Two in two days as Gouffran signs for Newcastle

Gouffran holds up his new shirt
Gouffran holds up his new shirt
Newcastle secured their second signing in as many days last night after it was confirmed that Yoan Gouffran has signed a four-and-a-half year deal at St James’ Park.

The 26-year-old joins from former Europa League group opponents Girondins Bordeaux for an undisclosed fee believe to be somewhere around the Β£1.2 million mark.

Gouffran only had six months remaining on his deal at Bordeaux hence the reduced price as they sought to recoup at least some money for a player, who can play either as a striker or as a wide forward in a front three and possesses pace and the ability to use either foot, that could walk away from the club for free in the summer.

Gouffran started off his career at Caen where he made 115 appearances scoring 33 goals along the way and helped his side gain promotion to Ligue 1 where he courted interest from Arsenal. Rather than joining Arsenal though, Gouffran, a French U21 international at the time, decided to stay in France and opted to join Bordeaux in 2008 for a fee of €6.5 million. He made 140 appearances for Bordeaux scoring 31 goals before joining United yesterday.

As you can see he’s not really a prolific striker and scores a goal roughly every four games (well 3.9 games actually), but that doesn’t take into account the amount of times he plays out wide in games where it’s only natural he will get less chances to score. If you wish to know an interesting fact about Gouffran he is actually allergic to grass according to his Wikipedia page.

Speaking to the official club website after securing his move to United, Gouffran had this to say following his arrival:

“I am really proud to have joined this fantastic Club. Throughout the last few years I have enjoyed every moment of my time at Bordeaux but all good things must come to an end and it was time for a new challenge.”

“And the challenge of playing for one of the most famous teams in England, with all of its history and its famous support, is very exciting,” he added.

Meanwhile Alan Pardew added to the whole bog-standard new signing spiel by saying:

“Yoan comes to the Club with a great pedigree and, like the other signings we have made this month, is a player who will add considerable strength to our squad.”

“I liked the look of him when we played Bordeaux at St. James’ Park earlier this season; pacy, direct and intelligent and those are qualities I like in a footballer.”

“I am sure he will quickly adapt to the rigours and intensity of the Premier League and play an important role for us for the remainder of the season.”

So there we go. Two in two days. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a bit of willingness. And with Massidio Haidara expected to sign today after ironing out a few details of his deal, and Moussa Sissoko rumoured to be signing a pre-contract agreement at the very least, not forgetting the already signed Mathieu Debchy and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, dare I say that we might actually end up having a good transfer window when we needed it most?

Fingers crossed eh?

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230 thoughts on “Two in two days as Gouffran signs for Newcastle

  1. GFNFrance ‏@GFN_France

    DONE DEAL: #Toulouse confirm the departure of Moussa #Sissoko to #Newcastle. Details to come. #market


  2. Done deal according to their official site
    Toulouse FC Officiel [!]8207;@ToulouseFC

    OFFICIEL – Moussa #Sissoko quitte son club formateur, le #ToulouseFC, pour rejoindre Newcastle!


  3. Kim – I’m not sure if its one of his little pals at nursery or something, and when whenever we ask where he got the name Oscar from he seems to remember he has a puppy and goes to pester the life out of it again πŸ˜† . The dog keeps wishing we would ask now I think :lol:, good little friendship blossoming there tho.

    Re Remy, besides the brown envelope filled with cash, I do think he went to QPR on the understanding at the M’Vila deal was as good as done and he’d follow on shortly after.
    I don’t hold grudges but I don’t like when people try to make our club the laughing stock, so a huge well done to our board for reversing that. They get Haidara, Sissoko and a CF in this window and they’ll have almost made emmense for not spending in the summer


  4. In regards to Moussa Sissoko-

    I CAN read French. According to all the French press, this deal is done and he’s our player now for 2.5 mil d’euros πŸ˜‰


  5. Debuchy, Mbiwa, Gouffran, Sissoko, Haidara (probably)…

    …Thauvin? Dunno how much truth there is in the rumours that we’re planning another bid. Nor do I know anything about him. Would be nice to have the option to bring him on as a sub though – part of the problem versus Reading was that we could only bring on DMs or Sammy. Hopefully he’d be useful competition to Sammy, also might give Jonas something to think about.


  6. P.S. I think the best spell Jonas has had in our side was when we brought in Benny and they were competing for a LW spot.

    Hopefully the arrival of Gouffran, Thauvin (?) and a player that could allow Santon to play LW (Haidara) might give him the kick he needs.

    Plus it can’t hurt the players to have better opposition in training.


  7. On that topic, anyone reckon that’s why our players aren’t really coming on in training?

    It’s not like Pards can play his first choice XI against a decent reserve squad, maybe now he’ll have the depth to mix it up!


  8. Mark Douglas ‏@MsiDouglas

    Walked past Haidara walking out of reception,so it’s safe to say that one is close too. Would think one more on top of that (Thauvin). #nufc


  9. Shapy-No worries mate, and agree. Really rate Alderweireld at Ajax as well, solid defender with 5 goals last season! Bring im in πŸ˜‰


  10. B&B – hugely excited about the arrival of Sissoko. He’s not just ‘another’ midfielder, the kid is top draw and will walk into our starting 11 IMO.
    But if you read ALL of my posts, I think we still need a centre forward. That doesn’t mean to say I shouldn’t be pleased with what the board have brought in thus far though, and there’s still a week of the window left.


  11. @Andy: Nah, he’s already said that’s basically gone through. Think he means 1 more after the names that have already been mentioned (Debuchy, Sissoko, Mbiwa, Gouffran, Haidara).


  12. Newkie – yeah me too, but he’s in the Dutch league which is why I left him off my list πŸ˜‰
    I think see what happens long term with Colo and young Toby may be a option for his replacement.

    LST – whilst I’d put nowt passed Arry, Sissoko seems hell bent on joining us – which is great to see.

    3HW – is that what Man U are paying for Zaha?!
    When you show that kind of comparison, it certainly suggests the board right with there bargain buy policy doesn’t it


  13. Sharpy-Fair enough mate, I don’t watch much of the belgian league, just jump on the bandwagon of them having good players after I notice their belgian. That young keeper Courtois that Chelsea loan to Athletico Madrid looks tidy as well altho it is the Spanish league…Much rather have him than Butland if we did sell Krul, but can’t see us selling Krul and Chelsea wouldn’t sell him anyway…fingers crossed eh.


  14. Aye Sharpy that was what SSN reported the fee was.

    @davidmcrossan: #Sissoko right back to best this season after a bit of a career lull. Running power, energy, dynamism, potential goal threat #nufc


  15. Sharpy – The true test of this window will be how, if it all, we replace Ba. If we now get a top quality replacement, we’ve got to consider it a first rate job. If we don’t, like the summer, it hasn’t been properly targeted, and may prove our downfall.

    Forgive me for being cynical. I still remember the optimism when we signed Andy Thorn, Dave Beasant, John Robertson, and John Hendry. (was Glynn Hodges also there?) We sold Neil McDonald to Everton and got thumped 4 – 0 by them at Goodison on the first day of the season. I was there and still have the mental scars.


  16. Mark Douglas ‏@MsiDouglas
    Walked past Haidara walking out of reception,so it’s safe to say that one is close too. Would think one more on top of that (Thauvin). #nufc
    FWIW, the Chronicle has been linking us with Flarian Thauvin for a few days now…


  17. Newkie – I’ve heard rumours that we are looking to buy Butland and loan him back to Birmingham for the rest of the season – don’t know how true that is like. Aye that Belgium keeper looks decent, as does the kid at Sunderland to be fair.
    I have a feeling well keep Krul and Butland will finally provide proper competition for Krul.
    Further potential bargain buys for the summer would be Pieters and Douglas on a free and Carroll for around Β£10-12m – nee tweets yet but you heard it heard first mate πŸ˜‰

    3HW – cant believe Zaha is costing Β£17m from what I’ve seen of the kid. I thought Β£10m was steep to be honest 😯


  18. The Sissoko signing is a huge one. It sounds like a done deal. He is even giving up a signing bonus to come to us now. Huge improvement in our chances over the last week. It had to be done to save our season and Ashley finally relented. This should keep us up if Pardew can handle the task. If not we should be able to attract a good new manager. πŸ™‚


  19. We should enter a relegation battle every season if it gets Ashleys wallet out.. πŸ™„

    Sissoko will be an excellent addition. Can’t believe we’ve bought all of these players. Best thing about it, they all want to be here and appear hungry to be a success with the toon..

    Is the reality train neggers happy or is it still a **** regime πŸ˜†

    Lucky I didnt buy my ticket. πŸ˜‰


  20. Mark – According to the reality train, we couldn’t get a better manager in the world than Pardew whilst Ashley is here. I can’t remember what reason they were giving for that? πŸ˜•


  21. B&B – I’m not sure we will replace Ba with one player. It would cost about Β£15-20m to buy a like for like player. However if we buy creative players who can also score goals then that should replace his goals and hopefully with more creativity Cisse may start finding the net.
    I don’t really see RVW coming off, Sunderland seem to be working harder to land Graham, nowts happened or been said about Bent and the only name that keeps cropping up is this Thauvin kids – but he’s only 19.
    Like I say, I see a deal for a ‘purple’ striker in the summer – probably someone like Carroll or maybe RVW then, when we’ve got the extra money to spend.


  22. Sharpy-Aye could be. I just don’t really see the point in buying Butland. We have one young keeper who can play for another 20 years if he wants, obviously unless he has a career ending injury. You don’t make much profit on keepers as it is-particularly if they aren’t playing regularly-and you can still get top notch, older ones on the cheap. Pointless signing buckland imo, even if we do need someone to fill the void for when harps retires/goes (which can’t be far off)


  23. Mark remember it was the reality crew that have been saying from the summer that we needed to strengthen and that failure to do so could be a dangerousfor the club, this was.round the sametime that lots of the dreamers were saying it was a good window because we held on to our best players, but they would have liked a CB .
    So thankfully the regime listened at last better late than never.


  24. Big Dave,

    Very true. If pards can’t keep us up with this squad, then he needs to take a long walk off a short pier lol



    Day 24 in the Big Brother house.

    18;30 hrs and B&B has picked his teddy bear called Barnaby, off the floor. πŸ˜›

    Today’s task though is for little brother Troy to hide Barnaby without B&B noticing and see if he can do it without B&B going into a flown blown hissy fit. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    If he fails, none of the house mates get their evening treat. 😯

    18:35 hrs and little brother Troy hides Barnaby . in the fridge πŸ˜†

    18:37 hrs and B&B goes to make some coffee and opens the fridge causing Barnaby to fall on the milk bottle and spilling a bit on Barnabys fur. 😯

    18:39hrs and B&B storms into the diary room.

    Big brother; ARE YOU OK B&B?


    Meanwhile outside the diary room, little brother Troy listens through the diary room door, p1551ng himself laughing. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  26. @GFN_France: Are #Newcastle fans pleased with your French raid? #Ligue1 has just lost a lot of talent for very cheap. Worrying times for French football.

    I’d say a big fat yes like πŸ˜€



    The reality train doesn’t believe we could attract a decent manager. B&B believes we would have a queue willing to walk over hot coals to manage us.

    Still yet to hear a single nomination from him. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› 😳


  28. BD – My recollection is that you wanted us to strengthen to show the french lads like Cabaye and Benny that we had ambition; you pointed to the club’s lack of ambition as pissing certain players off.

    As far as I recall, you didn’t think that the squad would freefall towards relegation because we didn’t get the quality CB. I don’t think anyone thought that.

    The Ashley brigade just asked for patience because they thought he would come good when the time was right to strike. I still can’t remember why the reality train states we couldn’t get a better manager than Pardew whilst Ashley is here?


  29. Newkie – I know what your saying, but for Β£3-4m I’d defo take him. What if AC Milan came in for Krul and we found ourselves in a position where Krul wants to leave, hands in a transfer and that carry on. Can’t say ‘I don’t see that ever happening’ coz I’d have said the same thing about Colo. Butland would provide quality cover, and if a club wanted either for Β£10m plus, then money has been made on either.
    To be honest tho, if Reina does leave Lpool, which sounds likely from all the talk, I think Butland may well end up there.
    I’d take Redmond from Bham if they’re that skint though.


  30. Newkie – I know what your saying, but for Β£3-4m I’d defo take him. What if AC Milan came in for Krul and we found ourselves in a position where Krul wants to leave, hands in a transfer and that carry on. Can’t say ‘I don’t see that ever happening’ coz I’d have said the same thing about Colo. Butland would provide quality cover, and if a club wanted either for Β£10m plus, then money has been made on either.
    To be honest tho, if Reina does leave Lpool, which sounds likely from all the talk, I think Butland may well end up there.
    I’d take Redmond from Bham if they’re that skint though. πŸ˜‰


  31. Sharpy-Aye, if he’s on the cheap I guess I’d have him, not coming out of my wallet anyway-just think we could use it elsewhere if the money is avaliable. True about Krul maybe wanting to leave though, I thought Colo was nice and settled, proves that nobody is. Still, as long as Krul never gets married/has a child, we should be fine? He can stay a debaucherous dutch ******* and nail all the lasses on tyneside so long as he stays loyal to the club πŸ˜‰


  32. It would be nice if Haidara is good to go because I’m not sure Santon is a left back. I think Pardew has a problem to find Santon’s best position.


  33. I’m not a member of the reality train, however I was well pissed off we didn’t capitalise on our position and said we needed a CB/winger if we were going to keep Ba and stick with 4-3-3.

    Let’s face it, nobody predicted our current predicament and anyone who says they did is lying through their teeth…


  34. Newkie – Things might be looking up for Crammy juniors in few years if a few more follow Colo’s lead (allegedly).




    I don’t believe anyone predicted our current position. Just like they never predicted last seasons finishing position.


  36. Newkie – I could see the point that we needed to strengthen but every club says that. I just thought patience was called for. We seem to take two steps forward and one step back. The summer was a step back. Whilst I thought we wouldn’t do as well this year, I certainly didn’t expect us to free fall. We had a top half squad IMO.

    The reality train are a little slow answering my query as to why they think we couldn’t get a better manager in the whole world than Pardew whilst Ashley is here. I asked it yesterday, and haven’t noticed a response. Of course, there might be one already posted as I type.


  37. B+B @ 200 πŸ˜†

    Maybe that is Ashley’s plan for the future of the development squad, the selective breeding of footballers…Still I hope the women are of a higher intellectual capacity than the usual wags…Simmo and Tulisa’s child wouldn’t get into the Bradford academy…



  38. I see Heidara gets the no 19. Is he Ba’s replacement? 😯 😯 😯
    Things are looking up, hopefully our Fantasy French Football team can gel together and get us a run of wins.


  39. B+B-I agree with you there, I was mainly pissed off because in my opinion Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs were all transitioning. City Manure and Chelski obviously had the top sewn up but I thought we could get in amongst them and hey, if we put enough pressure on one of them they may have buckled. Instead they all strengthened, even with each losing some good players (Liverpool and Carroll aside πŸ˜‰ )

    Even if we hadn’t closed the gap much-I could have accepted that, if we’d actually taken the chance and failed. We didn’t take the chance but I still expected us to finish top 10 with that squad.


  40. Newkie
    Chelsea beat us to it, that’ve got Brooklyn Beckham on trial. The football team not the magistrate court though it’d work either way πŸ˜†


  41. Newkie – It’s footballers we need not University challenge contestants.

    I watched Crammy Juniors under 14s beat Bradford City’s academy in Sheffield a few months ago.


  42. Newkie – I’m not suggesting that I predicted our current position, as never thought we’d struggle this badly. But I did say that without 5-6 in in the summer we’d struggle with extra demands of Europa and loosing the likes of Guthrie and Best.
    As I posted earlier, I just wonder if the board foreseen us being able to pick these French lads up for so little in the winter window and took a calculated risk to wait. I know most write Ashley off as a stupid fat ****ney, but you don’t become a Billionaire without having a bit of nouce about ya.
    I’ve never took a ride on the reality train before but I have to admit being stood on the platform after the Reading game like.


  43. B&B

    We will not get a better ,or worse manager than Pardew whilst Ashley is here.
    Despite his team selection and tactics Pardew is still the manager. So do you think Ashley will ever sack Pardew ???


  44. Newkie – I just think with limited funds, it seems you can often do more by biding your time. I kept saying last summer that Rome was built in a day. We might have to wait another 12 months to get a top quality striker, but I worry that it could backfire big time. Provided we survive in this league, and beat Sunderland, I really don’t mind. We’re heading in the right direction, but its proving a bigger gamble than I thought, especially with Pardew not pulling his weight.


  45. Andy πŸ˜†

    B+B-Don’t underestimate intelligence on the football pitch. We all know how much reading all those books helped David James become a dominant figure in what was England’s golden generation, seeing off some stiff competition along the way…

    Sharpy-Nah I agree with you there, they were basically my feelings. Particularly at losing Best, honestly I don’t think Guthrie gave us *that* much, certainly considering Anita now I’d much rather have him, Bigi looks to have more potential and in the summer/last season even Jonas was ahead of him, certainly in a 4-3-3 DM role.


  46. Sidekick – The reality train’s point is that no top manager would come to Newcastle whilst Ashley is there, but they would if he wasn’t. Why would that be the case? You seem to be making a different point that Ashley will not sack Pardew. Equally, I don’t see the firm reasoning for that?


  47. @GFN_France: BREAKING: #Bastia’s president announces that he HAS received a 3 million euros offer from #Newcastle for #Thauvin that he is considering

    When will it end πŸ™‚


  48. Newkie – do you reckon Jonas and Tiote have a future at the toon now we have Sissoko (nearly) Cabaye and Anita?
    I reckon Jonas may be a bench player but Tiote wouldn’t want that. Will be interesting to see if Perchino sees his future with the toon as well.


  49. B+B-Yeah, know what you mean to an extent. Some of the fannying around just seemed pointless to me thoughh, even then-but it looks a bit silly now, with hindsight. I mean Debuchy with this really, although to be fair obviously we don’t know if Lille were ****ing us around or not, I expect it was a bit of both. I didn’t think we even needed a RB that urgently altho obviously if we knew simmo wanted away it was. Just seemed like that went on for ages when presumably, that deal at least, could have been wrapped up there and then.

    Then again, signing him may have made very little impact on us as it was. People say it affected Cabaye’s morale, personally I thought that was just an excuse for Cabaye playing ****e for the most part until he was injured…but he was by no means alone.

    I agree with that though, I wanted general improvement but stability, and beating the mackems. Weren’t members of the reality train wanting 5/6th and viewing everything else as a failure-Did you say that Troy or was that another passenger πŸ˜‰


  50. Sharpy-Honestly don’t see the point in Jonas much anymore. He’s looked unfit all season, and I don’t really see how that can be possible. He’s not carrying an injury, so maybe its just his lifestyle? Maybe he can’t be arsed to work his socks off like he used to. That’s fine if that’s his decision, but it does mean the one thing he used to offer us is no longer there, and with Gouffran able to play along the front 3, along with Marv and Benny-as well as Obertan who whilst still poor actually offers more than Jonas, I just can’t see a place for him.

    We even have another LB now, with a top class RB and Santon, Perch and Raylor who can play in either position…that’s a fair amount of depth for me, assuming Haidara is decent obviously.

    So I think that’s curtains for Jonas…whether Pards sees that or not I don’t know, he’s a loyal/stubborn manager it seems….

    As for Tiote, I think him lining up with Siss in the middle and Cabaye ahead in a 4-3-3 could be a very interesting prospect. If he was at his best, honestly think that could be our best 3 CMs…Anita could, for me, fill both an attacking MF role (as he did at stoke I believe-where he was MOTM and a few other matches when Cabaye was injured) and the defensive role-for when Tiote is inevitably suspended/injured/Acon.

    But I agree, he wouldn’t want the bench and his sale may already be viewed as the deal to pay off what we brought in, even though we deserve some outlay without losing anyone for a change!


  51. We should have signed some of these players in the summer – calculated gamble by Ashley
    Saying that – I can’t remember a transfer window when I’ve been so excited – we are totally bossing it and getting great players for next to nowt !
    Hope they can hit the ground running, has given the fans a massive lift and also showed Cabaye , HBA etc that we mean business – they must be excited as **** as well


  52. 3HW – I don’t think anyone has been the bearer of as much good news in one week as you mate 😎
    I think we WILL face stiff competition for this kid though.

    B&B – I think the board have gave Pardew 6mth grace knowing he had a depleted squad, and kinda said go do ya best with what you have. I think now he has the players in, a lot more will be expected of him and I think he’ll find himself a lot more accountable and vulnerable to the sack to be honest.




    Answer to your Q 125;

    Aye, I know Benwell like the back of my hand.


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