Vote: Would you be happy if the transfer window ended now?

Signing #1 this January
Signing #1 this January
So we’ve not done so bad in this transfer window so far. Much better than I thought we’d do anyway.

Granted we’ve lost Demba Ba although I don’t think there was much that could have been done about that. Once a club he wanted to go to met his release clause we would have always been on shaky ground.

However in terms of players in we have just under half of a new starting eleven to pick from should we choose to do so. Mathieu Debuchy, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Massadio Haidara, Yoan Gouffran and, most recently, Moussa Sissoko have joined the ranks at St James’ Park giving us more options all over the pitch and more strength in depth which is something that has proved costly this season.To top it all off, Fabricio Coloccini stays at Newcastle for the time being at least.

Personally I get the feeling our business is done now though. I don’t know why but it was just the way that Alan Pardew was talking after the Sissoko signing yesterday. It was more of a review of our transfer window the way i read it although I could of course be wrong.

So the next question to ask is would you be happy if the transfer window ended now? Do you think we’ve done enough to strengthen? I know a lot of it should have been done last summer, but have the board finally put things right by back Alan Pardew or are we still desperately short somewhere on the pitch?

Personally I’m happy with what we’ve done in this window and if it was the end of January and we couldn’t bring in any more I wouldn’t be bothered at all. An extra striker would be nice but I honestly can’t see that happening.

However what I want to know is what your opinion is on the matter, so get voting and leave a comment below.

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324 thoughts on “Vote: Would you be happy if the transfer window ended now?

  1. Guys, I really wouldn’t get excited about Bony. It is Sunday news after all… πŸ™„

    Also, I just don’t see us spending so much on a player like Bony, who is effectively another Cisse. (As in can only play CF and that’s it.)
    I’d much rather we waited until the summer for Aubameyang, who i’ve seen a few times now and think he looks a real talent.


  2. Yeah, more curiosity than anything. I kept running across his name and never saw him in action, so following the thread. Looks likely to go to Chelsea or Liverpool, based on the stuff I’ve seen in this investigation.


  3. fsotc

    Yeah, fair enough pal. Would be good if we got another player in, but that’s more a luxury than a necessity imo. I don’t subscribe to needing a striker in to replace Ba’s goals as I think Cisse can do that with the right style of play & players around him.



    Fabricio Coloccini has spoken for the first time about the frustration he feels towards Newcastle for not allowing him to leave during the January transfer window.

    The defender told the club’s management on Wednesday that he would not return after he left the training ground following the collapse of negotiations intended to broker a move back to his Argentina homeland. At that point he was threatened with a Β£7 million lawsuit for breach of contract by his employers.

    That forced a dramatic U-turn from the player, but yesterday, in a letter from the Newcastle captain posted on the website of San Lorenzo, the Argentinian club he had hoped to join, he spoke of his disappointment and implied he would still leave Newcastle in the summer.

    He wrote: “I write these lines from a long way away where I am missing my country, my family and my close ones and with sadness of knowing that after a series of meetings held here in Newcastle, that my return has been momentarily suspended.

    “Unfortunately, life does not always end up like you wanted it, many times is it influenced by third parties and contracts that are stronger than the will of one’s own desires.”

    Coloccini, who is the club’s top earner on around Β£60,000 per week, is expected to play against relegation rivals Aston Villa on Tuesday night. The 31-year-old had hoped to leave England and return to Argentina for family reasons. His wife has already gone.


  5. yeah, Kid, I think Cisse’s going to reignite, but we’re still a little thin up there. Suppose he gets hurt, then we’re back to Shola and Gouffran (sp?).

    Having read that telegraph story, I don’t see much new there other than the claim that Colo was about to walk out until he got the threat of the lawsuit, which says to me he is definitely not in the right place mentally and that we need another CB in case he freaks out or gets injured.

    Dunno, probably just being greedy, but if Saylor has a little injury pop up after making a few appearances after an injury, as often happens, we could be looking to Willo and the new kid. Probably just paranoia, but that’s me.


  6. Stardy he gets right up my pug nose. He’s even insufferable on here with his unfunny childish banter. This is a top site, but I’m not surprised you don’t come on that often. At least he’s been forced to take his vexatious disclaimer down, which was completely inappropriate. Enough said about him.


  7. It’s been a good window on paper, but I won’t feel happy about it until we win a few games.

    Agree that lack of strengthening in the last window is one of the main causes of the position we find ourselves in, obviously Pardew et al were banking on some of the reserves stepping up – like Vuckic, Gosling, Sameobi, Ferguson, and a few of the other young guys – but they haven’t been up to it or they’ve been injured.

    I also think there’s a problem with our coaching structure – there seems to be no integration of the various teams, no cohesive plan to help young guys fit quickly into the first team setup, no unified playing style for all levels at the club, and I’m not convinced by Pardew’s tactical ability – these are surely the root cause of every player being off form and disjointed performances by injury replacements.

    So there’s a few issues, for me.


  8. @The Kid


    Its no surprise to me that are defense has been massively weaker since S.Taylor got injured. I think Colo has lost form since Suarez shafted him in the Liverpool game.

    I think Taylor is very under-rated by our fans.


  9. Santi

    Our defence has been poor all season. With and without Taylor.

    As for Taylor being underrated by our fans, Ha! I say the exact opposite. It’s only NUFC fans that still consider him a talent. I don’t know a single non-Toon fan that rates Steven Taylor. Not one. He is still making the same mistakes he did five years ago and I don’t hold out any hope of him ever being better than mediocre.


  10. With S.Taylor in our team we lost one game out of 6 and 3 or 4 of them was without Colo. Without him well just look at our results from match day 6 onwards.

    I think the fact he is English and a Newcastle fan is the main reason toon fans like him. I just think he is a solid CB that gets the job done and i admit he does have a mistake or two in him but solid none the less πŸ˜€


  11. Santii

    It’s far too over-simplistic to measure a player’s performances based on victories & defeats. You need to delve into his individual stats, which I have done on previous threads and trust me, they do not make for pretty reading.

    …Still, he continues to divide opinion, so he must be doing something right…I’m just not 100% sure what that happens to be πŸ˜†

    Anyway, I’m off to visit the back of my eyelids. Have a good one.


  12. Saylor strikes me as a gonzo defender–sometimes awesome, but prone to gonzo mistakes. Everybody has ’em, I suppose, but I’ll be curious to see how he is when he makes his return. How long’s he been out now?


  13. Didn’t Pardew promise to get a goal scoring Centre-back and improve our set pieces?

    Also please find a player that is good in set pieces. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Also i do hope that new left back isn’t a back up to santon i would rather put santon on right back position now on,and start off that new left back.


  14. interesting to see us being ‘linked’ with a number of (expensive) highly-rated CFs – PEA, RvW and Bony.
    Either we are actually in the market for such a player in this window or… agents are using us to drum up interest in their clients

    I suspect it’s the latter


  15. @Stardust

    It’s ok. This is B&Bs only communication with the outside world. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    I’m absolutely loving his hissy fit. The longer it goes on the more embarrassing it is for him. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    If he really wanted to ignore me he would disappear from the blog which I introduced him to.
    But I know he won’t. πŸ˜›


  16. Just had a text;

    @NUFCOfflcial: Newcastle United have tonight agreed a deal with Saint Etienne for the transfer of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. more on site soon #NUFC

    Don’t know if true. Worth a look tho.


  17. Troy, I know the same as you mate, a lot of crew are wetting their pants over him tho…. time will tell I suppose πŸ™‚


  18. ALAN PARDEW is after yet another French-speaker.
    The Newcastle boss has offered Β£8million for St Etienne’s Gabon striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
    The French club want Β£10m for the 23-year-old, who has hit eight goals this season and is also interesting Manchester rivals United and City.
    He is famed for wearing the world’s costliest boots β€” covered in crystals and costing Β£2,500.
    Toon boss Pards has already raided France for Mathieu Debuchy, Yoan Gouffran, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Massadio Haidara and Moussa Sissoko so far this month.

    Why the need to wear boots like this is beyond me!!!
    Well off to the shops now. Then the BAY for a few beers with me boys!!
    Have a nice day


  19. Cheeses wept! Β£2500 boots!!

    He needs one kicked up his arse. 😯

    That’s pathetic that, of course unless they were a present and then its totally unforgivable . πŸ˜†


  20. Troy, I thought you of all people would understand another persons weird fashion sense…. πŸ™‚


  21. next time one of mine asks for a pair of Β£100 football boots, i’ll be buying them, no questions asked πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    now remember people, be nice to each other today, especially to Mr. Troy πŸ™„ πŸ™„


  22. @Toonsoldier

    You wouldn’t part with Β£100 for boots and a full football kit. πŸ˜‰


    Depending on the weather today I have a choice of a white linen suit, Jesus sandals and trilby or low crotch skinny jeans, crop top, snood and French beret.

    Though I may mix & match and try the beret with the suit. 😯

    I will be reading the bible in French today at Greys monument. If anyone cares to join me, I shall wear a rose in my lapel so you can recognise me. πŸ˜‰


  23. AOD@254, If it’s a CB who can score goals Pards wanted then Chris Samba wants away from Russia apparently , Β£10/12m should get him ,would give us cover both ends of the pitch ,PL proven too.


  24. This Bony story probably has some merit. It’s written by the same journo that broke the news about us moving for Remy. Although I do find it a little odd, especially at Β£12m. Wood rather the Winkle.


  25. Agree Stuart, we dont need an out an out CF, we have one already. We need someone more versatile. I think there is a tad of speculation going on, and we will probably see even more before the window shuts.

    This tennis final is a corker so far. Murray looks the better player 😯


  26. Spain and Barcelona play without a central striker as such to great effect.
    Since Ba left the toon have also tried it to little effect.

    I cannot see Pardew taking too many risks and making too many changes to the line up for the Villa game. Fully expect to see Shola up front in the middle with Cisse playing his usual roaming roll, hopefully without the offside bit. One or two of the new French lads may get a start or a run out against Villa, maybe in the second half. Pardew being a manager who likes a bit blather may be holding back the big debuts for the home game against Chelsea. Without dissing Villa, surely we can get something down there ?


  27. MM @276 , We have to get something at Villa tues. They are woeful and I think Shola could casue there back line trouble. They are so poor in the air. In saying that we all know Shola is more effective cpoming off the becnh so I hope thats where we see him from. We need 3 points.

    In regards to the article , Im happy with what we done so far, I think we need another striker in. But Im happy overall with it.


  28. Shola is more effective off the bench.
    He is most effective left on the bench.
    He is most effective left on the bench in Elswick Park. 😳


  29. alanthedog363
    there are some real good tv programmes doing the rounds on French tv about the toon players. There is also a good show doing the rounds about Cheik Tiote, showing how the lad goes about his everyday life in the toon.
    It’s apity that wor blog doesn’t have a French toon supporter in on nthe ground who knows what is going on over there. At the end of the day we have Germany and Holland covered, Spain is next on the list Richietoon πŸ˜†

    This is where the toon could be marketed a lot better, getting in close and intimate with the players. It also helps to bond the players with the fans. More tv exposure, why does it have to be the Sky Sports angle every time ?

    Then you have the Chronicle, fantastically flying the flag with the brilliant in depth interviews of fans favourites like Shola, Willo and Sammy exhorting the fans to all pull together in the fight to avoid relegation. Laugh, I almost got the beers in. Small club in the north… 😳


  30. i tried to work out how many players we have that take up registration places last night, i counted 26 (haidara is young enough to not need to be registered for prem, but would take a place in euro cup)

    my question is who would you leave unregistered and in turn unable to play for the club for the remainder of the season?


  31. ok just for fun, and no cheating. πŸ˜†

    In the 54 matches Andy Carroll has played for both Liverpool and West Ham, since leaving NUFC 2 years ago, how many goals has he scored.?

    Can somebody now please tell me why we should show even the slightest bit of interest in him?
    I’m bored of all the calls to get him back.


  32. i used to pay for nufctv but didnt pay this year as i was away, content isnt that great, for the price you pay but you do see some stuff you would be hard pushed to find elsewhere, u18 and reserve highlights and such


  33. close Johno.But no cigar.
    its actually 7. 😯
    Interestingly tho Torres has only scored 14 for Chelsea from 69 matches
    in the same two year period.
    Goes to show, you dont always get what you pay for.


  34. I’m ecstatic with signings that have been made during this window. The board realise it was a huge mistake not investing last summer and have backed Pardew with some brilliant signings; just hope it isn’t too little too late though I’m sure we’ve got more than enough in the locker to survive now. The remaining games this season will be used as bedding in period for the new faces to see us over the line and for next seasons preparation where we can hopefully achieve a top 6 position. Our 3 most vital signings this window for me are Debuchy, Yanga-Mbiwa and Sissokho.

    I’m off to the Villa game next week with my friend who is a big Villa fan, can’t wait to see some of the new signings in the flesh! πŸ™‚


  35. Hope you have a game to savour MHESH.
    With any luck it will be the turning point in our season.
    I think there is a more positive vibe at the club now.
    Nee more excuses.
    Howay the Lads


  36. who would you leave unregistered?

    my choice would probably be amilfitano as we have a lot in midfield now, xisco would not be far behind, tav aswell as we have good cover at right back now

    dishonourable mention goes to ranger, he doesn’t need to be registered due to age but hopefully still won’t play again none the less


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