Colo stays on as Captain, for now at least

Kissed and made up?
Kissed and made up?
Newcastle have been given a further boost with the news that Fabricio Coloccini will remain at Newcastle United until at least the end of the season.

Colo had reportedly been looking to move back to Argentina amidst personal problems, but the fact that he is tied down to a contract has prevented him from doing so as United failed to let one of their prize assets leave for nothing.

The most surprising thing for me is that he will retain the captaincy, which is good news of course. Presumably player and manager have been in dialogue and Alan Pardew is happy enough with the focus and commitment of Coloccini ahead of the final 15 games of the season. I also presume more talks will be planned for the summer when the ultimate decision over his future will be made.

“Coloccini is going to stay with us and will remain as captain, which is fantastic news for us,” Pardew told the club website.

“We have managed to persuade him that, as much as his family, we need him. He has shown fantastic loyalty to continue playing and see us through to the summer at the very least.”

“It’s a situation that me and Colo have been on a personal journey, to make sure that he understands that he has a big responsibility here to fans and to families of this Club.”

“This Club has been relegated once before and people lost their jobs here. We need in and around us, and I’m pleased to say he has agreed to accept that.”

This “personal journey” sounds very happy-clappy to me but if it’s worked then fair enough. The fact is that we need experience in our situation and Colo has been through it all before. It also gives us a chance to integrate the new signings rather than launching them in unaided.

So it’s finally sorted and at least a temporary line can be drawn underneath it all. If Colo does only stay until the summer then at least it gives us a chance to replace him properly rather than leaving us with six days or less to fill his boots. Mind you the rate we’ve been making signings this week, six days would be ample time!

More good news! I could get used to this…

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102 thoughts on “Colo stays on as Captain, for now at least

  1. Rod @ 73 anything just to get him outta the club, TBH it amazes me that no one in the NE has really hurt him 😯 with all the **** that he causes, if it was over here he would be sitting about with his knee caps in a sports direct bag 😉


  2. Toonsy-I never even realised he was that old, thought he was only about 27 😯

    Can’t see us getting Van winkel, we’ve been linked with him for the last 3 years at least i’m sure.


  3. Ice nah mate that was batty’s suggestion, He has a lot more to do before I think well of him maybe if he keeps building for the next few yrs I might finally think that he cares for the club.


  4. Ice – I’m happier than Colo in Cramlington mate 😛
    What a superb signing and can’t believe we’ve got him on a 6.5 yr contract :shock:. All long term contracts so I’m kinda starting to wonder if these contracts have Ba like buy-out clauses built into them – hope not!.

    Re Colo – it’s amazing how persuasive a £7m law suit can be isnt it 😆
    By the same token, I’m pleased he is staying coz when alls said and done he’s still a quality CB.

    Andy – I agree mate, if Rip or Pea went to a rival club when we still need another CF in would be slightly disappointing. Not quite as much as Remy was like but only coz that was as good as a done deal :evil:. I found out today that NUFC paid for him and his missus to fly to London, paid for a night in a up market hotel and paid for tickets for a west end show for them to enjoy a night in the big smoke, then, the following morning he’d meet toon reps to discuss the move, only for him to lie in 😯 👿 cheeky bar steward!!


  5. ——————————Krul—————————-
    XI v Villa


  6. Sharpy
    What a ****. Didn’t a similar incident happen when we signed Cissé with the mackems paying for the flight? Or did I just make that up? 😕


  7. SHARPY17 😆 😆 > I found out today that NUFC paid for him and his missus to fly to London, paid for a night in a up market hotel and paid for tickets for a west end show for them to enjoy a night in the big smoke, then, the following morning he’d meet toon reps to discuss the move, only for him to lie in cheeky bar steward!!

    Sharpy that was in the sunday papers 😆 😀 😉


  8. Ice – I’ve just noticed he’s taken the no. 7 shirt as well. Growing up Rob Lee was always my favourite toon player and obviously wore 7. I have a feeling Sissoko may well become a new favourite wearing that very same shirt.

    I wonder if 4 players in 4 days is some kind of transfer record?


  9. AndyMag,

    Having been a long time sufferer of Dundee until I moved back south of the border recently….don’t you sometimes wish you lot had a better idol than a poet? We’ve got shitloads of them down here but we don’t go mental about them! Is it because there’s not really any other Scottish figures to celebrate so he wins by default? 😈 😆


  10. These are great signingsfor the club and dont want to put a downer on it but can they handle a scrap as thatthat’s what its going to take,its hard bedding into a new club in EPL,here’s hoping


  11. [email protected] 😆 , I know mate. It’s difficult to fathom. He’s loathed by so many now. It’s the sheer arrogance that gets me. He seems to think he’s untouchable.

    That article on him in The Mag the other day was an interesting read.
    Shame really as everyone, board/managers included had such high hopes for him. He still thinks he’ll play for England some day!

    …might make the HMP Durham 11 next season.


  12. That’s what I thought Ice 😆

    …Pardew doesn’t do the ‘T’ word anyway, so we should be fine. 😎


  13. Moreno @ 88

    Maybe in England we should get over excited about a poet and have a celeratory day.

    Roger McGough Night?
    Pam Ayres Evening?


  14. Dave – I’ve got a 4yr old boy who sees I don’t get to read the Sundays – which are now lining the bottom of a puppy cage anyway 👿
    I still reckon he’ll be kicking himself now like after the signings we’ve made compared to QPR. However, I think it was Ice that posted the question yesterday “I wonder if we would have signed all these players if we had spent £8m on Remy” – a valid question I think – and I doubt we would have personally


  15. Andy – defo that line up against Villa, maybe switch Gouffran and Marv, but that looks a massively improved starting 11 to what we’ve had available for most of the season doesn’t it 😀


  16. Sissoko, Debuchy and Mbiwa are exciting signings without a doubt.
    I’m sure Gouffran as a minimum HAS to be better than Obertan and Shola put together.
    Haidara, at the very least, will provide us with decent back up in snares we need it.

    I have serious doubts about Pardew and the coaches having the ability to get the best out of any of our squad. However, as far as I’m concerned they now have the players available to them to stay up and prosper next season. Failure to do so will now squarely mean the blame lies with them.


  17. [email protected], yeah mate, thanks.

    Took 12 months and a lot of hard work but finally got a job in the end.

    Been working since mid-September, started freelancing in July and it eventually led to a job. Less pay than I was on before redundancy, but a much better role. More suited to my talents and interests. 😎


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