What’s in a letter?

Letters from Colo?
Letters from Colo?
A rather flowery and quite sickly letter has emerged, supposedly from club captain Fabricio Coloccini who is allegedly addressing fans of the club who tried to get him relinquished from his contract recently.

In said letter Coloccini – if it is him – tells a story of sadness that no resolution was found and that his dream move back to Argentina wasn’t able to come off.

Personally I have doubts over the authenticity of the letter and the whole thing seems odd. In four-and-a-half years Coloccini has rarely addressed us, even through happier times. Now all of sudden he is writing to fans of another club? Sounds dodgy doesn’t it?

All the same there has been no denial from club or player and it is believed that the United hierarchy are looking into whether it is a genuine letter from Fabricio Coloccini or whether there are other reasons for it, such as more publicity for San Lorenzo perhaps.

The letter read:

“To my San Lorencista family

“I write these lines from a long way away where I am missing my country, my family and my close ones.

“And with sadness of knowing that after a series of meetings held here in Newcastle that my return to Argentina has been momentarily suspended.

“Unfortunately, life does not always end up like you wanted it or needed it to, many times is it influenced by third parties and the rigidities of contracts that are stronger than the will of one’s own desires.

“However, I am convinced that this moment of disappointment need not be an obstacle for me to declare my profound gratitude to each and every one of you for the affection and the support that you all have provided me during these past few months, in every way imaginable.

“Furthermore, I wish to acknowledge the patience and the respect of the media and the serious manner in which they conducted everything during this time for me and my family. I am sure that they have understood the personal situation that I have been going through and can comprehend that the silence maintained by both me and my representative, Marcelo Lombilla, during this time, has not been capricious, but due to the need to keep private certain matters.

“Lastly, I wish to thank the authorities at San Lorenzo del Almagro and especially show my gratitude to the president, Dr Matias Lammens and vice president, Mr Marcelo Tinelli, for all the affection, support and understanding they have afforded me and who from the first moment, without any reservations or conditions, were interested in my personal and family situation and who put themselves at my disposal.

“Essentially, I want to thank the enormous effort made by them, from every point of view, to remove whatever difficulties I may have come in touch with.

“In these times, in which the leadership of the Argentine football appears less challenged by various reasons, it is with deep pride – as part of the San Lorenzo family – I wish to acknowledge to Matias Lammens and Marcelo Tinelli on their personal qualities, for their professional qualities and for their excellent management, their honest work, their seriousness and commitment in placing the human-being over and above other interests, all of which is a heading from the chosen path for our club; and that in the distance, certainly, I am filled with satisfaction.

“Sincerely thank you for both affection,

“Fabricio Coloccini.”

How very pretty and sparkly. And how very dare us for wanting a player who signed a new deal whilst his personal problems were already underway apparently, to honour his part of the deal for another few months at the very least.

Seriously this needs sorting out one way or the other. It can’t be left “in house” as Alan Pardew would say because the longer it drags on the greater the animosity towards Coloccini will become. Can you really have a captain who isn’t fully focussed on the job ahead?

If the letter is proved to be genuine then something needs to be done. It’s as clear as day he wants away and I’ve said all along that it was amusing how Colo’s stance softened once he realised the only way out his contract was going to cost him in the region of £7m.

Colo has been great for us but this kind of thing is risking the very relationship with the fans which has allowed him to flourish in the Premier League and this would undoubtedly be a sour note to end things on.

Your thoughts please…

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221 thoughts on “What’s in a letter?

  1. Kimtoon,

    If that is Pardew’s mentality – then he has to go. I defend Williamson, etc. all the time but if Pardew cannot see we need a change in squad, he simply has to go.

    The current team have no form, have no right to claim starting spaces. If Mbiwa, Sissoko and the others are on the bench, then we’re going down.


  2. We are obviously left with Collo at the club when he doesn’t want to be here. Taking the captains armband from him won’t detract from his commitment to the cause, however maybe he needs to be protected and the pressure and attention taken from him somewhat.
    I don’t think we should drop Collo, but we should give the arm band to Cabaye.


  3. I can’t imagine Mike Ashley would be too thrilled if that’s the case.

    “I paid £20m to sign these guys because we’re **** and you don’t play them and keep playing the same guys anyway?”


  4. @74

    watching it aswell 4 goals and it looks like he is going to get more. This isn’t even an amazing performance for him.


    I just dont want to see the negative football we have seen all season like defending a 1-0 lead, with over a half of football to go.


  5. bonjour,- est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un ici qui, parle anglais?

    what a ferkin hoot 😆 😆 😆

    just cancelled my summer holiday to spain this year, and rebooked somewhere in france 😀 😀

    anyone know of a cheap website where i can learn this ****e frog lingo quick?? 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉


  6. Funky, whereas all games in the EPL are difficult, Villa are the lesser opponent and are up next. After that we have Chelsea at home and Spurs away. I wonder where Pardew intends to blood the new signings ? Pardew’s intrangency has cost him dearly at previous clubs, when you think of Tevez etc, I hope it isn’t going to cost us too.
    Everyone from the fans down to the tea lady can see we need to strengthen the team. Ashley pulls 20 mill out from under his mattress to give to Pardew and he doesn’t play them. I can see Tuesday night being quite “emotional” if Pardew shoots himself in the foot, and things don’t go our way. 👿


  7. I just read that QPR are trying to sign Capoue 😯

    He will be very expensive, but if they somehow manage to pull it off he will be a monster signing for them. Hope it doesn’t materialise. He will go to a Champions League team this summer if he just remains patient.


  8. munich mag@83, pardew, hasnt even been the dreadfullvote of confidence yet!!!! when he gets it, that when we need to panic 😯 😯
    villa on tues should be a walk in the park 😯 😯 😯


  9. Toonsoldier9@86, I like you’re optimism big man. 3 points on Tuesday would do nicely, we need the points too ffs. If we blow it I think things could start to turn a bit ugly for Pardew 🙁 He is on a hiding to nothing on Tuesday.


  10. soorrry folkes, myy 9 year old has just beeeen readinggg this blogg and he sayyysss your spelllling is ****!!!
    kno probs eye wil sen himm two bed noow!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  11. @MM

    Yeah lol They have a few cracking players. I would say Sissoko is a better all round player. Capoue is more like Tiote.


  12. Santii@92, Tolouse are mid table in an average Ligue 1. Surely if they had so many cracking players they would be doing somewhat better ?

    Where are you btw, are you an ex pat or in the UK ?


  13. MM

    Santii has pretty much nailed it. Sissoko is the lad who would usually play in front of Capoue, which gives some insight into where Sissoko will play for us.

    Capoue is a monster. He is younger and better than Tiote. He can actually spray the ball about with accuracy.


  14. The Kid, would you have preferred we signed Capoue ? To be honest I don’t know too much about either of them 😳


  15. Santii… looks like Toulouse are underachieving,pretty much like us. Sadly they stand to lose all of there best players, and for a pittance too.


  16. I knew of Capoue from FIFA but didn’t think he was anything special (both in the game and real life), but I don’t watch ligue 1 so don’t know too much about him.


  17. not that I rate talk sport but at the moment they are saying toon will get a c/f in this week,I doubt it mesel


  18. Does anyone else think we should be looking at strengthening our coaching staff ? We’re pulling a team of highly talented internationals together, several of them French or Francophile, whilst our coaching staff (including Pardew 😳 ) maybe are not at the same level ? Will it all end in tears ? Do we have the right balance to get the best out of our squad ? Tricky question.

    Some one was saying on here last week this could be the making of Pardew, since he will have lasted longer than 2 seasons at a club. One things for sure he’s been given some canny toys to play with that’s for sure 😉


  19. MM I agree 100% mate we need a better coach,you may think ime nuts but the guy who could do a job is Lee dixon


  20. Get Ginola in.

    Sounds stupid but he said he wants to manage us at some point and surely he wants coaching time – what is the problem?


  21. MM

    No, Sissoko will be the better player in the long term. Capoue is great at what he does, but is limited. Also, the game is going away from destroyers.

    Capoue will also cost a lot more money 😀


  22. thats a good point i think we need more good coaches at the club. maybe up-to-date facilities aswell. it seems not likely!


  23. I have expressed my concerns with our coaching staff countless times.

    I too think giving someone like Ginola a position within the coaching staff could be a good idea.


  24. Sissoko seems to be doing a lot of sabre rattling since he arrived. He seems to be chomping at the bit, and giving it large. Pardew needs his heed looked at if he doesn’t start him against Villa … 🙄


  25. do any of you expect us to win against villa ,they let alot of goals in from set pieces and we cant score from them 😕


  26. MM

    I am almost certain he will start. He is the one player who can slot seamlessly into the side. His style will suit the English game and I can see him giving those Villa midfielders a real nightmare.


  27. Munich – What makes a good manager? Answer – Good players! The coaching staff won’t be telling them to pass and stand still, or telling them to let a player have a free header. Good players make good decisions and if we have good players we’ll do ok.


  28. MM kna he’s a pundit mate on TV a lot he seems to know his onions BT in attack and defence was a big part of that great gunners team,thing that let him down is a big pal of WOR AL


  29. Gouffran and Sissoko are the two I see most likely to start.

    Gouffran because of his pace and aerial threat. (Villa are poor at stopping deliveries from wide areas, and also at stopping that delivery from resulting in a goal 😆 )

    Sissoko because he will fit straight into English football. Think Diame, but much better.


  30. @Batty

    I think we will win. They are one of the few teams doing a lot worse than us at the minute 😀 Dont think we will win by much though. 2-0 or 2-1


  31. Ben Arfa;

    “Much has been said, but this was not a come-and-get-me plea”, he told Telefoot.

    “I was asked if Paris Saint-Germain are the club of my heart and they are, I’m a Parisian.

    “I’ve supported PSG since I was little, a club that made me dream with [George] Weah, Valdo and [David] Ginola.

    “Someday, I’d love to play for them, to fulfil a child’s dream.

    ——- sounds fair enough to me ———


  32. Ben Arfa continued;

    “But if Newcastle are very ambitious and do everything to succeed, I’ll stay.”

    Even more fair enough.


  33. My worry is that Pardew expects to blood the new players at home to Chelsea it may come back to hurt him. I really do think he is on a hiding to nothing, cos at the end of the day we still need to improve A LOT in the final third. Could we see a mental 2-3 or 3-4 or something on Tuesday ? 🙄


  34. Terry I tend to agree with you. Surely the team cannot let us down again. I also fancy Mbiwa and Sissoko going straight into the team.


  35. Dummett has been recalled from St Mirren.

    Toon loanee Conor Newton played in the win over Celtic at Hampden Park at the weekend.

    Hopefully these lads will be knocking on the first team door next season ?


  36. i think Mbiwa ,sissoko and Gouffran will all start against Villa and it will be a 433 Cisse in the middle with Gouffran left Gabby right , Cabaye as the ACM and Anita , Sissoko just behind but expect a very attacking display . I also think we will defend high , Debuchy ,Mbiwa and Santon all have pace .


  37. @127

    Don’t think either of those two are good enough or ever will be good enough to be near our first team. Think they will be released in a few years or sold for a small sum.


  38. MM Dumett’s contract runs out in the summer , apparently he got rave reviews while up there ,hope they give him another couple of years and loan him out again but to a championship club . The lad is a Geordie after all ,would hate too see him released then make it big somewhere else without been given a chance with us ,


  39. Axel, sounds good mate. As Stuart79 mentions we have a lot of good players, and good players know how to play. Even though there are three debutants in there they will all carry the team forward and hopefully we’ll come home with a win.

    Santii, maybe this is a way of getting some money for our academy rejects ? Tout them round in Scotland ?


  40. Axel, the jury seems to be out on him. Wor kid goes to a lot of games and also doesn’t think he’ll make it. He seemed to have a go against Brighton, and I thought he did well. He’s probably just slipped even further down the pecking order behind Santon , Hairdryer and Fergie. Maybe he’ll make a good back-up squad player one day, he’s stillyoung after all.
    There must be a reason why Pardew has recalled him

    I hope someone has captured HBA’s mobile phone and locked him in his room in Clarefontayne until the January transfer window shuts 👿


  41. Team against Villa:







    3-1 win



  42. We wont get much money in Scotland mate 😀 we need to start forming links with smaller clubs like United do and get a lot of players loaned out Campbell could be setting league 1 or the championship alight if we could get him loaned out to a decent club.

    It gets him much needed experience and at the very least would put our players on the shop window. Abeid, Gosling and other young players that rarely make the bench are wasting away in our reserves.


  43. I wonder what the likes of Dummett and Ferguson think about them signing Haidara? Surely that will limit their chances at LB to virtually zero.


  44. Stuart just being picky. Mbiwa is right footed and I think Sissoko will play further forward with Anita on his own. Not sure any will start. 3 off the bench for the last 30 mins.


  45. @DJG

    Think Ferguson will be moved up to left wing cover where his crossing and pace will be a lot more effective.


  46. I reckon Sissoko could have the biggest impact of the new players. He sounds like the type you build a team around.


  47. back from the BAY, glad to see youve been nice to Mr. Troy :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    whats the crack with ben arfa???

    been talking to an ex prem player, and hes heard that the Toon are in for two players in the £12 – £15 million bracket!! one a striker an the other a midfielder , very close to completion, 😯 😯

    Colo will stay till the end of next season (2013/14) unless he pays back £5 compensation for his contract!!

    see you all next weekend, back off to jockland in the morning 🙁 🙁


  48. MM I said last week that I think turning us round could be the making of Pards as he like so many other managers has never had the chance to turn things round when they go bad, because the trigger is normally pulled.
    I also think that for a club our size we have probably got less backroom staff coaches etc than a lot of Championship side.

    Santii yeah mate I thought it was N.Irish Toon as soon as I asked was it Belfast 😉


  49. Would that be 12-15m for both or individually? If both then I fancy it to be RVW and SDJ, though I’d think it’d be closer to 15-18m


  50. I reckon there might be an exodus of players in the summer that are felt not to make the grade as there is no way we can have so many players fighting for a couple of positions, particularly CM.


  51. Munich Mag @105, completely agree and have said for a while I don’t think our coaching staff have been good enough with the squad we have had until last week. In reality they are all dinosaurs and as many have said our players even seem to lack basic fitness. Someone commented recently that Cabaye has his own personal trainer. That in itself is a sad indicment of how he views our fitness training. With the addition of all these skillful players we should definetley be looking at upgrading our coaching staff. You wouldn’t trust the donkey handler off Blackpool beach to look after a stable ful of thoroughbred racehorses same with Stone and Carver with our thoroughbreds. 🙄


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