25 thoughts on “Newcastle back in football rich list top-20

  1. Our wages to turnover ratio will drop significantly next season as we will receive at least another £20m from the TV deal and that’s if we finish last!


  2. Colo speaks about his open letter:

    Posted 29 Jan 2013 10:40
    Collo speaks
    “Every time I go on the pitch I try to say thank you.

    “I try to give them my best performance. That’s the way players can say thank you to the fans.”

    “In the last few days the newspapers picked up a letter that I wrote.

    “The letter is true but the meaning of it is different once translated from Spanish to English.

    “I never said that I would go back to San Lorenzo.

    “I never spoke to any team, the only reason to go back to Argentina would have been personal problems.

    “But they knew I am a supporter of San Lorenzo and the fans were excited because they thought ‘He supports us and this is a big chance to come to San Lorenzo’. The rumours were crazy because they thought I was coming back.

    “I would like to say to the supporters of Newcastle United Football Club that I want to stay here and I thank them for supporting me.

    “The last few weeks have been difficult for them, I recognise that.

    “This is my work and my job and I have to separate my job and my life.

    “Everybody in life has problems and it is normal, that is life.”

    “A lot of Newcastle fans stopped me in the street here and said, ‘Colo, thank you for everything and your five years here, but whatever your best choice for your family is we will be happy’.

    “It was really nice to hear that. I spent four years here already and this will be my fifth.

    “The club will get 100% from me and the fans recognise that.

    “So to me that is very special and I thank them.”

    However, he accepts that some fans may not be as understanding.

    The 31-year-old said: “Some fans may say, ‘I don’t care about your problem you should be here because we need you’.

    “That is also true as well.

    “I can understand that as well.

    “We are in a difficult position and things aren’t the way we expected them to be at the start of the season.

    “I can understand people’s point of view.

    “Sometimes people think the player doesn’t care and that the shirt will always be more important than the player.

    “So I can understand. The fans have to be sure that when I go on the pitch that I always try to give a thank you to those who support me and those who give me the opportunity to be here in the Premier League.”


  3. 3Hourswasted
    Thanks for that. For me that clears things up.

    Hopefully we can move on now and it would seem we will have a real Colo on the pitch tonight.

    Also think Pards said things right last night, given this statement. Not that he had much choice.


  4. @Premandup

    Good article fella. I prefer talking about the club itself than speculation on players and formation.

    Each to their own as I know some aren’t too bothered.

    Keep them coming for me.

    Its poor that our commercial side is one the wane as I do think we could be me popular.

    One simple way would be to buy back the catering and alcohol side of things.

    I still find it excruciatingly frustrating that you have to leave your seat 10 mins before halftime to get near the front of the bar queue.

    You then watch them pour individual pints whilst the multi pint dispenser stands idle.

    It’s not hard! One of the enjoyable parts of going to the match is having a pint at half time but unfortunately you end up standing in a queue for most of it!!


  5. I fancy a Cabaye on a plate of pan fried Mbwia, coated with a Sissoko sauce and a hadiarra soufflé for dessert!

    Ooh la la! 3 michelin stars to nil to the French Revoltion! 😛

    Pardeiu the master chef !


  6. Aye good article Prem.

    I did say at the time of the season ticket price freeze-great news for fans considering the current ticket price trend, but it does/did mean we would become reliant on overseas marketing to make up for this relative loss (i.e other clubs will increase their prices, presumably)

    We are still laggig in overseas…do the French even watch football that much? Most I meet rarely seem fussed about it, oh they can talk a bit about us and our players and who is good in ligue 1, but they will never “convert” to fans, imo, like America or Asia..


  7. Good news on Colo. Glad he took my advice and came out and explained it, thought he was just going to keep his head down. Who knows, this could be the makig of him as a leader, taking some responsibility etc..


  8. Anyone going to the Shark Bar tonight. ? I will be wearing my trunks, boots and cape! Stand with me and have a pint. 😛


  9. Although there was something on the news this morning about the Gov getting involved in PL ticket prices? To lower them? Perhaps big Ash had a tip off and signed fans onto ticket prices which will actually be the norm in years to come?…Personally can’t see tickets going lower tho.


  10. Troy – I’m sure those trunks are actually hot pants. I’ve seen you eyeing the manikins in Fenwicks window.


  11. Newkie – You can never have across the board ticket prices. Tickets in London are more expensive as most things in London are more expensive and a lot of people earn more pretty much.

    Stuart79 hit the nail on the head. People want investment but would they stump up £5 extra per match ticket?


  12. Troy, at least you won’t have to beat your Reliant Robin with an Alder bush over being angry with Collo anymore…. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  13. @Aussie

    Reliant Robin? Jokin! I get about on hydraulic spring loaded stilts! 😛


    My trunks are hot and sweaty all the time. They’ve never been washed since they were handed down from my grandad Les Kellett. 😛


  14. Our matchday revenue should be up next year hopefully due to increased home games in european football, but same as last year not many domestice cup games to bump it up

    Broadcasting will be up with european games but not dramatically as the money in europa is dwarfed by champions league, this could be outwieghed by an extra game or two more or less being shown on tv in the league

    Our commercial revenue, the one the management have the greatest involvement in is pitiful by comparison, less than a tenth of the income recivied by real or barca and less than half of that recieved by 19th place roma, i w ould expect it is less than a lot of teams placed lower than us also


  15. there will be change next year with the wonga.com deal replacing the virgin deal, there has been some attempts to generate revenue from naming rights but maybe we should look elsewhere as to how we can increase this area

    It’s understandable that teams like man u are miles ahead here, there shirt deal with GM nearly covers our entire income but there are a number of german, italian and french teams that have much greater commercial revenues and that is an area we should look to improve upon significantly


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