

    I suggest we go for him early in the summer, but then he started getting linked to the likes of AC Milan etc, so I gave up on him.

    He is a very similar player to Vertonghen. Comfortable across the entire defensive area (including DM).

    Wonderful player


  9. has Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa got children / wife. it sad that he’s all alone. Hope he settles well, he’s some player πŸ˜€


  10. I hope once these deals are finalised we can get Danny Graham in as well as the iceing on the cake , with him in we will have a strong squad doubled up in just about every position so long as Colo stays . If Sissoko is brought in we could even sell Tiote .


  11. Id take Danny Graham to be honest with ya,as for Tiote he is a good player put cant tackle these days,he is all over the shop and we cant afford a def mid plyer to be constantly getting booked and getting banned for important games due to piss poor timing…other than that he is a great player pmsl


  12. I think Mbiwa is married. Someone tweeted a pic of him kissing his daughter goodbye and in the interview he said he’d spend some time getting settled and then his family would come join him to spend some time or something like that.


  13. Cant argue with that,lets hope the team and the fans make him welcome and he settles quickly,I know how hard it is to leqave your family for long periods,you say it gets easier but inwardly you know its not true.Sometimes its just a part of life and your career path that you have to live with


  14. Well it’s looking like it could turn out to be a good window,if they all come off . Credit to Jabba for getting his arse in gear ,better late than never eh. πŸ˜‰


  15. Dave – re the comments from the Montpellier bloke – agree sour grapes big style. As for Deschamp, to be fair I’d probs agree. If one of those teams were in for him then he’d probs go – but they didn’t – so how about he just wish the kid ****ing luck at his new club FFS!!

    ————- Krul ————–
    Deb – Colo – MYM – Santon
    ——– Cab —- Anita ——–
    Gouffran – Benny – Marv
    ————- Cisse ————-

    Who’d a thought that a week ago 😯


  16. Really think Collo will go now,not sure what its all about but he has been pretty dire all season,to be fair very few have lit up the place but he is supposed to lead,and im afraid ive seen very little of that this season.First rule of being a captain is to be vocal and I never see that out of him,the odd pointed finger is all you get most matches and for me thats not what we need,I the the John Terry style of Captain is what I like,minus the Racisim of course but ya get my drift,a leader of men


  17. Fair play to the board and if we get 2 more that would be amazing. If colo stays even more so. If not we have still got more bodies in than I thought we would! 😯

    Still not happy with Pardew and his abysmal tactics this season but lets wait until these deals are over the line as a change of manager at this stage of signings would be disastrous.

    Don’t think any fan can say that if we play like we did in the second half on Saturday against Villa and if they beat us…he just has to go. Still not convinced he shouldn’t have already. I haven’t seen us play such poor football so many times in a season. It’s not even been bad luck we just look inept..

    …but aye well done to The Regime for the transfer activity, never knew they had it in them…


  18. I think Mbiwa will be one of the best defenders in the PL but I also believe he may take a bit of time to settle. France is not as fast as the PL and not as aggressive so he will need to adapt quickly, especially given our league position.

    Good signing, but hope we get Sissoko this month and not July as I believe he will be great.

    Still concerned about the striker situation as Gouffran doesn’t strike me as the replacement for Ba which we need.



    I’m not trying to be funny, but if you just look at the stance/physique of the three of them, they don’t look like slouches do they. I can’t think of many of our players that look in as good muscular condition as that. Of course they will probably lose condition and get most of their ability coached out of them when they get to Newcastle. ‘Hoof it’ πŸ˜›


  20. craig chisholm
    January 22, 2013 at 16:52

    “most french speak very good english.”

    Depends. In the regional parts not a chance. You might be able to meet someone halfway but certainly not fluently. In Paris or other touristy places they’ll make more of an effort because they want your money πŸ˜†


  21. Toonsy – My experience is totally the opposite! The Parisian’s are complete arrogant ******s who just will not speak a word of English even though they can. On the other hand the people in the country try their best to communicate in English even if not too good.


  22. Mbiwa sounds like he could be better than Collo tbh. I know people like to think Collo is the best, and he is a Rolls Royce of a CB don’t get me wrong, but I think he has always lacked the turn of pace required in the Premier League. Not this guy, and he ‘has the ability to bring it out of defence and push forward with the look of a defensive midfielder – almost Patrick Vieira-esque’ 😯


  23. TOONSY
    Not as many French speak English as for example Germans and Spanish people learn English. The reason for this is partly down to those countries excepting that English became the language of the western world, ie. Hollywood movies and the most spoken in every country. France still harbour an optimistic idea that French should be the spoken language of Europe that everybody could speak but they kind of lost out to us because of american popular culture etc.


  24. au contraire, Stu. I recently spent a week in Paris and found just about everywhere I went people spoke English, sometimes quite well, especially younger people, that is to say anybody under 30.

    The last time I spent any time in Paris was about 30 years ago, and then hardly anybody spoke English – or maybe they did but were probably as embarrassed at their English as I was at my French.


  25. Sharpy @ 325 And who would have thought 10 years ago that we could put together a team with no Brits in it?


  26. Mbiwa and Sissoko – club couldnt have done any better. Excellent business. Hopefully we can bring in Sissoko this month

    Haidara – we needed another LB. Despite his athletic and technical gifts, Santon is a very suspect defender. As much of a liability as Willo

    Gouffran – as a replacement for Ba? Underwhelmed.

    can’t see us signing anyone else (except maybe Butland)


  27. Happy with the capture of a new centre back, but this doesn’t hide the fact that we are constantly doing replacement rather than addition of new player.

    Feel like writing an article regarding about this. 😳 πŸ˜†


  28. Thanks for that link M @ 339. Well worth a listen, sounds like we have done exceptionally well with these signings. I really do think alot of these were already planned for January at the start of the season, just nobody expected this season to go so pear-shaped between kick off to now. But all history now we’ve jus gotta start winning and not losing. Howay the lads.


  29. Hope our new French signings help apparently Ashley has decided we now need a French manager, this morning he confirmed the arrival of Alain Pardieu to take over team selection πŸ˜†


  30. The big problem is up front, if we cannot score goals we aint gonna win games. Cisse needs to get himself together pdq to help get us out of this mess. We have nothing in the final third, even HBA is still a long way off returning. Worrying time still at the toon. Players in doesn’t mean points in the bag. I’m far from relaxed about the run-in. New players do lift the spirits though, surely we can push on from here, but with Pardew driving the Ferrari who knows.. 😳 Have we ever had a more talented bunch of players at the club performing so badly ? πŸ‘Ώ

    Remember early in the season, we played an absolutely gash Villa at home and struggled. Cannot see anything pretty happening at the weekend, hopefully they are completely shot after defeat to the mighty Bradford πŸ™‚ Bradford in the Europa League, who would have believed that ? Maybe Curtis Good decides to stay at Bradford 😳


  31. MM
    Cisse will come good. He’s scored one goal in three since Cisse left, people are expecting instant hattricks from the lad. It is going to take a little time to get confidence. Blame Pardew for that.
    He actually played well against Reading, Ba would have done no better. Their keeper made some brilliant saves.

    I think Gouffran may take time to settle but he is more talented that most give him credit for. His record is very decent indeed. So he will definately help.


  32. look, either stump up the right amount of cash, so we can replace him or fu** off πŸ™„ 😈

    Fabricio is very anxious, he wants a resolution,” he explained.

    “I think that it’s the moment for him to return to San Lorenzo. We want him to come back.

    “In the last few hours, Newcastle have bought a defender but that means nothing because they were looking for an option in that position anyway.

    “At Newcastle they are telling him to wait until May but the thing is that I don’t know if San Lorenzo are going to be able to wait until then.

    San Lorenzo manager Bernardo Romeo added: “We need a central defender. We are waiting.

    “Let’s have faith in that the transfer will be done, otherwise we will have to go out and look for another central defender.”


  33. M
    When we signed Ba as a replacement for Carroll, people were also underwhelmed. If he came at a 10 million pound price tag, people would probably be happy.

    The fact that he can play out wide is a huge factor. He will be a huge improvement on Ameobi.


  34. Mark,
    I seriously cannot believe this w@nker that is Colo’s father.

    “At Newcastle they are telling him to wait until May but the thing is that I don’t know if San Lorenzo are going to be able to wait until then.”

    So then make a serious offer or #%# off… I can’t believe we are even having meetings with these idiots. It doesn’t even seem to be a concern about personal problems for Colo, its all about San Lorenzo getting a 10million pound defender for free.



    I remember back in the 80’s Newcastle was a second rate club and held prestige in the world of football.
    We then entered the 90’s and 00’s and we reached a peak of trendiness.
    I’m afraid, having listened to the French this week, we are back to being a second rate club.
    Ashley has no ambition and will not use the huge potential this club has.
    Push us in the right direction and grab the thousands of fans who are apathetic but would be passionate, by investing and build a great team.
    We could get 65k+ each game if we were successful. (With an extension on the ground πŸ˜‰ )


  36. Mark@344, It’s incredible isn’t it ,how they are constantly pushing for him to comme to them. How in the world do they expect to get a top flight defender for nowt !. To expect us to write off £££££ in transfer fee is a joke,not once have they mentioned his wife being ill or him having personal problems it’s all about joining San Lorenzo by deadline .Truth is if he needs to return so badly he can join any team in Argentina ,maybe one who can pay his fee then everyones happy ,well apart from us fans cause we’ve lost our captain. You just know if we let them have him they’d sell him on for a fat profit later ,this smacks of his dodgy dad up to no good again, pillock.


  37. @JJ

    Same here m8, I’d just end all meetings until they have serious cash.

    I’m quite looking forward to seeing Colo & Mbiwa 2gether, just as much as seeing Willo not lining up πŸ˜†


  38. Troy I agree@347 ,We have a long way to go to ever reach the dizzying heights of KK days in the 90’s .Even now they are trying to get as many players in for as little as possible .Though it’s canny shopping ,it’s late and born out of fear by Ashley and it’s like being late for the sales and grabbing all you can, some garments are gems others you might or might not wear in the future πŸ™„ .I would like to think we have the talent now to push on and get some badly needed points on the board but we are only really standing still as all these players were already needed. Ba is still not replaced ,Gouffran is not the goal scorer Ba was ,but possibly more usefull in terms of team formation. Don’t forget Best has not been replaced either and if Colo goes then we are back to square one regarding CB situation. I’m pleased with the activity but more is still required because we failed to act /replace players in the summer. πŸ™„


  39. So including Debuchy the Toon have spent Β£17 million this January and recouped Β£4 million for Ba ( after Ba’s and his agents cut). Bringing in International players at a fraction of their true value. We could have done with one or two last summer but would never have got some of these players at the prices we paid. I am sure some of this is because of our current situation but I expect the homework was done a long time ago and we have moved quickly. Hopefully it will be enough to keep us up.

    @LukeEdwardsTele: Newcastle United strengthen their French connection as trio arrive for Β£11.5m via @Telegraph #nufc


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